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from candora :
i miss dland too sometimes, hello, don't know when i'll be back, so farewell, until hello again...
from idiomatic :
That would be great. I don't want this to fall apart. I will write more too, if you promise to too. Ugh, such grammar I'm using!
from idiomatic :
That would be great. I don't want this to fall apart. I will write more too, if you promise to too. Ugh, such grammar I'm using!
from bloodyme :
i was wondering where you had been. computer stuff is so addictive. my thing i love to look at is the people who post that stuff are evil.
from bloodyme :
i wish you would make me a mixed cd. if you do i will make you one too. you know just a bunch of stuff you like to listen to that's all.
from bloodyme :
sorry i've been such a crappy penpal. i will try to write you more but i feel like i don't have anything interesting to say as of late.
from bloodyme :
i sure will. i'll put bloodyme in the message.
from protoplast :
from protoplast :
"keen" is a great word. I don't think they sell the hipsters anymore (I also liked them). I saw them on clearance last weekend. I do like the "boy shorts," though.
from nycme :
Hahahahah!! But "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" is so great. Maybe I'm showing my age, here? LOL...~joy to the world....~
from fuschiashock :
i've heard that question about being attracted to women who are masculine far too many times. actually, once would be too many.
from bluperspex :
mmm. sometimes... christmas just gets too complicated. sad tho. remember how it used to be when we were kids... yeah.
from tboydesquire :
Happy Birthday - sorry you missed all of the glory of the UMBC Homecoming last weekend. It would have been good to have you in town and something tells me you could have used a good night out in BMore and a good laugh for the ride home....there must be better ways for us to communicate than this, don't you think??? [email protected]
from melwadel :
happy birthday!
from howiwonder :
You don't know me, but I would love a copy of that CD. Is that possible? Your recipes also make me very happy and I appreciate them immensely. Please email me if I can provide contact info to get that delicious disc. Thanks in advance. Kellie
from viperj :
Law School seems hard! Good luck with it though!
from seven-point5 :
oops! sorry, they're supposed to be pink. I'll change them, pronto.
from idiomatic :
my grandma said, "always bet on the grey horse."
from idiomatic :
it's new. the nice musician and i broke up and i don't even know why. ugh! i will certainly send you all his cds now!
from goingloopy :
So I was browsing through the member directory, because none of the people on my buddy list are updating today (you'd think they had jobs, or something). And I came across your diary. Read a few entries. Like 'em. And as a lawyer groupie in real life...I need to be one in my imaginary world, too. (I'm a paralegal. Most of my best buds are lawyers. They're nagging me to become one of them.) I look forward to catching up and reading more.
from seven-point5 :
hi, i passworded my diary. the username is dirtylinda and the password is 1234. take care!
from iustitia :
Is a 'law guardian' the same thing as a guardian ad litem? Just wondering. :) Can't wait to make garam masala cookies, thanks for the recipe! friendly support from a fellow law student.
from bevin :
you should switch bedrooms. It's like getting a fresh start in a whole new place without moving more than six feet.
from teclo :
haha. yes. i do make dates with my cigarettes, because i am trying to quit. so this week it's a cigarette every three hours. last week, it was every two. ... oh yes, and you reminded me that i had laundry sitting in the washer for the past four hours. oops.
from poetry-girl :
yo, i don't know what the fuck happened. all i know is if u ever want to spray paint something for more than five minutes get one of those attachable spray gun things or wear some gloves or SOMETHING. it's healing, but i haven't been able to use my right index finger for two's so bad that i type "u" instead of "you," which is a habit i usually HATE..but i can't hit the "y" key easily anymore.....insanity!
from myhorizons :
Thank you for joining my diary ring.
from nextdoorgirl :
Haha I think you're right about that!
from asitwere :
I miss you!
from idiomatic :
alas, it is too late to wonder whether i will be mistaken about the level of this year's suckitude. it sucks. it sucks through and through. in some ways it has been ok, but for the most part, it has sucked harder than a lot of other sucky years i have experienced. what i need is a moment that will leave this year to history and let me move on to the next, hopefully less sucky annum. i now fully understand the utility of new year's eve. and birthdays. yes. on my birthday at the end of october will be the end of this suckifying year.
from indie-snob :
Hello there! I just saw a solo show of Rhett Miller's (he's the main guy from the Old 97s) and thought you may be interested in a review I wrote for it. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too, including two Modest Mouse shows I saw quite recently. Check it out, thanks!
from indie-anna :
ohh, i'm not worried about it. i didn't even notice, so... chances i'd write back are pretty slim. <3 xo.
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from indie-anna :
i like henry miller & you like anais nin & i like you. xo.
from hey4eyes :
It's nice to find a fellow New Yorker on this site. I love your writing and oddly enough Malice's as well. Good stuff. Bobbie Sue Dicks.
from thedykeic :
Just a note to tell you that when things are crappy, i tell myself "I've been through worse than this." And sadly, that has almost always been true. Wishing you strength, Ky
from goodsandwich :
I'm glad you've got the sandwich ingredients at home, what with all the snow! And frankly, for me, any time of the day is appropriate for any kind of sandwich, so I shall not judge your cravings negatively.
from goodsandwich :
Thanks for listing me as a favorite! I'm going to have a good time sifting through your generous ouvre (sp?) here. (One should perhaps not attempt to use a word one cannot confidently spell.)
from ricka :
yes, recently i am all about replacing vanilla x with almond x in just about any recipe i choose.
from thedykeic :
I am kinda surprised you aren't single. But my girl wasn't at all. P.S. we loved your semi-autobio fiction piece. We read it together last night, 'cause we are just that sappy. Cheers, Ky.
from thedykeic :
The idea of you at a Budweiser Car Show (all caps because, well, it deserves it) changes all my perceptions of you. But not necessarily for the worse. Kick ass, grrl.
from bevin :
did you cheat on my man oliver!?!
from bevin :
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes from both you AND Oliver!! Merry Christmas to the lot of you!!
from bevin :
Valencia is one of my favorite books. My best friend eats oatmeal every day. I always thought it was because of some midwestern sensibility.
from bevin :
thanks for filling out the girlfriend survey... you're definitely in the lead. I love Scorpios! John wants to do a panel interview next time I'm up in the city.
from bevin :
Happy Birthday!!
from bevin :
Hey, Union Lawyer Lady!! I'm so excited for you!! And so happy for the new sexy pic of Oliver and his chick!! He deserves someone as foxy as he is!
from bevin :
I've said it before and I'll say it again--The O-Cat is a sexy, sexy cat.
from bevin :
Good luck with everything. I know those are the kind of decisions that are really hard to make and really hard to stick to.
from bevin :
I think you should have a THREE WAY with corporations and contracts. It'll be like the UCC but WAY HOTTER!
from bevin :
I also have the same problem with the middle of the day on a wednesday class that has no attendance policy. I'm reading diaries instead of being there. Am I a bad law student?? It's only FIT.
from bevin :
If you find a calendar to yell at you, please do tell me about it. I could sincerely use one as well. That or maybe I'll just train the monkey on my back to read my palm pilot.
from un-bad :
Oooh yes no one else remembered that it was Groundhog's Day! I felt extremely silly when people 'looked' at me (the 'Oh my God what are you retarded or something' look). But yes happy Groundhog's Day to you.
from jezebel33 :
i just read some of your fiction...and loved it. i'm emailing you now.
from heartshaped :
beautiful. cheers-
from daidalos :
tee hoo. yes ma'am. will do, will do.
from teclo :
i could type for miles here. i suppose. checking up on new york every day helps ease some of the theories i have [that it's an Evil Evil place ? heh, perhaps] into pure nostaligia. i have a desire to walk through the streets of the east village and look for one rare record which i end up finding filed wrong in some tiny little shop on avenue a. and then picking up some battered old piece of fiction [in french, ou pas] at east village books. those were my old haunts. has it been two years ? i suppose, perhaps. i don't know. reading yr words brings me a bit closer to understanding home.
from maggiesonic :
It's a little dramatic, but you get the point, right?
from maggiesonic :
Her Praise SHE is foremost of those that I would hear praised. I have gone about the house, gone up and down As a man does who has published a new book, Or a young girl dressed out in her new gown, And though I have turned the talk by hook or crook Until her praise should be the uppermost theme, A woman spoke of some new tale she had read, A man confusedly in a half dream As though some other name ran in his head. She is foremost of those that I would hear praised. I will talk no more of books or the long war But walk by the dry thorn until I have found Some beggar sheltering from the wind, and there Manage the talk until her name come round. If there be rags enough he will know her name And be well pleased remembering it, for in the old days, Though she had young men's praise and old men's blame, Among the poor both old and young gave her praise. -Yeats
from snowy :
I adore you, and I finally realised that it was PJ who sings that she's in New York with helicopters and whatnot. And then I smiled, unknown for what reason, but I mean, hey, you're the love of my life, why not smile? *grin*
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!

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