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from caradawn :
Sometimes on Diaryland I feel like I'm launching messages straight into the dark these days. I haven't been writing online since the beginning of this year. I won't lie; I miss it. I just read that you had graduated and I really, really want to send a huge congratulations to you. I think of you; I care for you; I wish you the absolute best.
from caradawn :
Hi! I'm locking my DLand page for the time being and I made a user/password combo for you-- in case you still read or ever wanted to 'stop in', I wanted you to know that I don't mind. (Message me back or email me at quieradonn -at- yahoo dot -com if you didn't get the login info). Know that I think of you and wish good things. Hope you are well and enjoying another day on the planet. :)
from jwinokur :
Hey, I know you don't know me, but would you please talk with me? You wrote some things that I really want to find out more about, and you seem like the right person to talk with. You can email me at justin at justin winokur dot you know what. (I'm easy to find.)
from goldenboy :
oh danie, i figured after being apart for a few good years and that we are both married now. i was bored so i read a few of your entries, ok so i have been reading for the last 2 hours. i read the poem you wrote about me, made me cry. i read about how i treated you and made you feel, that made me cry to. i read alot of things and after all that reading all i can think of to say is... that im so sorry. i was young, stupid, and blind to so many things. i think i have grown up since then, you wrote about my parents, that they had been married for 24 years, that my dad treated my mom "like a queen" you also asked why i could not treat you like that. im sorry danie i was a stupid kid, i dont know if it will make you feel better or not but i think now i am like my dad, and i do treat my beautiful wife like a queen. or at least i try too. im sorry i hurt you, and im glad you have found a nice husband... you deserve it! bye friend... mike
from luckeme :
girl, travis & i have been married for 4 months. and trust me, it's not all happiness and roses. But it's worth it, as you know. :) The first two years are the hardest, or so I've been told. You'll get through it! xox.
from zania :
Thats soo cool hun and congrats on your engagement I'm sure the wedding will be great =)
from slick45 :
god, i am still so sorry.
from caradawn :
glad to see you stopping in! :)
from caradawn :
on one hand, i understand. i know it hurts, even if i can't understand in specifics. at the same time, i'd miss you. i know it's selfish, but...
from slick45 :
i deleted your message off my notes page and re added it under my user name becuase i don't want her to trace what you said in response to me back to your user name, and your notes and your diary... just becuase i don't. ------ as for you being sorry that my girlfriend is going through this, i know you are sincere, but in terms of YOU, i look at it as poetic justice for what's passed between you and me. --- it's okay though; her pain is not as great as your pain by any means, and she gets "better" all the time. i like to think that i help her out a lot. she tells me i do. i hope you get support from loved ones, i really do.
from slick45 :
It's funny how things change - not funny in a ha! ha! way, but an 'oh, that's funny' way. i remember years ago (like 2) when i was feeling pissed off so i did something instantly gratifying and void of concience. i made fun of you for cutting yourself and called you an attention seeker (in spite of your disclaimer, or perhaps becuase of it) all on a lark..... i'd like to let you know that i'm not so cruely insensitive anymore. not since my girlfriend has been diagnosed with clinical depression. i was looking at the diaries that listed be as a favorite and yours popped out immediatly at me. thanks for being so........ permanant, if you understand that that is the appropriate work to use. i have a feeleing youll be here in 5 years. on the interweb, anything that lasts more than 2 months seems part of the landscape to me.
from dust-settle :
your diary, your words. and sincerely, good luck.
from enchanted-54 :
I realy admire you. I know distructive behaviour can be realy hard to give up but i think you can do it. Good Luck.
from growpeace :
Hi, Thanks for writing back. The reason I care about this is I researched the issue deeply after loosing my dear friend. My beautiful best girlfriend Diana Washburne, killed herself because of zoloft. She was fine and great before she let the doctor tell her she had something wrong. When she took their drug she went downhill incredibly fast and then hung herself before we even had time to realize that something had gone horribly wrong. (She had listened to a doctor, who has an agenda and vacations to pay for.) Please do some basic research about what is being done to you. Get angry, I know I am. If you cut yourself it is because you are ANGRY. You should be because of what they are doing to you. They SUCK. How did this happen? The pysc drug companies are getting rich and all the kids are suffering. It might be a giant act of rebellion to think for yourself. I hope I can help, let me know if I can help you further research killer doctor drugs. They SUCK. Cannabis cures, drugs suck. 12 million kids on psyc drugs that makes me sick. I am going to put up a bunch of links about it. Love, Joy Please stop by Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News anytime and join a-love-ring please. Thanks.
from imperrfectly :
*hug* this was one of the most beautiful entries i've read lately.
from rebel6385 :
thanks for stopping by. its nice to have a reader out there.
from extrafox :
Thanks a lot :) It's nice to hear fro mthe friendly ringleaders (hehe), a lot of them don't respond. I should know, I joined every one I could find that described me :)
from ghoul-queen :
Hey.. Just updated the design so I haven't got any ring links yet but I promise to get them put on there as soon as possible.. *~*s.i.b.z*~*
from mjraven87 :
hi. you asked me where i posted my links for the rings. i cant bloody do it dammit!!! could you help me? thank you. Shell xxx
from caradawn :
hey, you have 666 entries! yay! ;)
from babycupcake :
Yes, well it is real and things are as they seem. Though it is my list, and since you and I never really talk I could only put up a short name that would familiarize it for me....
from potireviews :
Thanks for your patience Damik! Your review is up!
from shawntasy :
Sorry about the delay Damik. I just got over the chicken pox and since I've been back at work the only energy I have is for work and sleep. I'm hoping to have your review up within the next couple days.
from apiscesgirl :
i'm a brunette who'd like to be blonde (or even just blondER!) too. ;) it was funny reading your entry... just the other week i grabbed a blonde haircolor and almost tried it.. then i second guessed myself and called my hair girl and she said DON'T DO IT. so i didn't. did she save me from being brassy? :O i go in 2 weeks to get major highlighting instead. i can't wait.
from angelseyezzz :
look, ive been through that before, still though. and you think you can punish yourself for eating an ice-cream? and you think the best punishment is to starve yourself... and i say HA! look who you end up eating more shit and fat, what you would never eat, eventually... know what i mean? you should think bout it
from caradawn :
i wrote a note the other day, but it was eaten and unseen by the dland outage. In that notelet, however, i thanked you for just the mention of me the other day, because it just kind of made me stop and smile that night. This note, however, is just to say happy birthday, which i know everyone says, but i'm glad to hear it turned out well. :)
from apiscesgirl :
omg. i completely know what you mean about the snide comment about your "boyfriend". i have so many "boyfriends" its not even funny. :( i just wanna scream sometimes. i will keep reading. :) take care.
from neuroticaa :
awesome. thanks so much. i'm definately going to get that. <3
from neuroticaa :
i love that cutting quote. what exactly is "a bright red scream", a movie or book or something? sad and true. xx.
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know…)
from caradawn :
hey, one could technically call me a fat german as well. But let's ignore our technicalities. ;) hope you are well.
from dmbmidnite :
Just wanted to thank you for Niko. I'm having ton's of fun
from potireviews :
Hi it's Shawn over at Pretty. I couldn't find our link so I was wondering if you joined the ring instead?
from potireviews :
You requested a review from Pretty on the Inside a very long time ago and I was just wondering if you'd still like that review. If not I understand, please forgive us for the atrocious delay. If you would still like a review please leave us a note. Thank you- Shawn
from country-rose :
Thank you so very very much for your help! I could not have done it without you! :)
from caradawn :
nuh-uh, damik's cooler! ;) glad you appreciate my sick humor... even though i just stole it from other people. mwahaha! hope you're doing well.
from jzyjsmalls :
Just stumbled upon yout diary via an ad banner. Haven't read much, but will read more soon, because so far it's awesome. You are very honest, and a very good writer (screw spelling, who cares—and yours is not so bad), and as far as I can tell a talented poet too (the poetry site is my favorite so far). Anyway, I put you on my favorites list, with a rave review. Keep it up. And cool layout, too!
from luciolebleue :
I'm proud of you in your latest entry, i think that's great. There is life after pain, the scars do heal, and we stop seeing those pieces of glass... we stop being so willing to use them to make us feel human again. I'm very proud of you! :) take good care.
from kellykellygg :
Your diary layout is so cool! How do you get diaryland to advertise for you?
from orchdreamer :
I like the banner you did, it's what got me here! and though I haven't read a lot of your entries yet, they are pretty good! keep writing! I'm going to get caught up with your older entries, so have a great day and bye
from caradawn :
good point, thanks. But I haven't thought your writing went down... Take care. :)
from caradawn :
"The race goes not to the swift or the strong, but to those who keep on running." Congratulations, I'm really proud you finished, i know it's a big accomplishment, and it's inspiring. No, really. :)
from raven72d :
Lovely poems and lovely, evocative writing... I'll be reading you again...
from lovelyleo :
Hey, don't think that I am ignoring you. You have soooo many poems! I have only gotten through 1/2 of them maybe. Not sure. Here are the ones that I like the best so far: Thankful, whisper, Love isn't everything, Hold life dear. Hope this helps. If I get a second later on, I will read the rest of them and let u know. Oh, I get depressed in the winter too. It sucks, and I am really feelin it today. I wish I had some advise for the both of us. I don't. That's the hardest part. Just try to live every day to the fullest, and challenge those negative thoughts with positive ones. Its hard at first but it gets easier. GOod luck!!!
from slick45 :
somebody who makes you feel bad is obviously not worth your time or attention.
from xxxemogirlxx :
hey i know the feeling of just not knowing anymore...i hope everything works out for you...i wouldnt mind chatting sometime...peace love happiness and pride always
from windflare :
i hope you are able to talk to someone (maybe your therapist) about the doubts you are having. it's ok to doubt things. being able to talk to someone is important. i'm sure writing about things in your diary helps, but sometimes it is more helpful to honestly work throught things with someone. that choice is up to you though. on a side note, your tatoo sounds really cool. i hope it is something you can take pride in.
from autumnal :
glad to see you are counting time in recovery. i have my own recovery in my eating disorder, a different but still self-destructive issue. best of luck to you.
from caradawn :
most people i've talked to say it's not <i>that</i> painful (A tattoo), and most of them also ended up as tattoo addicts (got one and kept wanting more)-- if that helps any?! LorTab makes me itch like crazy, if I tried to overdose on it, i'd look like I ran into an angry bug that tried to nibble my skin off (this was supposed to be me trying to make you smile while I said don't kill yourself :) .
from caradawn :
i haven't gotten a tattoo, at least not yet. We were kinda-sorta planning on getting them somewhere on our trip this summer, but we ran out of money. It's still kind of in planning though. I like them, but the only thing that scares me out of getting one really is that it's Always going to be there. I know that seems really obvious, but I'm still iffy about forever, and I haven't managed to decide where to put it either.
from stop-pro-ana :
Speaking personally, if I were to see a diary giving tips and advice on the best way to mutilate yourself I'd be mailing Andrew straightaway. Sites which encourage you to starve yourself aren't any different and those diaryrings only provide a directory to them.
from unique-views :
come sign up for a review!
from legendari :
Hey, well More to Adore is a social organization and even if you're not able to go to the parties, you can join their MSN Community and well, basically there's a lot of nice people there. Plus, maybe you can find a group like this in your area or start one!!
from breatheagain :
I wanted to say you have a cool layout. I haven't seen one like it in my 2 years at diaryland. I haven't got to reading your diary yet, but I'm off to bed, and if I remember in the morning I'll stop by and read a little. If not, cool layout.
from lovelyleo :
I am kinda worried about you. You do realise that you have an eating disorder don't you? The first time I read your diary a few months ago that was my first impression even though you mentioned nothing of the sort. But I knew you did. Please get help for this if you are not allready. I have been battleing an eating disorder for many years. I am just now realising that I have one. You have probably had one for sometime now and have not come to grips with it. Its scary. I am starting to feel better. For a whole week I did not binge or purge or restrict and I lost 4 lbs. Just by eating regurally. It was shocking. You are probably not even big. I wear a 14 and 5'9 and I still have one. I used to be a lot smaller. But my metabolism is so screwed from this. Every day is a struggle. Let me know if you ever have questions or want help or anything.
from incoherence :
hi. this is darkishnails, with a new diary, and still would like to join the ring :) where can i get the code again? p.s. i luv your diary.
from sweetfractur :
i know exactly where you are coming from on your fathers day entry! Mines alot like that too!- kara
from jjugglerr :
Hey Danie. Feel free to contact me. We may have something in common.
from lovelyleo :
I really like the little kitty in the corner. He/she is really cute!!
from swimmer-sar :
Thanks, damik!!!! I love your diary. It's great.
from girlwriter :
hi dan
from sharpsecret :
ur diary is brilliant.i was really touching to read,u seem really confused with wot u want.itas horrible trying to stop cutting then givin in it feels worthless.takecare and if u wanna tlk leave a note in me diary.Love Haylz xxx
from petrichor :
Judging one's own worth in the matters of the world is impossible to do if you think about it. Now stick with my line of reasoning here: Think of it like this, you can't see your own eyes with only your own eyes and no mirrors. I can imagine what my own eyes look like by my own ideas and speculation, but I can't ever see them with my own eyes and no true, clean mirrors. And in this world, there are no mirrors. Other people can act as incomplete mirrors and other people can see our value more than we can sometimes, sometimes a lot more. However, things are still not simple. Everyone views the world with tinted and colored glasses. And some people can't through their own glasses or parts of their own glasses. Other people's opinions can mean something, but sometimes can be completely inaccurate or more accurate than we realize. We can only see ourselves so much. We cannot see ourselves through and through. We are too close too our own selves to be able to do that. And other people have distorting (to various degrees and ways) views of everyone else and themselves as well. So, everyone is wrong, more or less, a lot or a little in many thousands of ways. Its a real headache. And I bet it contributes to a lot of the misery of the world. ANYHOW, though you don't feel like you matter, you might very well matter a lot. And though you may feel like the world would be a better place without you, the world might very well be a better place because of you. Personally, my world is better because of you. Take it or leave it, thats how I see it. Of course, this doesn't stop me from thinking those anti-me thoughts either, but.. I haven't yet been able to disprove it. So, hopefully, this helps you as its help me. It won't cure the feelings, but it helps a little, sometimes a lot. Can you tell that I have many inner ramblings in my head or what? :-)
from shuck :
you're right. i guess i should think before i go making people angry... i really do need to learn to be nice. i'm sorry.
from seegn :
Dear Damik, I would just like you to know that I think you are a wonderful person and I wish you well with your life. I haven't actually read your diary because I promised you know who I wouldn't. I have however read quite a bit of his and the notes to you, so I think I have somewhat an idea of how you sometimes feel about yourself. Let me just say you are wrong to feel insecure or to worry too much about what others think. You are a bright, sensitive, highly intelligent young lady who has quite a bit of potential. Do not doubt or second-guess yourself, you are a better person than you give yourself credit for. If I can do anyting for you, you know where to find me.
from caradawn :
lol... thanks for the note! made perfect sense... just wondering your opionion. the guy below left the 'm' out of his name, evidently. It should read from "schmuck." :) I like the quote you had from A Bright Red Scream, makes me think I should read that. Take care.
from shuck :
wow... learn to spell.
from caradawn :
... this is an odd question, I know, but... what do you think about affairs ? ;) I'm... just curious.
from petrichor :
When I get feeling like that, I look for one of my cats, failing that, I sleep, failing that I walk or veg in front of the TV. Lying mindlessly in the sun is nice too. But as the weather is now, it might not be too smart. I don't think thoughts can really cure one's sense of loneliness, of worthlessness, of emptiness. Words and thoughts can always be debated and argued. Though some people will look in the mirror each morning and brainwash themselves with "I am happy. I feel happy. I am good. I feel good." I suspect that deep down inside them, there's still a nagging voice that says otherwise or they wouldn't have to say those things every morning. If you think your worth something, a part of you will say you are worth nothing. Its impossible to escape those insecurities, those fears, those doubts. I suppose the trick is not to ignore them, but to simply let them come and then let them go. Letting them come can be difficult. As is letting them go. Its like when you are cold. Telling yourself that you are not cold will do you no good and pretending that you are not cold can even be harmful. But if all you think about is how cold you are, you usually get colder, but if you lose yourself in a song or a conversation, you are still cold, but the fact doesn't paralyze all thought and time. Anyway, I hope I am not rambling again and you can use something or anything I have said. And if you can't, don't feel guilty over it. Sometimes I only make sense to myself :-).
from colouredtea :
Could you send it to me at: [email protected] ?
from colouredtea :
Hey, question: How did you get the cool counter that says how long it's been since you last cut?
from heavenawaits :
[back for more]
from dominobox :
Hey baby somebody out here loves you - I do! You're so sweet I want to cuddle you tight and make all the nasties go away. Hold your head up girl, you're beautiful!
from oedalis :
re: 4/6/02 why should you be ashamed of not shaving frequently? why? there are no good reasons for it. put the thought out of your head. p.s. also would like to mention that i enjoy your diary and it would be easier to navigate within it if the menu button "go" worked or you had other links somewhere on the site i could use.
from brain-fuck :
whoa. slow down. not calling you a moron or idiot, just pointing out something. sorry. calma.
from colouredtea :
Hey, that person below me uses the same pet name I do- Doll. Heh. Well, hi. Thanks for the compliment on my diary. I hope you come back and read often. I enjoy visitors. //xoxo Lily
from brain-fuck :
er...hate to break it to you doll, but a girl who sometimes injures herself can technically be called a cutter.
from bipolargirl :
i feel that i can relate to you. we have different situations but in a way they are similar. if you want to chat or vent or bs or whatever, send me a note. i wish yu all the best and i know that one 24 hour period can be a lifetime - but i am also glad that i wake up and i do see a new tomorrow
from bustychic10 :
I just wanted to say, that I talk to Mike, or "Trevor" sometimes, and I know he loves you very much, and he thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world. You seem like a really great person, and you sound beautiful, and just because he's looking at other girls, doesn't, by any means, reflect how he feels about you. I know how badly it hurts to see him notice another girl, but it's nothing compared to what ya'll have. Ya'll have a rock-solid bond, that nobody can break but the two of you. I'm not trying to preach to you, I'm just trying to tell you how things are, as I see it. I'm sorry if I butted into your business too much, or offended you in anyway. ~*~Jaime*~*
from toshin :
Something I wonder about what you choose to write is, do you really believe that you arent worth the existance you have been give. As scary as it is I know all to well the feeling of uslessness, inexistance, worthlessness, and the quite often appearance of dispare. I am I suppose you could call it hurt that you dont believe yourself to be healthy. Maybe I shouldnt be talking because my posts themselves are very scary, and they started about the same time as yours. Everything Ive learned in my usless existance is that to disappear would hurt all those souls who care about yours, even if you dont know them. Look for things you love, things that make you happy, and avoid things that cause you pain and tourment your soul.
from coolassaward :
When's the last time you got an "AWARD" for being you? Do you like your ego stroked? Do you like stroking other people's ego? We all need a good stroking now and then. Have you ever gone to a diary and what the diarist wrote brightened up your day? Or really made you think? Have you ever wanted to let that person know what thier writing and diary meant to you? Well Cool Chicks is the place for you. I know your like what the hell is Cool Chicks? Or maybe you already know what a Cool Ass Chick you are. Well good! But isn't it time to let the world know about your Cool Chickiness?
from leafygreen :
i just found your diary. i'm so...blown away that you would say what you did on your banner. i would never admit...would never tell the public like that. i can't even tell my roommate. have you ever read self-injury1? it's here on d*land...but i think i'm going to start reading you , too. ::hugs::
from sun-brat :
is it not suprisiong how many of us are out here! however, i think that you are lucky that you simply want to die, it is a wish for those of us who simply cant feel. not love, not pain, only emptiness. to live through music, reading, writing, and yes, other peoples experiances. why not, is it so wrong to seek out diries full of emotion and read them in some hopes of undersanding and living what they cna tell you through their lives. to feel pride in their accoplishment (cutting) while one fails so miserably themselves. lets keep on going and help each other. hope, funny word, funny thing, yeat the only thing that keeps the blood at bay. keep writing,.....please
from windflare :
Danie, your words are beautiful and I'm sorry for your trials. I just want to let you know that someone is out there feeling right along with you. Thanks.
from sadeyes85 :
i was just wondering where you got that cutting coutdown from?? i really like's different in a really good way. congrats by the wayz on not cutting for so long. i read a few of your entries and i completely relate. it's like you are saying everything i'm thinking..about the guy...about wanting to die..about everything. hope this doesn't sound too psychotic.
from soulwatcherx :
hey damik! thank you for leaving me a note and thanky you for welcoming me to the selfdestruct diaryring! Sorry that I haven't replied earlier but I didn't have an internet connection until today. I will post again regularly from now on and hope to contribute something useful to your diaryring.
from zania :
Hi I'm sorry about the other day when we were chatting=(
from sunshine831 :
I am so glad its been so long since you cut, thats amazing. hang in there girl.And keep writing, reading your writing keeps me from cutting at times...thanks:-)
from heavenawaits :
I can relate. Keep writing. I like you. Alot. <3
from cyanne :
found your diary while preparing to update mine. funny how many people cut themselves, i never noticed it before. you seem to have a steady flow of creativity. i'll be back to pry.
from musicchick44 :
I would just like to say, excellent taste in music.
from loserville :
Thanks for the note... the marquee disclaimer, just type it into the bottom of the "change how each entry looks" html page.

claire xx

from eublepharis :
Hiya. Thanks for welcoming me to the ring. :D I did the marquee thingy on my profile simply by just taking the word marquee and inserting it in the tags at the end and beginning of the text I wanted to insert. Ex: Oooo
from fuckyouworld :
Thanks for the welcome! I love your layout! It's very nice :)
from missym :
hey, congrats to you and trevor.. talked to him that other day.. i am happy you 2 are doing so well.... hang in there... you guys will be out of that house soon.... hey just remeber, keep smiling =)
from interview :
Hi! We've started a new diaryring for those who have been interviewed. It's by invitation only...and we'd like to invite you: - thanks and bye for now, Gingerbug
from decieved :
Ok, thanks. Nah, that's alright. Thanks again for the link, err URL, ya know! :P
from petrichor :
Heya, I'll write a more in depth entry later, but I just have to say this: Love your online therapist! Ha ha! And I noticed your a T.S. Eliot quote -- that poem is still one of my favorite poems ever. It was one of his best he ever wrote in my opinion. Anyhow, I've gotts go, time is running away from me and I need to catch up...
from decieved :
Hey, I was wondering if you could give me that link about how to go about making a rings page, again? I did it, then I accidently got rid of the link, now my friend wants it, and I can't remember it. Thanks.
from decieved :
Hi, thanks. Yeah, I've thought about it, but I'm not very smart, so I dunno how to do it. Heh. Uhh, now I haven't anything to say, so uhmm bye. Tanky tanky! (I dunno)
from smilenow-cry :
thanks for the welcome ;)
from thekokeone :
They actually have stuff that you put on your skin to prevent it from chafing. It looks like a stick of deoderant. I can't remember what the kind I use is called, though. Any running store carries some, though. Otherwise, a little Vasaline goes a long way! Good luck with your running! Remember that your mind is so much more powerful than your body.
from zania :
I know you may not want to hear it but don't give up hun maybe school ain't the way to go right now but don't give up on what you dream ^_^
from zania :
I hate people who act like that...............don't say thank you and crap like that it just makes me tell them off even if they are my boss which is why I did hold too many jobs *smiles* thanks for signing the GB
from zania :
from beautifuck :
hello, i hate come in here and flame you, but i noticed that you ran the Self-Destruct diary ring. the ring's description page spells the word correctly, but when i put the graphic on my page, it is spelled with an 'i.' is there any way that you could fix this? thanks, and again, i'm sorry to bother you about this, but i'm a bit of a perfectionist. *beautifuck*
from raluca :
Nobedy is a failoure unless he tries very hard...and that doesn't really happen... anyways...
from juliet1976 :
A nobody, that's how I feel to..As you have so cleaverly stated, I am touched by what has happened today, but not directly. I, too, was not prepared for the events that took place this morning. What happened? How did we get here? I am confused, and scared for what lies ahead tomorrow. This changes everything, my outlook on life, the way I feel, and most certainly, how I look upon this world. I came across your diary today because i clicked on the banner, your "Nobody" banner. I normally don't browse through diaries of people I don't know, but by these events we are all connected. I just wanted to say that I completely feel the same as you.......
from diaryreviews :
Hi! Thanks for submitting your site! Your review has been posted! Enjoy! :)
from cassiopeia- :
Hello you, I hope you get happy soon. Life is a rollercoaster, up and down. I personally don't loke rollercoasters, but I do know they have some really big up times! Take care.
from matilda- :
Just wanted to say hi and that I really like your diary. (I'm so unoriginal). I'm glad you didn't have to reset that counter. :)
from atypicalgirl :
Although maybe you already know or something the stuff on your banner: "I'm nobody, who are you? Are you a nobody too?" is Emily Dickinson. And "unknowen" should probably be spelled in its correct form "unknown".. I'm a picky bitch, sorry. I'll read your diary to make up for it. yay.
from miabogard :
Wow, I haven't even read 10 of your enteries yet, but I've been deeply moved by what you've written. I hope that you can find the beauty that lies within you, because from reading your words, I found a beautiful person, and that's the greates beauty of all. Write on. P-chan! Girl type
from faeriesjules :
Hey! Wanted to drop you a note to tell you your diary is really awsome. Aw, and I want to inform ya just a bit. Your "I'm nobody." poem is not unknown, it's by Emily Dickenson. One of my favorite poems. I'm nobody. Who are you? Are you a nobody, too? Then there's two of us Don't tell! They'll banish us, you know
from vixi1432 :
i just wanted you to know that i really like your diary :) i only just started reading it but im starting from the begining. your a great writer :)
from buenacabra :
just dropping a note cuz I don't feel like joining a notify list :D just don't kill me... Saw your banner ad and decided to come and prove to myself that there are other nobody's in the world... although you don't sound like a nobody... I'm sure Trevor finds you to be a somebody... if he worries that much about what your doing he must care for you quite a bit...
from bigstevo :
I just started reading your stuff, because of your banner showing up on top of the diaryland members area. So far so good. Short on time. Be back later. Oh! On spelling: You are better than most of the people that write here. That you even recognize your deficit means you have more spelling savvy than mpst people here! That's refreshing! Don't worry, I'll be back. I'm about to bookmark you ... er, your diary! Steve
from shy-violet :
hey i like ur diary, adn those pics :) just like everyone else is saying. do'nt be too hard on urself bout dragging ur friend down, u can't totally control what he's feeling.....keep smiling l8a violet
from sterilemind :
hi..i was wondering how you get the box that says i haven't cut in _ days, hours, etc. its really cool and i could use one for my diary,
from sheilasrs :
I love the graphics on your site. I had a great time reading your entries. Keep up the awesome work. :)
from mlobrian :
think you're diary is really the graphics...come see mine sometime!!!
from misty-girl :
Demand that day of ! Hope it works! :)
from nevar :
the pictuers that you have are cool. yup cool. the pink is cool to. oh well bye tina
from zania :
Hi......nothing here but me saying hi and rambling on about I have nothing to say but hi (ignore me)

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