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from zoela :
username: elgac, password: elgac
from zencelt :
Sucks, doesn't it? Hang in there girlie!
from hissandtell :
Yes! YES! I am going outside THIS MINUTE to catch cockroaches (and possibly rhinoceros beetles), and then the trusty Bedazzler and I will be busy as, well, bees anointing them with glittery sparklies! How marvellous! Love, R xxx
from awittykitty :
Wish I lived closer, so I could scoop up some bargains at the closing of your art store. Oh well.
from hissandtell :
Ah, Kundalini is stirring and wakening... Love, R xxx
from xat :
The original or the re-make of "Cat People"? I saw both (oooo, listen to me all cinemaphile-ish). **!X
from hissandtell :
Hope everything's okay, doll. Please let me know the password if you're sharing it. Love, R xxx
from teacherlady2 :
Thanks for the notes. You're really good for my ego :o) Someday I hope to see myself as others see me because I see all the ugly in my brain and very seldom feel sweet.
from zencelt :
Thanks for the insight re: island men. You are my hero : ))
from elgac :
Oh it is an honor to recieve a note from you. Thank you for taking the time. I hope to become a better writer. Regardless I shall live each day as if it is my last and try to write it all down.
from hissandtell :
Ha - thank you so much for the revised profile comment, darling, which flatters me hugely! I was here yesterday and read quite a lot of your older entries, and loved them - I really love your writing and will try to read the rest of your archives very soon. Love, R xxx
from xat :
I shall keep my fingers crossed that you succeed in your ambition. And, should any of my cute, NYC lesbian friends re-appear in my life, I'll send 'em your way. *grin* Happy. *!x
from zencelt :
OK wild child. A New York Lesbian? If I knew any I'd hook you up. But maybe it will be more fun finding one on your own. I suppose its not much different than me wanting to make-out with a Scottish man in a kilt...
from zencelt :
Crossing my fingers for wild, crazy, lesbian monkey sex for you and Mary...

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