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from ocd-and-me :
I live with a devil dog as well, only, mine's of the human kind : )
from nearvana :
Dublingirl, ever see the end of the "Jay and Silent Bob" movie? That's the only bit I ever saw as I was channel-surfing and chanced across it. Anyway, they track down brave people who posted insulting messages about them and the things they like on the net - and beat the hell out of them. I've always wanted to do that. Democracy or not, there is no excuse for ignorance.
from kimgo :
CONGRATS on your event! Sounds great- take a well deserved breather. We are ramping up for 9 weeks of programming beginning March 19 that on Saturdays & Sundays brings 3-4,000 people a day (but we have 140 acres to spread them out in, thank God!) Wish me luck! VRRROOOOMMMM!
from kimgo :
In fact, you are in my favorites list!
from kimgo :
Oh, I think I am the charter ip, and that was NOT me. I would never say such a thing! I am sorry that it happened. Please, keep writing!!!
from kimgo :
I had to laugh as I read you because I work at a botanical garden (we have museum status) and we just went through the same thing! Our Spring newsletter is a week behind production schedule because of easter & mother's day brunches and dealing with our food service providers!!! aaaagggg! ITS JUST FOOD, PEOPLE! Volunteers and interns with lofty ideas and all- it is a grand rollercoaster, eh? Just when I have had it with the "three-ring-circus" effect... I read you. And you made me laugh. Maybe I can make you laugh? Here's a quote: "Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others." -Groucho Marx. Have a better day!
from sephiragrace :
hi there. :) Cute pictures of your dogs. Ireland is so beautiful. I was there in 2001. It was great. :) take care.
from gypsymaiden :
Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your diary. I noticed that you work in a museum. This is what I have dreamed of doing since I was a little girl. Do you have any suggestions on getting into the field???
from annivate :
sounds like the kind of crap an ex boyfriend might pull. fun.
from tariqa :
Came across your diary and enjoyed reading it except for the black print on the very dark brown ground...these old eyes had a hard time. LOL at your exchange with the waiter about your age...too funny! (You might look older after unpacking and setting up your kitchen all day!)
from peytonsplace :
Happy Birthday Clare! Hope you get your "house" delivered soon!
from peytonsplace :
That's a great photo!
from peytonsplace :
That's so funny. I always wondered about people digging stuff out of the trash too.
from frothqueen :
Ahem. Just wanted to applaud you on the use of a Travis lyric as your title...*claps enthusiastically*
from peytonsplace :
Great letter. I would think they will reply and send you some free cuts or something.
from peytonsplace :
Luckily Peyton didn't even notice Ish was gone. He only paid him attention when we said "here, feed Ish." ha ha
from peytonsplace :
I love the new look! Was it Clare who was scared of the ashes last year, or something to that affect?
from cdghost :
came across your diary and enjoyed reading it
from musicchick44 :
I'm still giggling at the "devil dog" banner. Very nice. ;-)
from sumi37 :
I am so excited about the new movie everyone's talking about - "The Beckley Beast"! What do you think the rating will be? From one freak magnet to another - love you! - anna
from keryanna :
Hmmm ... I was considering moving to Denver but never really took into account the whole altitude thing. Actually, never really took into account mountains either. Hmmm ... apparently I didn't think this through a whole hell of alot.
from sumi37 :
hee hee! thought I'd send you a note this way to say that I love your new layout! And ditto on the tooth thing. I could never deal with that, either so I'm right there on the floor with you. Was glad to see that Mick won the show - but was horrified that the poodle allowed its owner to cut its hair that way. Just proves that poodles have no self respect - which I've said all along. anyway - take care - love you! - anna
from sumi37 :
So the whole Hindu theory didn't work, huh? Well - at least that means you won't come back as a birthday party clown or a cricket!!!
from sampsman :
The fact that you like the Pogues is cool enough. The fact that you bag on people from West Vigrinia, well, that's even better. Thank you, you made my day!
from t-m-riddle :
Wow, museum curator, that sounds like one of the awesomest jobs! Wow! Anyway, I like your diary, and welcome to diaryland :)!
from wonderwall :
welcome to d-land :) i too, have naturally red hair, prefer coke over pepsi, and have an everlasting love for u2. what are the chances of that, eh? :)
from dublingirl :
Just a wee test.....

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