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from candoor :
Happy V-Day :)
from straysparrow :
just found my name in your faves.... and now I am curious (oh. and thanks). Sparrow.
from emmie-bee :
Yay! I love halloween! cos its my best mates birthday! Bee xx
from la-the-sage :
Hello. Who are you and why is my stuff here? I don't recall giving anyone permission to re-post my writing somewhere else. Explain yourself, please. ~LA
from myexodus :
:o Dear me..."Could someone bother loving me in a sexual sort of way?" <---Christopher!
from sunnflower :
Thanks for adding my diary to your favorites list!
from candora :
a themeless public site?... no one told me :)
from banefulvenus :
LOVED YOUR BANNER! Your banner brought me to your site and I just had to tell you how great it truly is! :)
from adipose :
I want your email address or something. I totally missed why you were leaving, and I keep on hoping you will be back and that you are okay. You are missed.
from adipose :
I miss you, come back....:(
from sourballs123 :
i wrote the bullshit passage
from adipose :
Oh my G-A-W-D, I fucking love that banner! You are so ahhh, just rock!
from adipose :
I just adore you, you know that? All is well, I am moving out of the house of perpetual damnation and in with a friend. Things are looking up mightly. Thanks for looking for me, it made me feel all sweet and missed.
from spritopias :
Could someone bother loving me in a sexual sort of way? Good Lord.
from asinglegirl :
I've gotta tell you, in case I hadn't mentioned it before, I love that yellow rose.
from spritopias :
yeah, how does one post???
from adipose :
Hey, I feel like a fucking moron but where did the write here/write now button go? I no longer know how to leave an entry.
from asinglegirl :
This is awesome.
from darkfairy13 :
cool layout but why have the past 5 (about) entries been so short? your longer omes are great from what I read
from banefulvenus :
I like the layout of your page.... :)
from lilchrissi :
well shit - hats didnt work you will have to fix the entry I posted on your site
from radioflyer- :
I can see your flower picture and it looks really great! Great layout!
from foxfyre :
the "bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity" thing wasn't mine originally, it's actually just off a picture I got e-mailed to me
from adipose :
I am getting one off of another site that doesn't come to mind right away but it fits be better. I just had to nap the grafic. Shit, I really can't spell. It would be ironic and not even cute to have that as my web design. My diary is nto about hope at all, but about the four things that make my world go round- thinness, violence, sex, and least we forget greed. But thank you very much. If you get a chance you should deleate my little note that I typed into your page to you, and thank you for putting my info on the bottom of my story- whimper/bang.
from adipose :
Thank you for the banner ad, for giving me a link, and for putting me on your favorites. I like your picture, “hope”, so much that it is on the background of my computer at work. Hope as a tent revival side show freak. It sort of fits.
from dominobox :
And I want you to xxx
from p-brain :
"you are not!" what? are you talking about me or moony68? Me being a disgrace to foreign languages or her being a pain in the arse ;) ? If you want me to stop goofing around in your "diary" I will ... NOT! MuaaahaHAHAHAHA...ahh...coughcough.
from tylerskiss :
hell, yeah! t.A.T.u.!!!
from amberfalls :
Hello. Can you e-mail me the jpeg for the banner add you created? I'd like to run it on d-land. My e-mail is thanks. -A-
from raen :
This new layout is soooo coooool! I'll have some tea. No cookies for me...dieting. ;)
from neonsign :
i like your afro-puff banner.
from amberfalls :
Thanks for putting me on the favorites :)
from amberfalls :
Oh wow! That is so awsome! Thank you so much! That's the best banner ad in the whole world and an awsome x-mas present too. -A-
from yourstar-14 :
hey...i think it's nifty that you know the difference those two very long medical words and lonlines.. i alos think you should go to boomspeed, because it gives you 1mb too, no advertising, and has much better customer service than ranch web...cause we wanna see ur pics!
from f4sakndauter :
is. that. so?
from p-brain :
A tip for the non-excisting pictures is to go to and get an account there. They don't charge anything for the first 1MB. Try it. =)

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