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from some-trouble :
Happy New Year! I hope 2005 is a fabulous year for you. XXX
from bluecharis :
Hey Claire, no, I didn't get any email from you... it could be, that I deleted it by mistake as spam... I get so much spam, that it's sometimes impossible to filter all the real mail out... if you want to mail me again, choose a message subject, that will get my attention... Greetings, Charis :-))
from ktdream :
No problem, I'm glad you got my message. Later is better than never. My boyfriend found Cocktailopoly in Macy's so you may get it there but perhaps you'll find a better deal on Ebay? good luck!
from ktdream :
Ooh I like your layout.. it's nice and colorful. Wanted to wish you luck on finding a new job-- it's definitely hard but I'm sure you can do it. By the way I like your username. Have you heard of Cocktail-opoly? Just like Monopoly but it's cocktails instead of property... My friend and I were at the mall, saw that and he had to get it. lol.
from karmicenigma :
Just happened across your journal and really enjoyed reading it. I am busy catching up on your earlier entries. Just wanted to let you know I like your style!
from some-trouble :
Happy New Year Hon!!! Love 'n' Hugs, Jo XXX
from treewillow :
Happy Belated Birthday!
from mommymartin :
Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry your Sick on it!
from glass-fairy :
happy birthday! ♥
from seenuh :
from dombilly :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I like the layout you have! :) take care
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day!
from mkboog :
Happy Birthday!
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!!
from bluebonnet :
~HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ I hope it's a good one for you!
from preciousgift :
Happy Birthday. Great Layout!
from iluvjessee :
HEY Claire, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Christina
from dlandbdays :
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a most wonderful day!
from ktdream :
Hi just wanted to say I like your layout and have a great birthday. I know it's not until the 9th but still wanted to say that.
from golfwidow :
That may be the best smilie EVER. Thank you! And thanks for cheering me up.
from golfwidow :
Thanks. That made me feel pretty damned good.
from bluecharis :
Sirius Black, Harry's godfather, but don't tell anyone else, as I shouldn't tell you this in the first place! Nightie, Charis ;-)) PS: Sorry about your 500 hours instead of 250...
from sunnflower :
Garfield is so right no that one. I did start my diet yesterday and have stuck with it for almost 2 whole days. Small progress but something!
from me-me-meee :
Thanks for the well wishes! I appreciate the support.
from cocktails :
Hi...I deleted a notes from a-rainbow only because it was really long. It was about ME and I totally agree that it is a horrible disease. Any one who suffers from a disability needs support and empathy not sympathy and harrasment. I too have an a disease - but its not infectious its a DIS- Ease as in not comfortable and I would prefer a little understanding more than anything. Thankyou.
from sunnflower :
Thanks for the information on the smilies. About the lipstick - brilliant-- I believe you are absolute correct.
from golfwidow :
No, you were right ... I had totally forgotten about having heard "fuckwittage" in "Bridget Jones" till you reminded me. Elizabeth Smart was a teenager who was kidnapped from her bedroom last summer in the middle of an onslaught of abductions in part of the U.S., wherein most of the abductees were later found murdered. The fact that she is alive and apparently unharmed - at least, physically - is nothing short of a miracle.
from sunnflower :
Hey cocktails - yeah, I got in trouble for mentioning that I drank a starbuck's coffee. One of my gentle readers yelled at me for encouraging global irresponsiblity. I don't know if I believe that but everyone has a right to their opinion (it is good to try to say it nicely though or people are apt to tune you out!) So good for you for going organic girl. I'm still learning how to recyle. All things in time!
from bluecharis :
Hey! What happened! Your diary is locked... *sniffs* Please give me your password, PLEASE! :-)) Love, Charis ;-)
from oneofthefew :
hey...i don't know when you left me the note, so i don't know if you've already found it. no, i never had a candle on black background layout but i've been doing a lot of template searching lately and i think i know the template you're talking about and if i'm right, it's by luckydesigns and the link is I hope it's the right one, ciao.
from dilettante :
You know, I never thought I'd say this (much less think it), but sometimes I wish we had a bit less social life. It's so exhausting, and I suspect it's starting to make me look old.
from sunnflower :
Hi - You asked about Mr. Rogers. He had a kid's show on PBS that was extremely mellow and pleasant. A lot of people grew up watching that show. I put some links to the website and a story about him in my entry if you want to know more!
from no-answers :
Buddy lists, anytime :) It's not a secret diary or anything. I have to transfer my whole buddy list over from here to there next week, one at a time, 75 addresses..... argh, I may go mad!!
from sinus-iridum :
That might just be the substance iridium. I'm talking latin. There seems to be some discrepancy. At any rate, there are several wholly different things that are called iridum/ium. Your boyfriend's diary name probably didn't mean "rainbow," did it? Double d'oh! Thanks anyway for the input.
from bitterwineuk :
Hiya, hope you are doing ok. Happy new year to you to. Just want to say thanks for the advice you've given me in the past but I really could do with it now. Men just drive me crazy sometimes and yes, I think I do need reassurance at the moment. Please lave me a note when you have a minute. I really would appreciate it. Thanks. Becca.
from sunnflower :
Hi - I was looking over sagittarian's favorite pics and saw your journal listed there. Love the name and had to take a look. I really enjoyed the entries I read and will be back! Come visit me at Suburban Island.
from bitterwineuk :
Hiya, thanks for your message. Nice to know I have some newish readers. Makes me more inspired to write more. Tonight, though I am too tired, it is too late and I have to do xmas shopping before work. (sigh) I am not generally lucky though on anything in life so I value any good fortune that comes my way. Thanks for stopping by my site. *Becca*
from leftybabyncd :
Hi, thanks for the congratulations. I love to read your diary, I don't know why but it's just got me hooked. Good luck finding presents for everyone!
from ghani :
hey girl...i knwo the feeling about your dad...mine is the same way. i can never figure out what he wants...but he does need a new c-ya later!
from ghani :
hey girl...i did not realize that you were not added to my locked list. the password is derekslove, and your username is the username....sorry bout that claire. enjoy the reading! ~jen
from mrs-c :
Oh no! Please don't get a complex - I emailed you a password actually -did you not get it? Only locked to keep certain other unwanted out. mrs-c xx
from nightdragon :
Claire, please see your hotmail re: your design for me! In short, I love it. For more detail, check your mail. Thanks!
from ghani :
hi girl, i just finally got caught up on your journal...btw happy birthday! thanks for having me on your journal list. i feel honored! i decided to password my journal but if you would like the password, email me or if you have aim, contact me on that. thanks for reading! i really enjoy yours!
from enidhere :
Thanks for the note..and stopping by. Stay strong.
from lizisgr8 :
ur not getting too old, i cant even imagine what school will be like in ten years or when my kids go to fact id rathre not know, i mean look at our world now? getting worser and worser every ten years will be lucky if it is still here, i mean by the way we mistreat the enviorment? *sigh*
from lizisgr8 :
lol, thats a funny thing how things are so different form when you went to scholl and how they are now that i am in school. i am here and in study same day same place like in that movie Groundhog Day, have you seen that? when he lives that smae day over and over? thats what it is like for me, most of the time not really but i will say that anyways well i g2g t2ul <3 lizisgr8 w-b-s
from lizisgr8 :
hey just writing back im so bored i am at school in study hall and just goin round reading everyones profiles and being amused well this is a pointless note cuz now i g2g t2ul <3 lizisgr8 w-b-s
from lizisgr8 :
wbs means write back soon have a gr8 day <3 liz xoxo
from lizisgr8 :
hey i was just wandering reading profiles and i think it is gr8 that you like the movie breakfast at tiffianys hardly no one even knows about that movie i love it is one of my all time favorites!!!!w-b-s <3 liz xoxo
from bethielou :
Hey, thanks for adding me! I love your diary. You make me laugh all the time. :)
from bluestars :
Hi. Just would like to say that you have a nice layout. An that you seem pretty cool! Laters.
from msspyndryft :
hey, i just joined your diaryring, would love the code with the image on it =P thanks
from crackdmirror :
Just wanted to let you know I appreciated the gb entry! :) I don't have a ton of time for this lately (thanks to that silly thing called a job) but I hope to return to an "addictive" state if things ever calm down. ;) Again, thanks!
from miranda-2001 :
Yippee, I am the first! I have developed a special addiction to seeing who has their notes turned on. Don't know why. I was wandering aimlessly and found your diary. I read the whole thing in one sitting and really, really enjoyed it. You have a very unique style :)

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