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from bonnylisbon :
oh there's no use in being a snob...but thank fucking god you have good taste. not many enjoy purple haze being played on a violin, it's an acquired taste i suppose.
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested: [email protected]
from mzletty :
clicked on da banner! Letty
from mittag :
You are a thoughtful writer. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your diary.
from maskedmofo :
Happy Thanksgiving, Snob!!
from no-yes-maybe :
I followed your banner, I love the diary.
from neuroticaa :
memento is the greatest movie
from trapidi :
weelllllll, sry...i thought u weren't a snob but if that's how u would like to b known as...i call u BIG SNOB!!!
from spit-tears :
You are my hero, your banner has Spinal Tap on it. way to go
from misspleasure :
The layout looks much nicer now, good job.
from orgasmicrevu :
Actually it was more boredom than work. And I do as I please =)
from orgasmicrevu :
from suckitreview :
Your review is now up at I'm sorry it's taken so long! =) -Alisha
from shiftypride :
i saw frank on your banner and i decided to check you out... very cool...
from cold--fusion :
How much did that look like "Culture's Nob" on the diaryland banner. I'm disappointed! ¦[
from charminggirl :
It's totally amazing to see how far your journal has grown. Great job I can't wait for more. COOL BEANS! XXXcharminggirlXXX
from candora :
when the cool thing to do is feeling like not belonging and looking down upon the mass media, does conformity then become rebellion?
from raven72d :
Execllent review of the Clooney/Barris film, by the way.
from bianca7 :
hey hey! i love your diary. i'm a huge movie freak and i love how you post your thoughts on such. great job. have fun. PEACE & BE WILD
from cruelserena :
Well I think it needs to jump right out of number hundered thousand fifty eight and right up to say two or three :) Maybe I'm building it up too much... I'll try reverse psychology just pretend you didn't read that line, YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE FRIDA, NO YOU DON'T... Tootles
from cruelserena :
hi I was wondering if you've done a review on the movie Frida... thanx bye
from magistrate :
Thanks for your intelligent, insightful diary. Interesting take on LOTR: are you familiar with the source material? "Two Towers" is the proverbial "body text," facilitating the transition between the exposition and Le Grande Finale. For people who haven't geeked out on the sacrosanct Tolkien books, I can certainly see how "2 Towers" would seem a little vaunted and boring-- the book is, too. Even so, I thought Jackson successfully evaded getting bogged down in the transition and at least made it interesting to watch. What burns me are these staggered DVD releases. In the case of "Fellowship," the "Special Edition" DVD released after the theatrical version was an entirely different (and much better) movie. They'll certainly do the same with "2 Towers," and I wonder if the additional material will elevate it to the level of the first. Anyway, I enjoy your work! Keep 'em coming!
from saladwhore :
Like everyone else, clicked on the banner and enjoyed what I read. I loved your take on Donnie Darko, and I feel the same way that it's some little secret gem that not many people know about. I do think I get the film though - the comments on the DVD helped me a lot actually. I think Donnie did die in the beginning and he is dead throughout the film, and trying to repair what he left behind. A lot of it all makes sense from that POV - and some of it doesn't. I don't think there is a one-way interpretation of the film - I think it's meant to be open-ended and unresolved to make the viewer THINK. And that, essentially, is a large part of it's brilliance. :) Anyway, I'm adding you to my favorites right now!
from ghanima :
Phone Booth completely distrubed me aside from it being utterly horrible as a movie. I couldn't believe someone actually wrote down the lines to that confession speech. In fact, care you to look, I just did a whole thing about it in my diary--alone with The Emperor's Club, another piece of liquid shit. I almost never talk about movies, so feel free to look while it's there.
from innocentmess :
It's nice to find another Donnie Darko fan. Your commentaries are very interesting reads.
from tamajinn :
Someone else who realizes the beauty of the Antonia's Line soundtrack... let's run away together! ~tamajinn
from sombrengel :
I clicked on your banner and loved your diary. keep writing insightful commentaries
from queenbee13 :
Ummm.... I just was reading your review of Donnie Darko.. nice to find a fellow fan. As far as explaining it goes.. I kinda have an idea about the ending and stuff... but I'm not sure what is was you didn't understand... (there's a lot that's kinda hard to follow), but yeah.. send me a note if you really want to now. and I can try to's kinda confusing.. Well.. have a nice one. *vicky*
from godmoney :
oh yeah, i'm feeling that gabriel garcia-marquez.
from godmoney :
cool: coil, sonic youth, tom waits not cool: no doub's rings of saturn. if u wanna sing praises of gwen stefani + her bitches, then pretend that she killed herself after tragic kingdom. that would make gavin single and the world would be a better place. coil WAS an awesome pick, though.
from tuff517 :
Clicked on your banner, luckily for me. I enjoyed flipping through your entries.
from nateboxley :
I like that Fiona Album too. Also the first one is good.
from pushpull :
I just read your review of Radiohead, and I'm a huge RH fan. I've seen a couple of [televised] live shows where the new songs have been played, and they sound AWESOME. Personally I didn't care much for the bleeping at the end of "Sit Down Stand Up" either, until I heard it live and it sounds completely and totally different. I think a lot of the reason they didn't transfer so well onto an album is that Thom wrote the songs, they practiced them as a band together, and took them out onto the road in Europe and played them live. They worked out all the tweaks on stage and then came back into the studio and recorded the whole shebang in 2 weeks. I think it was difficult for the band to consolidate the stage sound into quality studio music. Just my opinion, which in the case of Radiohead, I'll share with anyone who makes the mistake of listening. ;) Anyway, I enjoyed your review and your site. I'll be seeing Radiohead live in the end of September, and I'm looking forward to it immensely.
from gymclassrope :
wow..luv your stuff
from diaryreviews :
Your review is up at Diary Reviews! Good job!
from boxspringhog :
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is excellent, I hope you obtain your before-death wish to see it. And what the hell do you mean Brad Pitt fucked up 12 monkeys??? I'm not even a Brad Pitt "fan" and he made the movie delightful! Aw, well..
from priscillar :
yeah you rEALLLLy need to see Singin in the Rain.
from girlsdontcry :
Wowzers, I clicked on your notes and there's a banner ad for YOUR diary while I'm writing this. Well, I just think that "Meet the Parents" was one of those films that should've sucked but was actually enjoyable. Interesting list.
from sillieshamma :
Don't worry, you're not the only one who is waiting for the explination on "Donnie Darko". If you find out, please...let me know what the Hell happened in that movie.
from charminggirl :
Wonderful finally someone that's into POP CULTURE!!! Whoohoo! Interesting entires and well thought out. tah tah.

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