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from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from raven72d :
Happy 2007, Ms. Kiki!
from raven72d :
I hope you'll update soon.
from jenniam :
it's "DRUNK" driving. Not drink driving. Isn't it?
from cera-jeanne :
I totally agree with you about kids not belonging in pubs - for all the same reasons you listed. Also, I would have a hard time serving alcohol to a pregnant woman...Sheeh, some people are so selfish. :)
from cheeky-kiki :
Like I said, no "right thinking" person would comment on your size. As if people have said those things to you! Morons. Who do they think they are to pass judgement on your looks? Makes me soooo mad! Grr
from wistful-blue :
"'You know, you really are fat. Have you ever considered going on a diet? Or getting some exercise?'" Um...people actually *do* say things like this - and much worse - to people who are overweight, but I'm in complete agreement with you: if people can't praise and be kind to each other, at the very least they can mind their own damn business.
from noaddedme :
I have 2 very skinny nieces and a skinny sister in law (all size 2) and I know clothes shopping can be a bitch for them. But actually people DO tell fat people they are fat & need to diet. I've had it happen to me. I just smile and tell them thanks for the advice and I suggest they get some manners :)
from mamabean :
Just saying hello! I found you via one of your clever banners and enjoyed reading a few of your recent entries. I'm hooked and adding you to my favorites. Cheers! Megan
from wistful-blue :
Eesh, if only banning ciggies worked! Here in California, a person is not allowed to smoke in or within twenty feet of any commercial establishment - but that doesn't stop the huffers and puffers from lighting up anyway. ARGH! :-)
from wistful-blue :
People seem to be more and more lacking in their desire to courteously step aside when blocking heavily trafficked areas these days. I feel particularly badly for people on staff at *any* establishment where such behavior persists, for they don't have the luxury of busting out with what I usually say to someone ignorantly/rudely blocking passage: "Don't like *MOVE* or anything."
from angelivre :
If it's meant to work out between you and B, he will pull his socks up even if you're away. Do what you need to do in your personal life: if he can't manage, then he's not the right one for you. Good luck, love!
from wistful-blue :
Congratulations on having worked things out with B; so glad he's behaving! I agree, there's something so bleak about the weeks following Christmas and it's always left me with a forlorn longing - have felt this since childhood. Of course, *now* I have access to great fountains of liquor to chase away the blues - if I so desire that is... :-)
from jehsika :
Yay, another from Kiki. You're interesting, I'm glad you haven't disappeared entirely.
from beltwaybelle :
I think a lot of people end up getting drunk when they hear "LAST CALL!" and decide they better grab one more. Then they gulp it down in 15 minutes before getting kicked out of the bar. Not that I've ever done anything like that. Oh no. Not me.
from dangerspouse :
Even those of us who drink drive see the flaws in the nay-sayers' arguments. I mean, we are going to continue along our merry way regardless, drinking at home after Last Call if bars close early. THEN drive. Restriction or no restriction - it makes no difference. Seems a shame to make the responsible folk have to suffer because of the likes of me though, by forcing early closing times on them if they don't want it. Well...this lengthy comment sure built up a thirst. Who's got a decent Graves and a Screwpull, then? And where are my keys??
from wistful-blue :
So glad you're back! What I would really love, is if these social critics of alcohol/drug/any other abuse, would focus on what exactly drives people to such excess instead of bunching their panties over the symptom(s).
from wistful-blue :
Please let me know if/when you return to posting entries. I do love your cheekiness. :-) -cat
from raven72d :
I loved the rose info... Thanks.
from raven72d :
Hmmm... what kind of license?
from yelayna :
Hello! Thought I would drop you a note as I have a particular taste for vodka too - I went to a fantastic polish restaurant that did awsome vodkas this weekend - The pear was magnificent, and the caramel vodka was like... the best sex you ever had, distilled, and poured into a perfect measure. Mmmmmmm.... Thoroughly reccommend it - where in the UK are you? xxx
from zostrich :
i think the pinot craze is the fault of paul giamatti in the movie sideways. (which is a shame, because that means it's an unsophisticated wine fueled by a really awful movie, making it that much worse somehow.)
from angelivre :
My sympathy on the break-up, but it sounds like you did the right thing. And believe me, *plenty* more men out there, especially when you work in BarLand. Also, referring to the note you left that I've just read (because I'm a slacker :P) what logic were you referring to?
from beltwaybelle :
So sorry about the break-up.
from rougelips :
I have fallen in love with your diary! I added you to my favorites as well ;)
from serenaville :
I clicked in off your banner, read every entry thus far in one go, and fully intend to add your space to my buddy list at first opportunity. As a part-time bartender myself, I find your engaging accounts of life in Bar-Land 'top shelf'. 'Kindred spirits', and other poor ('pour'?) occupation puns. :D So glad to find you! Take care!
from angelivre :
Re: How not to impress a girl. My roommate, Cheryl, and I were watching this semi-atrocious, semi-hilarious show called Blind Date, where this guy's entire strategy was to be as much of a jackass to the hot girl he was fixed up with as humanly possible. He claimed in a confessional that it was the only way he could get such a good-looking girl (trans: a girl with such low self-esteem that she dressed like a streetwalker despite being naturally pretty) to look twice at him, as she was probably used to guys falling all over themselves for her. The worst part: it worked. My roommate and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. I ventured that that might be the reason Cheryl and I were still single. Well, at the time :). I'd rather have self-esteem than a boyfriend any day.
from beltwaybelle :
Howdy! Just wanted to let you know I've added you to my buddy list. Rude of me not to introduce myself sooner, as I've been flipping through your diary for about a week now. I really enjoy it!
from smedindy :
Rude people just are rude people! The OW's who go in on Mondays are the people you want to have fun with, though. They know how to party. The weekend OW's, avoid. Amatuers!
from princessreva :
That is such a sad story!! I totally agree with you, what's the point of it all if you can't actually feel - or respect yourself? ug.
from raven72d :
Every girl likes being protected from the batrachian Manxmen! And the Esquimaux.
from princessreva :
you know what, I know exactly what you mean about these insulting guys! I had a date with one about 2 years ago that spent most of the time berating me and trying to break me down, until he tried to put the moves on me. HUH?? Where the freak did this come from?? Love the banner and your writing style by the way, methinks I'll be coming by more often:)
from raven72d :
I find that when chatting up girls, things go better if I tell them I can protect them from the vile, batrachian Manxmen or the evil Esquimaux.
from smedindy :
You are so right - crying about relationships into your beer can only lead to...issues.
from witchful :
I just wanted to tell you that the images on your layout are just adorable! Did you draw them?
from alogglalala :
I never understood how regulars in my bar thought that I would also forget when they were rude to me, when they were SOOOOO drunk, when they hit on me, when THEY were drunk. Hello? Anything left in that alcohol soaked skull that still works? Although, I do miss my regulars... a little!
from raven72d :
I'll certainly be reading along with you, ma'am.
from raven72d :
You, my dear, are a delightful find. Cheers!
from smedindy :
Nothing makes me angrier than someone beiong rude to their serve. You can be polite if there is a problem! Life is short - tip well.

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