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from arc-angel666 :
Good Afternoon Ms Connecting: Jibberish? Space Aliens? The space alien referrance is to my Eyes I have one Green one and one golden brown. When I don't have my contacts on people tease me saying I'm a Space alien. The only time I don't wear contacts at work is when I'm working as an Alien in Sci-Fi films..(Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5) or in horror films. The jibberish, I not sure what you mean? I am a huge tease and extremely playful and most of what I write here has a humorous slant to it. If you are concerned about the actor/writer part, You can email me at I'll send you a photo and a little more detail into who I am. I would kinda like to keep some of my life private for obvious reasons.
from arc-angel666 :
Good Morning Ms Connecting: I was surfing the members area, checking into a couple of entries when I came across your banner. Interesting, a torso in Nature, I don't believe I've seen a torso here at Dland or for that matter in nature. I thought lets have a look see....glad I did. At first I thought well that's odd...I found feet connect to ankles and on further inspection I located a head in your cast list. Then it became clear....why its true a gurl connecting, all you have to do is locate all the parts, connect them and Alikasamm! A Gurl Connected. Quick far i have found a torso, a head, feet and ankles. How fun, Not only a good read but a puzzle to boot. Excuse me! Where are my manners? My name is Michael and Ms Connecting it truly is a pleasure to meet you. Upon reading a couple of your entries I feel the need to return if that's okay with you. Should you decide that we continue to communicate you'll find that I Michael am in possession of loads of the mundane, odd, curious and worthless information, Facts from Michael's Almanac. For instance those growths you speak of located in your cats bottom...I believe them to be anal glands or bags. They on occasion fill with fluid you can or I suggest you have the Vet clean them. They are notorious for shooting the fluid if milked. I shall leave now and allow you to ponder you Cat's Bottom :-)
from desert-bats :
Who goes there?
from fuschia :
pierogies are the best!
from dizzigemini :
ya i knowtested u haven't written.... it's okay, we all go threw's normal
from dizzigemini :
"stupid"...... i am. i have been and.... as if I don't know about the stupidity of being stupid. I'm getting tested this week..... *sigh*
from dizzigemini :
i feel ya!!!!(when an entry is lost) that erks me sssso much, and it's the matter of time and the "channeled" instant thought which is difficult to re-write.... and .... damn I'm sorry. I have the habbit of "copy" clicking whatever I write, neurotically..... a bit obsessive, i know but it works. :) "magic 8 ball says, try again later"....ha ha
from parlance :
Connecting to whom?
from fallstarrevu :
if you need, or know anyone that needs a review please forward them to us at FallingStar Reviews! Remember to read the rules ♥ x
from feoh :
hi love. you're on a bus, i don't know where so i'll drink chamomile tea and think of the dark highway and all that time you've got to just thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ;)
from xheartheartx :
Hey! I saw you sent me into Quoted! Wow, thanks! I used to read that a long time ago and all I ever wanted was to be Quoted…so thanks!! I saw you had a link to NaNoWriMo…are you doing it? I haven’t clicked on the link yet because I didn’t want to forget to thank you, I will when I’m done. So I’m going to assume you are writing the novel and I think that’s really cool. I wish I had the motivation to do something like that. Thanks again!
from wontlookback :
thank you so much. i really do hope there is something out there. something better than this.[your diary rocks]
from powercut :
ive been living in the same place for the last 18 years :-/
from knight999a :
Knight999a calling.... Hello. I'm weird? Cool. At least - I'm something...... I do therefore - in some sense - and in some way - exist..... Forgive me - it's too d*mn early in the Am for me to make even minimal logical sense...... K999a.....
from funda :
I hope somebody lost by now.
from candora :
I am a metaphor, love me?
from annarain :
I've read about half of your diary entries today and really enjoyed it. You have a beautiful way with words.
from pieceofme :
i just love your diary. love it!
from ille :
from missredlips :
what horrible mistake, im interested about it
from soulsurvivor :
that's funny and interesting... where;d you get love starved and attention deprived from? never really felt that way...
from soulsurvivor :
sweet thing
from bonewoman :
Thank you so much for your note! Your diary is fun, too -- and I think you have great taste in music.
from connecting :
hello! so does this thing here really serve a purpose?

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