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from dangerspouse :
Holy crap! Welcome back!! Congrats on the job, and best of luck with the new friend(s) :)
from svenhard :
i'd have left a guestbook msg, but it ain't working. nudity is only illegal in silly places, i stick it to the 'man' by remaining nude under my clothes while i brazenly walk about the town, take that convention. Wombats are way cute, good choice.
from estrella-luz :
I actually clicked on your link because of your username - I love that song, btw... But I also enjoyed reading your diary, keep it up ! =)
from raven72d :
Grad school. It can be the best dozen years of your life. Trust me.
from lovelynight :
I'm right there with you--two research papers due in less than two weeks and one I just started.
from lovelynight :
Third Eye Blind is coming to your school? Kick ass! That'd be so awesome! Have fun! :)
from rosem :
I just want to say that I started reading your blog many many years ago and I actually just started writing again and just checked to see if you were still writing :) I love the little entries, so short, so full of meaning. Wonderful still, after all these years. Thought I would finally say hello.
from saunti101 :
omg i love the movie spirited away. have you ever watched howls moving castle? if you want to talk email me at [email protected] no capitals.
from pangk5 :
mmm,panic at the disco,at the drive in,avenged sevenfold,hahahahbullet for my valentine
from pangk5 :
g gurl...listen to bullet for my valentine..this band crashing my soul....
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from diamondsky :
Aww, you're leaving? Where are you going? I'd like to know. :)
from sayit-asitis :
lol. the bathrooms on the trains in china are the worst!
from sayit-asitis :
lol. the bathrooms on the trains in china are the worst!
from zouyan :
please please take pictures for me
from cj13 :
hey, i love your name!!! i almost cry everytime i hear that song and i love the fact the you appreciate it so...
from musone :
♥ your diary. Keep it up.
from candy-trixie :
Just figured out how to use notes and added you to my buddy list. Set up a name in my user profile and my buddies so we can send notes to each other :D
from myshka :
just sayin HI! by4now
from sayit-asitis :
ive been blocked as well. wow, he really cleaned up his life, eh? well i have some news for him, YOU CANT ERASE PEOPLE. sorry...just bitter, you know me g1.
from sayit-asitis :
i'm so confused about the truelove game...soooc confused.
from elizabethkay :
I love the diary =)
from sayit-asitis :
we all love our blankets g1...
from sayit-asitis :
from zouyan :
ok, NO. you did not just make a connection between AIM and mRNA translation!
from stonedflesh :
ive been lost here before,as the sun struck me down, and ashen eyes raised while i talked to an echo. a single word uttered on the soft side of a scream, as your tides coerce my sands taking my finger prints along with them. watch the clouds part as karma smiles back at you. for now i will kepp swimming for you.
from zouyan :
from zouyan :
hurray for ataris lyrics
from sayit-asitis :
"...lyrics..." is in white and blends together with the background! :)
from sayit-asitis :
took your survey to fill out..heh, it took damn long too...
from cheesytrix :
DEXTER FREEBISH ROCKS! I LOVE KYLE! YEA! CHRIS IS THE COOLEST. Everyone reading..get the CD a life of saturdays..."paisley shade of pink"
from cheesytrix :
emo~ so he's lost his magic? that's too bad... sometimes preconceived notions and whatnot are the only things that make school better. like suspending your disbelief or whatever we talked about in english. It just sucks when you find out the truth. -cheesy (shashina!)
from frostytouch :
I just wanna say that I love your diary, and I'm adding you to my favourites, though I don't know if it'll appear in my diary because of some stupid thing my compooper's doing.
from sayit-asitis :
nice new template- flowers being pinned down...hehe. things with jacob are perfectly fine, yaay.
from insomniac718 :
Hey... other people that have diaryland can see this that easy... I don't blame you for keeping the deep stuff in... I wouldn't do it either if I knew that. Haha.. I'm helping you bring up your counter... I keep on clicking on the wrong bookmark. Eh... Cya later.
from insomniac718 :
Hi... congrats on the new look
from wonderwall :
hey there. cool site. dig the moniker. lovin moulin :)
from ozgrrl :
so, is your diary really 3 people? Or just one really confused girl? Oh well, it's pretty interesting and stuff. I read the profile, and good choice in music and movies, however, Amy Tan? give me a break! Visit my diary if you like:
from breathless- :
Hey! I really like your diary and how you express yourself, etc. Very nice. :) Anyways, I just wanted to say hey. Maybe you could check out my diary and send a note my way, too? I'd appreciate it. :) Bye!
from iwantoomuch :
i agree.
from jenndawg :
i can relate to what your saying. hopefully one day we'll all just "fly away," and that will simply, be the end.

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