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from smurphy21 :
its been years but im finally back here! how the living hell are you? Find me on myspace
from ilovemy240z :
Started writing again...
from pouncer :
Cracky my old friend! Don't read my entries because they'll scare you away so instead read my stalkerish notes, ps did you know I too am a bulging vessle of manhood just throbbin to go campin up at brokeback witcha, please send me a postcard so we can get freaky already ;) MISS YOU MY GAYLOVA <3
from cedar-avenue :
OMG YOu've been blogging without me?!?!?!?! i can't believe it.. how could you? .... ah well, i'm over it. I keep meanin to get link up to yahoo but i forgot my password to my 'undercover addy' and am too lazy to make a new one... tomorrow is another day, but i shall 'holla' at you there later.. i sound so stupid sayin 'holla' r/t... lol ciao
from cedar-avenue :
ahem... update please!!!! it's the least you can do after you done left me and our child for xbox gaming..... hehe
from cedar-avenue :
HAPPY NEW YEAR CRACKBOI!!!! (a little late but you know me) hope you guys rang it in with a bang...hehe i said 'bang'..*scurries off giggling*
from berkinix :
everytime I read your diary, my eyes bleed a little. you kick ass, bro.
from iluvleena :
I would of laughed as well...I find humor in everything...even inappropriate things at inappropriate times
from iluvleena : are so interesting! =)
from ncrebel21 :
Hey! It's been a long time! I'm sorry to hear about your Dad!! I hope you find your peace quickly, but it probaby won't be @ the bottom of a beer bottle. (keep lookin' though, I could be wrong) Peace!!
from pouncer :
Sorry to hear about your dad cracky! Beer is my best friend sometimes too, but that fucker can really mess with your head so be careful! hubs and tisses
from iluvleena :
I just was reading your diary. Funny stuff. I'm also a single mom in the DC area. Isn't life grand with kids?
from pouncer :
Why? Where you goin??!?!? Please come back soon... You will be missed by this girly. Come back Cracky!!!!
from pouncer :
from pouncer :
Sacrafices shmacrafices! I don't have internet or cable at my house, those are just extra's. Regular t.v. isn't so bad, you can still play your x-box and nintendo. Good luck saving money!!
from cedar-avenue :
thats some good work detective... now that you've found me what exactly is it that you're going to do with me?? oops i mean... HEY CRACKBOI!!!!!! update more often dammit!
from beanernizzle :
YO mr Crackhead!! Glad to see you finally updating! I tried to watch the vids on that site, but they don't work! : (
from pouncer :
Yeay your baaaack! ;P
from mspsyched1 :
Yes, some of us still read this. And it had been 75 days ago when you did your last entry. I swear, I only know that because you are on my faves list and just yesterday I looked at it and wondered, "75 days ago...I wonder if he's ever coming back". Glad you did.
from oarrca :
Hi. Who r u? I just googled my husband and you've got an anecdote about him in diaryland. Do I know you? Kim Oarr
from pouncer :
Yeay! You're back and writing about fat peeople!!! : D You need to do this on a daily basis now ; )
from the-clan :
NINJA: Yup. We still readin'. Keep that shit comin', bro. Well... yer not REALLY my bro', but... just a sayin'... aw, you know what I mean!
from killyourpimp :
Wassup! Where the fuck have you been man. For 86 long days you have left me bored out of my mind. That's ok though, I forgive you. Jeebus Kripus, update more often crackhead. Oh and beware of them beams, they are evil!!!!EEVVIILL!! I got that stuck in my head from spongebob. HEHe. When will your ribs be good as new? Bet they gave ya good drugs for the pain though. Hope ya heal! Tootles for now.
from mspsyched1 :
Still reading...still on my buddy list...but pahleez, UPDATE MORE! :)
from ana1988 :
hey u seem pretty cool for a single dad anyway i thought your diary was funny -melissa-
from xpoptartx :
i love your diary its really cute and so r u
from scarlett1982 :
I took your survey and you said to leave a note, so here I am: leaving a note.
from franny-baby :
hey...nice survey, funny diary
from gorydude :
thats completely disgusting crap
from litlchica :
hey, you told me to leave a note so here you go. i'm giving you my note. it says you seem funny. :)
from pookiebaybee :
This is me leaving a note - *leaving note* There, now I'm not an uptight asshole who just takes your surveys and doesn't say hello.
from aura-chic :
UPDATE CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
from strong-red :
nope you have to actualy update you're "journal" lol and your'e 2nd and 3rd i deleted the first one it was a nasty one o.< you gramar nazi XD
from strong-red :
You need to update o.o;;;
from cut-ur-wrist :
hi, whatcha doin. i was bored and i took one of ur surveys so i thought i mite as well say hi. xoxTESSAxox
from jnxmagic :
I'm one of the many who took your survey. So i'm completing the instructions... no jk. it was an interesting survey and ugly people aren't cool. much <3.
from cazz77 :
hey i just did yer quiz then i checked out ur profile... man can i just say i was deeply disturbed by ur dissin aol.. i happen luv it !! ([email protected]) but i mort totally luv u cuz ur funny and u like disturbed who are like one of my most favoritest bands!!! ps my online journal is a load of deep n meaningfull wank so i wouldnt bother reading it but if u have aol im me sum time or sumfin!
from myemptytears :
I'm not sure how to sign the guest book. I don't see it. I feel so...confused...! Well i tried!
from wwc123 :
hey lol i took ur survey so i decided to check by. cool diary land youve got anyway i dont know what else to say. -peace out- byez.. wwc123
from uhhuhokblah :
It's pretty easy to add music to ur page...I get my music codes from know a couple of music code pages there as well if ya need links and such. All you have to do is copy and paste the code in ur "change template" box.
from uhhuhokblah :
hey what's good...just stoppin by to say i'm lovin ur diary..i've just recently started reading..the name sucked me in, lol, anyways..i'm from the dc area had to show some love..stop by my diary anytime...i'm interesting...i think..*wink*.
from candycane22 :
I do belive you are a lil eccentric!!!! I like! Keep up the good work.
from neangel :
LMAO at that psycho ana chick. i just stopped by, my friend mspsyched1 has you listed as hilarious so i thought i'd pop by. funny thing is... I am from Alaska. ;)
from might-could :
With your id, does anyone call you "right said fred" just to piss you off? Can I? : )
from catlover781 :
lol that was entertaining :-)
from aardbei :
hey took your survey read your diary your funny :D
from boho73 :
like...i tried to sign your guestbook but i couldnt lol later
from pouncer :
Hi RED! I'm from botswana. I am your new stalker, can I come over and watch you from your window tonight say around 8ish. I love watching you take showers, sometimes I play with myself other times I just get some syrup and pour it all over myself then have a bunch of kitties lick it off. OOOWHHWOW, I'm getting tingly just thinking about it. j/k ihad to do it. : P
from smurphy21 :
hey you, just read todays entry. INTERESTING....poor u and whoever amir is. Anywho, find me on AIM sometime so we can talk. And what not. Yea. I promise this is not that multiple personality girl...I SWEAR!! LOL oh man that was funny stuff.
from smurphy21 :
hey you, just read todays entry. INTERESTING....poor u and whoever amir is. Anywho, find me on AIM sometime so we can talk. And what not. Yea. I promise this is not that multiple personality girl...I SWEAR!! LOL oh man that was funny stuff.
from anastasiab89 :
loved the survey. fun fun
from doyoujew :
from pouncer :
from pouncer :
Hey Cracky! So you go around IMing a whole bunch of girls hitting on them and being all sweet, what do you expect, of course you're gonna get a stalker. DUH!! It was probably me you're talking bout too, What a jerk you are. j/k I'm not that desperate, but I am bored, so will you send me some lame ass pics of you at the festival. PUHLEASE, I so can't wait to see you having fun without me. ; P p.s. my email address is [email protected]. In case you can't figure it out. THanks Crack!!!
from catfish19 :
did it. read it. left note. dude, who has their own diary in their list of favourites? crazy.
from shadow-box :
Hello, I'm leaving a note, notes are cool. Umm yeah, i have a kitty slut who wants me to love him with both hands...cats are great. I'm probably going to go jackoff now, thanks for the survey!
from dove21 :
Hey. You told me to leave a note, so I did. Yes, I always do what I'm told.
from cammella :
due, i love new tvs!! they are pritty and big! and they dont talk back when you yell at them
from knapantera :
yo i took your survey and im sayin whats up, check out my page sometime
from doyoujew :
yo! lol
from shopaholic34 :
yo, I took your survey and it was kickass. you sound like a cool cat, keep up the good work!
from luvsbuterfly :
Just read your diary, you sound like a cool cat!
from appleblowpop :
there. choke on the huge ammount of pictures.
from appleblowpop :
ahah fine. just for you i'll make a picture entry tonight to catch up on the last pics i posted. just my favorites though
from parlance :
Thanks :]
from parlance :
I like your username =)
from revhead :
hey crackhead told me if i didnt sign his guest book and leave him a message he would F*&$"%^ my &%&*%*�" then shove a$&%�"!$�^ up my*^&*�(&(()*^$"%^$!"� so u see were im coming from! but i dont no how to sign ur guestbook so plz dont burn my �$%^$" until it's crispy!! lesleyxxxx
from smurphy21 :
hey hun, yea paintball was cool. First time for me. But I'm ready for more. It stung a little like ummm scraping a knee or something. Hope to hear from ya again! I'll write about my next paintball excursion as soon as it happens. Take care!
from kitten6942 :
LoL your funny...your son is cute....well read my diary thanx...later Kitten
from doyoujew :
from backflip029 :
DC? Okay, now I understand... (j/k). Cool survey, but c'mon, Britney or Avril? The're both hot.
from ironicpoison :
Your diary is more entertaining than anything I have read since I was 5 and everything was great. Seriously you remind me of my friend Marco..
from satellitebob :
i took the survey. I left the note. I now will read the diary.
from brandonbaby :
that was a cool survey. weird, but cool
from kimdan :
Oh wow. I'm proud. I got a meantion! *Dances*
from kimdan :
Oh wow. I'm proud. I got a meantion! *Dances*
from the-clan :
NINJA: Yo, dawg! We filled out the survey, we read your diary, we're leavin' a note. Man, your shit is funny. Keep crankin' out dem entries, we love your shit, yo! Oh, n' SVL says peace.
from goth-chick-9 :
hey, I filled out your survey. And I'm leaving a note like you said which must mean that I am freaking bored right now. leave me a message. peace out.
from neko-rei :
wow, that was a very weird journal entry. haiz!! just took your quiz so i figured whatever
from jklmra :
from wilhelmfink :
Green Day is on the "other bands I like" column? That's unrespectful!! yeah... anyways, here's the note I said I would send... (for more information read the answers to your survey w1111111) -If I missed a 1, I'm terribly sorry.
from crimson69 :
Then write about the bastards already LOL
from crimson69 :
you know thw us officials LOL ..yea that was a while ago(like 3or 4 entries ago) but HEY i just got back and you make me laugh my ass off so whats up with the goverment dudes from DC???
from crimson69 :
memeber the officials?????? >.<
from dinenloth :
i took your survey and what not.
from rite153 :
aww! it's so good to see you're back!
from pouncer :
Hey Show me your butt! I'm not a pervert it is for school, I study the human anatomy :D!
from reva-d :
how old are you? you sound like someone I would really like to get to know better
from tsukihoshi :
hahahahaha I love your updates. :) Oh man, I can only imagine how your face looked.
from greeneyez85 :
u said to leave u a here u are....we like some of the same bands too!!!
from bloodytears4 :
You said too..
from girle :
Outshined is a kickASS song! Brings back old memories from 10 years go! You go!
from xpoptartx :
i really liked you survey its was fun, now since i left u a note u better leave me one to, j/k lol, but seriously leave me a note
from foxyangi :
wow... you are quite the funny guy! Not like you don't get it all the time, but I thought I would give you a big head (oh... no pun intended)hahahaha
from life-iz-life :
DUDE, ur surveys are abngin, makes meh wonder. N they crack me UP lol, for real tho. Hm now i just have to check out ur diary...but keep up those funky funnie ass surveys
from pixiestikswt :
I'm here at work and bored so I thought I would read your diary. I was laughing so hard ple were lookin at me crazy. kinda new on here and only have one entry on my diary, not worth reading anyway. just wanted to let you know i thought you were funny ass hell. And remember hunny, don't let em see ya sweat!
from mywayhighway :
Hey, i took your survey.. and uhm.. yeah... lata.
from cutecanadian :
Hey there my gf(not my fuck friend but my best friend) told me to view ur page just wanted to tell ya that's some pretty funny shit. Keep it between the ditches.....if not GO FAST!!
from cutecanadian :
Hey there my gf(not my fuck friend but my best friend) told me to view ur page just wanted to tell ya that's some pretty funny shit. Keep it between the ditches.....if not GO FAST!!
from cutecanadian :
Hey there my gf(not my fuck friend but my best friend) told me to view ur page just wanted to tell ya that's some pretty funny shit. Keep it between the ditches.....if not GO FAST!!
from fairybytch :
alright...i am finally sending you a message. i took one of your surveys and was pretty entertained and so i took a bunch i also took a glimpse into your diary and was again pretty entertained. cute kid too. so i just thought i would drop you thisline even though i saw you had tons of them and i am sure mine makes no difference. anyways...keep that shit coming it makes my day go quicker!
from crimson69 :
YAY!!!!! good to have ya back you put a smile on my face when i read your shit ^_^ keep em coming butthole or i'll call you worse o.O
from ilovemy240z :
I've locked up. User is kelly password is jean.
from tora-leeloo :
just did one of your surveys and I'd like to say that it rocked. Sounds like you're a prety cool person. Keep up with the fun and entertaining surveys. Lata.
from shmeder :
I suck at Halo but it kicks some serious ass!
from xsockmonkeyx :
hey! i took ur survey...well one of them n e way! it was good i yea well i gotz ta go...ChOw!
from amabilis80 :
Great pictures! I think you should try the bull again... :)
from xmalice :
I'm just obeying the command to leave you a message. B/c apparently I'm a follower.
from brian2290 :
hey man i liked your surveys they are good
from cherrygirl17 :
hey! u are a koo baby!
from crimson69 :
you should update more often ^_^
from marianicoles :
so i took your survey and this is the note i'm leaving you. have a safe, happy, and proseperous new year!
from samantha616 :
Ok, I'm sure there is no way for you to keep up with everyone taking your surveys, but I took it. Read it. j/k, man. You do what you want...
from kylejones :
hello fellow diaryland person.. you said you were gonna kill me or something if i didnt do this so yeah.. i did it.. later
from jasmineskye :
i told u i would sign ur notes see im signing i always keep my word.u better sign mine...jazzy..
from voidofhmmm :
liked your survey...very interesting questions..havent read your diary but ill get around to it
from dragonfly-1 :
Nice to see you've returned to Diaryland. We've missed your crazy entries.
from blythe-sprt :
cool survey. Thanks for something different.
from baby--bear :
hey i just took your survey it was cool. lattaz..
from guinevere652 :
hello i took your survey!!! it was funny! grrrrreat! ::kisses:: -me-
from evoqueen :
Heylo! I juss took your survey...annnd...yeahhh...your purdy funneh dood! errr...dunno wut else to say! take a look at my diary! *muah!*
from ladylatina :
hey just took ur survey....kinda got me a loss for words here well imma go check ur diary out. u can look at mine. im not the best writer in the world and it may not make sense to normal minds. it new and only has a few entries but knock urself out
from cantgohome :
Just took your survey. You cracked me up. I promised I'd leave ya a note! I am new to the 'diary scene' Heh. Stay cool, dude.
from bi-girl-uk :
hey - just taken ur survey and visited ur page to leave note as promised. love from the UK. x peace x
from acniema2 :
Hey...well my diary isn't nearly as interesting as yours is, but I think you may find some of it amusing...
from koreamatron :
what is it with you and fat people?
from demeter-chan :
You're insane. Now leave a message for me! ^^
from supafreek07 :
Heyyy Gary, i dont know you but my friend Nicole aka Galaxie01 does..neways i was reading your diary and thats fucking funny shit..neways haha ttyl
from darkangel90 :
heyy...pretty cool quiz you made the w1 something..and i hope your alright frum ur fall! sound pretty funny yo...haha..i'll keep reading ur diary k?? cya
from banefulvenus :
Nice site!
from xp-i-x-i-ex :
Dude, fuckin' sweet! I love your style.
from sterile-dirt :
killer site...n i liked your survey too:)
from sweeetpotato :
Falling...that sounds like something that would happen to me...I can't believe you drew a picture, lol.
from beanernizzle : favorite crackhead. How I miss you so!! You are hardly online anymore! But I guess that's what happens when you start getting laid on a regular basis!! HEEHEE!
from bombshellcat :
odd survey, but a great time passer! so thanks for entertaining me! :o)
from imnobodysgrl :
hey just read your diary you seem alright have a great day!
from bluezy :
Oh man that story was hilarious. If you want a semi-funny story read an entry back in December that I wrote entitled "Christmas Trees and Me". It explains my ever lasting hate for Christmas and my Christmas Tree hunting escapades. Good times. AWESOME DIARY!
from tsukihoshi :
hahahaha that rocks so hard!! I would have laughed so much myself if that happened to me. I'm glad you're not hurt from your mishap though. :D
from takeintheass :
thats deffenitly a funny ass story wanna hear one of mine no well ur gonna anyways i was dragin my baby brother and turned to see that i dont hit any thing and ran into a wall/ table and ended up with a bruise and a cuople cuts the bruise was the size of texas it was funny tho
from appleblowpop :
hahahaha admit it. my spongebob costume and dancing video make you hot. LIKE FIYAH. well my friend hosted it. im not sure if you have anough room on diary land to upload it here, i wouldnt know cause im not Gold.
from vicslobster :
yo... good reading!
from ncrebel21 :
Too....weak. Can't....go on. Need daily dose of...Crackheadred via d-land....
from mooms :
I hope you get a really shonky manky glandular disease, get fat, your car breaks down and you have to run for a bus and then miss it. "Have a nice day!" *smiles sweetly*
from blindessence :
Running to catch the bus, lol
from dragonfly-1 :
Okay I just have to tell you that I love the way you write. I can't just read one sentence, got to read the whole damn entry. Every day. I can actually hear you talking, reading your entry out loud to me, when I'm reading it. Does that make sense?????? Like your pictures too!
from dragonfly-1 :
Glad to see you back, Crack. I was wondering what happened to you since there were no updates recently. Yeah, take the ol' gal somewhere nice to eat. And make sure you buy her the most expensive thing on the menu ... supersize Big Mac Combo!! I was wonderin' what happened with your ex. I couldn't find anything ever written about her. So he's gone now do you think she'll come back trying to get wit u?
from matethenkill :
Hey dude. You rock my cotton socks. Love and Peace. God
from hotstuff4sho :
Just wanted to tell you that I read your diary and everything.It was fun 2 c-ya
from ncrebel21 :
damn, man, it's been almost two weeks! whatchu doin'? don't make me call the bean mafia on yer azz to get ya ta update...
from wilder3 :
Just Thought I'd Check Up On Ya Sound Like Things Are Gettiong Ready To Roll. Whtaz that thig from Radio Shack? And yes I listen to a station out of George town Ky that is in that area Mostly Progressive Blules and And Electric Grass. No Rap Crap For These Old Ears. Any Way Later WWH III
from wowyoureugly :
i liked your survey and decided to sign ur g-book just in case u were joking about not putting any messages on my note thingy.
from gigglez04101 :
ur cool
from appleblowpop :
from shibbie :
hey crackhead this is shibbie well zoe to be exact i took the quiz and just thought i'd drop a line so you wanna help me out with my diary i'm cluless just got bored and decided to make one without any knowlage of what i was doing *zoe
from mishdaish :
BWAHAHAHAHAHA <~ lol i love it...u sound leik a cool ass dad
from gabbyevs :
just filled out your survey very different! ive just joined so havent got anything that interesting in mine yet-have a look though i'll come up with something interesting soon! gabby
from inuyasha8705 :
Bwahahaha! XD
from blue-belle :
liked the survey.
from appleblowpop :
hahah i make the best faces. admit it i'm your hero. blahh i was just sick of being so "pretty" ha
from engelsigh :
What is this contraption called - I want it!!!
from lemonteaser :
Bwaaaahaha! As far as your ex goes, It's all Karma dude. I don't know your story but it sounds like it came back to her in spades. I was LOL, you tell a good story.
from templeofwen :
Cool survey...checking the diary. Later.
from ncrebel21 :
*taps on screen* where u at mangs? iz u heard from da bean lately?
from discoprty911 :
did ur survey, Aim ed u thought u were cool, and your STILL ignoring me
from alleytally :
did your survey, thus left you a note. im tired im going to sleep. byes
from allsheis :
i filled out your survey!! it was fun.... aww the hurrincane was busy!! ~em
from mindar76 :
Dood! I totally understand the "Cheese" face/girlfirend thing! Rock on! DC's cool...just a few hours outta the way. Keep posting!
from onewetleg :
yeh, nice one date rape snidely! love ya, jj
from toleratethis :
Stinkfistin' neat survey.
from sourgirl311 :
Hey, I am new to this thing. Yours was the first survey that I took. It was cool. Then come to find out you like The Roots!!!!! Oh my god!!!! kickass. anyways, see ya around or something
from boutboulman :
Cool diary man! I hope that one day mine will count so many entries! Sorry about your grandmother. And now that I have looked at yours, you gotta check out mine, like it says in the survey! Peace.
from skeetball :
Sorry to hear abu=out your grandmother. I just took your last servey. It was hella cool. Well ttyl. ~Jen
from raexamoura :
Thats cool, My friend has a joke about a hobo... well a comic. It goes like this: You see a hobo looking down the street at a man infront of a bagel cart. Next frame the guy is walking twords the hobo. Then the man gets to the hobo, and the hobo yells at him "I seen you get change for them bagels" and the hobo attacks the man with his cup. You could send that video to [email protected].... if you want.
from dosumthing :
hiiii how was your day?
from spyderman814 :
Dude ur journal is so funny im still laughin hahahaha
from heather8807 :
nice survey... interesting diary
from dragonfly-1 :
I'm sorry about your Grandma. She looks so sweet. I lost my grandma a few months ago.
from blackchuck :
you've been hit bad lately man...i lost a friend this week and then had to deal with 9/11 in NYC so wasnt a rosy week for me either...anyway, just wanted to know my thoughts are with you dude...
from lizagray :
Just wanted to let you know I am sorry about your grandma and that I am praying for you and your family. Erin
from rite153 :
my condolences about your grandmother's passing. at least you have good/funny memories to remember her by.
from crackheadred :
i was just reading lots of my old entries..and man..I AM ONE FUNNY SUMMABISH!! hahaha... --Me
from lizagray :
Okay, so out of boredom I was reading your entries from like last year and I just gotta say that the one (I think you called it fresh cuts and horny) is so funny to me. I love that disturbed song. I refer to it as the monkey song cause thats what he sounds like. A monkey on crack!
from smellthekfc :
Well..the words I'm searching for are..bite me. Oh yeah..nice diary..::munches on a carrot srick:: Stupid diet..Later.
from cocobelmore :
Peace out dude :-p
from melovewinter :
Aw! your kids so sweet geeting pissed and stuff, aw bless.
from melovewinter :
Aw! your kids so sweet geeting pissed and stuff, aw bless.
from angel-pink :
Hey, just thought id leave a note. I read your last 2 entries and the pics are funny. keep writing, cya.
from sapphireyes- :
Aloha there! Took your survey and thought I'd drop you a line. ~Alex*
from simpler-time :
hi. just finishe survey. simple just the way I like it. Cool diary by the way.
from lemonteaser :
please tell me this is a joke picture. Oh my gosh that is too funny it's almost scary. Wah hah!
from swimhunny :
love ur diary. i liked ur survey as well...keep up the cool stuff....
from onetimelow :
Signing your guestbook after taking the survey... I liked it and your site has some pretty interesting stuff. I am just starting a diaryland journal and well... also trying to learn html. So if you visit my diary dont expect too much
from bride2be926 :
Just got done with your survey and just wanted to say "hi" ~*Erica*~
from onewetleg :
when i said random pics of homeless people, i didnt mean your own offspring! by the way, either join my fucktemplate diaryring or write and tell me to fuck off. love, jj
from engelsigh :
I took your survey...checked out your journal. You are pretty amusing.
from onewetleg :
yeah! i love random pics of homeless people!!! bring it on! love, jj
from sodiumclorox :
hi. nice to meet you. took your survey. as requested, signing the guestbook. please continue the art of free expression. onward, fellow traveller!
from zoe-bedlam :
Hey babe.... If you put your beer in the freezer for 10 minutes it will be good and cold. It's not as quick as a microwave but it's faster then the fridge!
from brina21 :
dude you are krazy but your diary is very entertaining. good luck with the
from onewetleg :
they have that thing that makes stuff cold. its just the right size for a beer can and uses freon or something. i saw one in the 90's sometime. or maybe it was the 80's or maybe it was just the acid. or the shrooms. anyway.... uhm, yeah. love, jj
from chesire-katt :
I've only read your profile. I'll get to your entries in a minute. :) 'katt I did your survey, by the way.
from toy-angel :
just read your diary...about 8-26, Hard Times,Man. I hate those sock sellin dudes, they just don't know that no means no. lol. anyway, i took your survey.
from pokytoes :
hey there, i took your w1111111 survey (nice title btw). i totally agree with you about people with nice cars who drive like idiots, by either going 10mph or 150mph, although if i had an expensive car like that (assuming i could drive) i'd probably be the 10mph person. ;) anyway have a nice day!
from swim4gold04 :
well i took your survey and i left you a note so now i better get one back from you!! jk cool survey peace--kate
from goonie32 :
w00t Ok mister pushy I listened to you and am now signing this note thinger...WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM ME? haha
from zoe-bedlam :
Ok man, I did your survey THEN read your diary. Now I understand it! You're pretty damn funny. We seem to watch the same movies and repeat the SAME lines. You're going on my list.
from twinklepufer :
wow bright i think i may be tornadoes are
from no-and-then :
what kinda issshhh is that. Having a girlfriend is no excuse for not updating. Your diaryland followers need lovin' too.
from vanoonoo :
hi :)
from wmoonr :
*laughing* I love how you explained the weather "then the sky farted!" Very nice. Hehehe..
from fuctupkid22 :
fun fun survey =)
from pouncer :
Hi cracky! I feel really bad about that nasty message I left in your guestbook . Sorry, if I scared yeah! I didn't really mean it, maybe a little. I get a little freaky when I know we'll never meet, so I let all my gaurds down. So that's all, I'm not really sorry I wrote it because I must have felt that way when I did write it, but fuck it who cares. I just felt really stupid that I would write something that trashy to someone I don't evan know. Anyways, bye. : )
from nic-nax :
hi. read ur stuff. leaving a message like u sed 2 on the survey!! xXx
from imortal3 :
Hello, read you stuff.. whatever.
from lizagray :
gotta say, when i 1st read your diary i had no idea how popular you are. you have quite the following. anyway, i did finally look at the pics of your son. he is a doll! sounds like you are an excellent father.(iam sure you already do this but anyway) any time you are down think of your son and the fact that God gave you a child. that should make you so happy(wich i am sure it does). i hope to be able to do the same soon. sorry for the ramblings
from jettasmark :
wow if you were at the hfestival you leave close to where i used to - gaithersburg ! i'm in alaska now!
from jettasmark :
yeah see, i've had the same experience - sorta kinda walkin' home from work - its ranges from like 30-50 minutes depending on - well me. sometimes it seems like its takin' forever and well really - well it is....but sometimes its like i leave work and all of sudden i'm near home....okay so yeah it helps when i'm wrapped in a dream reverie -as long as i get myself safely across streets!
from darkendpath :
dude i love the way you told that guy off with that whole orgasm dealio. ima try and read your whole diary tonight. well this morning seeing as how its freakin 1 in the morning. i took your quiz too. you dont gots to read my diary cuz its not at all amuzing but wtvr. do wut you pleeze.
from rockchika24 :
i did ur survey mwahaha - keep on rockin in the free world.
from aim-e :
I filled out your survey and did as told! be PROUD, very proud ;). Interesting diary...
from carrie688 :
cute, i didn't think that a guy thought so much in one day that had nothing to do with Sex lol!!
from holesome :
Jet Li is soooo awful. But it isn't his fault studios force him into big budget pictures where they have to use all the crappy special effects. One on One Bruce Lee could kick Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Chow Young Fat asses all at once. Bruce Lee is the master, watch enter the dragon
from fate-at-14 :
I just took your survey and you said to leave you a note. So I am. First off...Sorry about the whole "poke me in the eye with a red hot poker" thing. I was not aware that you like korn or disturbed otherwise I would have put in nicer words....Second off..Your son is adorable...Third off..erm...I think I'm done. yes definitly done. Byee.
from smurphy21 :
your head went "Booooonnnggg" that is hilarious. just saying hi. and hopes yous is good. toodles!
from endlesslover :
cool diary
from krazykrispie :
Ur journal is hilarious! And your son is super cute!
from gothlion :
Dear crackerhead, I just finished taking your survey.I enjoy taking them it is one of my most favorite things to do.I am new to dairyland and I hope to maybe make friends here.
from ms-bormann :
hi kewl survey and pic page nice diary2
from pattymelt :
your guestbook is giving me hell so i am leaving you a note instead...i took a quiz and then started need to take a pic of yourself from the back (again, like your sunburned butt shot) only with your arms wrapped around yourself like you are all naked and makin' out. you kow, just for fun. i bet the bean would like that one too....
from dragonfly-1 :
Hey, I wanted to list your diary as one of my favourite diarys but I can't figure out how to. Can you help?
from dragonfly-1 :
Hey crackheadred. Just wanted to drop a little note for ya to let ya know I did your survey which was very fun and I checked out your diary like you asked. Later gater
from oopsupadaisy :
hey man i've signed ok?!
from judea :
hey u seem like a nice guy, ur cute, ur sons adorable an ur frend wit the crazy eyes is mad hot.....dayum..anyhoo hi there nice to meet u
from appleblowpop :
hahaha yeah, when they requested it everyone was like "rachel wouldnt do that~! she wouldnt make THAT much of an ass out of herself~!" then three minutes later TA DAH~! qqtips up my nose. best picture EVER lol
from middlekid :
hey. cool diary. thats all I have to say.
from cutiebabe10 :
hey! i luved ur survey~that's the best one i'v taken in a keep it up buddy! xoxo!
from dancegal84 :
Hey dude. You are really funny + u make good surveys! Keep it up
from guiltysneak :
checked out your survey, decided i should note you, or else : P i used to live in MD...just a piece of info, nothing really important...i just noticed the whole DC thing...yea so...bye stephanie
from guiltysneak :
checked out your survey, decided i should note you, or else : P i used to live in MD...just a piece of info, nothing really important...i just noticed the whole DC thing...yea so...bye stephanie
from ldschica :
breakfast for dinner rox.
from cigarz7497 :
Gotta say... the survey didn't meet the profile. Cool.
from diary177 :
Waz up bro you got an a** kicking survey.~*diary*~
from mmmflannel :
hey, just stopped by for the survey. good stuff...
from sic-666 :
Hey! Just did your survey. Good shit, bro. Got any more? Take Care. Love ~*Angel*~
from sic-666 :
Hey! Just did your survey. Good shit, bro. Got any more? Take Care. Love ~*Angel*~
from the-desired :
hey papi! loved the survey, very nice... so ya still want me to bite you??? :P Bye, take care and one love! Dessie
from kitamara :
Lmao.. funneh! Real funneh for a 'rent. There shud b more adults like you. o.-;;
from majincadman :
Dude, you're messed up, but in a nice fuzzy kind of way. ^_^
from zachar2002 :
Wow, you can change to do that now. I think with your writing you can get a nice job at a mag for teens. Good luck.
from aquatang :
interesting diary.. I knew one guy with a stutter, and I remember he was a nice guy. But the person in charge of auditions for the choir was not so nice about the stutter, I guess because she didn't want to seem partial. But still.
from duckygirl27 :
i like your diary, it kicks ass check out mine sometime
from smurphy21 :
HEY!! ok so i've been gone for a bit. went down to florida. had fun. you should put that disclaimer permanantly on your page like I did. Feel free to use my "take that stick outta your ass and deal with it" if you want. LOL. Read up on my trip! hope you are doing good.
from adjustedhalo :
OMG! the cowboys?! u have to be kidding me....i can't believe u actually admit in public that ur a cowboys fan *smirks at u*
from appleblowpop :
you're not ugly. i'm just perfect :D
from appleblowpop :
y-y-you SLUT *laughs* lol you're just mad cause i'm prettier than you~!
from appleblowpop :
d-dd-dont m-mm-make f-fun of p-p-pe-people t-th-that stt-stut-stutter~! (lol i'm so annoying)
from lonelyblues :
So, everyone is like "I wrote you a note, write me one back". I did find yor link thru your w111111111 survey, but I am not just signing so that you will sign me. I read yesterday(just a tad) and wanted to say your little boy is adorable. And I don't even like kids...really. I don't. So, props on being a good father. And also, I took a weather and climate class last semester...and no one can really understand the forecast unless they have taken a class...It's all very confusing. :)
from kate-67 :
hey man! i just did ur suvey lol lots of fun that was. i signed urs so u gotta sign mine cause thats the deal lol well keep it real bye!
from damiennny :
well i filled out your survey and as you said i shall leave you a note....because i am bored...mmmyep....good survery ok bye
from oh--dear--me :
Thank you for your lovely survey....if you don't write me a note, i shall be mad.caty xXx.
from rainbowcook :
hey i thought seen i took that survey then i should drop a line or two...nice really my brother would like it..i wanted to say as long as your a good father i think its great that your making it and that your doing it all alone...Stephy
from frostie13 :
ha yes i coose to leave a note than fine sir..thanks for all reassuring me and what not..helps ;) well err i think this qualifies as a note worthy of being on your notes page heh heh heh well anhoo im going to exit the premisis for now ta ta ♥ renee
from i-died-4u :
hahaha omg that entry was sooo funny with that 15 yr old care
from i-died-4u :
ok i took yr survey. -))just saying hi. ♥×♥
from beanernizzle :
LMAO@ yer last entry!! Thank goodness I quit using AOL. Damn kids trying to hit on me!!
from danvic :
hey i took your survey. u make great surveys i plan to take another 1 soon
from froggy1116 :
Thats great :-P I luv messin with people on the internet! exspecially when they dont know what 15x2 is!
from booperdos :
well was up yo surveys are hella tight keep them rollin aight peace holla at me lata
from frostie13 :
well arent you mr. popularity...err hey we talked uhh friday, im the girl with the stupid diary and the pizza you didnt have lol..well anyways in you last entry about that funkass girl who you told you were homeless..well it made me feel dumb for talking to you, all like i was as annoying as her i mean you are twice my age too but i didnt think i was all hitting on you either, o well you were really cool so hit me back dawg lol have a good day alcholic j/k mmmmmmmm corona ♥ renee
from smithee :
Hi. I said I would put somtihing in your thing. So I am. Well hi. I liked your survey, It was cool. Smithee.
from gloryxxfades :
agh.. man. sorry for being the first person to leave exoticxcries a note! {{rockonbytch}}
from mexi-freckle :
whooooaaaa man you got pretty excited there. that's okay. linkin park rocks my effing socks.
from blinkgurly :
u seem to old for this type of thing.
from xo-ditzy :
hey! I love your surveys! They're awesome! You have a great site here, and you'e hilarious! have a great day! x0x byee! -mel-
from thcbabe :
ok i am not sure how to sign your thing.. so lemme know
from brokenmisfit :
I wanna go to NY...oh wait I'm goin soon yay!!
from lovely83 :
ooooooooh BRenttttt guess who came through your favorite gurllllllll anyway holla back mmmmmhmmmmmmm!!!!!
from lizagray :
hope you aren't too disapointed with my diary (remember, it is still new)
from lizagray :
you asked, so here i am. your survey was good. 31 huh, thats a good age. now you must leave me a note! it will be my first!
from d-i-n-a :
Is this your guestbook? You should fill out my survey. So this is the note from the stuck up ass, or whatever you said in your survey. Out.
from korndog :
Hey, you said leave you a message, so here it is :) Korn kicks butt! And that survey did too ;) Now its your turn to leave me a note!! haha ~Laura
from korndog :
Hey, you said leave you a message, so here it is :) Korn kicks butt! And that survey did too ;) Now its your turn to leave me a note!! haha ~Laura
from davaqui :
hey... said i would so i did. now you better leave me a note!!! hugs, jackie
from nakedhamzter :
hey i put you on my buddy list, now i'm just waiting 4 u to get online. So you like Sublime too???
from peepin-tam :
job well done, dad. your son sounds pretty amazing. what he did got me a bit teary... *hugs* to you guys :)
from nakedhamzter :
hey man, you have an adorable kid, and i took ur survey. I'd love to talk to you some more
from babefrom4-d :
oh yeah! and sorry to hear about your grandfather, that's sad stuff :(
from babefrom4-d :
hey, i'm new here, but i saw your surveys and they're funny, where do you come up with that shit? well, i think i'll actually try out that lil diary option we've got here, wish me luck
from tabooboo :
i said in the survey id leave a message and here it is....good one huh?
from goclickboom :
Hi, I have no idea what I am doing! wow! Anyway, I did your survey thingee. Great stuff. You can go to my diary if you want, but it sucks... I just started it, and so it's still indtroductory... the funny shite will come later... *LINZ* Ps. I have magical jelly-beans growing out of my head!
from luckicharyms :
you seem like a huge jerk
from spazchick98 :
I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather.
from sonotperfect :
I'm so sorry about your grandpa!!May he rest in peace *hugs*
from cant-escape :
I'm so sorry for your loss... It's terrible whenever a loved one is lost
from ilovemy240z :
Awwwww, I'm sorry to hear that babes. *hugs* My thoughts are with you and your family.
from diviantone :
i enjoy taking your surveys. they tickel my tummy.
from blackchuck :
hey condolences...
from no-and-then :
so sorry about your grandpa
from peepin-tam :
i'm so sorry to hear about your grampa. losing a loved one is never easy. i'm sending a few big hugs your way :)
from aryanna-dawn :
Hey you asked me to sign so here I am. Well you seem like an awesome person. hit me back?! lol
from piratebabe :
The only reason I am leaving a message is because your survey scared me.. Oh right. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN RULES!!!! If you don't think so... bite me!
from jamisen20 :
WHat up? I'm a single mom too. Cool,cool. Well,jsut wanted to say hey and I filled out ur survey so come and check my diary out,k? Thanks!
from booky :
I Was Kidding On My Survey
from eroticxcries :
Then I'll leave a bazillion and ONE notes >:D -pokepokepoke- Rawwr bish rawwr
from eroticxcries :
Holy crap. O___o;;; You have like... a bazillion nootes. ;___; I have... two. :o -cries- YOU MEAN PERSON THING :O -poke-
from kainsvampire : Okay now leave a note for me!
from goth-chic13 :
meh, i took ur survey thing.. and u sed leave a note.. so i thought i would.. lol..... hi!!
from mexi-freckle :
i love that you spell dude like dood... it reminds me of poop. thanks for linking me! that's way awesome. man i love sports.
from rainy-daze- :
I did ur survey and read ur diary. Top quality :) Luv Me
from e3c1h2o :
so yeah, i jus took ur surey and all and then i read ur journal, oh xcuse me diary, and i think that u might jus be a little paranoid! but its all good.
from lililvraena :
Fun survey ^_^ --Emilia
from ginan3 :
hey, filled out a fun survey. the more random the better ^_^ Im a random person myself. a few friends of mine are going to make a movie of completely random stuff, with some sort of story behind it (making and sense yet? ^_^). Well hey, you've tought me something, my diaries need to be funnier and less sappy. Im confused as to how I got to write sappy stuff anyway O_o thats really not me... Well, cool stuff anyway! (hey, i completely respect people from the army and love war movies and books)
from aquarius122 :
aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! i just wrote you a message...but it got erased. so which beach did you go to? just curious because i was just out that way about 3 weeks ago...we went to rehoboth and dewey...and we were on the bay bridge too...
from thebestemily :
this is the first note i've ever left, wow exciting. Anyways good survey and nice music tastes!! :)
from hibryd :
well...I guess you can't tell all da people in ma buddy list I'ma stuck up ass...have a nice life!
from xhellfirex :
i totally dig your choises of music:rock on
from beanernizzle :
Erm, yes I hate hate clowns!! Let me think..Pennywise the clown in Stephen King's IT...John Gacy!! E!! *Shudderz* And as long as it's you, my favorite crackhead in the world, I don't mind that you took the layers!!
from charwater :
signed. have fun with your surveys
from indie-noise :
I took your survery and I'm leaving you a note cause I don't want you tell anyone on my buddy list that I'm a stuck up ass. And also because I like leaving notes for people hehe. Leave one for me and I shall be very happy!
from mllevictoria :
haha funny pictures!
from petra21 :
Car geek, thats cute. You have an adorable son. take it sleezy =P
from eternal-envy :
It's funny, especially the picture. I'm dyin here!
from mexi-freckle :
nope i'm not from around dc at all. i'm from indy. and i was talking about king's island. but i've been to six flags! anyway, i hope you're having a fine day.
from blingnflutey :
Hehe, subway is the greatest =) Cute pics of the kid. btw..I took your survey and you scared me with the whole leaving angry notes, so I just stopped by ;) Have a good day.
from dazedpirate3 :
took the survey, left a note, good times.
from jovy-ann :
took your survey, leaving a note. thanks for the entertainment ^_^
from daisyfields :
All I can say is your son is absolutely adorable and you seem very friendly, Lets talk sometime i'm a 21 female chicky lol so yeah talk to you later :)
from kittygabz :
i took some of ur surveys. there weird but disgusting! im leaving a note like u said.
from meggsie9 :
i just took ur survey soo i just wanted to be nice like u said and leave a message=)have a great day!!tootles
from playboybuny4 :
ok well i didn't kn you were that old sry..but yer survey is pretty kool
from nicole2121 :
Hi,I really liked your survey.....
from captainrenee :
wow, someone DOES care! this makes me soooooo happy, you cant imagine.
from ninabean :
oh!!!!!!!!! i almost forgot... send me a postcard when u get there... i always wondered what the betty ford looked like at sunset.. *dreamy sigh* and bring me a keychain!! bwahaha
from smurphy21 :
love the bike shot. very artistic. yes. yes it is.
from dirty-cereal :
i took your survey. you are one funny 31 year old father who likes good music.
from lemonteaser :
I was LMFAO about your Serena anecdote. Too funny. Yeah, I am like that about Keanu Reeves. You never know! Anyway, I was seriously laughing, good story! ;0)
from crackheadred :
YAY!! i left myself a note! WHEEEE!!
from myreason :
Found your diary through your survey. Just wanted to say that I bet you're a fun parent. Also, your car looks great. Although, your son looks better. ;)
from frostie13 :
o by the way my name is Renee' <3 me, renee'
from frostie13 :
wow youhave so many fans and you have the coolest surveys, dude you rock and you should leave me a note im going to add you to my yahoo, tee hee you are the coolister
from qt-strawbrry :
here's your note cuz i took your survey... i like that survey better than most lol
from prntlgdnz :
I liked dat survey it was tight make another one and ill surely take it go and sign my guestbook, thanks
from phycoz03 :
dude that shit was funny ass hell keep this shit going
from smurphy21 :
glad u liked it. i added an entry just now, about your page...and stuff to keep my fans up to date with me. hows the weather over there?
from smurphy21 :
it seemed everyone was signin your GB so i thought id be more personal. love the diary. i truly do. its goin onto my favorites list. love the pictures too. check out my diary if you like. sign the guestbook or send a note or email me, [email protected]. or, find me on aim, Smurphy21. toodles!
from sewer-rat :
obligatory survey note
from emoboysrule :
just randomly looking through, reading your first entry, sharing some well-known information. use at your own free will.
from rancidwords :
your survey told me to leave you a note!! HELLO! how are you? hehe... \m/
from blackchuck :
I've been meaning to drop this shit in for like a week...Happy belated birthday dude...I always crack up after readidng your shit...
from beaconnicole :
there's a robot named austinpowers, 2 that butterflykel5 told me about
from beaconnicole :
ur son's so cute! But seriosly, everyone in their right mind knows that's part of a Home Depot sign. jeez.
from lady-squire :
Paintballin sounds fun. I have always wanted to try, but, my dad says that I am "fragile" if he only knew, damn it. I am better at being a guy than a lot of the guys I know! Being a girl is fun too tho... dont get me wrong... o dear... I am rambling... ne who.. you look like fun! Hehehehe...
from ohiochick15 :
u n' ur friends r crazy. Nice paintball job though..LOL
from kate223 :
Sorry about the whole chick thing. I just always imagined you as a red headed chick. I'm weird.
from kate223 :
Hey What's up? I could have sworn you were a chick. Well from your surveys anyway. I finally looked at your diary. Since your survey said to. I dont have much better to do. Nothing much else to say. So C'ya. Bye.
from stacey575 :
Had to leave a note, just filled out the survey, didn't want to get harassed! Hope the little guy is feeling better, he sure is a cutie!
from wilder3 :
CrackHeadRed? I did not read your Diary. Ill Tell You something funny though. I originally meant to leave a derogatory message on the net thinking it was dairyland. I do not veerry much like the state of WI they kicked me out for seven years... It where my Ex lives she has a Cd Coming out this Summer Sometime. Plus its cold. any way I'm drifting.... over here in Central KY. later HeadRed
from pouncer :
Hi, I'm the stalker that keeps leaving you It's o.k. tho cuz I'm really hot n sexy. Sorry I left 2 of the same mess. last time. I like that pix of little bean, he looks super cute even when he's sick.. Just wanted to say, "Happy Birthday, you Hunk of burnin Love you"! It sounds like you had a tuff day, but that's what makes you so cool. k-that's enough love for you today.
from peepin-tam :
it's so wonderful to hear about a single dad who actually takes care of his son!! i'm sure there are many out there, but my experience so far has not been pleasant... thank you!!
from utchick327 :
poor guy. Hope he feels better! Happy Birthday dude!
from mayhemminx :
hi! i filled out your survey and read your journal entry for today. i hope your kid is feeling better, that really sucks that he got dehydrated. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hopefully it is one that you can remember happily. *mayhem*
from rite153 :
happy birthday!! yeah! now i'm proud of myself for not forgetting. haha. anywho, hope you spend it well with all the ones you care about! and keep giving me a great diary to read and laugh with!
from pouncer :
Hi Cracky! You got down n' dirrrty before you ate those pancakes, didn't you!? What else would be such a big secret. I bet you poured some of that Krustee mix all over the lucky girl/guy and made it so it would get wet, somehow, that way it turned into batter without the need for a bowl. Oohh... cracky your so kinky! ; ) Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.
from pouncer :
Hi Cracky! You got down n' dirrrty before you ate those pancakes, didn't you!? What else would be such a big secret. I bet you poured some of that Krustee mix all over the lucky girl/guy and made it so it would get wet, somehow, that way it turned into batter without the need for a bowl. Oohh... cracky your so kinky! ; ) Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.
from kenzosen :
Yeah, I'm pissed off too now. REALLY PISSED OFF. I know how you feel.
from beanernizzle :
Ahh my favorite crackhead. Just thought I would leave you a note cuz I read how you were having a lousy day! *HUGZ*
from lulu-2 :
Loved you Father's Day entry. Super sweet.
from unbornlove :
hey, remember me?? :o) aww happy fathers day! yr boy is adorable. im off to catch up on all the stuff i've missed. xo
from kenzosen :
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That was soooooooo sweet. I know I sound like a Valley Girl right now...believe me, I'm not, I hate those kind of people. Valley girls- Girls who use the word "like" every 5, like, seconds. Enough said. I hope you had a great Daddy's day. My daddy was away for most of Daddy's day.:*(
from kenzosen :
You seem very;p
from ninabean :
yay B and little b! Sounds like your makin the best out of Daddys day weekend.... even if ya'll let some punk handle the country time bumpkin mobile.... :) Happy Fathers Day! *cheesy monkey smile*
from darkangel446 :
LMAO!Your entries are funny. I think I'll add you to my list of fave diaries.
from blackpearl1 :
Thanks for taking my survey. I decided to respond to some of the things that other respondents had to say. Go to to read more about it.
from appleblowpop :
lol seriously should i enter~? what are like the rules and shit, member i'm only 17 *laughs*
from merrime1622 :
Lordie..theres a ton of notes in this thang...okay u have a 7 yr old son? My bro is 6...Brian just happens to be my fav name. I couldn't see the pic tho cuz I don't have aol and your yahoo ID didn't work..Oh well! ciao-
from beanernizzle :
Big Hunk O Burninng Loooove~ WOOHOO!
from furryfur :
I took your survey.It was good, it said to sign so I am, wow I'm a loser
from ninabean :
oh my God..... u mean.... u actually enjoyed one of my entries?? Wow, thats weird cuz just the other day you told me my entries smell more than port-a-pottys at an all-you-can-eat country bumpkin hoedown...... or at least thats what I THOUGHT you had said... so does this mean I can start IM'ing you again and that you'll cancel the restraining order????
from appleblowpop :
hahahahahah the online robot convo was funny as fuck
from krazykrick :
I talked to that on-line bot ... it was funny -Krazy Krick02469: How often do u masterbate? ZolaOnAOL: Hourly.
from skatyr-gyrl :
can i be one of your favorite diaries? please?
from krazykrick :
I saw that woman on 30 seconds to fame ... I thought it was funny/gross. But I know exactly what you mean by the "can't keep your eyes off of it." Sounds weird when I wrote it but I know it makes some kind of sense ... anyway, it has been raining here too ALOT! The pic of your son is cute, too! tah tah
from qtpie3804405 :
hey buddy whats up? nmh just chillin in school bein bored as crap. Yeah thats cool that you are 30 years old kinda older then me but its all good hey can you send me a pix of you to [email protected] and then when you email me yours and i get your email then i will send you my pix. Thanks
from krazykrick :
sorry that i am a obsessed fan and i scare you. lmao ... you are funny and stuff but i havent read ALL of your entries ... i read ur diary A). because you were the only one that read mine :*( well, you and 2 other people but only 1 of the other people is a diaryland member and ive been readin their entries from the start so its not hard to keep up with what they're sayin, u know? and B). Ur diary is very interesting, well what i read so far. i dont even know what the hell i am talkin about right now cause it is almost 4AM and my mind is kinda blank. but NEway i said I promise I'd read all ur entries ... I wont leave a comment for every single one because it takes up too much room on ur notes page ... sorry about that didnt realize how long the stuff i wrote was. catchya laterz PS: do you even read my diary NEmore? Just wonderin cause like i said, NO one does and like we agreed on (i think it was you that agreed with the point to havin a diary on-line is to have people read it and have people give u input. yeah so ... i just zoned out and lost my train of thought... tah tah
from confusedfuck :
Hah.. I read some of you entries and surveys, and you crack me up. Just thought I'd tell ya 'cause I'm SURE you were dying to know. Nice pirate, by the way.
from whittywoo :
hi! i don't know how in the hell i got to your diary...but you made me laugh so much. oh my god, i almost had to break out the Depends, you heard me? anyway, holla back whenever you get a chance.
from spazchick98 :
Wow. Thats actually scary. I bet its almost traumatizing to have obsessed fans that post a note to every single entry. I think I feel sorry for
from krazykrick :
2202-12-10 (Did you ever realize...?) Re: Weirdly enough, I have thought about where we all come from ... and yes it is bothering to think about it ... I was making fun of my boy friend saying something like, "did you ever ask your mom if the sex was good when you were created?" Of course he was discusted but then i realized I was created from sex, too and like I said b4 that made me very grossed out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-10 (smoldering Crackhead) Re: u one tough cookie, getting hit by a car then going back to work! That's so nice how you protect your son so much! I'd do the same if I had kids! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-11 (Plugged by the Bean) Re: Ask the "Bean" to hook me up with a "plug" on her site! hehe, whats the link? Why do so many people visit it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-12 (Those Green Doritos) Re: LOL you sound so fucking funny "Sorry, you usually have more clothes on ..." hahahahaha I laughed so hard when I read that ... he he, I was expecting that entry to be about doritos that went bad or something ... She got nice guns? hehe jk. Maybe you should ask her out, she obviously likes you if she keeps squeezing your arm like that ... but I am only in the year 2002 of your life so I wont know what happens till I keep reading on, huh? We'll see ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-14 (Fresh Cuts and Horny.......yeah) Re: If everyone had the same taste in music and shit like they we'd all be alike and no one would be "their own person." And Vice City rocks and Disturbed. hehe ... I need a hair cut ... So, do I suck? :-( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-14 (Truth Lies In the Anagrams) Re: I loved Princess Diana ... it's weird how long ago she died, i remember it like yesterday ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-15 (i rambled..mybad) Re: I always use to spell "Weird" w-I-e-r-d - that is weird.. hehe. you sure sound like you deserved that vacation. you're a single father, right? do you live in a house with your son? Where is his Mother if you don't mind me asking ... some of my questions might get answered as I read on I guess ... the junk mail thing about "growing 3 extra inches" was so funny! 2 inches wasnt enough! hehe! LOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2002-12-16 (Ego Trippin) Re: I know what you mean about the guest book thing ... I thought i was gonna flip out cause NO ONE would sign my guest book! Now I have 4 or 5 entries! hehe lucky me! lol - as soon as you start talkin about cars though, the words just turn into "blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah" sorry i dont know a thing about cars. i do know how to drive and shit and how to pump gas and how to ask my brother to fix my car. And the comment that girl left in ur gust book was good for your diary's "fame" hehe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK ... I am tired ... I actually need to go to bed ... SORRY! I tried to read all ur entries but i can only read so much at a time! I know where I am starting off 2morrow AM though ... Fake Glasses and Schwetty Balls
from krazykrick :
By the way, I am goin to read every single entry in your diary and just to prove it to you, I am goin to make a comment to EVERY SINGLE entry! hehe! Enjoy! and the previously comment was in reply to ur entry titled: Virginia Drivers or something like that ... hehe
from krazykrick :
My sister and I drove through Virginia once but I didn't really notice the bad driving thing but we had gone to a Friendlys there to get some food and there were a group of women sitting a few tables away ... anyway, they were the rudest bunch of people I have EVER seen in my life ... One of the woman got an ice cream and was complaining about the whipped cream and made the waitress take it back. The group of women laughed at the waitress and just made her feel stupid ... sadly that was the first and only impression I got from Virginia ... oh yeah and when we stopped at the gas station there was only one man woking there and he was sleeping but that was funny.
from spazchick98 :
Hehe thanx for the note, I saw the HFS pics, they are great! I'm soooo jealous.;p
from pouncer :
Hi! I'm pouncer and I'd like to pounce on you j/k. I just started reading your diary and I think you're pretty sexy. I especially like that pix you took of your back side with the tan lines.. prrrr. I also like the fact that you're not a teeny bopper complainin about teeny booper stuff like school and wanting to die. Your diary is a breath of nitris- j/k fresh air. You're little boy seems sweet too. I'm gonna go take a survey of yours. Maybe I'll write you later. buhbye! : )
from marzipangirl :
hey, thanks for being the first to leave me a note! I love your surveys and can't wait to take more. Your taste in music is rather fantastic too! Oh!... your son is also a cutie! = )
from spazchick98 :
You went the HFStival...Lucky you I had to work. BLAH!
from neeena :
Hiya. Thanks for doing my 'blood' survey. Enjoyed your answers. I don't think steaks should moo... although I do like cows (and I eat steak). Heheh.
from berkinix :
Yeah, that's what I think anyway. I haven't seen the American version, but from what I've heard, and comparing the two... nothing beats the original, I guess.
from berkinix :
Hee hee! Your bro' thought the Ring was creepy? That's 'cause he hasn't seen the original Korean version... America always censors out the cool shit...
from wunofmany :
Lol. I had no idea you had sent that first note. I just got the thing from the note you sent today. Had no idea anyone was sending me notes. I got Midnight Club II because you said in your diary it was like that. Lol.
from tsukihoshi :
hahahahahha that's the best story ever!! <3 it. XD
from beanernizzle :
Sooo..what's up with this noodle that all the women of diaryland want to play with?!?
from big-hungry :
hahahahahahahahahaha!! lmfa!! oh, this (, this was wonderful! and i thought i was having problems with my POS hot rod! thanks for the lifted spirits! at least i don't have to quite as far as those nuts did. there's no replacement for displacement. later! oh man, that was great! i gotta pass that thread along...
from ncrebel21 :
ooooOOOOoooo Big Word!! ooooOOOOoooo (conducive)
from ravynemyst : just fades the "Get Your SFZ Today" into the background
from ravynemyst :
::grins:: one says, "Don't be Led Like A Sheep To Slaughter, Get Your SFZ Today." The other says "Sheep-Free Zone: This isn't your parents' news, This is..Sheep-Free Zone." Another says, Sheep-Free Zone: Where Readers Are Aware! And the Sheeple Are Afraid." Hope this helps.
from pooperbrian :
hi - nice rim u got the other 3 that match? (kidding) I got some 20 inch spoked rims for my 1972 GTO - they ride terible (40series tires dont help much) what kind of car u got? cant tell from pics of the fender. from a fellow car guy - go get another car - you know you want to...... I have 3 (but you can only drive one at a time) shut up I can have 100 cars if I want ( you are crazy) I know and I am ok with that. peice ( of pie )
from beanernizzle :
Dude, mad props to you ridin that bish 13 times. I would've been the girl behind you screaming her head off!! "GET ME OFF THIS BEEAYYYTTTCHHHH!!" I'm scared shitless of big roller coasters with loops!! *Shudderz*
from jamiexuiowa :
No no no, Budlight is waaaay better, the drink of sorostitutes everywhere!
from aura-chic :
welcome to my world.. hahaha.. except with my eyelashes.. they are so long they just get tangled together at the corner of my eye.. making it feel impossible to open my crackhead..
from ninabean :
if thats the reaction i get from shaking my fist at you, i'd hate to see what shaking anything ELSE at you would do......... daaaaaaaaamn.... *smacks u upside ur head*
from spiffypeachs :
^_^ You left a message about whether a street in Kansas was demolished. Sorry to say, I dunno. I moved from Kansas (thank goodness) when I was 3 or something. Sorry! Cheerio! K. Leyana
from beanernizzle :
OMG I am SOOOO insanely jealous you get to see AUDIOSLAVE!!! I saw them a few years back when they were Rage Against the Machine and nearly died in a mosh pit...but I WOULD SOOO DO IT AGAIN!!!!
from ninabean :
Good Lord... how can you live with yourself knowing that any female that comes and simply READS that last entry is now going to gain an average of 5 pounds simply from reading about 5 hot dogs, endless cookies, potatoes, fruit salad and God only knows what else...... boys and their metabolism... ugh
from aura-chic :
5 HOT DOGS?????
from aura-chic :
where you beeze???!!!
from beanernizzle :
Dude so I was totally thinking...maybe you should make a new ring. The crackhead-bish ring because I know me and my nizzle PD would loooove to be your bishes!!! HEEHEE!!!
from ninabean :
how you gonna front to all these people in diaryland?????? now you KNOW you're all for those chicks tryin to stuff 2 tons of meat in a 10 pound bag..... u know it and i know it... and now EVERYBODY knows it....... bwahahahahahahaaaaaa........
from ninabean :
Ok so we'll pretend that you didn't admit to me that you weren't REALLY sick...... however you wanna do this man, i'm down.... lol just kidding!!! Yes, crackboy was sick and deserves all your little affections and attentions... the poor little thing... sick in a house full of snacks and a playstation fully loaded with fun... something I would wish upon NO ONE... except for myself... :)~
from ilovemy240z :
Sounds like you have what Trancejen has. See a doc. She was scared she had SARS too, but she jes hadda get antibiotics. *smooch* Toodles!
from emostars4you :
Aw, I's is sorries you are sick. Get well soon!!
from samantha616 :
Hope you feel better soon! I'll email you some chicken soup! Just keep telling yourself... "It's a 24 hour thing, It's a 24 hour thing...."
from amelie-lee :
yeah~ my life is pretty messed up. but i'm glad it atleast serves a purpose to making laugh.
from nephelium :
Hey, how are you doing? I know where you're coming weather, I mean. It's been hot all this while, and suddenly boom, with no warning whatsoever, there was heavy rain, wind almost 50km/hr and a horrible sandstorm on Wednesday(and unfortunately, I was stuck outside then). And now suddenly, its hot again... Weather in Dubai used to be so predictable...
from princessdy :
Ohmigod, the stuffed monkey thing made me laugh so hard I almost threw up. For real!
from pattymelt :
yo - i thought that was pretty funny, man!
from sakuradolly :
The sakuradolly does not talk about herself in the third person.... *teehee*
from sakuradolly :
*cracks up laughing* Now who the F@!% wouldn't laugh at that list???
from samantha616 :
Love the top 10 list!
from beanernizzle :
Er, pleaseeee don't tell me that was a girl downloadin' that because she makes the rest of us intelligent ones look really realllyyy bad~~
from samantha616 :
BTW, you ARE hot, so don't be so hard on yourself!!!!
from samantha616 :
Ok, I joined your jokesters diary ring, but I lost your email addy. I get jokes all the time, and I can forward them to you if ya want. Get in touch.
from apocalizardn :
you're 30?? 30?? as in years old?? phat should not be in your vocabulary! And you're a dad!?! *blinks* dad's arent supposed to have online diaries! regardless, i love it! *adds red to faves* and thanks, i had *no* idea as to what the length of a goldfish's memory span was. *adds that tidbit to her library of useless trivia*
from apocalizardn :
just wanted to drop by your little crackhead world and say hey! cause i took your survey. woah, that rhymed. anyway, visit will ye?
from amelie-lee :
yeah... it did suck.
from nephelium :
Cool...your son't birthday, huh? Wish him a belated happy birthday from me (Ariens kick
from nephelium :
Great survey... :-) Nice pictures too :-) Catch ya later...
from blockhead85 :
Hey looks like I'm the first to join your jokesters ring. Although I'm more of a prankster. I do enjoy jokes. Well, I just thought I'd drop in and say hey kid! ~Carmela
from im-not-crazy :
r u only into cars or all custom auto?? u know, like minitrucks n stuff?
from samantha616 :
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for helping with my pics. I love reading your page! I say you should have offered to buy that girl a new swimsuit for the occasion!
from desertwitch :
You made your point loud and clear, you just couldn't find the cojones to up and post my name along with the rest of your veiled references. So later --- from this "beesh" who isn't as stupid as the one posted IMs from to laugh at her Navy man troubles -- but, gotta grant you, that shit WAS hella funny -- guess I know now how she probably felt reading that.
from desertwitch :
"red95isback: i just get hellafied irritated at people who bitch about it and gripe and complain...if u hate america so much.,.take yer complainin ass over to iraq and get the fuck out" -- yes, I think you made yourself perfectly clear, and I do appreciate that you may not be "for" Bush, but if you're going to start inviting people to leave the country because they don't agree with his policies, then your being for or against is a moot point...and no, honey, my "complainin ass" is staying fine and staying put right here, unless I get that letter in the mail and then I guess I can both "get the fuck out" AND kick some some ass -- what a concept!
from rite153 :
finally, someone who agrees with me over this whole war issue!! oh, and politics too. damn, i swear we're related!
from desertwitch :
OH...and here's a little something I don't think I've told you yet -- I'm in the Reserves, yes baby -- so I think I've earned my right to bitch, AND by the way, my brother's friend Jason, in the 101st, does not buy Dubya's line either, but he'd rather have a world rid of Saddam, too, but he'll be damned if he sucks up to Dubya either.
from beanernizzle :
YO crackhead..dude, you RULE!! YAY!!
from ilovemy240z :
Dood, you are such a retard. lol. I wonder if Bri knows how lucky he is to have such a funny ass dork for a dad... xoxo
from rarwhoisthis :
hey hey. where's a bake sell when you need one? we want some cheesecake!
from desertwitch :
: )~~
from rarwhoisthis :
your diary rules. check out rarr.
from im-not-crazy :
i know i already left u one note, but i read one of your older entries and i may have an answer to ur question. The brown paper bag for likker is b/c back in the day the man who made laws had family or some shit that owned a brown paper bag co. So, he made up this law that take out had to be put in a brown paper bag. I guess they continue to do it just cuz they always have. I learned this in bartending class, so as far as i know this shit's true, but who knows
from im-not-crazy :
i just filled out your survey, so im leaving you a note yo.
from desertwitch :
YO! Here I beeze! : )~
from snkmchnb :
That's great!
from ontheoutside :
hey i took your survey and you said to come by and read and say hi. so i did. what can i say? i'm a lemming. :) have a nice day!
from devithehated :
thats great! nice touch with the homeless dude lol did that really happen? haha
from killyourpimp :
I thought it was a good question too! That was why I asked it,crackhead!!!!
from dirtysugar :
bam. your survey told me to do this... hello my name is sam... i read your's go read mine!
from killyourpimp :
Your mom was right your face did freeze like that! lol you should read my diary if you wanna hear a huge smartass.
from rainydayz16 :
hey, funny diary and great survey!
from oceangypsy :
I just emailed you to answer your question. Its from [email protected]
from masochistica :
Reading some of your entries is like reading my own mind...
from rite153 :
my personal favorite (entry) is a tie between the groundhog and the toilet paper. both comical in their own ways.. or maybe i think like that because it's like my personality.. i don't quite know just yet.
from beanernizzle :
Dude, I can get you like a gallon size bottle of Cuervo for like 10 bux!!! : )
from unbornlove :
hey sexxxy. yes an a++ for asskissin! haha :o) well i'm very complimented if you ment what you said about the "quality" of my pics. so, yeah. have fun. don't get in too much trouble
from nitaschaah :
i did not call u shrek! LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, i will never eat horse rectum 4 ne amount of money lol. and are you done with my survey yet, damn?!?! lol, jp. for all you who dont know: porcupines float lol.
from appleblowpop :
Here are appleblowpop's answers: 2. why did u pick MY survey outta all the other ones? (all) because i secretly want you lol 6. do u drive...and if so...can u drive a stick? (all) lol in the literal way, no. in the "i'm a skank" way HELL YA lol 10. Whats the BEST sex u ever had? not craziet place...i just mean "sparks shoot out yer ass" type of sex (all) lol if sparks shooted out of my ass i'd be SCARED not HAPPY lol lol just thought i�d share :P
from coolartist :
your picture is hilarious!!!! I love it!
from uclafan87 :
man! you are on crack! hee! i took your survey, and your favorite drink was of course i had to stop by! milk rocks my socks, yo'!
from unbornlove :
you, my lovely, are so cute/funny. the whole liquor store thing was great :o)
from aepid32216 :
hey i took ur quiz and just kina decided to read ur diary...u sound like ur life is pretty mine sumtime will ya? and leave a note..i never get any notes..except the one i left for myself cuz i was bored newayz...ya leave me a note...lata p.s. one by one the penguins steal my sanity
from appleblowpop :
lol you noted the fact that i liked your surveys but what about listing that i too have a kick ass booty~? *looks in her archive* lol in the obsessing about weight one i took a pic of my ass and today new pics of me will be devoloped and i'll upload em~!
from fedupdancer :
Interesting survey and entries. They were funny in their own way. well just though I'd leave a note tellin ya. later.
from crazyrckr4gc :
Hey, I like your surveys they are pretty cool. I haven't read much of your diary yet..but I will. Bye
from groovy-girl :
eeeeeeeeeee...hey crack headred guy...your survey was sooooooo boring.i wasted my time reading the questions...i only raed the first 2 or 3 questions..i are just like your survey..ya know what i mean ,mister?! lol.loser!
from paperlove :
arm chair sledding? that's a new one finding a sled sounds as hard as finding a stuff monkey.
from lady-alchemy :
You are very funny! great diary :)
from rite153 :
yes yes.. i do.. sadly enough.. find that special olympics joke funny.... now please don't try and kick my ass over the internet folks. i needed a joke and i got it. thank u.
from divined :
Your diary rules! You kick azz! Hehe! Yeah canned salmon is grody. Nothing is worse. See tomorrow's daily dime when I venture out to try "Spam" and "Canned Potted Meat Product". NOT! Hehe! Your survey rocked! Thanks for your note. Catch up on my Daily Dime entries to get a quick laugh everynow and then. I am going to go read your diary now. Yay!
from unbornlove :
yes yes yes. yr 100% right about the double dare thing. i gotta go i just fell down the stairs...being the retard i am. and now it hurts to sit. and stand. and lay. i need to float i think.
from bensgirl420 :
i took your survey....i thought it was cool...pleased to meet you much love bensgir420
from beanernizzle :
dunno why you get the errorr..but try this link...
from beanernizzle :
YO! Well, I enjoyed taking your survey...although I rembered a better answer to the whacked net folks one. So I wrote about it in my diary. Feel free to check it might find it funny! The page title is PSYCHO NET BOYS!
from moiztproduct :
Oh yes......... Leave me a message to let me know u actually read this..MmmKayYY
from moiztproduct :
I took your survey...Now I am going to read your diary....I do not mind your grammar..Its off teh sheeZy my neeZy :)....If you can't use grammar the way you want...whats the point in talking? Tell person to fuck off!
from ilovemy240z :
I'd fuck you for free. Maybe. lol
from poloqt :
hiya. whats up?
from katey-d :
hey couldnt be bothered reading ur diary coz it was kinda long and well im in a weird mood (periods lol) anyway nice erm pic and survey thingy ill read ur diary later...wouldnt read mine its shite!
from onlypinkstar :
hey i took ur survey... i have seen ur diary b4.. its cool!!!!! thanxx chia!
from strangle-me :
I suppose so. If you get into some little funk of downloading good music, hook yourself up with "Poetic Tragedy" by the Used. *swoon* Good song. Bood band. Good example of Emo? =) laters
from strangle-me :
lol, Emo music is just kind of all the music that isn't alternative, that isn't punk, and that isn't pop. And yet, emo incorporates all of them within their poetic boundaries. Really, what emo is, is just kind of sad, and very EMOtional music. It's pretty much poetry to music. And I love it. Thanks for the note. =)
from midtown23 :
hi, you like cool music...yeah �Joanmarie�
from amelie-lee :
10 d-land bucks??? you got yourself a deal... haha
from pattymelt :
no, it doesn't make me feel better! but thanks anyway. i had a good nite at work and have the next two days and a pizza on the way! yippee!
from ncrebel21 :
That chick is PSYCHO dood...she knew she was marrying a military man and now she's pouting and putting him in an impossible position?! It's people like her that make me ashamed to be a woman!!
from unbornlove :
you, sir are a terrific artist :o) i hope all is well. xoxo
from freakyblonde :
Hey. I know you don't like me, but go back and read my REVISED entry. I redone it after I read what I actually put. I was mad and sleepy. Please go back and read it. I'm really sorry.
from amelie-lee :
why would anyone say something so horrible? i'm deeply offended esp b/c i was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. if they blew up S.America, a large portion of my family'd be blown up as well. even if i didnt have relatives in s. america, i'd still think that girl's incredibly rude. geeze~ the shit that comes out of people these days.
from desertwitch :
Oh -- and you booty made my night again! Mmm, MMM good! ; )
from rockbaby14 :
True, pedestrians can get a little crazy with those legs of theirs, but when on wheels, watch out. They don't stop for nobody. Well, at least at MY school. :)
from wilhelmfink :
from ninabean :
alright, you really need to decide on a new layout cuz I SAID SO... otherwise i'ma hack your shit and get you the cutest, pinkest hello kitty layout you've ever seen...... LOL say i wont... go on.. say it! ;) yay for the N-Files (ninabean files) I'ma make sure to get some more of whatever that was we were smokin that day!!!
from desertwitch :
SHIIITTT...just read that IM entry with the chic who is doing the anorexic thing to force her man to come home and take care of her -- have come across both men and women who are seriously needy/skurred shitless, but DAAAANG this girl wins the Oscar in that category!
from rockbaby14 :
But MAN! That was a kickass game. The Bucs dominated!! You can have a party on my behalf! :)
from rockbaby14 :
SMAD!! Bahahahahahaha!!
from rockbaby14 :
Yeah!! We're rockin tonight. *break it down*
from rockbaby14 :
You shoulda gone with the Bucs!! 34-3 baby!! YEAH!!!!
from rockbaby14 :
NOOOOOOO!!!! Well, that's okay. Actually, dork-boy is siding for the Bucs, just because I told him so. He's my bitch. :)
from psyche4real :
shes gotta be lying. she has to be at least nibbling. i mean sometimes i think and it seeeeemmmss like i didnt eat anything, but i really did, it just seems i didnt cuz i just nibbled all day. but idk this girl, so who am i to say shes lying? but IIII think she is just lying for attention so people will feel sorry for her because she has departed her husband. get over it girl. i dont wanna hear it. its lame when people try to get attention and pity by lying. especially like that. its pathetic. but again, idk her, so idk if she REALLY IS telling the truth. it just sounds totally UNTRUE to me. i cant see how she could be telling the truth.
from ninabean :
helll naw, that girl lied to you.... ain't no one goin on 3 weeks without food or sleep.. she woulda been passed out somewhere by now .. tell her to give it another week... by THAT time she'll be havin hallucinations that he's back and then she'll be happy..... i swear you find all the crazies.... 30 pounds in 3 weeks... haha... and she still has the energy to type? do u smell somethin??? ... smells like... hmm.. smells like one'a those pansy ass bishes... it must be goin around... hope i don't catch it!!
from ncrebel21 :
she is fucked up to play that kind of card to get him home. guilting him into coming home. and she's not eating thinking she might be pregnant?? oh yeah, that's really sane. she's psycho. change ur screen name dood.
from ilovemy240z :
I'm awake now babes... lol... everytime I wake up you're not on! Playin that GT3 again? ;) Anyways... I think this chick just wants attention. And she must be eating little nibbles of *something* here and there. When I was 17, I was stalked by an ex boyfriend.. being scared to death.. I hardly ate or slept either... my adrenaline was crazy coz I was sure he'd be right around every corner with a gun or something.. he was nuts.. but I did eat a little. This went on for a month, and I lost 20 lbs. When they caught him, it was all good. Suddenly I was able to sleep again... eating took longer. What he did really fucked with my head. So, I think she definitely needs help, and she is being a big baby.. I agree 7 months is a long time to be seperated, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that BS.. and he's only been gone three weeks of it... that's crazy. I coudln't live the rest of my life with someone that felt they had to be up in my face 24/7.
from ilovemy240z :
I'm bored too. Where are you? lol. Not online, you must be asleep. Wimp. Gonna let a widdle cold get da best of you, huh? =�
from poeticdivine :
hey...i liked reading your journal entry! it was really interesting. I also looked at your pics of AOL....nice! i was going to save you as a buddy on diaryland, if you don't mind. hit me back...
from rockbaby14 :
Did you like them? Aren't my socks the coolest? I rule. :)
from kitty2112 :
Hahahahhaha! LMFAO!!! Flying monkeys *snort* *giggle*....sorry, but that tickled my funny bone today! : )
from led-zeppelin :
hey... i like the diary, journal thing, i think car. mac. from starbucks are the shit... but whatever... im lovin the reading... AND IM STALKING YOU!!!!! ha ha ha
from frozen-tears :
The picture's captions made me laugh so hard.. that I fell off my chair. It was cool,
from ohmygord :
hahaha... you're pretty hilarious, my name is kb... and...i ah... well... i am one of those "kick ass chicks that use monkey icons for smileys." I'm really fucking bored... so IM me sometime, my AIM is: Ohmygordon later.
from sugamaniak :
i like you and whoever doesnt should be forced to suffer electroshock therapy treatments.
from spiffysqwerl :
the one about someone pissing i forget lol
from spiffysqwerl :
hey nice banner!!!!!!
from rockbaby14 :
Boo-yah Bucs!! I heart them. They better win, or I'll move from Tampa. (hehe j/k) Whoooooo Bucs!
from pattymelt :
dood! i just read your comment on me on your buddy list! i am giddy! thanks!
from tenaciousnat :
jus cuz u like gud music n quoted my fav bit from "down wiv the sickness" i fort id msg u ^_^ hope ur alrite, Take care xXx nat
from desertwitch :
Dang! Sorry to hear your boss took a metaphorical dump on you LOL!!! Maybe you should send that homeless guy to HR and to interview with him so he'll know how bad the pickings are out there. Good look, crackman!
from ninabean :
alright, so accordin to ur girl wants to pee herself, another won't stop smilin, another wants to show you her ass and the other believes you should start an outreach program.......dude, are there entries your writing that I'm just not seeing?? and whats up with the crayola of the day... is that your smile or is that 'stuff' smeared all up on your face??? hahahhahaha... just kiddin.. (no offense jayel - its all good) oh and crackie, stop airin my dirty laundry in my notes section... if people actually knew i harbored such feelings towards fur costumes - they just might ban me from six flags... ;)
from amelie-lee :
i turned on my notes!!! your directions were quite handy... thanks! you should start some kind of outreach program for the technologically challenged. who knows? you might save lives... or just teach people how to turn on their notes. either way... you'd be helping those in need of aide. thanks again!
from ilovemy240z :
I'll bet I have just as nice a booty as desertwitch... lol. If I send you pix of my butt will you put me on yo buddy list? =D Told you my nick is nakiebutt for a reason.. heh heh.
from pinky-angel :
Just recently started reading your diary - Love the pics, they bring a smile to my usually miserable face!! xxx
from mad-alice :
hehe, you made me laugh really hard. I almost peed myslef. Well, I did have to go before, but... Anyway, you are so funny, keep it up!
from emogrrrl :
hahaha, dude. where do you make those cool drawings at? i have to know. :)
from amelie-lee :
hey~ i'm glad you find my entries amusing. sorry i'm technologically challenged. i dunno how to make guestbooks or notepages or anything like that. anyways~ i think youre peachy. cheers! jin
from desertwitch :
Oh -- and thanks for not posting MY doodles! Dang I gotta get a non-virtual "doooood" or I'll keep getting myself in XXX Internet trouble! ; )~
from kstarr :
from ncrebel21 : can vilify me (ooooOOOOoooo)'s all good....but you got my link wrong. you put the link as instead of
from ncrebel21 :
i know that little entry was meant to mess with me....and you were successful! bout payback? :-)
from ncrebel21 :
ooooOOOOooo i thought i'd try out this new fangled leave a note technology. hehe, and you know them fools have done all that crap with these products...pretty soon shyz's gonna come with an owner's manual aaaaaaaand a general warning book...
from aura-chic :
dood..i can't believe you added urself to ur list of r too damn funny....oh and thanks for your comment ~winks~ hahaha... talk to ya later...and i'm thinkin about makin that entry!!! but it might scare a few people...well talk to ya later.
from unbornlove :
ooh man. the entry about the security guard was fucking funnny! and yes i do live in yonkers. hope yr having a good start to the new year.
from aura-chic :
dood, that was some funny shyz.......... dunnnggggghhh!!! hahaha....
from satine7 :
I clicked on your banner and checked out your stuff. Some of it gave me a laugh. Your son is's his dad
from ilovemy240z :
You like the Niners, I see.... do you live in the Bay area then? ;) I'm in Fremont.
from aura-chic :
dood, i just saw ur banner for the first time...other than in ur entry of course....i had to click on yeah crackhead's are people too, 'specially when they look that
from desertwitch :
Nothin' says lovin' like cell phone fartin' UGGGGGG!
from aura-chic :
i'm just leavin u a note so u'll feel special....and dood, the glasses are cool...hahaha...ok not really but..whatever..
from snakfood :
your entry made me hungry because you were about to eat. but then it made me not hungry because you talked about farting and that is gross. then i was hungry because you talked about food again. i think i am going to go make a sandwich.
from pattymelt :
yeah, well, i don't have a guestbook because i am a computer retard. i know enough to be dangerous (re:fuck up my diary if i even try to mess with it!) if you need someone to help with the revenge, let me know. i have quite a few friends that would love the chance to help!
from pattymelt :
dude! farts are the bomb! mikeygal and i love farts! but i swear it wasn't me that called you (since i don't have your #) but i saw your pic and i think you are cute too!
from desertwitch :
And the red background goes much better with your dland name! Oh dang am I dense -- known all along about your 95 Saturn and didn't know what Red95isback meant! RRRR -- am on a DUH trip too!!
from desertwitch :
DOOD!!! (love that) I think that super snake was the one that Roto Rooter man used to shake up my house. And you are getting hella funny -- that Bedtimes virus warning was awesome! Are you on crack boy? HAHAHA! And shit yeah, I was also hella excited when my first link worked -- it took me forever and was only a couple of months ago. Rock on, you piece of fine man booty! : )~
from crackheadred :
thanks to steph..not sure if that was sarcastic or not...but yeah...i can be yer hero..aint that a song? anywayz...l8rz..haha...i left a note in my own such a retard
from yourstar-14 :
you're my hero.
from desertwitch :
AAAAAAAA---SHIT! I laughed so hard right now I sprayed pan dulce all over my keyboard -- and gotta put this in your notes cuz your gbook is not taking another message from me -- "too soon" -- fuggin gbook! Anyway, like I said, hope the she-whales are into facials! Hahaha!!
from crackheadred :
does this work yet?

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