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from laura-777 :
hello update on my latest diary. do you remember me??? gothangel nolonger
from gothangel :
hello. happy new year. wishing you one that filled with desirements and accomplished goals. well i moved from miami,fl and relocated near tampa,fl and am a nurse at this ALF. adult living facility, and take care of althimers patients. so i love it and have my own place. 2 of my goals were to move up in this career as a nurse as well as get a bigger place, apt. and at the end of 2006 my goals were made official. my next goal is to buy a place. thats it for me. hows life treating you? xxoo, ~Laura
from wrap-me-up :
remember me? i miss you!
from neangel :
hey girl how are you? it's been quite a while since we've heard from you here... let me know how to find you now adays... hope all is well!
from sweets73 :
sweetie! where r u? i misses u berry berry much! did you forget about me?
from residentdork :
hahaha....guessss who, sweetie? (K) Ri Rove Rou!
from gothangel :
hi stacy, long time... droppin line saying hello. ^V^
from blakkrayn :
Happy Valentines Day, sweetie. I know you updated LJ and will be continuing regular updates next week but umm, for us that dont really use LJ as much (hint, hint hehe) could you copy/paste it in here? Pwwweese? :) Love ya!
from my-solitaire :
Are you ever returning?
from sweets73 :
sweetie!!! i misses you! i thought it was just me who missed updates not us both! hey! why didnt you tell me you never got your x-mas prezzie in the mail? i got it back yesterday with a stamp saying no such address! so i used the gift card and bought u something... i'ma send it as soon as i get cash to mail it okie.... i'ma write a new letter cause the one that was with the gift cards kinda old now lol! please update soon! i misses you!!! -mariah-
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from blakkrayn :
Mmmkay, so Im leaving another note... cause I miss you. I hope everythings going alright for you. And of course, hope all is well with Nate. Update soon, sometime, please? *bats eyes* lol... Love you.
from my-solitaire :
You're just as bad with updating as I am :oP
from annachan :
Hey thanks for the note. it's good to hear from you. I wish that you would update in your diaryland. Even if you copied and pasted your LJ entries on here, it would still be cool. I just can't seem to ever remember to look at anyone's LJ though. If you haven't noticed, I haven't touched mines in awhile. Anyway, things between Eric and I have been great. I don't know how much you haven't read, but we did have problems for awhile. I guess every once in awhile we have problems, but we always work it out. i think we're really becoming stronger. we've only been doing this for 2 months, but it feel so much longer. even he thinks that it's been longer than that. it's just been pretty amazing overall. everything else in my life is going pretty well. for once, i'm really content with life. how about you? how are you doing? and nate? i hope he's doing well also. please say hi to him for me and give him a hug. i miss him lots. i hope you're doing well. i miss you as well. <3 love for my sis. and tons of hugs.
from blakkrayn :
Heh, Im sneaky *winks* I actually found out by you. You updated your yahoo profile and thats where I saw it since I was updating those lastnight :D You'll have to tell me all about it. Im excited for you, though. Awww, well thank you. I feel blessed having him by my side. Hes an amazing man even if his online games do get on my nerves sometimes lol I love ya gurl.... sweet dreams. xo
from sweets73 :
heya you!!! misses you very much!!! have you gotten my letter and christmas card? hope yea liked the prezzie! nope didnt get the job.. said my "ads" was too low! so i put in my two weeks notice... now my boss is begging me not too cause she "just cant run the store without me" lol... i dont think i'll leave.. i love that job! well off to go clean my room cause mom says cant go to daisys again till its clean... ::heart:: yea!
from cinamonjaide :
Hi Since you are on my buddy list, I figured I would give you the link to my message board community. It's a laid back place with a few online friends. You are welcomed to join if you want. If not, that's fine, but I wanted to extend the invitation and let you know you would be welcomed. Here is the addy:
from pink-circle :
Hey, are you interested in working on the collaborative story? If you are, note back and just let me know. :) /collab.html explains what is going on so far. :) ~Pink

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