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from snarkster :
Concerning your probation: bummer, dude.
from blueforever :
cooleo diary! ^^'! I love it!
from black--daisy :
haha! no problem! <33
from elenastar :
That's a really neat end-of-the-year wrap-up. Sounds like you had an awesome year. Seeya, Elena
from black--daisy :
holy crap. your template is the coolest template in the whole world. just letting you know! :o)
from christabean :
There's a new-ish movie adaptation called "Bartleby" that you might like. I thought it was pretty good and the set design was particularly ugly/cool.
from liannamarie7 :
WOOHOO! glad ur back! and excellent choice on ur new found taste in music...ben folds is beautiful stuff. i'm sure my approval means everything to you...hehe! keep it up.
from snarkster :
I would like to assure you that there is ONE person listening, one who hides herself a poker-face as well.
from snarkster :
About the markers and glitter glue: I'm a freshman in college and I still see teachers making students make big posters with cutsie drawings to put up on the walls of the classroom. I guess they figure you're ready for "mature" things three months before retirement.
from wott-man :
Melissa: Sorry your folks ragged you about your flute performance. My kid plays flute, and I have played guitar and banjo for 30 years. I know that playing a flute is hard. I can't do it. I suspect your folks can't either. Perhaps the next time they condemn your playing, you should open your flute case, assembel the flute, and hand it to one of them and ask them to show you how the song should be played. Wott-Man.
from snarkster :
Great diary, dude. Being a college freshman, I know what it's like watching your high school career sliding by you; it can be freaky. Just enjoy it, though. By the way, college really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. As to the discussion of beautiful hands...I know EXACTLY where your coming from. Hang in there.
from christabean :
Maybe you could personally dedicate your marching band performance to your religion and then everybody wins. The fact that you play music at church at ALL shows it's important to you, so don't even worry about it. Also, marching bands are so, so cool, for a variety of reasons. You should just wear the hat at all times.
from xheartbroken :
hey wats up? well nothin good here, just chillin. i came across ur diary and it turns out that u live right by me, i live in maple shade (aka maple shit lol). my b/f goes to CH west actually, but yeaa lol ur diary is pretty cool, i definitely gotta get a new template. well w/b sometime, ttyl byeee
from wott-man :
Hi! Found you in Quillz favorites, now you're one of mine too! Good to see that there are more really good-at-heart teenagers like mine and like Quill. Be good, and don't worry about romance! It'll happen when you are NOT looking for it! Remember, a watched pot never boils.... Wott-Man.
from hamartia88 :
Thankyou as well for that message, it was my first and probably be my favorite. I'll keep in touch, see you around okay?
from hamartia88 :
Yeah shakespear does rock with the sylabol thing doesn't he? His sonnets are pretty cool.
from hamartia88 :
I am so proud to say I love you musical taste. Jason Mraz is a musical genious, thankgod finally someone else is saying that besides myself. And Billy Joel, well I love that man. Finally a person who agrees with me!
from grasp :
hey, you should read harry potter fanfic. it's really funny and some of it's good.
from neuroticaa :
very rarely do i lock my journal but once in a while i will -- username= neuroticaa, password=upthewall / <3
from sillieshamma :
Thanks for joining the That Thing You Do diaryring!
from noreenmarvel :
I love your diary it's very fun to read.
from rite153 :
AWW!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! birthdays always rock (well.. not mine, but that's my luck). hope you get everything you wished for... and a load of alice in wonderland stuff (cuz i know i feel like a million bucks when i get care bear stuff! haha). take care!
from curvereviews :
it's poppy from CR... i lost your email in a pc brainfart... can you email so i have it? thanks
from captivated- :
Hey who's your favorite Idol?
from texanboy14 :
Hi! I want you to to know that, even though you took me off your favorites list, I still read your diary all the time and I love it. Not that I'm mad or anything, but could you tell me why you took me off? Thanks! Love the diary! Keep up the good work! ~Timothy
from dreamwalking :
Like you diary. Heh, I was amused by reading it. Your layout is cute. I'll be back to rad some write! :-) Heh. :-)
from rite153 :
awww! your haircut is so cute! (i am not trying to sound like some annoying teeny bopper here) but i do agree with your dad on the hair style.. i'd do that if i had the nards to cut my hair (scissor make me weary.. especially when they're that close to the neck). well, thas pretty much it for now.nice getting to know ya.
from katress :
Just wanted to let you know that if you're not hosting your own images for this design that the source that I was using at the time is no longer going to be available. Just let me know if you still want me to host them for you and I'd be happy to do so--and then fix your design up with the new URLs. :)
from forleafclovr :
Since I just signed your guestbook, and THEN read what you wrote in my guestbook, I'm now writing you a note to get you super-excited until you find out these are both from me. I'm so evil sometimes. Any, the point is, there are no songs missing on either mine or your cd. I just thought there was one missing, but there really isn't. That's all that matters. So yup. That's it. ~Lindsay~
from deaddream :
Hey! I just want to say that I'm a huge Degrassi & Alice in Wonderland fan. I really like your diary design too. :D
from jordanaanne :
hey, i just read you're entry about the rumor, and i want to tell what really happened. at lunch, a girl at my table was talking about this junior, and she said that she was a lesbian. then another girl at the table, one who happens to gossip a lot said, "oh yeah, i heard that two girls in our grade our lesbians." then she said the two girls names. one of which is my best friend, and the other is my good friend, and i know for a fact that they arent. so i told my table. i said, "i can assure you that they are not." the girl who originally said it said, "oo ok. yeah people told everyone i was a lesbian last year, when i'm not. hehe" and that was the end of the conversation. none of us thought anything of it again (besides the fact that this girl is a hypocrite cause if ppl said she was a les when shes not, then why would she say that?) but anyways, its really not abig deal. we talked about it for those 5-10 seconds and that was it. i promise.
from mzauberman :
Congrats on the 1-year!
from neuroticaa :
hi love. merry christmas <3
from neuroticaa :
come on, dammit, quote me!! lol just kidding. hey i requested you to be my reviewer at curve but they gave me somebody else. that somebody was very generous though, but i would have preferred your sweet self... you've inspired me to dig out my old hanson cd and re-live some memories ;)
from christabean :
aha! You didn't ask, but what I bet happened is your "SHM" was looking at porn and something legitimate, and accidentally sent you porn instead of the other link, and then realized what he had done and fled in shame. On the other hand it's not weird to like teen girls if you're a teen boy (as opposed to a skanky old man) and seeing as how 99.9% of teen boys look at porn, I'm not sure it's a reject-worthy offense. He should learn to be more slick about his perversion, though!
from mzauberman :
You're welcome re: Brown Derbies. Actually, I am also a fan of A Cappella music and have a CD with about 11 hours of A Cappella MP3s on there. You'll also want to check out U Penn Off the Beat (My favorite), Tufts Beelzebubs, Harvard Krokodiloes, Middlebury Dissipated Eight, Virginia Gentelmen,etc. Look for BOCA as well (Best of Collega A Cappella) songs.
from mzauberman :
A lot of A Cappella songs are mislabeled as being done by Rockapella; they don't do very many covers. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's probably actually by the Brown Derbies (Brown University A Cappella club) but I may be wrong.
from neuroticaa :
aww. your note made me smile. thanks, sweetie.
from neuroticaa :
hello. i just added you to my favorites because, well, you are just that cool. drop me a line some time =)..... <3 Redd
from miss-miami :
Dave and I thought he had psoriasis but it turned out it was a bacterial infection. That sounds way grosser. It's basically that he has acne on the back of his head. It looks like little bumps. It is kind of gross, I suppose, but we noticed it (Sarah and I, that is) on the day Dave and I decided to hook up. So it probably isn't going to affect your love life. Don't be concerned, my little partridgeberry.
from marieh :
hey, sorry to inform you that i'm getting rid of my wedontsteal ring... i decided i have too many rings and need to get rid of some of them. thanks for you interest.
from dancingbabi :
heya, I'm sure you know wat's going on w/ DS & the lawsuit. I thought it'd be great if we got some DS fans to put this support DS blinkie on their diaries. I have it on mine & I already hosted it & all so you don't hafta worry about that. Go to my site & lookit it. Leave me a note if you want to put it up & I'll get you the code. Thanks much! :)
from hippos4me04 :
Some girl named Lindsay signed my guestbook and I was trying to figure out who the heck she was but from reading both of your diaries I have concluded that she is your best friend and that is why she started the "melissa" diaryring that I joined and I'd like to say that (bviously) my name is Melissa and I have read a few of your diary entries and you remind me a lot of myself. I enjoy your diary a lot. It is quite interesting to me because I am also 15 and going to be a sophomore and things that you you have said in your diary I can relate to things that have happened to myself. Seriously, it's really creepy. You seem as though you are a very nice person. I cannot even express how much you remind me of myself as far as personality goes though. I do not play the guitar and I sing in the top choir at my school rather than the top band. You seem very fun and I just thought I'd tell you that. =) Wow, I hope you aren't thinking "Okay, this girl is TOTALLY nuts..." I'm really not, I pormise!! I just thought that I'd share with you the fact that it's almost creepy how alike we are. Hope I didn't freak you out, lol. Byebye!!
from miss-miami :
In my province, Protestant kids usually get confirmed in Grade Six, but I had been living in a different province for four months that year and missed all the cathecism classes, so I didn't get confirmed until I was in Grade Seven. That's the year I met Dave. And, I got rid of my awful confirmation dress just before I started university -- and I noticed the label on the dress said David Bradley. Dave and I had just started dating and that's his name! I gave the dress to my younger cousin and kept the label.
from rubyfuss :
Thanks for joining the tomatoes ring! I have to say�I�m a musician too and I think that playing in itself IS in fact �doing something with it.� And it�s not necessary to be the most technically proficient musician in the world to make excellent music (perfect�s no fun anyway). Don�t let other people�s expectations ruin the beautiful process of playing music (it sounds like you�re fine). Also, I think as far as needing a psychologist goes�it�s just the way our society is, unfortunately. People place so much precedence in Fame and Almighty Celebrity that the minute someone picks up an instrument everyone tells them they have to �make it.� And somehow if they don�t try to be famous, they�re failing. But it�s not true! Anyway, sorry to go on and on. I just don�t want you to think you�re wrong for just loving the process of playing�I think it�s the best place to be!
from cnderella :
I really love reading your diary. Very kool. By the way, what does "Wouldn't wanna be foaming at the mouth!!!" on your survery mean?
from spoof-review :
your review is up- first one, don't you feel special? great diary, by the way.
from bop-reviews :
If you want reviewed, please add our link. Thank you.
from silver23 :
thanks for the great review!!!!!
from christabean :
So, I've been reading your diary for a while now, and ONLY TODAY got that your username was "cuz u make me go." In my head it was always "cuzkamungo." Not for any reason, except I'm dumb like that. So I wanted to commemorate the fact that I finally stopped being so dense, and also say "Hi." Hi! :-)
from jgstitches :
Welcome to the ben-stiller diaryring. Thank you for joining.
from subkultured :
You are so not a teeny-bopper. You listen to teeny-bopper music, but you're not one, believe me. My sister is the Queen of Teeny-Boppers. Complete with "Like" "Yeah "Totally" Whatever" and "Ooooohhhh my Gooooodd!!!". You're educated and you think for yourself. That is not teeny-bopperism :) lalalala, by meredith.
from forleafclovr :
Just to let you know-I don't know what Bible you read but the line Jesus says is "Oh why have you forsaken me?" Just thought you might wanna know that. ~Lindsay~
from forleafclovr :
Hey Melissa! You're probably sleeping right now cuz ur sick and all but I just wanted to let you know that I hope you feel better!!! Oh-and I love "The Cast"-just one problem-when you were writing "gmta" you wrote "gtma" and then wrote "Great Minds Think Alike" Just thought you might wanna fix it cuz people will be like "huh? I dont get it?" when they read it lol ~Lindsay~
from stickykitten :
wow u think i'm cool...yay didnt think anyone but shnizu and perverts attracted to my sticky kitten name read my diary!, thanks girl, u rock

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