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from cocktails :
Karting is fantastic fun...just one tip. Buy a pair of proper racing gloves they are about 20 but belive me, you will feel the difference the next day. :o)
from katress :
Travel safely!!!
from cocktails :
Slurp...thats the only way I have found with the spoons.
from cocktails :
I think the unpacking/washing is the worst part of coming back from holiday. :o/
from cocktails :
Hehe. Seems ever since you left Italy its been party time. I want to move :o)
from punkalistic :
Check out Kitty Rash Designs for really cool layouts!
from cocktails :
Seems like itd the time of year for new beginnings. people are leaving my work, Rupert wants a new job, I have had enough as well....perhaps there is something in the stars....?
from krakatua :
Thanks for your kind words. Me too, wish that this year you gain more happiness and fun. If you have a chance to go Thailand, tell me, I'd like to be a host for a special meal.
from almostnormal :
I like dominating your notes field *laugh* I just wanted to know....did you want me to tell you the superbowl commercials were crap, or would you rather live the dream that they were fabulous?
from almostnormal :
I remember HHGG with no graphics. I was a huge Zork fan, myself...thanks for the link!!
from almostnormal :
Egads. Your word count practically gave me a panic attack. I'm definately going slower than most people I know with my NaNoWriMo project. If you have recipies for any of those pies you mentioned today, could you maybe email one over? I make a divine tiramisu, but I've never been good at the whole "Pie" thing....thanks =)
from sixweasels :
Ouch! The being a clutz thing I could live with (oh yeah, I do, every day!) but that thigh sounds painful! Hope it heals quickly. Sign My Guestbook appears to be down, but had to send my "get wells!"
from krakatua :
Thanks for giving me your honor to list me as your favorite. Seems that you're a housewife in Italy. We have some common things,i.e. like alcohol drinks, sometimes be lonely sticking at home. Be glad to contact to you like this sometimes as if we are friend living nearby.
from redapple :
i'd totally give you my password, but i haven't updated in three weeks! if i decide to start up again, i will definitely let you know, fret not : ) thanks for asking. R
from jonathan :
To understand Italy and for a good f***ing read I'll fly over for more.
from hausfrau :
Hi, Love your diary. Sorry about the plumbers. Hey, be careful down there this weekend. I've heard there are threatening things in Milano, Verona, Firenze and Venezia (sp?), not sure exactly where you are, and am hoping it is all over blown hype. Take Care.
from sixweasels :
Oh ... and best wishes with the plumbing nightmare.
from sixweasels :
Hi and thanks for visiting Weasel World! It seems we have much in common ... saucy pizza, smoky pubs and retiring at 31 all sound great to me! I've enjoyed exploring your diary this weekend and will definitely be back to read more!

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