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from might-could :
Hiya. Typepad looks good! I remember you mentioning it but I didn't know what it was. I'm out of date. : (
from alisama :
I did your astrology rocked. I'm such a freak, but in the comment part at the end I wrote "...I'm not trying to become more well-versed in astrology", but I meant to write that I TOTALLY AM! LOL, especially my boy's. Take care.
from pink1982 :
from might-could :
Hello. In case you didn't get the DL "word" it's: ornot
from hamiltonian :
Yum jambalaya !!
from wiley381 :
Bright Star Ops maybe? If you want to know some Arabic before you go, let me know and I'll hook you up!!
from might-could :
Hmm, Okay, since I'm not going to Louisville this summer anyway, I'll just declare that I refuse to drive across the state of Illinois *due to* renew Illiois' fascist-tendencies. So there! (Okay really it's because I'm taking other trips, but hey).
from bonkrood :
My website is hosted by have good service, it's been a couple years with no complaints from me and there are no limits on email addresses, subdomains, or mySQL databases.
from hamiltonian :
I would agree with that survey but actually go farther than it does with how minors(children) view sex. The rate of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies should rise considerably in the coming years. Meanwhile everyone wants the government to be the answer to all this by mystically forcing people to see things a certain way.
from hamiltonian :
Us strategy must be carried out in a legal and constitutional way, so far that has not happened in a long long time.
from might-could :
I updated mine, thx!
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from themoodswing :
I took the quiz and have discovered I'm an Independent Iguana. I always suspected it was my scaley skin that prevented any boys sticking around *siiiiiigh* :)
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from might-could :
I�m linking to you for this! (too much education, gasp!)
from hipmama979 :
Rox I have worked with kids with DS and there are different levels. There are some that are even mainstreamed into regualar education. My mom works with them on a regular basis and often how well the kid does developmentally depends on the family's involvment and support.
from might-could :
I don't know of any pagan compilations for Yule. I wish I had great vocal talent at least, heck, I'd make one! : )
from ikss :
wowee. So sorry for the new child.
from might-could :
I'm sorry to hear about the family trouble. I have worked w/ DS kids a bit and I've never knows a "mean" one. They are precious dears and hopefully, he will have a "mild" case so he can function highly. So many blessings to you all!
from wiley381 :
Something wrong with #3 or something wrong with me for having #3 on my list? ::smirks:: I'm innocent, I swear. ;)
from might-could :
blessed Yule, I hope these help:
from omnipre5ence :
I feel ya; tired.
from hamiltonian :
I just listen to non commercial stations
from hamiltonian :
happy thanksgiving
from gumphood :
all I am saying is with Less Arabs, there is less wars, and less reason to kill. Its addition through subtraction. I just think we should nuke Mecca. No Wait, we should go back in time, rewrite the Koran, so that they all go to Mecca on New Years, and then nuke it. (you know I am completly fooling around her right?)
from gumphood :
dude, that marine totally did the right thing. Bush wants all arabs dead in this holy war, and so this was a good thing for america. I don't know how you can't see this. It was Bush's god at its finest. Awesome. Praise Allah.
from hamiltonian :
umm I meant Austin! not Lewis... haha my brin is thinking football...
from hamiltonian :
thanks.. I am going in a new direction of being more vocal but with patriot act laws its hard to speak up online. I mean just look at Sherman Lewis...
from hamiltonian :
I love your journal
from might-could :
That would be Diana's Grove and I've gone to STL events which they've participated in. I'm not Reclaiming but I had a friend who was a while back...She's in GA. Thanks, I was having a wiggy moment. I get lots of them these days at work... : (
from might-could : To illustrate what WE have to deal with: my friend was looking at the site above. We weren't talking loudly, we work within 8 feet of a very Pro-Bush person. She jumps up to look in response to my friend saying, "Ah, this is funny" and me saying, "It made me cry." Ms. Bush says, "SHAME ON YOU!" I said as calmly as I could, "Why would you say that?" She snorted and said, "'s *over*. " I said, "We weren't making fun of you, this is something people feel. We're not allowed to be any different that you?" She scolded me like a child, "LR, I was *just* joking." Um, no she wasn't. My family fought for her right to vote. I'm glad she can vote her conscience. I am allowed mine too. There's only one person in this office who is being an ass and it's the Bush person. It's very ugly here (MO, Bush won by 2000 votes).
from annebloom :
I beleive every word that you said. Amin.
from might-could :
Me again, to let you know I'm referencing your entry about the soldiers refusing orders in my diary. Mine's locked so it shouldn't be a big deal but I was going to write about it and you've basically stated what I was going to say! thx
from might-could :
I couldn't agree more w/ your entry today regarding monuments on public buildings.
from theyknew :
Thanks for the kind note in my guestbook. nEo
from wiley381 :
Thanks for hte welcoming. I turned my notes off... yeah... I don't know why, just one of those urges. The funny thing, though, is that I still have my guestbook. I think the link to it is not very... um... obvious... "your public thoughts" on the left hand side. Anyway, hope all is well with you. Thanks again.
from moonsphinx :
Holy shit! Sorry about all those typos. My mind is not in the right place tonight.
from moonsphinx :
Oh you...=P I was jsut giving you a hard time b/c I could. I usually only comment though when I feel I have something interesting to say. I don't knwo much abotu the armed forces and don't haev the sources you doon politics so I just read and learn. I have been a big whine ball for the last few months so don't feel bad. I think it's allowed. Your diary is your space for release!! To get into my diary you just put "open" in the username section and "sesame" in the password. =) Feel better, hon!
from rowan79 :
So the immaturity continues, eh? Sorry that you have to deal with that. I think a little growing up on the part of K is in order.
from wiley381 :
I thought that survey was cool, so I took it too (just to see if we agree in philosophy as well). Turns out, rather than going with Sartre, I'm more of an Objectivist. Eh, guess we can't see eye-to-eye on everything. ;) Later.
from wiley381 :
Even without kids or a degree I think I could have figured that out. In my uneducated parental belief, physical punishment should be used as an immediate repurcussion of a dangerous act. For example, I wouldn't spank a kid for lying or hitting somebody else, but a quick swat when I see a kid about to run into traffic or touch a hot iron to drive home the association of pain and danger with the action is justified. But, I'm just a guy with no degree and no kids, so what do I know?
from moonsphinx :
Password: open sesame
from wiley381 :
No, you don't have to take it down - flattering really. I'm glad you enjoyed the post though I'm certain I probably offened some others - oh well. I am interested to see where you posted it though - you'll have to leave me the url. Anyway, later.
from wiley381 :
not smoking seems to be coming along well - I've slipped a few times but I'm still working at it. That march sounded pretty cool, too bad I won't be able to see you on the news :( Oh well.
from wiley381 :
Since you believe that men and women were equal - what if I show you mine, would you then show me yours? :) j/k - despite the disappointment I'll still be reading your stuff. I love it and agree with so much of what you say.
from wiley381 :
I let my girlfriend read your entry on the women at Abu Ghraib - she is, as well, a liberal feminist - and she loved it. She agrees, it's obvious that women are no better than men when put i the same situations. Good post!
from wiley381 :
'Tis people like those soldiers at Abu Ghraib that re-affirm the superstition that once you join the military you throw out your capability to think. Bastards!
from wiley381 :
I got them by following a link at The actual site was the British Mirror at
from dramoth :
Sure thing! It's called Freebooter Script. I'm amazed it was there the second I opened up photoshop. Guess that shows how rarely I use Pshop anymore. I know I downloaded it from a free site, but I downloaded close to a hundred or more, so I have no clue where to send ya. Sorry! Just try google and fonts, I'm sure that's what I did.
from bai6emc :
Hey there, do you mind if i ask you if you knew what the Font is you're using on your banner for "Roxy" ? Many thanks .. =)
from wiley381 :
You seem to hold more faith in humanity than I. I tend to think that people will just continue to allow the oppression and pain to go on. We're in a trend and unless some serious 60's style rebellion goes on I really fear for the future of our country. The biggest problems I see now are a serious lack of responsibility for one's own actions, and the desire to blame other people. These go hand in hand of course. You're right though, people really need to be woken up some how. They need a real swift kick in the butt. Anyway, glad you liked the entry - just another rant.
from wiley381 :
If you like Fight Club you should read other books by Chuck Palahniuk (Survivor is my favorite so far). All of them contain lots of good comments on life, and are incredibly quotable. I agree, pain is how you know you're alive - that's the exact reason I used to cut myself.
from wiley381 :
I've been guilty of hanging my spine up at the door.... ugh... won't do that again. That's a really good article. Actually, I really like everything you put up. Good stuff.
from parlance :
Sigh. Yes. I can. A combination of both.
from wiley381 :
I like that you have a cause to write about, and still a worthy cause. Being Feminist, to any extent and in any of its many forms, often draws bad attention because you often find those women who want "equal rights & special treatment." ie.. treat me as an equal, but hold the door for me. I like that you actually are looking for EQUAL rights in the truest sense of the word. Wonderfull - not to mention I love your writing style.
from anonadada72 :
4/6/04: I have no idea how I stumbled across your place (a banner maybe?), but I like what I've read and I want to read more, so I've added you to my favorites. Just thought you should know. ~Jess. :)
from pandionna :
Hi! Clicked through on a banner ad. Nifty diary you have here. Please don't mind me while I poke around and think "hell yeah!"
from dabogrl :
Well, the truth is, I'm a Christian. I don't believe that the stars have anything to do with my personality. I believe that heredity and the Holy Spirit affect my personality. Though I still need a lot of work on it. :) I like to read horoscopes because I think they're funny. No offense. I guess everyone needs to think that something is in control of their lives, that it's not just chance. Hmmm... Wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with a hole in their hearts. Oh dear. I should shut up now.
from themoodswing :
*puts her fist in her mouth* You're right, I did get a bit of a wrong impression about you. Well, not you exactly, just your survey. I'm too opinionated for my own good. I'm sorry *begs forgiveness* :)
from parlance :
Will do :)
from parlance :
I can't cook =( I'm jealous of your skills.
from hateyerlife :
)O( hello, i saw your banner and couldn't resist. nice diary.
from aviclark :
Just searching Chicago diaries, and found another FY fan in the process. ^^ I love it when that happens. *waves*
from techielove :
hey- i was looking up the surveys and i clicked on your answers by mistake on pro-life/pro-choice. and i wold definately have to agree with you.
from madam-rose :
hey hun loved the banner and clicked to read your diary. nice site.
from pixie0323 :
Hey! Thanks for the note. I thought your survey was good. To answer your question, I thought it was a little biased towards the Pro-Life side. But you made the survey, so do as you wish! Like I said at the end though, it still was easily open for discussion. I like your diary too!
from rowan79 :
Where oh where did my Roxie go, oh where or where could she be?
from rabidcollie :
The Collie is BACK.
from birdy :
hey, I'm locking my diary this Saturday, and I was wondering, do you want access? if you do then email me with the username and password you want to use, and I'd be happy to set you up. if not then ignore this. ok, byebye.
from dungbeatle :
hey!! Thanks fer the note, heh heh. It reminded me to update, lol.
from banshee-rose :
Hey great diary. good luck with the painting. I am often the only voice of reason too.
from toshchaya :
I have to lock my journal temporarily because my mother is beginning to get snoopy...the user name/password is: help/me.
from grubbygirl :
EEE! I just noticed what college you're attending! I went there too! Contact me and I will reveal to you the best philosophy teacher in the entire world.
from bledwhite440 :
Hey! Just noticed u visited from my counter. Actually, my diary is at now. I just use my bledwhite account to work on layouts. Lol, sorry!
from jenne1017 :
noticed the libra sign on the banner -- what's the rest mean?
from jdfrogluv :
LOVE the new layout! DEFINATLEY fits your personality more I think!! Glad to hear everything is going good in your life!!
from grubbygirl :
Love the new look! Very cool. :)
from raven72d :
Well... you're a random find...but a fine and intriguing writer.
from ginghampop :
You're welcome for taking your astrology survey; thanks for leaving me a note. :) By no means am I the leading authority on astrology (I keep my interest in it casual), and my info sources are kind of 2nd-hand, but based on them I'm a Piscean Moon and a Capricornian Ascendant.
from mythrandir :
Finally found a free resource for charts that explanes each sign: I hope you have a better week.
from nihilistbear :
please don't thank me for taking them... your surveys are very insightful, and I'm glad I could take them
from banefulvenus :
Love your site!!
from kexposed :
GenCon! Gencon! Gencon! Gencon! *Jumps up and down* I went three years ago I think it was. The anime theatre was SO packed you couldnt even see anything though. You should go sometime though, the anime shops are fun!
from mythrandir :
*bows* Many thank yous. The notes you left me made me feel very good and appriciated. When I started writing in this log, I didn't expect to find like-minds. I'm happy to have found your diary and to have the opportunity to (sort-of) meet you.
from majesticfsh :
Well, my life actually isn't that's just that this is my place to vent, so I come across as a whiney emo boy.
from rabidcollie :
Why, thank you! To tell you the truth, I've thought about making free templates, but I just wouldn't have the time to manage them.
from rabidcollie :
First: I was just in a cranky-pants mood when I took that survey. Second: Yay for choice.
from rabidcollie :
Haha! We are sexy mamas.
from grubbygirl :
Thanks for signing my guestbook...notebook...thing, on my diary, LOL! You rock! I'm adding you to my favorites. :) P.S. Is that like Ramoth from the Dragonriders of Pern books?
from rabidcollie :
I love you even more know because you also dig Strings of Fate. And hey, make more surveys. Yours are cool, and actually intellagent.
from slaveofspike :
The reason I said that I prefer not to answer, is that I do not believe in God...and that was just a whole can of worms I preferred not to open...sorry.
from melonpoet :
Oh you added me thankies so much! Now I actually have a reason to post!
from warwagon1 :
ok so let me get this straight ((in conclusion to your oh so lovely note left for me in regards to your abortion survey)) You're comparing a potential child to bacteria? No honestly, if you're a girl ((which I do believe you are)) just for writing/saying that I honestly think you should have a hysterectomy. Proudly I stand as a mother and I've had my fair share of bad spills which left me in a ditch as far as miscarrying is concerned. If anyone can go through that intention heartbreak I must say there's something wrong with them. Eww don't like kids? Get a hysterectomy. Eww Gonna leave stretch marks? Deal with it, get a hysterectomy. Too scared or young? Then why the fuck were you romping in the bed in the first place? We have to deal with the reprocussions of our actions and not let science give us an easy way out.... Ladies and gents. Pro-Choice is one more reason why the American people suck. -War Wagon
from franka :
Hey thanks for reading/liking my answers. I was afraid I offended people because my opinions are impossible to suppress. Your survey definitely got me more hyped up than any so far. (Thats a good thing.) Thanks for encouraging intelligent debate! :)
from saraken :
think* - in case you couldn't figure it out (I'm stupid... and confused. Help me.)
from saraken :
Don't take it personally that I called your survey stupid. I say that to everyone. And it didn't really make me thing. I'm probably just too stupid to understand what I was supposed to think about.
from catercow :
You said you were interested by my meantion of a goat. Well it stands for a guy I like.......he looks like a goat, IN A GOOD WAY! Because he has a goatee.........I just thought I should tell you that because you said you were intrigued.
from rabidcollie :
To answer yyour questions about my answers to your tarot survey: In the deck I personally use (Cat People), the four of swords symbolizes rest after illness, repose, solitude, abandonment, exile, etc. Quite contradictory, eh? I tend to be so as well. I'm a typical Gemini, you see. I change moods, outlooks, whatnot, very quickly. Also, I have spent a good portion of my life as a loner. As for the Moon, it can be interpreted as negative or positive. One of the things it symbolizes is hidden enemies. As I am not very strong, I have to act in conflicts by using trickery or stealth. There's probably some psychological aspects. Like that I'm a freak.
from darkminds :
heh heh yeah...its not that bad though, most of the time i can control it...or at least when im not playing videogames lol
from elvenstar979 :
Hey! I saw your note and i just wanted to say thnx for leaving one! anyways, i respect your opinion, but i think otherwise. I have learned this since I was born, and I believe it. God gave mankind free will. Therefore, he does not cause abortions to happen, men do. He just gave mankind the power to do so.
from buckingham :
Thanks. Your surveys are very interesting, I've done a whole bunch :)
from darkminds :
uhm ok ill guess ill do that then tomorrow
from jesser1804 :
Hi there. Thank you for not taking my answers to your survey defensively even though you disagree with them. I don't know much about involuntary manslaughter, except that I it is not issued every the accident results in death. A friend of mine hit another vehicle, the woman died, and neither were found at fault (she had passed out at the wheel due to a medical problem), nor was he charged with involuntary manslaughter. Regardless, perhaps my example for #7 wasn't very good because, once again, I don't know very much about such charges.
from superfoxx :
Actually, you should check out and because you get free personal daily horoscopes and a whole bunch of chart interpretations. :)
from yosho-jurai :
Hello dramoth. I found your quiz to be very interesting. I enjoyed taking it greatly and as for my quote, "With these same hands that loved you, I could kill you." comes from a person very dear to me. I prefer to keep it at that hehehe, since now it best suits myself.
from grassyheart :
I find your quizes and diary quite interesting. I would be interested to know how you answered your own quizes. Thank you for challenging my mind.
from aqua-luna :
Thanks for leaving a note :) I just started studying astrology and found your survey interesting. I noticed that too, plenty of Sag's taking your survey...I wonder why? Lol, I do seem to have an over abundance of fire in my chart. Thank you for making such a stimulating survey on astrology. :) ~Aqua
from zaraya :
thanks for your comments on my survey...yeah, the last things you said do make sense. i understand where youre coming from. maybe if i was a smoker & my brother died of lung cancer i would feel somewhat guilty, but i wouldnt feel like a murderer. ill see if i can find some of your other surveys. maybe you could leave me a note telling me some of the titles? cool. .oUt.
from argolam :
I can understand writing a survey to incite responses, because it is, after all, their purpose. My response to your survey was not a personal attack on you, don't take it so hard. What I did do was get aggravated a little bit by your blatant ignorance of the subject, and if it seemed like a personal attack on you, then I apologise.
from sourgirl420 :
i suppose I didn't feel the need to blow up. Believe me, had I wanted to, I would of.
from tobehis :
I'm sorry that you disagree with my answers to your survey. But, I respect your ideas. I don't have it in my profile, but the best book on Earth is the Bible. Please take a look at Psalm 139. ;) God bless!
from isra :
So I just filled out your Chicago survey and used Mitsuwa/Yaohan as one of my answers and kinda figured this person wouldn't know what it was. Then i looked at your profile and realized you like j-pop/j-rock also, so you probably would know what's up. Right on. I dig the diary (even if i had to go back a few entries to find one that wasn't just a quiz result ^_^)
from c-troi :
sup, yo. =) =P i REALLY liked that astrology survey. i FINALLY learned about what in the world my friends were taking about. I don't know about the whole Virgo thing, tho. My friend is a Virgo and i am the COMPLETE opposite if her. (did i mention that i was a sag? ;) =P) they would mention, "oh my rising sign blah-blah-blah.. and this-that is in retrograde..." so NOW i understand. ;) it was very helpful, btw. so, i tank youse again. *smiles* i LUV your profile and the fact that you love TAROT! i have a gemstones tarot deck and since i specialize in stone magick, it works VERY well for me. ;) oh and your a TNG fan?! that is awesome. and i think you'll agree that Jean Luke Pickard is the best captain, no? lol. tanks for the note. *smiles* and for the buddy adding. i don't want to lose ya in the void of the diaries. dum-dum-dummm... ;)
from piratesgold :
hi, thanks for the note!! love your profile and your diary!
from nicolerenee :
umm, regarding your question...yes, God does give us a is called free will. What humans do with that is out of is his hands. And yes, that survey was thought provoking...although I am sturdy in my beliefs, I like to hear (read) what other ppl think about certain subjects.
from soulkitten77 :
hey thanks.. it was a good survey. i forgot to write it but in case you don't know already check out ... have a good one
from lazygenius :
Hey no problem, glad you enjoyed it. Hope it gave you something to think about. Make some more surveys! Peace
from me-whoelse :
wow, I fill out surveys all the time and that's the first response I've gotten. woo! Everybody's stereotypes should be shattered...maybe someday I'll find a Capricorn I truly like...
from reviews2000 :
Hey, this is Kayleigh @ reviews2000 and you diary has been reviewed :) Go to To view it.
from birdy :
hah, don't worry, fights break out in my notes and through my email all the time! :D
from sylvershyne :
Ok, thank you for signing my guestbook! Thanks again for all the compliments. I hope you have enough free time to do what you want, like adding a guestbook like you said! :) Thanks again for all the complments. I am really glad you like my dairy, you were the first one to list it as a favorite.
from birdy :
I just realized I never thanked you for stopping by my diary and leaving me a note, I really appreciated it! I'm a survey addict and I like yours, but they make me think deeper than I usually do. So I've started doing the religion survey several times but haven't gotten to the end. I will soon, I promise! haha.
from sylvershyne :
Hey, thanks for adding me to your favorite diarys list. I love that servey, it did make me think because I never really took a servey that actually had something to do with current events and things that really do matter. Anyway, thanks for leaveing me a note. I like your diary too. It's cool that you are in the Army Reserves. I myself am to young to be in the military and truthfully could probably never make it but my grandfather is a Master Sergent in the Air Force Guards. I am not into the tarot thing as you are and I do have a religion I follow, not a philosophy, but you sound very interesting and educated-I hope you find the philosophy that you can live by happily. ~Kayleigh
from clarinerd :
Hey, thanks for joining the cubs-fans diaryring!
from rotsh :
Hey, thanks for leaving me a note :) I liked filling out your survey because I never really answered those kinds of questions straight out, like I'd always say 'I'm not sure' or something. So thank you! Yea, I'm a Fight Club freak...project mayhem and all :)

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