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from banefulvenus :
stop by and check out my newest project. : )
from cateldragon :
hey... sorry i havent been about, but i dont forget about the decent people in my life! hope your doing well and your :)
from laboheme532 :
have an wonderful holiday!! :)
from clocks :
Merry Christmas!
from maverick-js :
Yes. Do take care! Dance out in the rain! You'll be missed.
from punchdrunken :
oh darling. i'll miss you so. take care, would you? <333
from captainron :
Thanks Michelle, I hope you have a wonderful holiday too. I know I don't write here often, but I do read every day. You are a wonderful writer and I bet a pretty good friend too. Happy Tuesday! Ron
from intofantasy :
you're words are beautiful. <3
from laboheme532 :
"you spin me right round baby, round like a record playing..." or something like that. Thanks for complimenting my diary and my taste of music! Yours aren't too bad themselves. Actually, yours are wonderful... Adding you as a favorite now!! :)
from imaginated :
thanks for the note. I hope you pass all your mid-terms with flying colors!
from bundychick :
Heya... am over the hangover, am now practising profusely so hang over never happens again.. :)
from ldybug1113 :
aww:) thanks for the note! With a sky full of clouds, your sunshine brightened my day.;) (ps~ it's actually sunny and nice here right now...but i was speaking metaphorically, so it's all good ;) hehe)~kAtIe
from intofantasy :
thank you dear. i also look forward to reading your diary daily. glad to know someone out there enjoys it. <3
from gir-my-hero :
I'm back. :) I actually just got back from Illinois so I couldnt update while I was there. sorry! :| I'll most likely update tomorrow or something, I'm really tired and my bum hurts! :|
from hand-painted :
thank you so much!!!!! It alway feels so good to think that someone read my bullshit!
from niceguymike :
Thanks for the kind words about my diary. I'm always convinced that no one except my friends and chosen family will read the darn thing, but folks like you keep reminding me that others do sometimes, too. May your favorite bands stay interesting!
from davemcflurry :
Yup, I'm leaving. If you want a password for my new diary when I start it, just let me know. The current diary will be around for a few more days, then I'm locking it.
from banshee-rose :
thank you. I am working on that.
from banshee-rose :
Hey great site. Maybe they are small panic attacks i get them sometimes too.
from chicknstrip :
Mr. T is no Halloween trick my friend, he is a TREAT! OOoOOo, So sexy!
from paupion :
thanks, I like yours too. :o)
from saladwhore :
The cuddle and smooch quiz? LOL, I'd forgotten I posted that. *blush*
from mllerouge :
Thanks for stopping by! I havn't had much time to update lately, but I manage. Come see us again sometime!
from hungerhurts :
i thank you very much for your offer. it is above and beyond the call of duty, and i accept. and just so's you know, i am generally open to any kind of music. that particular mix, i guess, just fit a particular mood or two i was in at the time. so anything at all is welcome. i will get your email address from melissa, i suppose, so i can pass on my address. thanks a bunch!
from ldybug1113 :
congrats on the good grade on your test! :) yeah, moms are sugar fo schizzle. ;) have a great day, sweety.
from slow-down :
Yeah, I thought it felt a little strange!
from emofrizzball :
*Sigh* I'm better, now. It was just that I liked this guy SOOO much, and one of my REALLY GOOD friends started dating him. It hurts so bad, because I've never experienced it, before.. But I'm okay, now. Thanks for your concern.. It's nice to know someone cares about me. =) Much love.
from punchdrunken :
i <3 your writing. it relaxes me, reading what you write. good luck, and best wishes with everything. <333
from huocer :
I'm so glad I'm associated with a bright eyes lyric in your profile..... I've finally gotten around to adding you to my buddy list... so I imagine there will be more correspondence. Cheers!
from nycboy77 :
thanx and i liked your entry, good luck for your sisters baby. btw.nice name. greetings from ice-cold germany* daniel
from cateldragon :
im glad to be back as i missed good epals like you. thanks for the concern and the appreciation is returned. love you 2 x
from sunshine1447 :
you always make me smile. hooo hah!
from im-a-writer :
Hey, thanks for the note and word of encouragement. It's greatly appreciated **and needed**. Heh. I just thought I'd let you know that I added you back because, after all, you did quote me in your profile. :D P.S. If you ever become really, really desperate or bored, feel free to ask for my AIM screen name or MSN e-mail address. I'm always happy to meet new people. -Greg
from nycboy77 :
thanx for ya note. &good luck for your sisters baby.daniel*
from habbit :
yeah! let's get tattoo's!
from cosbysweater :
hmm, i guess it is from high fidelity. i actually am a fan of the cosby show... and i think jack black growling, "cosby sweater" over and over must have seeped into my brain and output itself as the name of my diary. you also have a nice diary, btw.
from sunshine1447 :
youre a wonderful person. and i hope only wonderful things ever happen to you. [[and maybe some extraordinary as well]]
from herkinerf :
Hey there! Thanks so much for the note! I love to hear that someone was entertained or got a giggle out of my retarded life. Hope you enjoyed and that you'll come back for more. ~Gracie
from ldybug1113 :
thanks,dolly. :) very much appreciated. kisskiss, kate
from screemingink :
ooo, correct me if i am wrong, but is that image on your template not picasso's "nude, descending staircase"? i love it! you are a delight. xo, Miss Takes
from unfaerietale :
thanks for the note it was nice erm nah im okay just feelin dumb and usual teenage crap
from ordinarykat :
maybe you got stuck with sociology teacher that teaches me psychology- so horrible...
from ldybug1113 :
amen to that. ::puts quarters in the pop machine so that mt dew can can keep my eyes open for a handful of hours during the day::(7:30am) cheers. ;)
from ldybug1113 :
that happens to you too in soc class?! good Lord, thank God it's not only in Illinois. geez, louise! are they speaking Japanese or any other language other than English, or is it just me? -kAtIe
from emofrizzball :
Thanks for reading.. And thanks for telling me I'm not worthless. =) It means a lot.
from slow-down :
thank you again for reading. it means a lot.
from saladwhore :
Just letting you know I'm unlocked. :)
from warmleftover :
Hey, you were supposed to send me a boob-shot for the greater good of science.... where is it, dammit.
from punchdrunken :
thanks for the note you left, the diary that you've been reading isn't my main one. it's the one that gets all the complaints and secrets mostly. i've been reading around yours, i really like it. hoo hah!
from cateldragon :
thanx a lot, but im really bad at talking about things for fear of freaking people out! is it ur birthday? if it is then happy birthday!!!! (i read the note below!!!)
from myhorizons :
Happy B-day :)
from gir-my-hero :
heh! I'm from Ohio... I was just searching around and found your diary.. :)
from iamsorry :
thanks for the belated birthday greeting. and you're right the little things do make a big difference. and so your note meant a lot. later...
from cateldragon :
at least your still alive!
from cateldragon :
hiya... just thought id say hi as i havent done for a while *smacks wrist!*. thanx 4 ur concern and i hope ur doing well.
from brain2mer :
I can use your compliment to find something, anything, I'm sure it is something, hopefully, if not, then we are just stuck in many worlds, waiting slowly, and quietly too.
from iletgo :
hey, thanks for the note you left on my page. i like your music taste too. I just got dashboards new cd. well, nice page. that's all. bye
from ldybug1113 :
hmmm, i recommend that you try: a pierced navel (oj, cranberry juice & peach schnapps~ shoot it, it'll make you shiver); long island ice tea (after all you are in NY... ;) but it has to be a tropical one, otherwise, you better come with me to Illinois if you expect to get a nummy one); a gin & tonic (mmmm- it's even better if they take out the tonic and make it with sprite); amaretto stone sour (orgasm in a pretty glass...mmmm). ENJOY!!! have a happy day, you baby you! ~katie~ ;)
from chikmagnet :
hey thanks for the note. i like yer diary too. heh..our moms sound the same...cause mine cooked tons too y/d...and yeah the black out was horrible....but kinda funny too!
from banefulvenus :
Thanks so much for the note on my tag board! :)
from cateldragon :
things are ok. just a few people have found out about my diary and i dont need their hassle or hell. i like you that much taht i gave u the password though! hope it wors for you x
from back-drifts :
brand new and saves the day are two of my very favoritest bands. :) eeep. I really do enjoy this diary!
from goexplore :
Woah, thank you :o)
from cateldragon :
thanx 4 the concern. just need to control everything at the mo. one day it'll all calm down and everything will be good. but thank you for the note. it meant a lot :)
from saladwhore :
Yes, I'm locked for now, I'm sorry. I'm having to change my password on a daily basis, hopefully I won't have to do that for much longer. I'm really sorry. :\
from neangel :
puerta vallarta sounds like a nice home to me & bartending would be a blast I bet. I have always wanted the carefree life. have fun!
from ldybug1113 :
see- i knew it was in the elliot car, i'm always right about stuff like that (except when it's my own stuff, it works really weird like that...). ;) they always are. yay for you- no more stress!!! tee-hee. kate :)
from invisibledon :
thank you - I'm going to check out your diary now
from ldybug1113 :
aww, that's happened to me...twice- only it was my wallet. You know, I think in my lifetime that I've lost at least...fifty dollars, two wallets and two driver's licenses. Never found the money, found one driver's license. I hope they show up- look under the seat and on the sides of elliot's car...whenever I hear the name "elliot" it makes me want to say it the way E.T says it..."ELLIOT..." hehe. wow- that made my night. awesome. (i'll pray to st. anthony for you) kate :)
from othelladub :
some girls bring you pizza
from slimshady316 :
thanx for the note. made me smile. to be honest, the review didnt shatter me much- only the fact that i think the reviewer was too judgmental.
from clocks :
hi :)
from cateldragon :
re- my newest entry... im sorry :(
from cateldragon :
thanx 4 the note. feeling a bit better now so hopefully the pills will stay where they are. its good that you care about things. just dont get too comfortable with it all because sometimes change can be a good thing. i do know what you mean about long-distance relationships. i spent a year in one with my x-fiance. it ended really badly but at least i didnt c him everday. altho he did cost me a fortune in phone bills!!! anyway hope ur doing well xx
from slow-down :
Just wanted to say thanks again.
from prowlingleo :
Thanks for the comment..not sure being addicted to me is a good thing :)
from liquid-mojo :
thanx, your diary is pretty nice too. :)
from squirrelx :
I very much appreciate your takin' the time to read my diary. Thank you for lettin' me know that you found the experience worthwhile. Warmest regards, Xtine
from cateldragon :
im sorry. it'll all be better soon
from cateldragon :
hope the mosquito bites were really worth it xx
from ldybug1113 :
you should watch "just deal" with mandy moore when it comes out on the big screen. it should make you smile some more! :) kate
from mutesonance :
great dialogue. i've been there many times before...actually i'm there right now. i feel the pain. my heart=lovesick crazy fool. my brain=steady yet still doubting bystander. oh for a like mind within my own mind...
from offence :
thanks for your note. Unfortunately I read it after completing the essay and printing it out, and if I re-write it I WILL definitely kill myself. But thanks anyway. It was nice of you. Also, enjoyed your latest entry.
from cateldragon :
well if you ever wanna chat im here. things will be ok.
from myheadspace :
sorry 'bout that. thought i gave you the password. username: imnotyourdad password: iswear. if that doesn't work for you, let me know.
from cateldragon :
hope ur ok and i love ur taste!!!
from faschwaa :
Oh. I see. HTML does not appear to work in notes. I apologize for the error.
from faschwaa :
Intelligent, good taste in literature, into art, writes well, <i>and</i> has a variation of chitlin time? I must know more!
from iwasinfinite :
Thank you very much for the note. It's as nice to know other people incessantly chew on their lips, as it is knowing someone is reading my diary.
from ldybug1113 :
::taps chin, puts head on desk to think, and sighs:: ah, memories. kate
from youreugly :
but what could be the purpose of this training? i think secretly humans can actually fly but we're discouraged by this fake fear of heights and gravity. gravity isn't real. maybe.
from youreugly :
But wouldn't it be cool to watch someone have a falling dream and see them spaz? I wonder why everyone has the same dream. I think we're being trained. :)
from youreugly :
woo hoo, not only did you leave me a note which is ever so exciting, you too like alkaline trio. so so good. plus your diary kicks some dirty ass. do you ever have the falling dream? and you wake up when you sort of hit your bed? scary. I wish I could produce adrenaline at will.
from ldybug1113 :
just read your diary- word to the wise~ be very careful who you let close to your heart and inside of your pants... both are breakable. all the luck to you, kate. ps... the blue spots on the moon...yeah, that's mold. ;)
from bouncingback :
Hey, Carmen here. Thanks, for the compliment. They are always nice to hear.
from ldybug1113 :
hah!!! I'm on your profile as a med shooter. that's freakin' hillarious. You just made my day. ::Cheering you with Triaminic:: ;) (no, not really- my eye's feel too crunchy to be that awake) ;) kate
from golfwidow :
Thank you for the virtual cookie. Like your site.
from pubichair :
I like summer but I hate seeing people in next to no clothing showing off their stupid bodies. I should do it. I look better than all of them. But I am not a retard.
from indie-snob :
this was my fourth time seeing Dashboard... the first time was great, it was at the House of Blues here, which was small and intimiate enough and the fans knew all the words... he hasn't topped that one yet though. thanks for replying and checking out my site!
from mutesonance :
wow. that last entry was amazing. it made me wish i lived in the city. i rarely have any random people talk to me. people are too stuck up their own asses here :P
from indie-snob :
hello there. I just saw Dashboard Confessional open up for Beck the other night and have added a review for it. I have a bunch of other reviews, too, including the Alkaline Trio. check it out! thanks.
from with-a-k :
Hey :o) I gave something corporate a try a while ago, they didn't tickle my fancy much. my nickname is just an ongoing thing I tell people, my real name's Kristina and nobody can seem to spell it properly (they usually go with the Ch spelling, how typical) so I always say "it's with a K". Plus my nickname of 4 years now is special k, I wanted a username with a k in it ;o)
from ldybug1113 :
heh, you're cool. ::smiling & waving from Illinois:: kate :)
from lealoo :
So, I'm not really sure if that was a compliment. But I'm just going to think that it was, because I like compliments so much more than..... well, almost anything.
from emofrizzball :
Hey, Thanks for checking out my diary! Yours is pretty good, too. You have a great taste in music. Later. *Tara*
from mutesonance :
thank you so much for my note. i really needed that. i'm enjoying reading your journal. keep writing. it's great!

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