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from joiedv :
I wouldn't worry about your future too much. Study, pursue a career, and IF you meet a worthy man and IF you have children, then you can give it up and raise your family and be a good wife. It isn't so much something to aspire to, as it becomes the best choice to make at the right time. But don't live your life as it that is all there is. You might feel cheated in the long run. Do other things first. My 2 cents anyway. There is nothing as rewarding as being a mother. But a smart educated girl should have goals and aspirations other than that beacause you don't know what the future holds. Yadda yadda
from brandib1 :
i can totally agree wit you on American Dad. it is totally not funny
from spritopias :
You are a genius, this I loved, "I have no idea which parts go where and I'm not sure that anyone else that has ever heard this song could interpret it without a diagram or a similar series of charts. "
from sunnflower :
I'm so glad you are writing here again. I loved your metro/hamster entry. I have ridden the metro and the bus in DC and second your observations. I drive now - I have no choice. I think you should get the hamster.
from musicman6724 :
I know you don't know me, but I'm glad you're back. I missed you...
from spritopias :
God, I feel like that. Like I am the victim of a live birth
from el-guapo :
i liked riding the metro.
from sunnflower :
Glad you are back!
from sallydallydo :
And it's good to have you. Now I can check out why you have a fan club.
from natinski :
The color makes me bleed but welcome back!
from black-bunny :
You made me laugh so hard, various liquids came out of my nose. Gonna miss you.
from hamiltonian :
Well best wishes to you....
from seven-words :
good luck with your edumcation and life adventures, young GOP. Tell me who your favorite president was so I can live and full and happy life? regards, A seven-worded man
from dangerspouse :
AACK! Are you really abandoning ship? I'll miss your entries! And since it's all about me - DON'T DO IT!!
from spritopias :
Happy Inaugural Eve!
from pandionna :
Hello and greetings from your fellow Scarlet Letter wearer! I would like to propose something to you. We have had our differences in the past, but I would like us to lay down our arms and join together in a spirit of SHAME. As a certain nemesis of mine has said, we've grown out of our d-land adolescence and have learned to respect our differences and opinions. I hear you're d-land's Ann Coulter. A few have referred to me as Maureen Dowd. Surely, we can get past these differences in our SHAME? So, shake? Deal? Or at least mutual tolerance? ;-)
from theyknew :
Good Entry.......... nEo
from yarnsmith :
It is nice to find your diary. I didn't think there were conservatives in diaryland until recently. I am adding you to my favorites.
from black-bunny :
I had nearly the exact same experience on Paxil. Instead I adopted the mantra "stop freaking the f*ck out." It helps. P.S. Sometimes, when I read your journal, I laugh so much, it hurts a little.
from hamiltonian :
excellent design you picked out...
from hamiltonian :
from seven-words :
Ever viewed Escape from NY? It features Isaac Hayes as "the Duke" and is B-grade old school (1983 I think) with all the groovy lingo and Mr. Hayes in spandex and purple velvet. That is how I think everyones stomach should sound like or at least, the physical prototype for the mental picture of what it should sound like.
from sunnflower :
Fabulous new template! Cute picture too. I tried to leave you a comment but it looks like it's not working right now.
from sillymarquis :
CastAway was always my idea of a REALLY wretched movie. Just stopping by and saying hello. Take care!
from sunnflower :
Thanks for your note. Sometimes black is best. I swear my whole wardrobe is black lately but it's a slimming thing not a statement. I have a soft spot for the simple but glaringly bright diaryland template myself.The good thing about diary templates is that there are some nice free ones out there so if you want a change it will be do-able. Hugs to you. :)
from spritopias :
you need comments, thanks and calc sucks - hard. calc sucks so much it has a kancher sore on it's tongue
from spritopias :
If you think "wednesday" is shit, try "thursday" on for size
from spritopias :
Also, where are the comments? Huh?
from sunnflower :
I am sure you have tried this already but just in case, maybe there is a template you would like off the beautify site. There were some nice ones there last time I visited some on the designer links.
from sunnflower :
Naughty Christopher. I'm sorry about your template. I don't know which one I hate more - the diaryland direct one or the one with the little guy that looked like a cartoon phallic symbol. I hope you get a beautiful new template soon. In the meantime, I am jealous about the PocketPC and am awaiting stories and photos of your cross-country adventures. Mostly though, I'm loving your line - I'm full of stolen quarters and new perfume - that's a beautiful line! That overrides any template issues you may have at the moment!
from hamiltonian :
"Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that." - Bill Clinton
from fabbeagle2 :
kipp - On tuesday the president is coming to town to speak. would you like a ticket? let me know.
from el-guapo :
Thank you for the link!
from chickie-legs :
So wait, how did you come across my resume? For that editing class? I knew that would come back to haunt me. So what are you studying at Mason? Isn't it the best school ever!!...
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed them very much.. have a good one and two..the cdghost
from fabbeagle2 :
got it. i found a big box full of them. i'm talking about thousands...i got you the good ones. will have to give them to you soon.
from fabbeagle2 :
kipples, I found the one you want except theres a problem: its hanging on the wall. I couldn't take it down today because that would look odd but im thinking about a sleuth mission early morning or late night to go in claiming i forgot my phone or something and casually snatching it. it is a good sticker and looks classy. could i offer you some arlen spector stickers in the meantime because i dont think anyone cares if i take those. i will try though
from fabbeagle2 :
Let me know or post a picture of the W sticker you want and i'll see if I can find one in the big piles at the office. (oh, I work at Bush-Cheney 04) snap.
from dangerspouse :
Hey K, I finally got around to checking out your diary - great stuff! Yay Family Guy!! (I think they modelled Chris after me, personally, but that's for another day.) Anyway, thanks again for your Leather Suggestion, and I'm looking forward to coming back and reading more of your stuff. Take care and Happy Birthday, old broad!
from baconboy42 :
Hannity is on a Playgirl poll for sexiest male news personality. Blizang!
from spritopias :
thanks for locking me out AND giving me a hit parade, what's up?
from spritopias :
NY Pizzas, Democrats send hate mail because they can't form arguements.
from parlance :
Oh yeah, Avril Lasuck. Sdasd. BLAH.
from nypizzas2 :
Shit, prepare for a bunch of hate mail from Democrats now...
from leslieirene : sorry! I clicked on an ad on his site, and the rest is my dumbass history. Please excuse me...Love, Leslie
from leslieirene :
Is this Spiritopias, a.k.a. Chris? I tried to leave you a message on the other site, but well...anywho, I'm probably going to write about my observations of Richard Clarke during his recent appearance on "Hardball". I was a Dem. for about 6 months, then switched back to being a Republican. It just didn't feel right. Ya know?
from spritopias :
yeah, where are the damn comments?
from sunnflower :
Fab layout. Now please kick up to super gold so we can stick notes one individual postings!
from spritopias :
Your new layout rocks hard
from spritopias :
Your new layout rocks hard
from mornglory :
your new design ROOLEZ i am jealous
from sunnflower :
You're welcome for the mention in my blog - my pleasure. I got a note from another blogger who comes in and out of the NYC area - - about the project. It would be great if they expand it to other areas too. Keep me posted.
from sunnflower :
I can't believe what a coincidence it is that you wrote me a knitting note today. I have enjoyed knitting since I was a teenager. Not fancy knitting but just regular out knitting. Anyway, I haven't knitting in a long time but last weekend I bought a whole bunch of this chenille yarn to knit this throw for my son and I have been knitting up a storm. I forgot how much fun it is! I really think the effort you're talking about is a great idea. I'd like to participate too.
from wilberteets :
Thanks for your kind note. I'm crippling along with a crushed heart, but eventually I may recover. It helps to know that people care though.
from bethany9 :
weirtd, i tried to go down to leave a comment (hi!) but as soon as my mouse got near the link, it would pop back up to the top. frustrating!
from spritopias :
IE is being queer and won't let me near your comments. I'm sorry about your ear. That sucks.
from thisendup :
i'm linking your trading card because spritopias offered you up... i love all of your favorite cartoons but i do not want to have a quote off.
from cacophic :
hey I joined your diaryring a week ago but today i noticed i was removed from is off my page. Did I do something wrong? I'm going to think that it was a mistake?and join again. If i did anything please let me know!
from living-lulu :
Of course you would, you conservative beeotch... I of course, only masturbate during Bill Maherís Real Time : 0
from dragonwench :
*meep* I kinda deleted your note before I even really read it because it was sooooo long. but if you would like to email me, that would rock. I like opinionated bitchz, even if they don't opinionate in the same direction as I. ;)
from bethany9 :
I am the Photoshop masta! its my vocation, lovey.
from bethany9 :
ok, i made some, they are linked off my main page. thanks sweets!
from bethany9 :
yes! i would love some link buttons! that would be super duper, i have never thought of that before. let me make on in phtoshop now and you can tell me if it's good or not...
from living-lulu :
Hmm you cant just right click on it and save image as?
from living-lulu :
Well I didn't...but I made one just cause of you lol
from abacinate :
Why can I not type 'it'?!?! I've really never had this many typos. I blame...uh my sister cause I can.
from abacinate :
Was is only one thing full of blood? Or was seven like this one girl I know? I wish I'd passed out! But yes that is very odd...
from bethany9 :
you changed again. momma like. but if you go to (hilarious site) the rip on this girl (missused) about her banner (she ripped it off from someone) and it has the same theme as your site. keep on rockin in the free world!
from bethany9 :
although i enjoy the new layout... i see these stick figure things everywhere! is there a special signifigance that i am missing?
from idiot-milk :
Hot Topic, my friend. Hot Topic. I got them in the actual store, but they're available online, too. AND they have white ones with black kitty faces, and black ones with pink kitty faces, too!
from sunnflower :
I had to add your diary to my diaryland faves list!
from sunnflower :
Hey - I notice you have a nice button on Christopher's beautiful new diary template!
from living-lulu :
LOL Kip, one and the same, check it out Missed you ; ) oxo
from abacinate :
You're quite welcome :) No need to worry about quality...quantity is what it's all about!
from nypizzas2 :
You like Brain Candy?! Ohhh my. We're going to get along just fine. Dave Foley is going to father my children.
from writerfreak9 :
hey, i just clicked on one of your banners. your journal is awesome... you like fight club too? always, kat
from serenaville :
I clicked your Judge Judy banner to get here, mainly because I just HAD to see who used one of my favorite quotes of all time! Coincidentally, that quote sprang to mind last week, when I just KNEW I was being lied to by someone. Also, you like Calvin and Hobbes, which happens to be my diary layout. Perhaps nothing is really random, after all.
from guderian :
Aloha creepatron, I found your diary through elanah's diary and I am glad I did. You have a most excellent diary. I'll be back, Ciao Bambina, Guderian
from theatrbee :
Hi there! I joined in the factual fun by finishing up a list from your entry on 1-30. Maybe we're not two peas in a pod, but it was interesting to compare and contrast our likes.
from bethany9 :
i am going to do that list for my next entry... but i just went through the hour long process of pouring my heart out. it took a lot out of me. so i am going to keep it up for a bit. but thansk for giving me my next entry. takes some of the pressure off.
from sunnflower :
Well, Philadelphia is a pretty cool city even though it is lacking in those internships. It will also be nice to see family and friends.
from sunnflower :
That little pet finder rotates locations nationswide but oddly you are very close on this one and the funny thing is that my daughter is planning to go to NOVA next year! We must be nearly neighbors.
from bethany9 :
I got your page from Sammy. I added you to my buddy list. Good lord, you are a peach!
from coldbluefish :
What can I say? I enjoy cyberpoking people who think they're the smartest things alive in any way I can.
from sunnflower :
I heard that you also saw the eclipse from a parking lot the other night. So did I - aren't we the picture of efficiency. In fact I wrote a whole entry on it here -
from coldbluefish :
I saw an "I Hate Religion" diaryring you moderate and came to the conclusion that you are stupid. You must be quite the expert on other religions, which is why you spelled Buddha wrong.
from fabbeagle2 :
I know. the minorities here have got their panties in a twist over this and it has clearly gotten out of control. no one else care, which amuses me. Although, i think roughly 12 people who represent the actual people who were offended by the comment will be have a 'sit in' in some remote part of campus. Good times
from el-guapo :
you have to be a special kind of wonder'tard to lose all your data on a Mac due to a "glitch". Does that weird mormon have a pair of the special mormon underwear?
from deepellum :
on behalf of "normal" mormons, i'm sorry you found a creepy one. i'm not sure exactly what she's doing, but not all of us are weird. to the extent of creepiness, that is. anyway, go monotonous college days! woo!
from fabbeagle2 :
Kipp! check my profile for some dreamy ann coulter and other quotations!
from suffer-never :
Oh the link works, the guestbook site just sucks whore cock. MP3! I've heard of those! No see.. this particular band... I guess theres not the outside of NZ/Australia interest for the shows they do on the radio to be swept up immediately onto the internet. I for one don't have the technology nor the will. But they rule all. You should listen to them. *Pimps*
from baconboy42 :
Holy CRAP, no kidding. Poor McClintock. Couldn't open a movie to save his live.
from fabbeagle2 :
kipples! check out dreamy ann coulters new column. she rocks my world
from smokey2582 :
hey, i added you as a favorite b/c i agree with a lot of shit you talk about. you seem really laid back and stuff. just letting you know i like what your saying.
from peeperjen :
I love working for Disney. And people on the college program always seem to enjoy it (I'm guessing your internship is with the college program). Just bring lots of extra money with you, because they take your rent out of your paycheck and it doesn't leave you with much left over. I suggest trying to get into Entertainment (characters) or Attractions (operations), because those are the most fun.
from spritopias :
For my 1000th entry we're making a list of my favorite people's favorite entries that I wrote. Please submit yours! If you have one...
from lobsterchick :
I'm sorry you felt upset enough about my latest entry to take me off of your buddy list. Thanks for reading while you did.
from iroquoisriot :
I'm sorry but something is wrong with you, I don't smoke cheap cigarettes and who are you calling a loser? You're friends with Spritopias. - the "loser" from ECON
from spritopias :
where are the comments? I miss the comments! Now I've forgotten what I was going to say! Damn it all!
from dinguspie :
I enjoy being infertile
from spritopias :
I miss Jesus. I think I'll go down stairs and see him. But I miss seeing him on your page.
from sparklefae :
Hi! Thanks for joining the Penguins diaryring =0) I would have your babies but I'm infertile and you're a girl <3
from jason75 :
am enjoying your diary.. thanks for the cool note and all and hope to get back and read more of you.. is that a quote of mine next to my name????
from pebohead :
great diary! Anyone who likes TMBG and Kurt Vonnegut are ok in my book!
from taydo :
Ha! God, I would like to think they would be! Thanks!
from baconboy42 :
See, you can't fault me for the size of my font when yours is so small that I had to try to change the text size on my internet browser to read it. Brain = OUCH. PS, speaking of layouts, you have the coolest layout I've ever seen. Blam. BLAM.
from suckaskitty :
Sorry to be an insane pian in the patoot, but I know that you said that Mr. Kipp (your lovely yet frowning lovebunny) might look into my immigration woes... I was wondering if you needed any information from me to help out. I would ask him directly, but 1) it's kinda uncouth to email ones boyfriend without really knowing the whole relationship dynamic... and 2) much more practically, I don't have his email address... So anyways, I will be happy to provide any info he/you needs, and thanks a lot...Good luck on having a nice weekend with him, I know that being apart tends to have you at each other's throats (and not in a good make-out-in-a-theatre kind of way)... it WILL be better face to face though, it always is with us.
from bunnymonkey :
I really hope you've had a chance to pee by now. if not, I highly recommend drinking cranberry juice and dipping your hands in warm water. you may want to keep a hand free to facilitate the drinking of the cranberry juice, though.
from quitenasty :
Sorry for the wait! Your review is finally up:
from suckaskitty :
It IS an incredibly creepy thing... my kid does it too but comments on your skin (Ohh, BERRY dwy skin mommy, here, I fix it) like some 50 year old chain smoking esthetician... I'm not sure if thats better or worse. Hmm.
from suckaskitty :
Ooh those pesky accented Canadians... I bet they are terrorists, the whole lot of them!!!
from patadrina :
Thanks creepatron. I needed that. I enjoyed the bookmobile. I like your template. Reminds me of my jesus nightlight. hasta lalo.
from suckaskitty :
Great diary, I'll be back!!!!
from spritopias :
I'm not perfect, I'm just Spritopias.
from rotten-views : Your review is up.
from spritopias :
I love your template. "My wife left me for a man named Jesus. I can walk on water...when it freezes." HA HA HA. I have a degree in Theology, I'm a Christian and I totally buy into it but HA HA HA. Jesus.
from spritopias :
A gay high school? How will making a ghetto for gay kids teach the other kids how to cohabitate with them or all kids to live together for when they're adults. That's such a gay idea, HA HA HA, get it. HA HA HA. Not really.
from spritopias :
STOP. HAMMER TIME. Sexual favors from me? That's fucking nasty. Pun intended. Ew.
from serena6184 :
Kipp, terribly sorry if i offended you by being friends with your bf. however, i really think calling someone a bitch who is like 500 miles away is not only mildy hurtful, it is also rude and unnecessary. best of luck. serena6184
from fabbeagle2 :
Kipples! I must say your dlands make my day at work oh so fun. who else updates so much so that there is red every 30minutes? Good times. You definetly beat me in office gossip although my apartment burning down girl ranks up there
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for adding me to your list. I hope you and your children can avoid each other for the next couple of days until the passion slowly subsides.
from poul :
it's a big no-no in design. trust the Professional, would ya?
from poul :
all you can do is to reduce size of the picture on the left and hope it fits inside the browser window. but why do you need this annoying scroll bar around text area? i hate them. it is the trend di jour, but you are not a sheep.
from spritopias :
that is something to worry about (the hamster) and I do agree that with Bush, this is the wrong thing to pursue...he didn't lie - what he said was true and we should all have the benefit of believing people who are supposed to aide us. How is he supposed to check the facts of the CIA? I'm sure there are better lies than this and this is like Lewinsky - I'm sure Clinton did worse things. I'm sure of it.
from spritopias :
Your taste in movies (the ring, my big fat greek wedding) and you mock my music taste? tisk tisk. ha ha ha
from spritopias :
I'll take that as a compliment.
from jelligyrl :
Happy Birthday! Hope it's spectacular!! Take Care Angela :)
from poul :
happy birthday, dear girl!
from jen69 :
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! x
from bluecharis :
Hi there and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! May your special day be filled with joy, laughter and heaps of gifts! All the best to you, love Charis :-))
from girl-aflame :
excellent layouts, on both the diary and the guestbook... happy birthday!
from deepellum :
hey there chica, i'm a ditz, i know it... and i noticed you have a cast list... i cannot for the life of me figure out how to use it, so if you or anyone else who reads this would take pity on me and explain what the hell i'm supposed to do, that'd be great... same with the rings link... mas luv!
from bonnie-moo :
moo. yes you can have my old layout if you want :) when i used it i had the navigation floating to the left and an about me bit and mini disclaimer to the right. do you want the stuff on the right or just the navigation? i'll edit it for you and send it to you when it's done. what's your e-mail addy? lurve bon
from spencerpup :
Ooohh...I'll never forget your name now; I'm going to change my diary right now and no one will ever know I forgot! Mwahahaa!! Thats an awesome name. And an awesome pnemonic device! Pee Pee...heehee!! And you're welcome for the love! I gots a lot of love, need to share it with someone!
from othelladub :
thanks for the comment on the pretty pink girls. you're a hot mami. if i were a bit younger, i'd be all over it. =)
from gbg :
Welcome to the Wal-Mart Sucks diaryring!
from banefulvenus :
thank you so much for the sympathy note. I know I'm not the only one to ever go through life, and It's sometimes comforting knowing that I'm not the first person to go through every day life things...even when that is the way it seems to feel sometimes...
from iluvtunes :
YOU RULE!!!!!Rock on...Christina
from bonkersquipy :
welcome to the nabokov diaryring...and thanks for joining...
from iluvtunes :
Thanks for joining the no animal test diaryring! I also have a 'fur is gross' diaryring that is literally crying out for members as well! (just in case you're interested!) Thanks Again!!!
from bonkersquipy :
welcome to the amy sedaris diaryring...and thanks for joining...
from arielmac :
Thanks for joining the luvmermaid ring!
from othelladub :
the fountainhead, hm? i've always wanted to read that - any good?
from invisibledon :
just randomly ended up here - Hey
from chaoticflame :
I have to agree with the barbie thing... but thats probably just because I dont like barbies...
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary. Teen angst *damn* If only I had dime for every time someone told me i'm angsty I could pay them off to not do it. If only......*back to dreamland*
from myhorizons :
Great diary lay-out!
from majik8bal :
dude! um, i mean, dudette?? anyway, ayn rand!! i so didnt think that hardly anyone else read her stuff! rock on!
from vacantlegend :
i saw a banner n clicked it :) cuz it was obviously a cool banner, right?
from banefulvenus :
THANK YOU! Thanks a million! Thank you for your advice. I'll have to try your recommendation tomorrow...
from invernal :
Hey there! Thanks for joining the neon lights ring! Welcome. PS: Ace of Base rocks!
from bonnie-moo :
Woo. Someone likes them :) Im'a make some more later. Shows you how much of a life I lead, huh? :)
from bonnie-moo :
I know, I know. I'm indecisive. Plus I'm bord very often and it passes the time. :)
from fabulous-b :
hey, this is Brigitte...i'm reading from rutgers, i signed your guest map thingee :-)
from smemily :
Paul is super hot! Amen to that!
from fabulous-b :
hey...just wanted to say that your layout is awesome!
from bonnie-moo :
Hehe, thankyou! my carmex lip balm has almost run out :( I might get some burt bees! :D Stupid dry lips!
from helderheid :
If you knew me at all, you'd know that I was oppossed to the protests once the war began. You'd know that I was the first to jump for joy when Saddam's regime fell. You'd know that I actually have Iraqi friends. You'd also know that that doesn't mean I have to love Bush and I think those informed know damn well we weren't in Iraq to find WMD. You should take the time to get informed before leaving such ignorant comments.
from switchcraft :
Gee, rumble...I love how you whined about the "bigger picture" and then failed to tell us what your mystic knowledge about it is. Wait, no, it just irks me. You also obviously haven't actually looked at how much support we gave the Iraqi military during the 80s. If you'd bothered to look at the numbers, you'd realize how dumb you sound right now. Go look at the big picture, and report back when you've pulled your head out of fantasyland. Or your ass. Either one.
from rumblelizard :
Your point? Nobody said that France and Russia didn't have their own financial games going on with Iraq. The French have been selling Iraq weapons for a long time, so have Russia. And until ten years ago, so were we. How do you think Saddam got so powerful in the first place? Because we were supplying his military to support his war against Iran. So again, what exactly was the point you were trying to make? That France and Russia are perfidious and have been making midnight deals with a dictator? That's kind of obvious, and it misses the bigger picture.
from dumbgenius :
Je. Sus. Christ. Don't tell me you actually took that entry _seriously_.
from destinnevaeh :
hey, i really like the way you put things into words. It's cool, peace.
from bonnie-moo :
Fuck you protestors. My friends are going to die because of you and your absurdity and you won't even pray for their souls. Very nicely put. I've written down my views on war on my diary under the "bonnies life" section. If you wanna look at it it'd be cool. I agree with what you said.
from jekylandhyde :
oke doke ;-)
from kimyadawson :
thanks for joining the MP ring!
from panzer-kitty :
Hey sweetie, I just wanted to drop you a note welcoming you to the animal rights diaryring. ;)
from xheartbroken :
hey, wats up?? well i jus came across ur diary n i seem to relate to u a lot (altho i dunt show it) but yea, it sounds like ur from philly from ur profile...i could be wrong about that but we...if so thats cool i live about 5 minutes away from philly (in nj). so yea, if u want jus leave me a note. hope to hear fom ya, byeee :D
from rmsoboist :
I know it's been a while, but thanks for joining the alwaysright diary ring!! I hope you got rid of that smell!! :) Have a wonderful day XOXO Love, Kim
from faerielover :
Thanks for joining the anti-depressants diaryring. You rock. Wowee, you like Mary Prankster! I love them. My sister used to go out with the drummer. Muahaha. Peace XOXO
from invisiblepal :
Hi! Neat layout!! :) Welcome to and thank you for joining the PA diary ring.
from marzipan1026 :
Thank you ever so much for joining my Damn Janitors diaryring! Join me in my fight to legislate these lazy bastards, and make them 99.5% more efficient!
from pleasureable :
Lovin' the pink layout. =oP
from clinky :
o my gosh! that is an awesome layout!!

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