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from apartifall :
Hey Casey! It is Vanessa, it's been a long time! I left diaryland for livejournal, once my paid account was over-- I felt I did enough justice for this journal, i am contemplating coming back after a year of not writing here though... Anyways, i was wondering if you could add me to your DownForever, and ForeverDOWN journals, and leave me a password. I miss reading your old entries-- they were some of the most interesting ones emotionally & I could relate to them a lot.. Thanks casey! Write me back, ASAP !Vanessa!
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays:)
from thenicried4u :
hey! I hate to see ya go! But I understand! God bless in all you do! In His love, Nikie :-D
from grumpystar :
hey there. i've been reading your diary for a while and i just wannna comment on your last entry a bit. i'm really sorry you didn't get to see john reuben live, he's really kickin'. sorta lame, but you know. anyway, having friends like that is a part of life it seems... everything's in God's hands though. ... oh and i love hey ya by outkast too. :) "shake it like a polaroid"!
from shell-ee :
hey guy. you're hittin' it up at fat cat's in houston!!! I'll try to make it out... thatd be neat.
from thenicried4u :
I'll keep you in my prayers, about everything. I really hope things look up! God bless! In His <3, N*
from cleorock :
hey..uh, i know is not much, but im here for ya men... take care.
from starry79 :
i hope you don't feel lonely like that too much longer. I know how it feels although I wish I didn't. I also have stubborn friends like Jordan..but his name's Nick. I do have to say though, that feeling bad always inspires the best songs. I know that much too. HAve a good day.
from wolfgirl88 :
What a story!
from kill-my-star :
weakerthans=from my city n_n [one great city! winnipeg haha]. im going to see their show on the fourth of october, i hope... anyhow, thats all, carry on sir.
from cutie1083 :
Sad to see you go :(
from lay-me-out :
You're very welcome! It wouldn't be right of me not to link to you! Your music is amazing so you should keep making it so I can keep listening to it. talk to you on im sometime soon again (starrsparkel)
from greenfinch :
aw, buck up little camper.
from gloryxxfades :
i think your diary is cool &so is your taste in music. can i get to know you? ♥
from abarrelofsun :
erm.. wow, i read that ridiculously long survey of yours for, well, no good reason at all. sigh. the story of my life. anyway then, i love your layout. i suppose thats it, really, but im just in such awe i thought id write. ;) very.. fantastic.
from gonnabeastar :
hi i found your diary searching the rocket summer and realized i had read it before so i might as well leav eyou a little somethingsomething. i like it. you're very cool.
from thenicried4u :
I just wanted to say I've read your lyrics and I really found them powerful, but then I listened to the mp3's and was absolutely amazed! <3 & God bless, Nikie :-D
from waterpins :
very cool. i'll come back to read up on you.
from waterpins :
clicked a banner. you like halifax? cool. do you live in CA?
from duckymonkey :
Donnie Darko is an awesome movie. And Ninja Turtles are nifty also. That's all. Hallo.
from cleorock :
hi, i always ask for permision to get someone on me fav list...some people don't like it... so do i have permission to get you on my list?
from wolfgirl88 :
I'm very happy for you! ^_^
from alyak :
Hey. You don't suck. You're entries are a lot like me, so if I tell you you suck, that makes me suck, and that's not cool. So we'll suck together and just pretend that we're cool. lol. That probably made no sense, but you'll have to forgive me; I'm running on no sleep. Just thought I'd tell ya you don't suck. Have a good day.
from direwulf :
Best 5k? About 16:40 or so....I like running them but I'm not so good at the shorter distances. 5 mile---27 flat...half marathon---1 hour 15.
from notquiteoct :
wow, i feel privledged being on 'the list'..but anyways, yeah i like that line, but of course i'd hope you recognized where i got it from..donnie, everyone thinks im trying to be all depressed when they read my pisses me off, becuase no one even knows what im writing about.
from karensuep :
Hey! I just stumbled on your diary. I think I like it. I'll have to read more. Have fun! <>�<
from silverbiker :
i simply adore your diary..i shall be coming quite often to well i added you to my favs..
from childofdark :
does piercing ur lip hurt a lot? I was thinking about getting one so i'm just asking
from carolinka :
hey i found ur diary at random but it completely sucked me in.its awesome i love reading it, its fun to read and very interesting... �keep on duin the good job and i hope that ull check out my diary too...anywayz. ill talk to you later, hopefully and ill step by sometime love, alwayz Caroline
from sixtwo-one03 :
from bobrules :
It's neither actually. It's definitely with an I. Lots of people spell it with an A though.
from quebrado :
hi. I love your layout.
from downforever :
its out now... and talking to them doesn't work. I am getting it redone in a year. They tell me that I don't respect them enough to take it out, but that bull goes two ways. They don't respect me and my decision enough to let me leave it in.
from ypmits :
there's no point in anger when it's not derivitive of your own problems. for now, under the roof of another (and perhaps the many to follow), life will be compromised. then again, is it not always? how big was the ring? -stimpy
from comictragedy :
Casey, sure maybe you don't suport yourself, but hey like they say, your 18. Your a legal adult, well in Canada anyways when your 18 you are. You can do what you want when you want. But remember they desisions you make now can effect you for the rest of your life. I think that you should stand your ground a little longer, and then sit them down and have a good talk about it, with out arguing or anything, just a good talk. *GigGleS* Courtney
from bobrules :
It sucks, but what do you expect? They're parents. Parents do crap like that. While it makes no logical sense to you or I, apparently it does to them.
from sillyemo :
Hi this is kat i saw your diary thingie and i thought it was prettyful so i thought i'd leave you a note. So here i'am leaving you a note. You like some pretty awsome bands.Well check my diary out if u have time it's pretty much uneventful but it's okay humore me =) HeArTs, KaT
from endlesscry :
this is endlesscry.. i got another diary. cya.
from radiowire :
i don't agree with your god, but i do agree with your layout. it's beautiful.
from bobrules :
I have also found it to be true that when a girl says, "I don't want a relationship right now," what they really mean is, "I don't want a relationship with you." One of my other friends got fed that line a few months ago and now she's dating another guy. Girls suck.
from apartifall :
I hear you on all of that... bleh. Four words "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure... yay. :|
from dig-deep :
I'm sure you get this all the time, but hey, what's the harm, no? My friend downloaded and burned one of your songs onto a CD and insisted that I listen to it, although I had never read your diary and it had no significance to me whatsoever, but, honestly, it's amazing. I truly enjoyed it, and I am very picky about my music. I do not listen to drivel and nonsense. So yes, I wanted to say Congrats on your talent, and all that jazz. Not like I'm the first person to give you that compliment, eh? *Combat*
from lost-mistake :
I LOVE the " I miss you, I love you" song sooooo much. Its just wow, you rock.~Rachel~
from musicland :
i love the art for the cd and i want to buy a copy when they are made so just let me know
from apartifall :
the lip ing works good, i love the hair, i wonder how you would look with black hair hmmm.. but you have beautiful blonde hair soooo maybe going black would be wrong.. i'm still diggin the song. haha yur going to be famous. save me a cd ;]
from wolfgirl88 :
Ahh! Quite the cutie! ;) You know, a lip ring would look fine, but how would you kiss someone with it? XP
from apartifall :
your song has my head spinning. just... wow.. blah it describes what i've been feeling for awhile mow, sort of. You have a beautiful voice. I love it. I'd love to hear more of your work. -le sigh.
from thenicried4u :
I'll have to make sure I keep checking out your website because I would LOVE a CD. I had to go back and read some of your past entries because I haven't been around. And it sounds like you had tons of fun at Cornerstone! Welters, have a great day/week/month/year! God bless! luv, *Nikie*
from x-my-heart4 :
its so..awesome about you and cornerstone. effing _excellent_...anyhow..keep on keepin' on.
from screemingink :
hello, i really like your writing, and the template is great. My friend and i wanted to go to cornerstone, but we weren't able to, we hope to go some time, in our high school career, tho! Heh, c.s. lewis is sweet, etc, etc. You seem like a cool person. like your blog. i'm out-------~Miss Takes~
from lovemetwice :
you're beautiful. you're writing.layout everything. i'm so impressed by you. xoxoxox. have fun in cornerstone. <3
from fairytale1 :
my friends are going to Cornerstone. Have a great time!
from musicland :
im so happy for you darling... may all your dreams come true. SMILE
from orchdreamer :
I really LOVED your songs! keep up the great work, you definitly have talent there (my favorite was "should I be the first" ::smiles::) hope your day was wonderful. bye
from wolfgirl88 :
That really sucks! For someone to lie to you when they've been caught and then continue to lie as if they are indifferent to the situation...ugg. *gives a hug*
from thebabygrand :
Was that really your music? You are surprisingly awesome! I like your lyrics too. Update me when you come out with new songs!
from solgarm :
There is a band called Halifax? absurd, I live in a town named Halifax.
from babysgotagun :
You have an amazing layout, and I really enjoy your writing. I'll be listening to some of your recordings later on.
from dead2you :
I listened to your songs, I loved them, they are beautiful and you have a great voice. beautiful...
from wings-x02 :
boy;; reading yr words made me smile. i swear i could hear guitar rifts in those phrases. don't // stop //.
from my-last-word :
and i listened to your music too.. its so beautiful it made me cry.. xx
from my-last-word :
oh.. super cool
from ijustmoveon :
I like your design. It's a bit image-intensive, but very cool. Do you design your own stuff? It's nice. And a musician, too... very cool.
from dying-beauty :
you seem so cool i think ill list you.
from x-my-heart4 : the wrong word. but its the first one that comes to mind.
from thenicried4u :
ok! Thanks!
from pinkwalls :
lol i know, i guess i was being a dork and responding. heh, later.
from pinkwalls :
good to know, alison.
from kill-my-star :
and ill add you on my other account as well. other one being..this one..yeah. i like your taste in music and authors and your words are nice. have you ever read choke or survivor by palahniuk? good stuff. i have yet to read lullaby though. and invisible monsters just looks lame.
from dead2you :
Your poetry and the songs you write are truly lovely.
from x-my-heart4 :
hmm. your diary is fantastic.
from madjennykidd :
Hey, I just listened to your song "Should I Ne the First" and it's pretty rad. I really like your lyrics for "Feature Presentation." Keep on rockin'. - cyn
from soror :
Hi foreverDOWN, I was reading your diary, you seem to be such a great and precious person. I respect your faith a lot! And your relationship with Sarah is beautiful as well!
from downforever :
I don't guess getting stone helps much at all.... unless you are trying to run away from your problems. Drugs are a nice escape. Even more so than God huh? Thanks for sharing your opinion, and I am sorry that you think that. If you want to talk about all this sometime I am up for it. Hit me on AIM.
from e2ek1a7 :
god does not exist. he is made up out of fear, humans are just scared of death and selfish therefore they try to give themselves a special meaning for living. in a hope that there life wasn't in vain. if that makes sense. doesn't help when you are stoned.
from dust-settle :
*toasts your #100* and i thought your song was wonderfully written. good stuff.
from lostunicorn :
I like your song lyrics:) Feature presentation is an awesome title. Lostunicorn x
from xtension42 :
Well, I hate to throw people into such general catagories. You'd probably be a little of both anyway. IM me sometime if you want.
from brokenxbones :
i saw a banner for your diary and i liked it so i decided to check it out. i havnt read any of it yet, but i downloaded that song "should i be the first". is that you singing/playing guitar? if so, wow. i like it a lot.
from xtension42 :
You diary looks good and I admire your respect for God. I am thinking about filling the little survey thing you have, just for entertainment, so tell me if youwant me to send it to you. Also, you are wrong when you assume that girls never want sensative guys.
from bprpsc :
I couldn't resist your banner... and I'm all giddy because I ADORE finding other Christians on the net... so therefore you have one the prize of a nice long rambling note from me. i enjoy talking to random strangers (in case you couldn't tell) Onwards! yay for Jesus. I'm a little starved for Christ in general lately b/c my family is Anglican.. and there's very little spirituality and far too much ritualistic bullshit. And also b/c I work every Sunday and I'm too busy to go to youthgroup. So there's my life story.... make my day and check out my site and some of my horrible poetry(sign the guestbook(PLEASE)... I'm trying to push the blasted thing and no one ever does)
from musicland :
its so im sitting here harmonizing to it now... im really liking it
from musicland :
You know a song is truely great if i sing along after hearing it a few times... Amazing. You are very talented..and that is such a compliment coming from a singer myself. you have a beautiful voice. And on top of it all have the ability to write great lyrics and guitar to go with it. i am truely impressed. I liked the emotion you put behind it... it was as if you truely felt every word that you were singing! If you keep producing songs like this i have no doubt in my mind you will go far. Well id be looking forward to hearing more! If you ever need someone to listen to something you are unsure of or just give you a hand you can lean my way. you are excellent. keep up the good work.
from comictragedy :
Casey, that was such a good song, oh my gosh, it is so great, i love it. Honestly. I am very critical of music, and that was great, i love. Keep singing, and writing, that will definatly take you and your band somewhere someday. *GigGleS* Courtney
from katehackett :
LOOOOOOOOVE your layout...but add a way to contact you :O)
from notquiteoct :
and things will never be the same
from fairy-x-dust :
you are fucking amazing. thank you thank you thank you. <3 alexandra
from musicland :
i attempt to listen to your song and it didnt work..the link anyway...just letting you know
from punkrawkjodi :
Hey! I tired to listen to your song and it wouldn't work. The link wouldn't anyway. Maybe I'm the only one with this problem. I just thought I'd tell ya. -Jodi
from musicland :
just thought id say hello... and let you know that you may want to change the last entry of your old diary. If you are trying to avoid people being able to link back to it if they search on google and get that name they can easily retreive this one. Just thought I'd let you know! Anyway have a good day. keep on smiling!
from comictragedy :
hey, okay i will just delete the name, but one question on you last note, it was very kind of you but i didn't really understand it, at the end of it you wrote..."have a good night, your the opposite of bad"......i just didn't really get it. *GigGleS* Courtney
from comictragedy :
hey thanks for letting me know, even though i already added downforever, but hey im a forgetful person so it helps when people tell me things twice, hehehehe, i was also wondering are you going to be writing anything else on foreverdown, so i don't miss anything if i delete it? *GigGleS* Courtney
from ironicalgrl :
Hey! Thanks for letting me know. Your diary is so awesome and I enjoy reading it. Keep it up! =)
from killerrabbit :
hey, this is Cinnamon from Viciousdream, I actually moved myself to killerrabbit (*obviously*) but thank you for letting me know about the diary change!
from my-mind :
hey, thanks for letting me know about the diary change. i keep my favorites in alphabetical order, so i was like, man, i'm gonna have to mess with this again, but luckily you were still in the same place hehe. have a lovely day :)
from mojo1915 :
Hello, I hope you have an awesome day! :)

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