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from sourballs123 :
umm hey i joined the worn ring by accident i men hte rings ok its jsut that i dnt want to be part of it anymore so can u delete me cus that woudl be great adn how do u put ur imood on ur page i've been trying to od that thanks and bie
from al-seedus :
did you quit your diary? you should keep writing. you write beautiful stuff
from twisted66 :
Hey! Thank you for signing my guestbook ( I was watching an episode that had Steve in it! ::claps:: Steve rocks my boat! ::smiles:: And thank you for the reassurance... It means a lot. Where did you find my diary? Toodles... Karli
from phattie2004 :
your diary is beautiful.
from emoxanthem :
i wanna seeeeeeeee
from emoxanthem :
eeeee <3 the new layout :D *drools* just...yeah, you get the point ;) hope you have a good day i <3 you!
from emogwen :
hey.. i joined your webring! and since i am part of the "group" now.. and since my layout is rather fitting, will you take a peek at my diary and tell me what you think? thanks! rock on, =) -gwen ::you wont talk but were not fighting::
from mokurensmoon :
dashboard confessional! whOo!
from stephenbank :
sorry, I tend to be a jerk over the internet late at night, never mind
from oobersugar :
I understand how people are all too over-willing to brand 'racist' to anyone and anything. however, I find it remarkable how you can entitle one of your entries and seem proud of it. and why would anybody be proud of being a self-proclaimed bitch? I don't know you, but you seem proud of the wrong qualities in yourself. self esteem issues?
from stephenbank :
In your advertisement it said complex.emo.girl, if you are a complex person (and I assume you are, I have yet to meet anyone who is not, the important thing is that you recognize that), why do you label yourself? is it to make the kind of person you are more clear to the world?
from al-seedus :
hey, how did your grandparents lose their two children at age 19? (out of curiousity) email me at
from kylieee :
oh, kylie IS better. oh and you'd better believe kylie is busting asses all over the place.
from msmongi :
Large chested women unite! Okay, the thing about Weight Watchers is not to get discouraged when you cheat, cause you will, everybody does. Just forget about it and get back on the wagon. Good Luck!
from al-seedus :
i really like your diary.
from ghotihook :
wow. you like the red hot valentines.i know them.aren't they the popular ones now. they played here friday with my brothers band and he shaved his head.the lead singer use to go to my church.touch me. -Julie
from laura-jane :
you impress me.

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