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from heidiann :
I'm so happy you're updating all frequently now! And I wept like a baby back when Ali lit the fire.
from macfarlane :
Happy New Year
from caspia :
Hey fellow Minnesotan! If you're a fan of the Wild, or love the Twins, please join the Wild, or Twins-fan diaryrings. Let everyone know we support them. Thanks and have a great day.
from darkfairy13 :
Hah hah Thats hilarious, mail carriers may have x-ray vision
from darkfairy13 :
The body probably is all they want
from darkfairy13 :
Ha ha ha the cars were mixed up? Its funny but almost bad (don't know why), heh heh.
from darkfairy13 :
LOL yeah, acctually I tried it out last year. It was kind of stupud and annoying and my moms like: Its wonderful! It makes it so convient. Yeah convient for short lines taking a long time to figure out how to become checout people.
from darkfairy13 :
I love your diary and added it as a favorite, hopefullt it doesn't annoy you since one of your dislikes is is pickey eaters (which I saddly am)
from kbaa :
from freuds-fave :
No! I love raclette and fondue and all matters of melted cheese. I'm just afraid to eat it alone in my appartment out of the certain knowlege that it will suddenly solidify in my throat and I'll choke and die. (So I always wait for the pizza to cool a bit).
from booberella :
don't tempt me with nakedness. i already have dirty thoughts about your naughty bits. actually, i didn't think you'd be interested in having me live with you.
from booberella :
okay, my bad. the guy was a jerk. like andrew! yay!
from roachhaus :
my bad. I'm lame, you rule. there. FIGHT THE POWAH!
from darksa :
hee hee. i rule. also, what does this say about me?: i've had google searches for "witch magic", "evil dead 2:the musical" and "i got laid".
from piehole :
And again.... MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
from piehole :
YES! YES I CAN!! Bahaa! Now you shall have numerous emails telling you you have new notes, but they'll all be ME! Muahahah!!
from piehole :
Let's see if I can spam your notes... Hmmm.
from piehole :
Stupid guestbook don't let me spam no more... But, MOVING ON! You signed your name "Kailtin" on my comments! Bahahahaha! KAILTIN! HA HA HA!! Signed, Jeffiner.
from itsbeenreal :
ok, ignore everything i just said. i loaded the page again, it works fine. i'm just a dummy with a crappy computer and internet connection. it's showing up fine now.
from itsbeenreal :
hey, in regards to your new layout and in response to the note you sent me. on my browser it was showing up as orange text for your entry directly on the tan wallpaper or whatever with the little images of staplers and stuff. maybe it's my browser or maybe your html is outta wack? don't know, just thought i'd let you know.
from jackofhearts :
do you have to pay to write e-mails to people on Maybe I should look into that. I am happy for you!
from kymee :
Hmm - from reading your diary (from beginning to end) I had the feeling we were a lot a like - does that test prove it? *snort* hell no, but that's a pretty cool result.
from beinghuman :
'kay, since your guestbook is goofy and all...i have a few suggestions for ya...i intend on moving to knoxville, tennessee, and that's because i'm in love with the appalachia (so if you love tree-covered mountains and lots of farms and cows, GO THERE!!) and...don't go to phoenix, because i live here, and i can vouch for the fact that it sucks. cost of living is low, but so is the job market, and jobs don't pay so well. but definitely add some places like tennessee and southwest virginia to your list....they're grrrrreaat!
from thunderdave :
I was indeed alluding to Counting Crows...and I was drunk. Which is why that was such a rambling entry. It's pretty much the only Counting Crows song I'm partial to. Great talent and all, but not a huge fan of theirs. I like your profile title though, from "True Dreams."
from alain-delon :
personally I hate trucks. xoxo alain delon
from confetti :
from glitterai :
someone to do all the things that my list on girlboy says.oh and someone who won't tear up all my lists and will stop me doing it.
from jeffy :
All I look for in a woman is rack size. You should know this by now.
from mousepoet :
what i find attractive: 1) cleanliness - i.e. someone has bathed recently; 2) makeup optional - i don't really go for the dolled look; 3) smarts - oh, please be intelligent enough to know the earth revolves around the sun, and that venus and mars aren't just parts of a book title 4) sense of humor 5) self-confidence i think that's it for me. size/shape/colour are really immaterial.

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