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from avrilrox1596 :
AWWW! YOU LOVE HARRY POTTER! yay! YOU LOVE AVRIL! yay! GO YOU!!!!! lol...youre my new friend. hahaha
from cloudlessday :
hey! i just joined ur avril diaryring!
from lillyriver :
Hi am lilly I am amost 8 years old. I love avril and I am practicing singing sk8er boi. Do you know anyone my age with a diary?
from lexibee113 :
dude, i was ( and am) in ur avrilrocks diaryring. i wanna get out of it. how? thanxz lexi HAHAHAHEHEHE!!!!
from punkyfish890 :
Yay! You like incubus! They're my favourite band! AND! you like avril! and i saw her on tuesday :) dammit, you rock!
from candyfreek :
Hi! I was wondering how it was possible to join the AvrilRocks ring? Im pretty new here and a total dork! :oP -Irene-
from spit-tears :
hey ali! The theatre site is
from spit-tears :
Hey Alli-opp. Thanks SO much for coming to my party, it looked like you were having a total blast. wasnt the band hot? I agree that steve is a total stud.i mean seriously... I want a little Canadian of my own! I am so pooped, i was up till 2 trying to get people out of my house! :-) Hey heads up. Tyson and Jenny broke up. (I am so glad about this.. Tyson is one of my best friends, and the whole relationship was hurting him.) Hey so. Email me sometime. send it to [email protected] much love and lolipops! emB
from sxyangel :
hey! i was just broswing throught diaries and i juss read ur entry wit the avril lyrics "thing i'll never say" and i kno what u mean bout the whole "not ruining the friendship" thing. i've been through it before and am currently goin through it now. :)
from katt30 :
I like reading your diary and Avril Lavigne Rocks!! I love her CD!!! she is definately not one of those fake Brittany spears wannabes! she has talent.
from spit-tears :
hey Ali, do you have a Gold membership? Let me know. I Love reading this! :-)
from xdescendingx :
Hey I just thought I'd leave anote saying I read your diary and find it intresting but Avril even though I didn't think it was physically possible both sucks and blows.
from irispetals :
Heyyy! I just found your Guestbooks signinng! Lol... maybe I wont get rid of it. Thanks for supporting me.:) I'll add you to my favorite diaries and start reading your diary. Thats a promise ;) Thanks for reading my diary.
from adugan :
hi there, it looks like we have a lot in common, which is cool. i just wanted to say hey and that i liked your name "child of the sun". btw, love the counting crows. your fellow ohioan, amber
from anti-all :
where it says 'in my cd player...' it shows the tag for font face.. you have a period there and you shouldn't.. i think that's what is wrong..just to let you know..maybe it's just my comp. i'm not sure.have a nice day! :)
from fallencupid :
I followed a link from another page here and I am glad I did. I enjoyed looking around and reading your diary. Visit mine sometime and drop a note. One more thing, I listed you under my favorite diaries. Hope you don't mind. ~Fallen
from angelbaby137 :
cute diary!! keep on being strong. God does only give us what He knows we can bear
from angstrom :
merry christmas :)
from erica2175 :
thanks for joining the phoebebuffay diaryring! =)
from march-hare :
thanks so much for joining the breakfast club diaryring!
from laura-baura :
Thanks for joining the I Love Music diary ring! :) xxx
from angstrom :
welcome & thanks for joining my POD ring. great job on ur grades. have a wonderful 5 days off. rock on!

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