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from officechick :
Good Luck with your new band!!!
from angldust83 : go to the link and click on the cartoon called "Fat-Kins Diet". Might make u feel a little better about not being able to do the low carb thing anymore.
from angldust83 :
::HUG::, there, feel better, you have recieved a hug from Eli, the master and ruler of Eli-Qaeda, which is soon to rule the world. This is a priviledge that very few recieve, so feel free to brag to all your family and friends about it
from angldust83 :
sorry things have been goin so rough for u. it's okay, i still luv ya!!!! so fuckin smile dammit!!!!!!!!!!!
from sianni :
Hey there chica - i had to lock my diary for a little bit - if you want the password email me on camilacr[email protected] :p hopefully it wont be locked for too long...
from angldust83 :
whoever gave u the idea that they wait for years before re-deploying soldiers is very much mistaken. my unit is scheduled to go back as early as july, and no later than march. i just didn't feel like waiting that long
from angldust83 :
sound like you guys have been workin your asses off. good job, i'll buy everyone a beer one day! anyway, your cd is in the mail, hopefully it'll get to you soon. let us know what you think, in the meantime i'll be continuing my rants about civilians that i'm rapidly losing my patience for....
from angldust83 :
hahaha, you guys are booze whores and i'm not!!!!............dammit, i wanna be a booze whore........
from angldust83 :
cool, we should do a show together sometime then. I'll wear the tutu again and you wear like a tux or something. yesh, i am a genious.
from angldust83 :
hey, u guys should hire me. i only live a few states away, and when my army takes over the world i'll control all the airlines......yesh. anyway, good luck with finding a new guitarist. i finally got some more copies of our cd made, so i'll send u one this weekend.
from angldust83 :
Neil Young has never given me the urge to fight random individuals at bars, however there have been times when listening to his music that i've felt the sudden urge to stand outside Wal-Mart with a shotgun purchased in said store laying waste to anyone unfortunate enough to cross my path and then feeding their entrails to the god of the evil sheep, thus sparing my soul from their wrath when the apocalypse of the sheep is upon us, during which time the masses of non-believers shall be consumed in their wooly rage
from angldust83 :
ok, i tried sending an email to the other address u sent me. if this one doesn't work then i'm just gonna have to kill every single sheep in the whole army before they run rampid and destroy everything in their little fit of disappointment with not having a Circle of Fifths cd.
from angldust83 :
goddammit, u ever go through with that suicide shit my army of evil sheep will haunt you for all eternity. and believe me, they are quite evil. NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE SHEEP!!!! FUCKIN NOBODY!!!!!! so be good dammit!!! and did u get the email i sent u?
from angldust83 :
lol, yeah, maybe, but you're a dumbass civilian that i'm more than willing to tolerate. what's up with your band's site? i've been trying to buy a cd from it and every time i do i get some crazy error message. something along the lines of "u suck and can't have a cd" or something like that, i don't remember exactly what it said. anyway, fix it dammit or i'm gonna sick my army of evil sheep upon you. later
from punkrocksara :
awesome awesome awesome! all the info is on my latest diaryland entry - including a link to the donation page. You're so awesomeeeee!!!! luv luv luv *PRS
from punkrocksara :
hey hey hi! i'll be walking all night for cancer next friday (april 23-24) and i'm making a sad attempt at getting more donations by sending messages to people who have me added on the Diaryland Buddy Lists. The least you could do is send me good cheer! Thanks! *PRS
from angldust83 :
thanks for the welcome home, it's good to be back, albeit a bit strange to suddenly be in a non-hostile environment. anyway, alcohol is treating me very well and helping deal with that, so it's all good. and my band has done our first cd since i've been back. yay! take care, i'll talk to u later
from angldust83 :
lol, yesh, they have burger kings in kuwait. as well as a shitload of other places that i haven't seen in quite a long time. i can only imagine how strange it'll feel to be around everything in the states again. but anyway, yesh, no more bullets or rpg's coming in my direction. yay. should be stateside sometime soon. once i get back i'll order a copy of your band's cd. can't wait to hear what you guys sound like. later!
from angldust83 :
thank you for the note you left. the thought is greatly appreciated. we should be outta here within 3 weeks, so we're almost done! take it easy, and all of us over here greatly appreciate your support
from zhimin :
hiya, thanks for the message you left on my tagboard, hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing!=)
from castalia :
Glad I'm not the only one who likes the toilet :)
from gutterpoet :
I've been trying to leave you guestbook notes but the damned thing never works! So yeah Einstein here remembers that I can leave a note instead. Those Idol kids creep me out with their scatting and ascending scales on every freakin' note. I would have a breakdown if I had to hear that like the judges do. And don't underestimate being a good screamer. That's rock n roll right there!
from clauren :
Thank you for my note.I am glad to find somebody to agree with me..Thanks....
from stelanotte :
Thanks so much for signing my guestbook. I'll heed your advice when I see Evanesence next month. I'll add you to my favorites. XOXO
from clauren :
Thanks for the note. I appreciate it. This week, I guess working with the public, some weeks where I just want to be by myself...OH well.I am glad I am not the only one.
from evenrude :
wow i didn't think anyone even read my diary, thankls for checking it out.
from clauren :
Thanks for answering addict2sims survey. And I agree with you about the babies and children. When my sims got the baby, the baby would not stop crying and both of the sims would be mad. And about the codes, I can't image not having the money code. It def doesn't take anything away from the game. By the way, I check out your diary and it is great. It says that you are changing your templete. It is so unique and great. YOu are doing a great job. Good luck in finishing it. I have taken care of my own templete but it has been awhile and I remember just taking care of it over and over. Good luck.
from poplord :
you rock girl! *wink*
from kornyfreak :
...meow???... @0;
from kornyfreak :
Hi... thanks for reading my diary. I give you the cermonial thumbs up *thumbs up* Im off to thank others. Bye

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