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from mostlydead :
Wherever you moved to was gone so I returned here.
from psychik :
You will be missed. Hope to visit your new place! 8o)
from serenaville :
Just had to say, I absolutely LOVE the "penguin banner". How apt! Glad I clicked. (Well, clicking made the fun 'penguin smackdown' clip stop, but you get my meaning...) Take care!
from bluperspex :
you know. i often felt that it was rather self-indulgent to keep a public diary. then again, sometimes it is so uplifting. yeah... people often say what you want to hear, but then, whats wrong with that? superficial high? i don't think it's too much a problem. these are the perks, i guess. and this place is addictive, besides. it's hard to leave. i have tried. haha. sounds pathetic. stay. you know you want to :)
from soft-fairy :
I liiiiike the layout! Yay!
from razorblade-- :
it was ohh so nice to see you, i've missed you! enjoy your candy!
from tennese :
hi.i'm real new to all this stuff and i don't have any members (is that what they are?) or anything yet. i'm from new zealand, by the way.
from catz-eyes :
hehehehe.. take your time cherub, know that you're a busy little cherub :) am pleased with your reation to the ?'s. look forward to reading your responses ***HUGGLES*** hope Life is treating you and yours kindly. xox =^..^=
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) ok, sorry for delay, but brain wasn't working so good of late. anyway, here they are - YOUR 5 Questions! 1. In your Diaryland profile, you state that �More or less, I have this on-line diary, to find out who I am, or who I would like to be��. You�ve been keeping your diary since May 2002, and in keeping with the quote you made, what progress do you believe you�ve made in the past (almost) 3 years? (Responses such as �None� or �Not much� simply will not do!). 2. Of all J.K. Rowling�s characters in the �Harry Potter� series of books, which character do you most closely identify with and why? 3. There have been a number of astounding World Events, such as 9/11, the tsunami in South Asia, Dolly � the first cloned sheep, the death of Princess Diana, the discovery of �alien� bacteria/microbes in meteors from Mars, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, etc., etc... Choose one that has occurred in your Lifetime and detail where you were and what you were doing moments before your heard the news, and then describe in detail the impact the Event you�ve selected had on you. 4. You find yourself fossicking in your Grandmother�s attic, going through old chests and boxes etc., and you inadvertently discover something truly amazing. Tucked away in the bottom of an old chest is �something� that irrefutably proves the existence of a Divine Deity that (God, for want of a better term) that drives/maintains and created the Universe and all Life. The problem is this �something� also indicates that all the World�s biggest, most powerful religions have got it completely wrong. You are left with a quandary � tell the world and possibly unite it in a new era of peace and understanding, or tell the world and watch it descend into war based on religious conflict. Or do you choose not to go public with your discovery? Explain your decision and what you think the ramifications might be. 5. Its Role-Playing time: you are a person who has just moved to a new city and started University. You�re a bright, insightful and optimistic person who only ever sees the good in people. In class, you meet a fellow student whom we will call Emeraldblaze (i.e., YOU). You�re extremely taken by this person, on the basis of her personality. Please describe the fine qualities that have drawn you to her, and are the reason you want to establish a Lifelong friendship. Enoy! ***HUGGLES*** love & kindness to you, =^..^= xox
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) thank you for the note, and hey, i understood what you meant, i know you care and am thankful for that. and just so you know, it would *never* be too late to interview you with the 5 Questions thingy, ok? so if you want to do it, let me know. but check out loner-blues, wildrose1 and proudnerd's notes to get an idea of the kind of ?s asked - you may change your mind ;) hope Life is being kind to you sweetpea. love & kindness always, =^..^= xox
from ohh-baby :
I think that Crayola banner is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
from liviasgarden :
The Crayola banner was fantastic!
from pornoviolent :
burn burn burn you burn me. robin williams? wtf? even patch adams? he can only be tolerated so much.
from psychik :
Those were so many �coincidence� one would have to ask if they were coincidences at all?! Perhaps we�re suppose to meet? 8o) I seldom get wonderful entries; I have to say yours made me smile. I hope to get to know you better and I�d love to hear about any experiences or *gifts* you might feel or know you have. And if you have none, then I�m still glad to meet you and hope to get to know you better. Kat
from psychik :
If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the body or the mind of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want? I wanted to answer the question of the day as I found it interesting: I would have to choose the body of a 30 year old as the mind of a 90 year old is much more interesting, wiser and has experienced much more then that of a 30 year old. Nice site. Kat
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) couldn't sleep so switched on the PC and voila! there was your note :) you've brighten my morning considderably. first thing i must say: Oh My God! YOU gave me the SuperGold upgrade????!!! when i got the notice from Dland, I sent an email back to Andrew saying that there must've been some kind of mistake! never heard back of course hehehehe Oh Blaze, thank you thank you thank you! so sweet, so generous! also: at presnrt, i cannot access your site :( the background image loads, butnothing else (just so you know, i've had people say the same about my diary), so i've got little idea what's going on with you - an email update would be lovely *hint hint* ;) and fear not cherub - you're not going to be losing my friendship. i think of you often, too. yours was probably the 1st diary i stumbled onto (over a year ago now), and my respect and admiration for you haven't faltered; quite the contrary in fact :) as for your suggestion about reiki - it has a lot of merit. sadly, the cost of it here is a bit beyond my means at present. but the clinic i'm going to may be able to help subsidise such alternate therapies and that is a matter i will address with my case worker at the clinic, so we shall see... thank you again cherub - for your love and support and kind words - and the SG upgrade! now i shall have to check it out and see what it entitles me to! woohoo! ***HUGGLES*** love & kindness to you always, jay =^..^= xox
from catz-eyes :
hi cherub :) thank you for the comments you left. your words - as always - are a tremendous comfort. and you're right: we may not 'speak' much to one another, but there's an understanding between us... that is a comfort in itself. and i would *love* to listen as you tell me what you've been dying to say (and no, i don't think that sounds ood/inappropriate). am just so glad to hear from you blaze. have missed your presence. thanks for the hugs, the thoughts and your kindness. know that i've been thiking of you, too sweetpea. love & kindness to you always, jay =^..^= xox
from catz-eyes :
hey cherub... where are you sweetpea? its been so long since you've updated... am worried :( & am thinking of you ... hope all is well, i really do ***HUGGLES*** love & kindness to you cherub. =^..^= xox's jay
from kitty1980 :
have a good b-day :)
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) somehow i *knew* (and hoped) you'd be the 1st to join the diary ring! thank you sweetpea! ***HUGGLES*** we gotta stick together, don't we? love & kindness to you blaze... keep burning brightly cherub. jay =^..^= xox
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) i promise, no more epic entries... that was the last one! ugh but it was a slog! am sorry it distracted you ... will keep my fingers x-ed for you as you prepare for finals! love and kindness to you sweetpea xox =^..^=
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) your 'mental hugs' say a whole lot more than you give yourself credit for sweetpea. there's no need for you to feel guilty about anything, you just gotta stop beating yourself up Blaze ***HUGGLES*** take your time to sort out your life, there really isn't any super-duper rush... better that you do it well than do it quickly, dont you think? and am 100% positive you'll do it well as have faith in you. love & kindness to you cherub =^..^= xox
from almost-grown :
Coming from the viewpoint of a straight child raised by 2 gay parents this is definantly My personal favorite: Obviously gay parents will raise gay children.
from catz-eyes :
hiya cherub :) first of all, thank you for the hugs you left me the other day. your timing was perfect. you really are the sweetest, Blaze. secondly, have to say AGAIN how fantastic the new layout for your diary is! love it love it love it! and thirdly... well, can't tell you how happy you made me with your latest note. here's to D-day being all about living my sweet. you keep burning bright, Blaze, you hear me? love & kindness to you, always xox =^..^=
from heysweetie :
Wow...that is all that I can say. You have shown everyone how talented you are with this page! I LOVE BROWN....browney greeney, it makes everything 'pop'...the layout is's detailed...I can tell how much work you put into this. I am blown away!
from nikolaos :
Your new page is amazingly wonderful Blaze! My jaw dropped when I saw the new layout first thing this morning. A++++ for you babe! It kicks royal ass. Love you.
from staarynight :
hey blaze - love the new layout!!! It looks fabulous!! Talk to ya soon, -g-
from cloev :
Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your diary. take care. :-) Clare
from almost-grown :
I hope that you feel better soon, let me know if there is anything that I can do to help, I used to always feel like I was useless too...
from mawce :
Nope. Nothing's changed. Show when you feel like it.
from almost-grown :
oh dear lord i'm in love with your diary! ~runs to add you to my favorites~
from catz-eyes :
hey cherub... got your note. don't fret, ok? yeah.. i got booted from messenger - very annoying! hope Life is treating you kindly. am thinking of you xox's =^..^=
from fuckinugly :
no problem -- i edited your review so that the image doesn't show up. and you're absolutely right; it's all opinion. so hey, if you like your layout? more power to you. also, I like the image, though I didn't mention it in the review. I used it in one of my first layouts.
from catz-eyes :
g'day cherub :) you could never spook me, sweetpea... and thank you for the bIG smile I got when I read your notw... such a lovely, warming thought: you coming here, just to hold this silly git's hand, to comfort him... it means so much to me. your notes arrival was timely, cherub... have had a nightmarish night... am still in shock. But you, and a few other sweet people like you... well, you truly do help. Oh, and thank you by the way re: the poem etc. Love & Kindness to You Cherub =^..^-
from himfan :
hello my name is katie, i was wondering if you could check into the boycotting gap issue. i find you as very bright person and hopefully you agree with the issue of keeping redwood forests alive, and stopping these compainies from running sweatshops. i know this issue is touchy, and i am not exactly aquanted with you... but adding one of these sites to your link site, would help a lot of people open their eyes to these problems. thank you. kt
from catz-eyes :
hey again cherub... been meaning to ask: the images on your diary, especially the oh-so beautiful .gif with the blinking green eyes...? who made them? they are stunning!
from meteroa07 :
I just want to let you know I saw the huge posting of how your diary has porn on it because I am on the waiting list to get reviewed. Me being the curious sort, I clicked to see what all the buzz was about and I thought your picture in your layout was absolutely STUNNING. I loved it in everyway, I have no idea what they are talking about. I'm sure your diary's reputation will not be damaged for there is nothing there that screams porn in my opinion. Just thought i'd let you know that! :D
from nikolaos :
That person who refused to review your diary is a very narrowminded person indeed. I love you, and i left a note for him. I agree with you 100% babe. This is why I never ask for my diary to be reviewed. It's mine, nobody else's.
from deadlypoison :
Already?! Ohh boy I'm so excited! *dances around* THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hugs and kisses* YAYFULLNES!!! Your my hero!
from starlight42 :
thanks for the review, even though I believe I had left a note saying I was no longer interested in one...thank you though for the time you put into it & your opinions.
from catz-eyes :
g'day gorgeous cherub :) thank you for your note. and may i say, it made perfect sense, so don't beputting yourself down, ok? trust me sweetpea, if you've been making your way thru a weeks worth of my entries, then you know me pretty bloody well :) i don't hold anything back. which may or may not be a good thing. i was so touched, though, by the thought of you offering to come all the way Down Under :) you are just too too bloody wonderful for words. i must point out though: he doesn't know! can you believe it! he hasn't got a bloody clue! and you call me a GUY! Pff!! anyway, his cluelessness came to an abrupt end about 13 minutes ago... i did something rather rash, I'm afraid. oh well. let's see how the pieces fall, shall we? Am glad this silly dolt's words helped you a little... I meant what I said. Should've said more. You're a beautiful, amazing person... As a wise, and very beautiful online friend told me recently: 'Do not despair... even angels lose their way.'
from nikolaos :
That is the most beautiful picture Blaze! I voted you a ten!!!!You are an amazingly beautiful women and I envy you!!!
from eyore25 :
thank you for the comforting thought. I hope that someday I do meet someone thats outgoing enough to draw me out. Hopefully that day will come soon. Thanks again. I hope your classes all went ok. *big hugs*
from nikolaos :
I *love* the new layout!! Its BEAUTIFUL! latest entry is all weird. All the other ones are awesome. But the latest one is spaced all funny and you have to scroll REALLY far to see the pic/writing. Love you!
from nikolaos :
Which end is the far end of the mall???? The side closest to SAIT, or the side closest to you??
from nikolaos :
Are we still on for today at the mall darlin??? I don't have your not hotmail address! I'm off at 1:50,will be at the mall at 2. I'll call you!
from kelsi :
Thank you for coming, noting, and leaving. And now I'm doing the same... and good luck with the life changes. It's possible, you know.
from mawce :
G'luck kiddo.
from catz-eyes :
g'day cherub. thank you kindly for the note... you are too, too kind! may i add, all those kind words you used to describe my diary are equally (or morse so) applicable to your own =^. .^=
from miss-cumalot :
Thanks for the note. It got me thinkin... ;-)
from beagle47 :
thank you, blaze. i think you can get one too at there should be a link to follow there. if not, let me know and i'll find the script for you. peace. (and i really mean that).
from kittytarot7 :
Yah, Amanda Marshall sings really well!
from anti-spoon :
Because of the new ownership of anti-spoon, you have a new review up. Congrats. Great job!
from deadlypoison :
I'd miss you Blaze, you are my twin brain and a half!
from dejectedhell :
you are fucking swell.
from cause-i-can : Your review is up. Thanks for requesting.
from mewreview :
Hi, It's Chrissi, wondering if you were going to start reviewing any time soon? Or if you could recommend anyone I could contact so they'd review? Thanks so much!
from kaytayp :
Your Blunt Review is ready at
from deadlypoison :
*sigh* You're probably's just so frustrating NOT being able to. Meh, hope things are looking up for you!
from humm :
Hi, I just noticed you left a note in my diary! I'm not sure how long ago it was, but thanks!
from deadlypoison :
Hey you, *hugs*, thanks for the note. You seem to be a little glum...but remember "Fish are friends, not food"...but seriously I hope you feel better, remember take care.
from dive-reviews :
your review is up at
from greview :
Hiya. Kerrie from Grunge reviews here. Just a note to tell you your review is up:
from id-laugh :
uuuh..hey! thanks for leaving me a note!! DID you like my website,,that's noce..sorry im kinda hyper right now....
from eye8urmom :
Thanx for the comment :-) it was fun! Come back sometime.
from anti-spoon :
review is done.
from mawce :
No sitting in the corner allowed. And you should bring Patrick too. If he wants to come that is *shrugs* I miss you too. Funny, this is turning more and more into a "Heritage Park Employees" halloween, oh well. oh, there is one condition: you bring munchies and help us decide on movies (so I don't get stuck watching nothing but horrors) :) *hugs and poofs*
from deadlypoison :
*huge hugs* I'm not sure I know what to do either, but I am here for both you and Allanon. If ever you need anything, I'm there for you. Just know I love you and care for you very much.
from p-brain :
Welcome to the Thinking Ring
from deadlypoison :
happy i love you day! *hugs* take care!
from lovingmusic :
Thanks so much for the note. It's always wonderful to know someone new is reading...I have been checking up on your diary as well, and like what I see...I'll definitely be reading more. Have a great day!!
from teriandjason :
Wow. I could never make my own layout. It must've taken a really long time to get yours the way it is. It looks wonderful. I love it. lol! I can't say that enough.
from teriandjason :
Hey! Thanks so much for leaving us a note. You have a beautiful diary. The layout is gorgeous and you kept me entertained with what you wrote. Oh gosh I sound like a reviewer. Anyway thanks a lot! Once again I love your layout. <3 Jason and Teri!
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Vulva Love ring! Thanks so much for joining. =)
from cdghost :
a beautiful layout..
from deadlypoison :
I hope your 'puter gets fixed. *big hugs* Hope you feel better, I love you!
from windshadow :
Thanks for joining the talktomyself diaryring. However, you don't seem to have posted the code. It's possible you may have overlooked it, so I'll give you a chance to put it up. If it's not within a couple of days however, I will have to delete you, because you are breaking the ring, which defeats the purpose of having one. Sorry about this. Again, thanks for joining, and I look forward to not having to delete you. :)
from deadlypoison :
Thanks for the little guest book thingy, just knowing there is someone who feels even somewhat like I do makes me happier and not so...weird. I don't mind if you read my little diary thingy, but sometimes it might get a little crazy in my head. Take care of yourself ma dear!
from heyjuderevu :
I'm kicking it on the reviewer arena and wanted to invite you to be reviewed! - Love Christy
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from ordinarykat :
I hope you have a great birthday :)
from damodred :
Have a great birthday. :) Cool picture on your layout. (I'm not sure if this showed up in your guestbook or not as the server is acting funny.)
from redness :
Blaze - I have a question about ibreath reviews for you. I know that the management just switched over, but I was wondering if my review was lost int he process? last time I checked in, I was at the top of your list and now I'm no where. I totally understand with the changes being made if I somehow was lost in the shuffle. I tried to contact the new owner, but I did not recieve a response. Just let me know if I need to request one all over again. Thanks!
from utter-views :
Hey just stopping by, I wanted to get the word out that we're looking for new reviewers. So far no one has applied :o( And yeah I've signed other places, no luck yet but hey we have a good review site over here & need good reviewers. I'm trying to find some...
from sexyoldman :
Hi Blaze, thanks for the nice note. I'll try to live up to your praise. I was just in Canada (Vancouver and Victoria). Maybe I didn't notice, but what part of Canada are you in? Keep writing and come by and say hi anytime.
from wvbeetlebug :
Found your diary thru Online Diaries. I like the look of your diary. Your disclaimer is right on. I love your little "Made with Notepad" banner.
from haikyou :
your haiku is up :)
from dasauce :
Still reading. --Hi back again.-- DaSauceOfVariousN'Sundry
from itismeagain :
I, too, love signing people's gb. Even if I only leave a smiley face, I like them to know that I was there, and I wish people would do the same for me.
from kitty1980 :
hi i was just hopping from diary to diary i nthe eeyore ring andcame upon yours i love the set up and i will make sure to come back for a read :)
from poppyfish :
"I go through all this, before I wake up, so I can be happier safe up here with you." I hate to quote Bjork as a way to offer advice, but your life - it kinda seems to me like it's shaping out that way. Mine, too, maybe. Chin up. It'll get better.
from emeraldblaze :
from taik :
Hello, while going about my usual Dland business I noticed a banner of yours. Something containing "University" in the text...with my curiousity aroused and prefering to not fully waste my time I clicked on it. :D I read your latest diary entry, I enjoyed it as well, random thoughts are always grand. I also attempted to first sign your guestbook, but to my sadness it did not go through, so here I am. I am attepting to re-re-uhm-re-something, remake? oh!! I know now! Recreate!! :) I'm guessing I've come off as verbose.
from dasauce :
Well. Hullo back then. Grin. --DatSauceGuy
from ciaramyst :
I'm glad you updated, I'm going to add you too my favorites. :) I did not sign in the guestbook, because it will say you can't post that fast..... just in case you were wondering why I didn't sign there again.
from zerom3ph :
i'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but i always though suicides went to purgatory; limbo. should that be the case, i really don't think we'd be making any progress by offing ourselves.
from eyore25 :
I just read your comments to me on my diary, thanks, that means a lot to me. Ive come to respect and trust you a lot too. The offer goes both ways too. If you ever need me for anything,si related or not, I'm here for ya. stay safe. ~eyore~
from clauren :
Hey I was checking at the diaries of top 100 and your is one of them. Just checking it out. Beautiful layout. YOur diary is so fab......
from tydemoo :
hehe..thanks for my message! :D
from ravenheart :
I like your diary profile picture ♥
from ataraxy :
I clicked on your banner and started with the entry on financial stupidity, and I have to agree wholeheartedly. I also think they ought to teach civics to kids. Government classes don't really teach kids today what THEY can do to change the government. Bah. We need reforms. We need more people like Michael Moore. Anyway, I continued reading...just going backwards through your entries, and when I got to the entry about how super models get paid more than doctors, I decided to write a note. And my main point of writing the note is to ask a question in agreement with yours: Why are garbage men paid approximately twice the yearly salary of a teacher?
from hogwild666 :
your entry about finacial stupidity:really,and will the fact (that we are trying to achieve something socially or financially "higher") ever change?i know that was not really the point you were making but still..will there ever be a peroid of life (excluding the late adulthood) when one can just kick back and be satisfied and just try to keep the current achievements? anyway...nice diary..and i like the template
from ravenheart :
Thanks for the note! I just read your entry about Capitalism and I loved it so much that I went and put it in my Favorite Entries thing here in Diaryland: I hope you dont mind. I'm a Socialist and just discussed Capitalism with a Capitalist the other day. Your entry was just the best. To bad there were no Norwegian Capitalism described in it though (I live in Norway). I'll come back to read you later. Take care.
from arajane :
thank you for the note. very sweet!
from tigerlady :
Thanks for the note! And no, I wouldn't have been mad without one. But they sure do help! =D BTW, I just *love* that profile pic!
from frostedlemon :
hallo, just wanted to know if you'd like a key to read my "secret" *cue spooky music* journal. if you're interested send me an email: [email protected]
from miko-sama :
*blinking rapidly* O_O Wow. That never happens. But thank you for your kind words and for actually taking the time to let me know you exist! ^_^ And I love your layout. I really do.
from jenne1017 :
Just thought that I would stop by. I was leaving weird messages in random people's notes (via those who updated in the member's area) and saw you, recognized the name and thought, instead of a weird meddage, I'd give you a happy one!
from jenne1017 :
:o) (o:
from lissette247 :
Blaze, your layout is amazing! I'm in love with it. The colours, the interesting twist on the titles and especially the naked girl. Really pretty. I was wondering if you know where I might be free table layouts similiar to yours. I barely know html and it would be great if I can just copy and paste things instead of typing all the code in. :) Thanks!
from mawce :
Your guestbook doesn't like me today. blerg. so, I'll try a note instead. Wednesday is a no go for me this week, but friday is open.
from prettytear :
Hiya, thank you for signing my guestbook, just thought i'd return the favour.. Take care =D
from spoonbender :
sorry i was a jerk, so much is hard to explain. um sorry thing will be diferent
from wgb :
hey hey
from spoonbender :
"American Beauty comments: last but not least! this movie wow! (times 16) every person in that movie is just like some part of me, it reflects my life my thought my feelings to a "T" i just love this movie "
Also why are you such a cock?
from spoonbender :
Thanks for joining the weird stalker loser diaryring :)
from mdaines :
My god, Stephanie Brown! I never thought I'd get a note from you of all people. It's probably that I just never talked to you like I talk in my diaryland diary, although lately it's written in kind of a terse and offhand way, so... Thanks for telling me how to be interesting. Are you still engaged?
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the sleepnaked diaryring :)
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the backstage diaryring!
from heysweetie :
Hi there lovely - it's bri here - you got me hooked on this place! I just can't get enough :) More later, love ya
from monkeypants2 :
HaHa, I have the priviledge of being the first person to leave a not. Welcome to the wonderful(ly addicting) world of diaryland.

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