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from emoshelley :
i love you so much sarah. you're the best. you're so pretty. ah! perfection at its best. hehe. woah. i just said 'hehe' anyhoo i love your layout. *wink wink* xoxo shelley <3
from threefifteen :
I have SO many goals. They're all based in Houston. P.S. I start working on Thursday. Well it's training but it's still good. Bar
from emoshelley :
sarah. you brought the tears out that have been traped in my body since last monday. that was the best thing i have ever heard. i'm so glad we're bestfriends. you are my everything. you keep me alive. you are why i am what i am today. i love you so much. i would do ANYTHING for you. even be a torso. i <3 you! = )
from emoshelley :
sarah i love you so much. if you even need to talk to me about ANYTHING please feel free. i want to hear everything you have to say. even if it is the annoying things i do. i love you! <3 : )
from emoshelley :
dear sarah, i had so much fun lastnight. i would have cried tears of happyness if i wasen't such a tin man. anyhoo. i love you so much. i don't know where i would be without you. you're the greatest person on earth. i love you <3<3 xo shelley
from emoshelley :
sar! i'm going to miss you so much! i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm really scared. and you aren't going to be there with me to help me like you always are. i'll try and talk to you every day. i love you so much! <3 shelley. xoxo <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 YOU'RE SO PRETTY!
from emoshelley :
i love you too times infinity. <3 ps. you're pretty = )
from emoshelley :
i love you too sar! yeeeeaaaahhhh. = ) <3<3 xoxo
from eversorad :
happy day before valentine's. i love you and you are very pretty. inside and out. love you sar...more than ill ever be able to say with words. <3<3<3<3
from threefifteen :
Hey Sarah, I just signed your guestbook and now I'm signing your notes. You know how much I love your diary and how much respect and admiration I have for you and your writing. It's amazing. You're amazing. I love you SOOOO much Sar!! Barry
from emoshelley :
dear sarah, i'm glad we are so close. i really like you. you're so amazing. i'm lucky to be living with you at the moment. you make life worth living. i'm glad you are my sister. you're the coolest. MUCH better than tookie. <3,shelley. ps: wow, you're pretty.
from satinfire :
hey... you have yourself a new reader! i love music so much too!! lol AND ive been wanting to play guitar for far too long, and I might finally get one this weekend (huge sale at samash) hehe i need to LEARN! well keep up the writing Ill be reading LATER
from joolieboolie :
I think this might be love.
from threefifteen :
Hey Sarahhhh, I love you sooooooo much...and I love listening to internet radio with you. It's grrrreeeeat watching the clock on realplayer move. Haha you know you like it. I love you SOOOOOOOO much, Bar
from newyears :
we'll toughen things up for barry tonight! request some shiznit. thanksforlistening. xoxo.
from recall :
wow, this is really awesome. i love it. i will be back. take care. xo.
from unamerican :
i keep finding those truth ads in catalogs. bright orange papers to cut out and put on car windshields. heh.
from threefifteen :
Hey Sarah, I LOVE frenching you, mmmmm. Haha it feels so....gooood. your french partner and great boyfriend, Barry I love you SOOOOOOOO much baby!
from documented :
she definitely had some sort of "vintage underwear smell"....
from emoshelley :
remeber our friend named tookie with the jerry curl? she smelt like vintaged underwear.
from threefifteen :
Hey Sar, your diary is "MINT". I love it SOOO much. You're the best. Keep up the great, super rad writing. I love you sooooooo much sweetie, Barry
from emoshelley :
i'm glad we shared the same canal too. its nice. whenever i went through i knew someone cool swam out 5 years before me..i really did! haha later sis <3 shell xxxx
from emoshelley :
dear sarah, you=laaame haha <3 shell
from emoshelley :
dear sarah, i'm really glad i get to spend new years with you and barry. i'm really excited because you and barry rock soooo much. you guys are the two most rockin people that have EVER walked on this earth..and ever will. i love you. i'm glad your my sister...and i'm also glad you don't think i suck like no other. i love you soooooo much sar. i really do. haha well peace out g. <3 shelley
from heartshaped :

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