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from rabbitwister :
Happy Birthday T.J.
from rabbitwister :
Winds that circle the earth have no choice but to return to their genesis. I tried to be with you, if only in mind, on 4-30. I hope you were comforted in some way.
from rabbitwister :
The Yellow Roses are blooming. You should see them up close.
from rabbitwister :
from rabbitwister :
Greetings. Hope you are feeling in the Pink. Still dancing to Silver Wings. Aim high.
from im2qt2kr :
Hey Ms. Dish! Have you tried taking an anti-histimine (spell?) like Benadryl for the swelling/itching? It can often help. I keep it always around for both me and my Pug dog Bubba, who loves to eat bees (him, not me). Hope you feel better soon.
from tokcocktok :
The knight is HERE! HERE, I tell you!
from markthehulk :
Mark loves you... You had better REALLY be psychic though... :oP
from nascarwidow :
Everything okay? Hugs!
from markthehulk :
'effing brilliant idea... I shall tell my boss I won't be in this week. Reason: I am cool. YAY for me!!!
from metame :
hmmm... ya know it's not a striking resemblance but I have to say I do see why they might have confused you for her :p.
from markthehulk :
Hello my love... I am more than happy to write sad/depressed/pissed off entries if I score an email out of you every day!!! :oP Nah... My diary (as you can see) is a million times happier than my old one and I plan to keep it that way. Love you long time... xxx
from ikss :
I just clicked on your banner...groovy page! :)
from perplexity15 :
By the way, thanks for adding me!
from perplexity15 :
Sure, just type in dishdeter for both the username and password. (It's not as fun as yours, but I hope you like it)
from tokcocktok :
Thanks for your comments :)
from markthehulk :
Thank you for your note. You make me want to cry. I love love love you. Thank you for being there for me Ms Dawn. Well I am out like a fat kid in dodge ball. Love and kisses to you!
from miss-music :
Nice template! Loved the shades story.
from chrislo1112 :
I just discovered your diary a couple days ago. After reading one entry, I added you to my favorites. Reading you is kind of like a sitcom. I have to ask, where did you get "Dishdeter?"
from sensualminx :
Good to hear you're getting a brand spankin' new layout. You deserve it! But you're wonderfully entertaining, no matter what your diary looks like :)
from im2qt2kr :
I read you're entry today and loved it so I've added you to my favs. list.
from ihatejodie :
oh, it sounds like they're doing the "she didn't break up with us, we broke up with her" thing.
from caela :
Elora is a small town in Southwestern Ontario...I'm stage managing a show right now with their community theatre group. It's about a half-hour drive from where I live (Waterloo), on back roads...which is why I'm always moaning about the snow. Hehe. If you're interested, here's a link:
from angelxtoots :
LMFAO that was a very hillarious prank! I love pranks and that is by far the best I have ever heard. I am enjoying ur diary=) keep writing.
from am-designs :
and i thought that my family was the worst about playing practical jokes.
from markthehulk :
Guess who's back... Missed you muchly! New diary, as you can see (though I kept the same template as I love it so). Talk to you soon PP Head... :oP Lots of love ~Me
from johnnyhollow :
Heh, I get the exact same feeling when my mom hands me a Seventeen magazine. I never look through it though, well I used to go through it and warp the models using my magical Sharpies. I felt out of place with all of the new styles popping up every week, which is one reason why I stick with my HotTopic clothes and don't really care too much what I should and shouldn't wear. And I love the fact you think the same way too, I dress pretty much the same way as you do including the boots except for the fact I wear industrial rave pants and not jeans XD.
from idiot-milk :
Evil MAYBE, but also thrifty! And whatever, foster kids are totally asking to be used and abused, dressed like that.
from luvliv :
Your funny as hell....I have no freakin clue how I stumbled upon your diary( it was about a week ago) but my goodness woman!? words cant describe how your scarcasm(sp?- sorry...yes! I can't spell;) entertains the heck out of me! Keep writing! haha! God Bless you.
from simply-red :
Hilarious, and sad, and just plain interesting. That's your diary. It's like a slice of life. Hi, I'm Red, I found your diary by clicking on your banner "What everybody thinks but doesn't admit". And the current entry was about women, b.m.'s, and toilet etiquette. Perfect, just perfect. - - - - ;-)
from moviegrrl :
I love your diary! Love it Love it Love it! BUT!!!! Why ohwhy are you still using a crappy DLAND template!!! Get yourself over to Beautify RIGHT NOW - do you hear me woman?!!!!
from scarydoll :
I love your writing! You are very very funny. ;)
from scarydoll :
I love your writing! You are very very funny. ;)
from banefulvenus :
you have a great thing goin' on!
from candoor :
I see only six entries and yet it feels as though you've been around forever...
from mnowicki81 :
Hey Dawn... By the time you get this note my diary should probably be no more. I would love to stay in email contact with you as you are a wonderful person. Thanks for all of you love and support. Mark
from mnowicki81 :
Hey Dawn. I hope all is well with you. Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi. I am considering giving up on the whole diary thing (writing, not reading). It is becoming less and less helpful when I vent my frustrations. Anyhoo... Take care, lots of love. ~Me
from mnowicki81 :
Hope you had a nice Christmas... Take care ~Me
from mnowicki81 :
Thanks for your note. It was very sweet of you. I'm in a bit of a dark place at the moment. Nice to know that people truly care. Lots of love ~Mark
from mnowicki81 :
I want to update, I really do... I often type up diary entries and just backspace them all. Full of confusion at the moment... Thanks for setting me back up. Hope you are feeling better. Lots of love. -Me
from mnowicki81 :
My password won't work!!!!
from mnowicki81 :
Thanks for your note. I am so glad I stumbled across your diary. I wish my entries could be more uplifting (but I always seem to be forlorn these days. Hope you are well. Take care. -Me
from mnowicki81 :
Of course you can steal that survey. I shall have to play you in a game of Trivial Pursuit... I hate blowing my own trumpet, but I am pretty damned good at the game!!! :oP
from mnowicki81 :
Artistic licence you say? I thought it odd that the officers who were filming the site were killed, yet no one went down to check out why they hadn't come back out. OK... fine, I will visit Texas. I am glad you like my ramblings (never heard anyone call my dribble poetry before). You are too sweet. Be good and lots of love - ME. ps don't worry, I am bound to get the shits soon enough, so there will be plenty of angry
from mnowicki81 :
You've seen the house? Good Lord!!! Well if you can tell me where he is, I will happily visit you if I am satisfied with your answer.. lol
from mnowicki81 :
I am sure Texas is lovely... Until they find "leatherface" or his remnants I refuse to come and visit your lovely home state... lol :oP
from wench77 :
Hey!: "But I don't want you imagining me, Wench. ;)" And why the hell not??... actually one always imagines something... I think of a little dutch boy with a cap with a dishtowel in his hands when I read "dishdeter"... maybe because it sounds sort of dutch and deter sounds like peter? How do you like that?? But THIS: "Barbie with brunette hair." is just scary!! You'd need a LOT of body mods for that, and those tiny feet would never hold up your huge head! But I can imagine a brunette dutchboy barbie if you like! LOL! thanks ever so much for doing my survey... the results are fascinatingly varied!
from babymou :
i've been reading your diary for the past month or so and find the way you think and the things you write very interesting. i have gathered inspiration many times too and found similarities to my own life past in many ways. please can i have access again. I enjoy it so much.
from mnowicki81 :
heeeeeeeeeeeey... no fair. I can't read your diary anymore... :o(
from wench77 :
oh, it wasnt bad, that I said "is it true?", it was more wistfully hopeful. I like to make people laugh. At least two people now have become my lovers when it became apparent I made them laugh. I am happier with that than making people angry, uncomfortable, frustrated, guilty, sad, miserable, and many other things. I am glad you find my entries funny. yay!! :)
from nascarwidow :
I don't have your email but would love to have the password. I've been reading everyday for about 2 weeks and would miss your entries.
from wench77 :
I make you laugh? is it true???
from chadin :
Would you say that I have a plethora of pinatas?
from mnowicki81 :
I am glad I can bring a smile to your dial. :oP Just in reply to your note, Munchkin will probably never read what I wrote about her. It doesn't matter too much though... :o)
from mnowicki81 :
Thanks for your note (well all of them actually). From reading your diary, which I do over and over again, I can see that you undoubtedly can feel my pain, because you feel it too.
from mnowicki81 :
What can I say??? I love you too :oP
from hadassah :
you rock girl. Gotta love attitude.! I'll be back to read for sure.
from red-savannah :
Originally here as part of the conspiracy :) I read your whole diary, and I love it. We're going through/have gone through a lot of the same things...people are bastards sometimes, no?
from mom-on-roof :
Hi hon, popped in on your banner and ended up reading your entire diary. You now have your own personal life-affirmation slash stalker slash cheerleader here. Don't hate me because I'm supportive.
from dust-settle :
yeah your banners are working, thats how i got here. good luck finding the person you're looking for. take care -michelle
from dia4 :
Hello. Just found you diary (by way of your banner). I like it. Hope to read more soon.
from pnkpnthr :
Just clicked on your banner and couldn't stop reading.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island and thanks so much for adding my diary to your diaryland favorites list!

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