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from avox :
Thank you~ If you did one For Across the Universe, I'd be all up on that as well. Haha.
from wtng4lezlie :
Wow. Hi.
from papersails :
where did you get the illustration of the guy hanging from a balloon that's on the left side of your diary? the reason I ask as that it looks very familiar to me and reminds me of the drawings a girl I went to high school with did. Thanks for stopping by, and for your opinions on my poem! :)
from kstyle :
thanks for stoppin by! things are good here, hope you are doing good too :)
from charlie2008 :
great blog i am from planet millegan 2 :)
from pinkwriter88 :
Your welcome!! :)
from kstyle :
cool survey answers :)
from kstyle :
you can leave comments as much as you want :) you'll get more from me when i start diggin' into your diary! oh, and check me out on youtube (username: mkaro) there's tons more videos of buddy!
from kstyle :
thanks for the comment and happy new year!
from eloira :
Just a note to say welcome to the Altered diaryring :)
from dramy-queen :
from fan4 :
What is TSR? Why don't you and your sister want to eat food which has milk-based products in it?
from october-moon :
I think yesterday was shitty for everyone...but not quite as shitty as it was for you. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt aka KILLED. I'm sorry about your car! That sucks majorly :( I'll let you borrow my car if you want. That is, if you don't mind driving an invisible car.
from rayna7314 :
hey, I know it will be a good read or two ;)
from october-moon :
Dear God, you're having a hell of a time. And I can understand why. Don't feel guilty for questioning your love for someone. It's natural. Nothing lasts forever, including feelings. "All things change, Never rest, Never sure, What is worth fighting on for."
from october-moon :
OMG. You have no clue how much rude and mean people bug the hell out of me. I want to smack them and ask them what the f*ck their problem is. If you can't deal with society or at least try, don't waste your time going out into it.
from october-moon :
Ah, thanks so much for that link! I love reading up one stuff like that. My mom has a work book on the seven deadly sins and I'd love to read it sometime (if I can ever get time!) Thank you for adding me to your favorites. I appreciate it. I did the same for you. ^_^
from meganwaits :
I've been watching "who wants to be a superhero", too. I didn't think I'd like it, but its addictive.
from sallydallydo :
Please let us know how your cat scan turns out! Maybe they'll find a symbiote... ;) Hope your mom is doing better.
from where-i-fall :
Get me on MSN: possiblydangerous @ and I'll help you sort it out.
from october-moon :
I usually don't give two shits about what people think or do, but lately, I've been so touchy.
from fan4 :
I usually have fun at conventions.
from where-i-fall :
Hey, I have a gift for you. I too love Stargate and I thought I'd do something generous and design you a new diary layout. If you like it, simply copy the html into your template and change the url for the images along with the paragraphs of text for %%entry%%. If you don't know how to do this, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll help you out. Hope you like it!
from fan4 :
Your note didn't bore me. I'm going to a Seattle Con this weekend.
from fan4 :
If you had been able to go to the Comi-Con, what would you have done there?
from sallydallydo :
Happy 4th of July! Oh if only more people had your attitude!! That is so awesome! Noticed what you were watching... "I am the Silent Wind Of Doom WHOOSH!" (My best friend and I call each other EVERY TIME that AB episode is on and crack up!)
from sallydallydo :
Found your sister's diary via banner and then yours, I'm a massive Atlantis/SG-1 fan. Did you know "Beyond The Night" is up and running on FreeClyde?
from slowloris :
Hello! I like you a lot, although I am technically inept and have no way of demonstrating this apart from going "Yay" and telling you the above. GPs are the best pets you can have. I know this. Hairy little blobs of cuteness. They rule. Also, did you know that they have perfect pitch? True. The adult male agouti squeaks in a flawless C#. (Actually, mine squeaked in more of a hysterical atonal muntfest, but we did call him Cartman so it was probably our own fault. Anyway, I live at Have fun, Loris X
from misspinkkate :
Thanks for joining the Musical Theatre diaryring!
from knightsofne :
Just to let you know I have moved my diary, I am now Rainbow85
from freakymandy :
hey, i know i have been away, but i'll be updating still. thanks for the note and the wait.
from poetscene :
hello - it's a long story but i have a new name now, and if you want to check out my new diary the url is thanks for reading!
from poetscene :
i luv the ewoks! they were my favorite characters of star wars when i was little - and princess leia of course, lol.
from green-kiwis :
SG-1 convention? what where?
from raziela :
Hi there! I stumbled upon your diary after clicking on a banner. After reading some of your entries, I know for sure that I'll be checking out your diary some more - you have interesting entries! Btw, I LOVE your template, it's beautiful! ^_^ Have a nice day! //Raziela
from telefreak47 :
Thanks for the note! Yeah, I'm a big BtVS fan. Are you? I noticed you're a J.K. Rowling fan. That's so cool. I love her books. The movies too, but partially because I'm a die hard Alan Rickman fan (no pun intended for those who know him) and I think Rupert Grint is really cute.
from telefreak47 :
Hey, dig the layout. I love that show! Stargate SG1 rules!
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from caresses :
Thanks. Interesting? I donīt know. I have not written something yet. But I hope it will be
from caresses :
You write a very interesting diary. I love it!
from ianeese :
I'm sorry about your addiction to the Olympics. It'll be over soon. Go easy on yourself. Best Regards - ianeese.
from banefulvenus :
LOVED! Absolutely loved, your banner!!!
from candoor :
ok, here's a note... if you are kidding about insecurity and needing reassurance, then I accidentally stopped by here while waiting for Dland to let me upload an entry, but if you weren't kidding, then nevermind how I got here and here, have a hug :)
from ur- :
I saw your banner and it caught my eye. Your entries are quite entertaining, the grammar is pretty much perfect (at least when compared to some of the morons on here who slaughter the English language daily), and I will most definately be returning.
from softplaces :
i just popped in because i saw your, "it's a good thing i don't like guns!" banner and burst out laughing. i'll definitely be back, you seem like one cool chica. :)
from keeds :

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