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from raven72d :
I love the diary name. I've been fond of Cyanophyta since biology class long, long ago.
from marlen816 :
Very cool picture!!
from elgan :
Welcome to Canada! Congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for adding me to your favourites. Toronto is my home town, although I haven't lived there since 1978 (oops, my age is showing). Cheers!
from marlen816 :
Congratulations! I didn't think it was so soon. Hope you had a wonderful day! Enjoy the honeymoon =)
from la-the-sage :
Hi! Thanks for listing me. I'm flattered. ~LA
from megmarch :
Hey, I can't seem to get an e-mail to you, so it's username "dork", password "shmoo." Sorry for the lateness. :)
from marlen816 :
Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! My husband and I knew each other for exactly 1 year and 11 days when we got married. We were only engaged for 5 months. And my parents knew each other 5 months and then got married. They have been married for 36 years. =) When you know, you just know! Happy Wedding Planning!
from kate-san :
How do Canadians say Toronto, if not with a hard second T?
from thelatteboy :
from basal :
from djraindog :
But ya see...that wasn't really aimed at you...I guess it just kinda came flying in your general direction 'cause you're standing on the happily coupled people's end of the tug-of-war...I mean...It's clear you've done your time. And if the truth be told, there's someone who makes me feel that way, too. It just happens that time and geography keep us apart. (I am SO not going to start singing "Hello, Young Lovers" right now...I'm not I'm not I'm not.) ;-)
from thelatteboy :
Right you are! Right you are! You know me, I've always struggled with the days of the week.
from thelatteboy :
HAHA I love the new comment I've adopted in your profile. You've really captured my essence, there, haven't you?
from thelatteboy :
Darling, sometimes condiments are NOT overrated. Also, when I was little I used to eat ketchup and olives. If you get to that point, CALL ME.
from offthetwig :
i wish there were words. i have the feeling alot of us are shattered right along with you. so sorry.
from marlen816 :
I just wanted you to know that I am so sorry that things did not work out for you and your best friend. I was praying for you, hoping for you, crossing my fingers for you.....((Hugs))
from caresses :
Just want you to know that you are wonderful writer.
from raven72d :
Brilliant entries...
from sidewaysrain :
also happy birthday from me. xxx jen
from marlen816 :
Happy Birthday!!
from sidewaysrain :
I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope you're doing ok. xxx jen
from starlight42 :
My parents just got back from a cruise to Alaska- they loved it. Enjoy it, I imagine there's no place else like it. :)
from sidewaysrain :
hi, you. welcome back. the program my sister was on advised that "re-entry" was just as difficult as integration into the new country so it will probably take a while. To say nothing of sticker shock.
from talpidae :
Ha! Just followed a link from Sundry 'cause I was curious about one of the few people that left a comment I agreed with today. Lo and behold, someone with the same sort of bent for site-naming. I'm off to snoop around... Shawna
from tcklyrpharsn :
You are XXXtra funny. Whew! Hope TheKate gets online soon... then and only then will I add you to my favourites.
from thecritic :
Way to work those noodles. You could start a new fashion trend. I can see it now spaghetti hair ties, ravioli earrings... it could work. And be taste all the same.
from schoonie :
Am I locked up out your diary? That is definitely NOT swoll.
from techdragon :
knock knock.... now you locked me out? Hmm... everything okay. I was getting into knowing you. Let me know.
from argylecool :
I am sad that your diary is locked. :(
from techdragon :
well, i found you off of ivoryshell and since you asked so nicely ... you can come read if you want. login: lost pass: angel bye :-)
from whitepills :
Y'know, after I wrote that, I actually thought, "Man, I hope that doesn't offend anyone." So I'm quite pleased that you found it as amusing as I did. I'm really a very polite rude person.
from whitepills :
I think I may have already given you a note such as this before, but I'll leave it again anyway. 1.You are quite possibly the funniest person alive. 2. EVER 3. Forgive horribly retarded knockoff of your format.
from fulminous :
I would SO blow Steve Jobs. (Please at least PRETEND to look surprised.)
from lessthanjon :
Hello, I just found your page an thought it was well funny so I thought It only proper to leave a note expressing my most sincere compliments. Thanks for providing me with yet another distraction from all the things I really need to get done but can't be arsed doing.
from fulminous :
You're going to China with a boy with a mohawk?? Is it me?!?
from whitepills :
How exciting for you! I'd like to go live abroad for a little while. What will you be doing while there?
from dig-deep :
I believe that your diary is one of the best I have written in a long long while. I thank you for taking the time to write in it, and I'm happy that I found it. It amuses me to no ends! And if mentioning that I would lay you would make my note more memorable, then Miss Kate, I would mosts definately LAY you!!! *wink wink...nudge nudge* *Combat*
from mathew-b :
in my previous note, i forgot the 'y' in holY shitfuck. so, i'll start off with a bit of 'y.' 'y' is quite versatile, without 'y' we would not have words like sexy, witty, funny, or dirty to describe The Kate. did i mention it fucking rules the skool that you refer to yourself in third person. ten four. --m
from mathew-b :
hol shitfuck. your diary is, like, the bomb. if i wusnt a big old fag - id totally lay you. also, your favorite music is mine, too. i love you already. publish a book please. -- m
from candora :
you remind me of living in NYC... I think it's the irreverence and familiarity, though it may be the utensils.
from raven72d :
Cyanophytes are always my vur' favorite blue-green algae.
from pattymelt :
you gotta love a big guy in a little coat! not THAT way! you know what i mean!
from pattymelt :
what happened? can i be first in line as your new friend? or at least one of the many?
from fulminous :
Is it officially "Genera" now? Whatever happened to poor li'l "Genus?" Also, this is my third note in a row.
from fulminous :
"Genetic Ctrl-C Ctrl-V" makes me fucking love you so much it hurts me.
from fulminous :
Taylor says that you and I are now in a "shatterwar." Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Except for the part where I just used the word again. Eurgh.
from marn :
That cracked me up. I see I'm in very exalted company when it comes to dreams, eh?
from jaycrew2882 :
Once upon a time there was a woman named Tammie Faye. She loved spreading frossing all over her body. Then she would say: "Let me you" and call it a day!

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