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from radiogurl :
Whoops - thanks for reminding me. I fixed the link so you can now click to the other diary. You've got the PW, right?
from dunkin86 :
found your diary through some random click of a link or banner or something of that nature. Liked what i saw, think that i'll add you to the favorites for a bit and keep up.
from loner-blues :
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for adding my diary to your favorites list. :-) -cat
from radiogurl :
*Hugs* Hopefully the lock won't become necessary again. And thank you for the compliments on my photography. I am not pro, but give me a camera and by the law of averages, sooner or later I'll luck into a good shot, lol. Those were whittled down from about 175 shots altogether. What's more, that's exactly what pro photographers will tell you. Thank God for digital cameras, so I didn't have to pay to develop that many pictures!
from radiogurl :
darn - I tried leaving a comment on the page but it's still out of commission. *Hugs* I hear you about the thin mints. Have lived that one MANY times, myself!
from radiogurl :
I can understand your concerns. Hopefully they're unfounded, and everything is secure, but definitely better safe than sorry!
from radiogurl :
Hi... No, I didn't get the password information. Could you kindly email to me at [email protected]? Thanks :)
from ladyloo :
I don't know your e-mail to ask for the password, but I would very much like both.
from pandionna :
pandionna2 at aol dot com You know what I want. ;-)
from radiogurl :
Thanks for the link but formal around here means digging up the GOOD jeans :-/
from radiogurl :
Wow... The shopping sounds like fun, and I know how hard it is to say no. But sounds like you are conscious and hopefully will remember next time a dress or boots call your name ;)
from chelonia :
No new PW. She was just catching up after a while.
from radiogurl :
Yeouch... No fun. Glad I don't have to deal with that stuff any more. If you are still hurting like that tomorrow, though, maybe that trip to the ER is warranted :-/
from radiogurl :
I heard THAT. On all fronts. Heaven save us from four more years. Our country may literally not survive.
from radiogurl :
Hehehe, sounds like you and I are close to the same size. And I know what you mean about the bustline being out of proportion with everything else. It's virtually impossible to find anything that fits :(
from radiogurl :
*Chuckles* I'm glad we don't have to deal with fund drives. I'd go nuts. Even more than I am now, I mean. ;)
from radiogurl :
I don't know how the laundry thing works, either. I guess laundry must be very fertile, because it seems to multiply every week!
from pandionna :
I tried sending it to you twice through your diaryland e-mail. If you don't get it, do drop me a line at pandionna2 AT aol DOT com, okay?
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from radiogurl :
Thanks for the comments. I haven't got anyone to balance me out at all, so consider yourself lucky for that, at least. Radio sucketh the big one sometimes. :(
from pandionna :
THANK YOU! Really, I can't stand it when people come to work sick. We get 12 sick days a year, plus three personal days, and salaried employees, which is who I'm talking about, start with three weeks of vacation leave and are eligible to take a day after three months on board. After three years, they get four weeks. (Hourly folks start with two weeks and move up to three.) We have an atmosphere that does not foster resentment for people taking time when they are sick. In fact, it's encouraged, because we're a health organization. So there is no EARTHLY reason for ANYone in our office to come in hacking up great gobs of phlegm and snot, OKAY? Okay! Thank you for understanding that.
from mugwhump :
Colz - consider me a new reader!! Your writing is very refreshing, and you and I live very parallel lives (age wise). Keep up the great entries.
from jes100 :
Read ur profile and...everyone sings along to Grease no matter what generation they're from. Lol, i probably won't read your diary again...but thought i'd leave this note just to state that fact.
from rumblelizard :
Hah! Me too. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
from moviegrrl :
found you through your banner... onto the favourites you go... (but i'm pants updating my faves list on d/land, so don't check just yet, eh? be assured you're up there on my nav bar.....) Sas
from patw-21 :
will you make me an animated banner?
from klcroft :
Hey. I have you on my 'reading right now' list. I like the way you rant about the people you work with. Makes me feel better to know there are others out there like me! I see you recently got married. Congrats.
from ms-m :
Voxacerbus sent me to wish you well and to help you through your pre-wedding jitters. It looks like I got here just in the nick of time! I want you to march back into that store, grab those pathetic little items and ram them down the managers throat as you shout, "It's bad enough The Gap makes clothes that will only fit 12 year old girls and now you've followed their lead!! You best be gettin' your ass into the back room and pull something out of your 'Realistic' section and hand that bugger over!!!" That should send a message to someone somewhere. Hopefully a designer. Good luck on your special day!
from julielondon :
Hey- I'm a brand new member here, and I was just looking to see who else, if anyone, had Julie London listed as one of their favorite artists, assuming no on really would, she's so rarely recognized, when I came across your profile! Obviously, from my screen name, you can tell I'm a huge fan. Thanks for recognizing one of the best singers ever!
from loriville :
Oh, damn... I know *exactly* how you feel! I was calling the doctor's office every day for three days, saying, "Are you SURE I don't need to come in? This is sooooo God-awful painful I'm almost positive there must be something terribly wrong." No, they were sure; they didn't want to see me. They simply told me take more vicodin. Hang in there! The pain will ease up in two days, I promise.
from loriville :
Good luck with the surgery! I had two impacted wisdom teeth removed five years ago; it was pretty bad. The day after I felt great and even ate a hamburger! Days three and four were so painful I was taking my vicodin every 6 hours, like clockwork. What was up with that?! One thing that weirded me out - that no one told me about - was that you have these big gaping holes in your mouth for months afterward... until they "fill in" (eww, yuck!). I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. -Lori
from willowdreams :
i love the funny way you word things... no matter how mad or upset you are.. you have a certain way of wordingthings that make me laugh.. in a roundabout way you remind me sortof... of Erma Bombeck <p> willow
from loriville :
I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in the Buff Bride workout thing! I have to admit, though... I've been terrible about doing it this week. Then again, maybe it's because I have the flu (yeah, *again*! What is wrong with me?!) I, too, need to get rid of my lunchlady arms. Good news: They ARE firming up! However, the new Jergens Firming lotion I've been using might also be helping with that.... :) Good luck! Keep me updated on your progress. -Loriville
from mistymountn :
i too have issues regarding my husband's most recent ex. not insecurity. i just hate her guts, that's all. i can relate. =)
from mistymountn :
maybe you have reached that point where it's time to look for another job?
from blushingcece :
Love your diary! I'm sure you get that a lot. Congratulations on the impending wedding day. I am completly jealous and I'm sure you look very lovely in the dress.
from loriville :
Ha ha ha! That same Ozzy Osbourne quote has been making ME laugh all day, too! Then after he said that, Sharon started singing the Don Ho song, "Tiny Bubbles". Damn, I'm laughing again just THINKING about it! :)
from mistymountn :
i really enjoy your diary. i can totally understand you're not wanting kids. i have three! i enjoy your ranting and the way you write. and the idea for a kids room at your wedding, that is brilliant, i've never heard of that before. that's all the not mean stuff i had to say. oh and there's no mean stuff anyway. =)
from bachandr :
well i don't have anything mean to say, so i am saying hello like you told me to. :) i like reading your diary. :) andria
from trancejen :
"howler monkeys on crack" - LMAO!! I love the Osbournes too, but I think I need closed captioning to understand Ozzy...
from trancejen :
Oh God, I am laughing at your tales of wedding planning and crappy parents. Good stuff!!
from kellybutton :
Ah ha! You use the word clusterfuck too! I thought I was the only one in the free world who did....have you tried the word "bitchtard"? That's a good one's life?
from kellybutton :
Hey, I was just wondering where in Indiana you worked in radio. I have a bunch of friends in Fort Wayne radio, so it'd be cool if we had that connection......
from kellybutton :
Hey, I was just wondering where in Indiana you worked in radio. I have a bunch of friends in Fort Wayne radio, so it'd be cool if we had that connection......
from teclo :
i work in radio too ! i do i do i do ... for a small independently owned alt rock station ! and everything we have in automated, but our djs still have to be there all the time. but i thought i'd say .. hola radio person !
from ghotihook :
i too share your annoyance with the midwest. i live in southern illinois and believe me,it's horrible. people freak out.
from arynn :
I adore and worship you, for you, unlike everybody else, recognise the merits of Anne Morrow Lindbergh!! Bless you, madam! You are a gentleman and a scholar. :) (Sorry, I tend to get slightly hysterical where Anne is concerned; I love her and her writing, and it seems that no one else has ever heard of her.) Feel free to swing by my place some time if you get bored. :)

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