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from jfranzen :
HAHHAHA your entry about franzen beating up foster wallace was too funny. I dig your diary. I added you as a fav. I'll be reading.
from yellokitty :
*throws confetti* congrats dood!
from yellokitty :
happy hannukah to yous!
from yellokitty :
from yellokitty :
leave me his info and he'll be swimming with the fishes.
from thatmarygirl :
from jcruelty :
your layout is arresting. remembrance of things past is impenetrable. maybe it's the translation, but each sentence in swann's way is a page long. i gave up after the first volume.
from yellokitty :
dood. man i'd hella hook you up with some snokes if you were near. you know what i hate tho, is when people bum snokes off of me and then i bust out with my dunhill menthol lights and they're like EWWWWWWW MENTHOL NEVERMIND! fucking ingrates. anyhoos, friendster is poo. stay away from poo.
from solarlab :
from margaretyang :
mah dude, where have you been? i locked my diary, but e-mail me and i'll let you in! margaretyang at diaryland dot com.
from yellokitty :
hi mister fish. i hope you're doing well and happy new years!
from luckybastard :
man, when will you write again? if you will.
from yellokitty :
you're the motherfuckin' move.
from jaspeh :
oh damn! I didn't think you'd notice my comment. I hope it wasn't too traumatic for you. You don't mind if I read it as her/it do yoU? I'll try it again with a he and if not that, let me picture you as a wombat. Why? I like to think everyone is a talking disney animal with human characteristics.
from yellokitty :
i love new layout. am talking like a robot. 3am. should go to sleep. yes i will.
from yellokitty :
hey fish! my kungpaoprawns addy does indeedy work, i may have erased yr email if you sent one. :( send, send again! p.s. online dating is where it's at, yo.
from yellokitty :
i wrote this last night whilst high and drunk and accidentally sent it TO MYSELF instead of you because i am a dotard like that: holy isht! was it for the WIRED exhibition? like, last semester? fucking small world. i work right next to the art gallery... if that isn't a weird 6 degree separation bidness, then lemmejusttellyou. you know that girl elly? shes subletting her apartment to my boyfriend. *insert twilight zone music here* i think we may be long lost friends or something...
from yellokitty :
uncanny. i just finished writing an article on online dating. hmm. and you mentioned wilco and i'm going to see them tonight and tomorrow night! GET THEE OUT OF MY HEAD MISTER FISH!
from yellokitty :
you fucking rock my ass sir, yes you.
from yellokitty :
hah. you cockblocked yourself? thats rawesome. looked up who liked prefuse 73 and you're one of three. congrats!
from harvas :
U may be happy to know that I nuked all of my entries, uber-cool one. You made fun of my punctuation a while back.
from harvas :
Dearest Eatshit, I am going to change one of my entries on your behalf; I referred to David Foster Wallace as "DFW." Forgive me, please!
from margaretyang :
you rule the school.
from jen-marie :
Your name (eatshit) caught my attention while I was browsing through random diaries. I decided to read your diary, and I really like your layout... That's cool. I haven't seen any like that. Very original.
from whyspurur :
I must admit the diary handle caught my attention. Love the layout; just thought I'd drop a line to say hello.

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