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from ashwink14 :
Since I know that you're like the creator of the "K.P" diaryring here, I thought that you might like to know that I created one for Shego fans. You can let other people know too. ;)
from invisibledon :
from techielove :
hiiiii just dropping a message and saying that yer diary is fucking awesome.
from neon7c :
hey hon. if you feel like sharing where you've moved on to...let me know. xox ps- thx for the christmas christmas card efforts got thwarted this year and i got less than 1/2 of them out. :(
from misspinkkate :
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday!
from sheburnsx :
hey i could help. let me know
from missprisy :
I could help you, do you know what you want?
from weymouth66 :
Hi Michelle, could you please e-mail me your passwords? Thanks loadz, luv Jess xx
from neon7c :
hi girlie! you're locked. can i have a key? i really have worried about you. i hope you're okay hon.
from p-e-z-girl :
you're back!!! yay!! glad to see you. --ally
from sound-silent :
okay, you're gonna think i'm totally weird but BWAHAHAha. i noticed you ran the ellen feiss diary ring, and i was all, OMG AN ELLEN FEISS DIARY RING, and then i was all, i should talk to this girl. i go to school with ellen feiss! does that make me famous by association? anyway, that's my bragging for the night. and i'm spent. xoxo
from viciousoreo :
Thank you for the welcome! :) I love your layout, its very simple yet beautiful.
from bad-timing :
it's a pretty layout. ;)
from katy-bug :
New diary, sweetie? Hope all is well.
from myfamilysux :
Hun, are you okay? You havent updated in a month... I hope you're well.
from bipolargirl :
hey - you haven't updated in 28 days -- i REALLY hope you are ok. good wishes to you always
from tuluum :
where'd ya go? :(
from childbates :
I've taken heroin before. I was a crack baby.
from bipolargirl :
your friday five made me smile - the cure - the clash - edwin collins, mazzy - wow!!! anyway - just checkin on you since you are 3 days since your last update. you must be going through work hell or just nuthin' much to say. hey, i REALLY hope everything is going alright - in reference to your recent locked entry
from bipolargirl :
lemme know if you decide to put the scanner up for auction. i may partake (a big maybe, after my driver's liscence tragedy). my printer is goofy, too - so hey, maybe i'll splurge - just maybe.
from bipolargirl :
styx and journey - wow!!! that totally brings me back to junior high when i thought i listened to really cool stuff. i thought mr. roboto was SOOOO epic. i always wanted it to be a movie.
from bipolargirl :
thank - u r the best. i just don't know what it is. the other guy dan has told me a few times i look good without my glasses and stuff. asked for my number 3 times so we can work on his bio - he never called - so i tried asking dave, the other guy - i have no idea what i'm doing. ;)
from brer-rappit :
i never get a reply... only dissidence... why - oh - why
from myfamilysux :
lmao loved the pickup lines... legos?
from myfamilysux :
lol monty python and the holy grail is like the best movie ever. "tis but a flesh wound!" lol
from brer-rappit :
never MIX windex and liquid plummer... it isn't pretty in a shot-glass
from state28 :
hey just wanted to say you are cute and I like reading your entries
from brer-rappit :
enjoyable pain... i must say... . . . .. . . . .. . .. . . . .
from lip :
Thanks! Love your Saturday 8 (I always forget to do that one)
from bipolargirl :
i totally know what you mean about idots in shorts at 44 degrees. for a while i thought it was just another cleveland thing. at least i'm not alone in the midst of absurdity.
from bipolargirl :
i LOVE your new banner - totally deserves A LOT of votes (including mine) how much is the cheeto?
from stats01 :
just dropping in to say hello.
from guavagrrrl :
buenos noches, senorita
from brer-rappit :
your welcome
from liveversion :
yay you complimented me. i feel all nice and tingly now. thanks :D
from dre2600 :
I realllly like your taste in music, its peachy keen =] -Dre
from bipolargirl :
you are awesome. big hugs to you
from bipolargirl :
thank you for sharing that with me. i really feel for you and i understand.
from bipolargirl :
i wouldn't mind reading your private entry if you feel ok with that. you can email me at [email protected]
from katy-bug :
Yeah, that's all I hear now. "Fade Into You, la la la" I wish I could sing, that would rock. I hope all is well, babe. Don't fall into the 16 inches of snow you got! Take care. xx
from bipolargirl :
i've got my stick down
from brer-rappit :
the hell..... .. ... .. . . . .. .. .. ???
from bytwilight :
HAHA!! Dude, look at my answers!! I didn't even see yours until after I answered mine. How funny is that? (you'll get it when you see them)
from brer-rappit :
2 awnser your "?"... i'm from YARDLEY pa.... right alongside the delaware river.... near washington's crossing..... all in the wonderful world of bucks county..... great fun there!
from brer-rappit :
"Y" ??? never liked a letter that couldn't make up it's mind if it was a vowel or a consonant... even crazier is the letter "X" who needs it anyways....
from stats01 :
but its ok, i love you anyhow.
from stats01 :
my name has an I on the end, not a Y
from brer-rappit :
who has the key to the LEXX i want it back damnit
from groban83 :
I love your diary keep writting.
from stats01 :
love you, dear.
from angelicscars :
Hey! I added your stamp to my stamp collection. I'm just starting this, so I don't have many :)
from bipolargirl :
great pics!
from reviewscars :
Your review has been posted!
from coachhayden :
Hey cool! I'm from PA too, Schulykill County. I joined your Kim Possible club cause I like it and I'm 20 but who cares. yay.
from bipolargirl :
just want to say thanks for your encouragement. you DO look like drew barrymore!!! i love her, i can't wait to see that movie about the gong show's chuck barris.
from bodahell :
Hi.Its me again,nice picture.I need to talk,your in trouble.
from brer-rappit :
i know where you live.... that is i used to live there as well, it sucked. I liked it better in yardley PA... right on the delaware.... it rocked
from oipunkgrunge :
you're oh so pretty..can i smooch you? lol just playin' <3
from bipolargirl :
i'm aneesa. also - i was looking at the cnn and msnbc pic galleries for the protests and they had a pic of of some guy kicking an oil can during the wilkes-barre protest -- too cool!
from lip :
there was a 7 degrees of dland like two years ago and then it went kaput...go figure
from adeliatala :
Thanks for the compliment on my card :-)
from bipolargirl :
i was just listening to National Public Radio and they had a report on the Poconos. the state of penn. is trying to sue 4 builders or something for bad housing, sherrifs auctions and mortages. i guess there is a housing problem there? i didn't get to hear the whole thing, but as soon as i heard it i thought of you so i'm typing this note right now. have your heard anything from the mayor? i think it's cool that you are in the republican diaryring but you are still against the war. i have always tried to stay away from a party affiliation, since i vote on the issues, not the party. i really admire you. when i was your age, i don't remember that many people in their early 20's that was that informed and passionate about vital issues - i was but i didn't have the internet 10 years ago to express my feelings. have you heard anything from the mayor yet? please keep us updated, and bless you for having a brain and conviction.
from perfuct-10 :
Yes, back after five minutes. I just accidentally clicked on drealworld... and I saw the cast list that was just posted half an hour ago ...with YOUR name on it! Aaaaah congratulations Michelle! Good luck * !
from perfuct-10 :
Oh, New Years Eve babies... it's all about us ;o) I'm sorry to hear about the *lovely* state of pain that your arm's putting you through again... along with the panic attacks. I hope you have a much better tommorrow, and one free from mad contour-ish car drivers and evil waitresses! Night night :o)
from bipolargirl :
the letter is fabulous: inspired, passionate, informed, sincere. regardless of what happens make sure that the paper knows what kind of response you get. please keep us informed as well. well done.
from bipolargirl :
thanks for sharing about your uncle john. that is so GREAT!!!!!!!getting back in touch with family is invaluable.
from neon7c :
arrgh. guestbook not working. bleh. good luck to you. i've done the MRI thing. i feel your pain. i'll talk to you soon!
from bipolargirl :
thanks - you really are the best. its easier to write about it now then when i first started the diary, mostly because i know people like you and meredith really do understand and care. my friends know what happened, and they know how i got my revenge, but they don't know the details. you really are a good friend. i'm on yahoo if u ever want to chat. and hey, i thinkin about gettin one of those cool bathtub mats you recommended.
from bipolargirl :
as dickens said, 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' and it is, the ephiphiny (sp? duh). you are insightful enough to make this a valuable time for you. sometimes i get down on myself that i have been in this basement for 2 years. and then i remember all my agitated and panicked moments and at those times i wish i knew what was wrong with me, how i could control it (to understand is to control). i wished i had time and tools to sort it all out. now i have the tools. most of the time this and the people i know on here is the best.
from kitcatgirl14 :
anxiety is a chemical imbalance
from missprisy :
Happy Birthday! Have a good day!
from bipolargirl :
i clixed ya - have a GREAT birthday - think of my great, great great uncle Robert Burns today - he is the author of "auld Langs Sye" or however you spell it
from goovie :
happy bday!! hope it's a great one!
from bipolargirl :
man that girl is a BITCH!!!! i hope you report her IP. my mama told me if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all. what compells a total stranger to insult another? makes no sense.
from bipolargirl :
request for banner advice: i'm on CLIX now and basically my banner sucks. i'd like to add a photo on it but i just don't know how to do it. if you ever have time to give me some hints or have an idiot-proof site in mind that would make it easier for me could you please let me know? sorry to bother you. i know you are busy. please consider this a no obligation request.
from bipolargirl :
happy birthday, girl. live it up!
from goddess001 :
Happy birthday, and it is so nice to see people sticking up for themselves. I think your diary is very entertaining. Check out mine, if you ever need something to do.
from love-is-pain :
omg, what the hell is with that Carla Chick? Been stalking everyone. Just wanted to give you kudos for telling her the fuck off! *bravo!* :) Nice diary, found you via angelicscars. You are really pretty - even with that pissed off typical - PA girl expression (I know it all too well) - trust me, I'll take the "bowels of the poconos" over dump ass Philly anyday. *amen*
from rockinpepper :
Thanks for the welcome, but I only joined to test something out! Sorry!
from goovie :
yupyup. my boyfriend and i even go every year to a 24-hour b-movie marathon, which is pretty much a live version of mst3k. lots of fun.
from bipolargirl :
oh my, what a day you had!!!! - that would wear me out considerably. nice goin', sistah. and very happy and merry christmas to you!!!!! rock on!!!!!!!
from saneorinsane :
check out my poetry and tell me what you think?
from goovie :
from luckybobb :
no prob the reason why i hate them is because my dad has me attached to one and calls me every second of every day grrr
from oipunkgrunge :
i used to go to some ski resort in the poconos...nice diary and niceeeeeeeee <3
from bop-reviews :
Your review is posted! Come and check it out! Great job!
from hell-grlie :
this is seem really smart & funny. i love it!
from goovie :
oOi'm so excited, i'm so excited...Oo...i'm so...SCARED! heehee.
from kymee :
Just got around to reading your survey answers now, I'm 2 months, 10 days older than you! Happy in 29 days birthday. I passed right through your town last week on my way to VA.
from kidtwist :
yeah man i h8 cellphones. i gave my last one to some homeless girl when it rang while i was out in liverpool one night. you seem intelligent. so ummm...respect. bah bye.
from bodymindsoul :
jajaja ... posting pics as part of the entries are cool. they really recall my memory. pictures worth more than thousand of words. well, sometimes. have a happy thanksgiving :)
from neon7c :
i've gotten similar "hate" as you from the same person...*sigh*. gotta love it.
from panjandrum :
*blush* Well I doubt that 'everyone' loves me. Most likely just a few people but thanks though
from transpm :
hey there! :) your diary is ace. *gangsta style hand sign* and anyone who likes the clash is a friend of mine. :) wayne x
from rockonbytch :
cool diary!look at mines pleez!perhaps i'd be on yur fave list?i'd add you to my faves list if you add me!
from goosepants :
just ran across your answers to someone's dog survey, and i love that you named your dog trumpy after THE trumpy. that is so hilarious!
from bipolargirl :
thanks - looks like your weekend was interesting ;)
from raven72d :
Great photos-- you *and* the puppy! And some very thoughtful entries...
from ang3lwin9s :
Thank you for the notes! I'm glad to be a part of that ring!! =] ::/eriNN
from fr33kng33k :
Ahh, your from Wilkes Barre? That's cool; I'm from Scranton if you or anyone else wants to stalk me. =] I just felt like leaving a note! Toodles...
from neon7c :
ah the joys of depression. i'm hoping that zoloft works for me like it has worked for my's outstanding what it has done for the woman. hope you feel better and smilie soon!
from neon7c :
you fucking GO. :) you are too funny. don't you love getting reviewed by 14 year olds who bitch about YOUR maturity level? heh.
from review-world :
from review-world :
Your review-world review has been posted!
from emo-shun :
she is a pretty girl. she likes radiohead. + and +. <3
from tiki-reviews :
Your review has been posted at sorry it took so long.
from darkunicorn :
Odd, I don't see Drew Barrymore in you either. But I read more of your diary, it's very entertaining, I'll be back again!
from goovie :
ooh, i love are you being served? the crowning glory of my sophomore year in college was when i got to meet mr. humphries. i am a sad, sad human.
from vyv-xx :
I love #CC0000. Good luck on your novel. Tell me what you thought of my diary. I just started it a few days ago, so it'd be preferable to get some sustaining-type shit from an oldie like yourself.
from ink-grrl :
i abso love your diary
from darkunicorn :
Weeesh I almost started freaking out when I saw your layout, I thought you were this person I know at school! But I'm a long way from PA and you're a few years older, so it couldn't be. ;)
from goovie :
oooh, competition. :) and yeah, that's me in the picture...i seem to look like a *lot* of people's girlfriends.
from stealinghope :
Hi there... Thanks for the note :) Have no fear, it's nothing wrong on your end as I was having problems as well, but seems all is fixed now! :) Take Care.
from goovie :
yay nanowrimo! good luck!
from goovie :
hey, thanks for joining the noggin ring! i see you're a big ben folds fan, too -- i just saw him for the third time last week. mmm...ben folds.
from bipolargirl :
i don't think it's a dumb question. yes, that is me, although that's a pic in 1998, when i was 27, before my breakdown. a photographer friend took it. actually , it's one of the 'last good photos' i have. after i got on meds i gained 25 pounds. you can see this change in my most recent updated photos on my PHOTOS page, in last years' vacation to greece. i look mostly like that now. i put that photo up to remeind me of what i used to be, and how i can get there again. i'm not ashamed of the way i look in the greek pics on my photos page, but i do wish i could look like the b&w again
from neon7c :
electric factory here in philly...!!! wooo hoo! is there a NEPA diary ring? hmmmmm...heehee
from neon7c :
ooh. you like ben folds...i'm going to see him this friday! hooooraaaaay!
from echobaby :
Guestbook love is always appreciated!! :)
from yvette18 :
hey glad someone responded to my existence. I thought no one would notice that I joined their diaryrings. I have been with diaryland not that long now maybe a couple of months. I dont get many readers so you are welcome to read my diary if you want and spread the word!
from bipolargirl :
hey there - thank for the reccomendation for the postcard site - it's pretty cool. -- can't wait to see the party pics!!
from chasha :
Hi, sorry this took so long. Your sun is Capricorn, your moon is Scorpio, and your ascendent (rising) is Taurus.
from bipolargirl :
for a long time i just thought i was wierd. then when i got a real job after college and got insurance i started to see a therapist. we were working on what i thought was only depression. i'd get depressive episodes (basically, i mostly felt depressed). it was funny, but whenever i felt 'better' i skipped my therapy and i thought i was doing ok. i never thought i was 'manic depressive' or 'bipolar' at the time because i never thought i had the capacity to jump bulidings or to fly, what ever the sterotype was. i was either very depressed, very cranky, very tearful, or 'improving,," so i thought. then i was date raped, then 5 months later my dad killed himself and i found out what happened to him for the past 20 fucking years. i got into an even deeper depression, with the thought and the 'diagnosis' that i was only suffering from depression. then my true manic phases kicked in. not to get into it too much -- 1) because it scares me to talk about it right now and 2) i don't even think it's what you are asking about so i will get off of the podium --- but i began to believe that i had true peace, and that i was a phrophet directly assigned. i was going to travel the world with nothing but sandals on my feet just as Jesus did. since what happened to my dad was very political,,, referring to the drug war in vietnam,,, i wanted out of this country, i didn't want to pay taxes,. etc, etc,,,,, but again, like i said i ap9oligize for getting too self absorbed. anyways.... i wound up in the hospital and they finally diagnosed me as bipolar 2,,, with mixed episodes of bipolar 1. according to what i have just said, there are currently 2 types of bipolar that i know of. bipolar 1 is the 'classic' form --- the one you can see in jimi hendrix or the movie 'mr. jones' the other type is called 'bipolar 2.' i guess this is the kind that i have, although due to the intense stress factors of the year 2000, i might now be bipolar 1. anyway,, i have learned that i have been bipolar 2 for most of my life, which has actually been most dissappointing for me. bipolar 2 is classified as having predominately depressive episodes, with only slightly elevated manic episodes. with this knowledge, i question any of my accomplishments or 'normal' moods being attributed to 'minor manic' episodes. in a nutshell,,,,, the only times i felt happy or successful was when i was 'moderately manic,' and eventually crash into a depression where i'd lose everything: missed classes after i got an 'a,' missed work after i got a big contract signed ... i guess i could go on, but i don't know how much you want to know. i belong to a few webgroups, if you are intrested in checking them out. is a good one. let me know if you want to email or discuss further. i think u r really cool - please keep in touch
from ladyjanie :
IT-ttechie-geek-grrrls rule! Thanks for taking my survey! I started out doing tech support at an ISP, too, back in my freshman year of college. Great job, except I was the only girl, the office was a part of a huge farming equipment factory (we're talking tractors and hay bale-maker-things), and I'd regularly be left alone during the graveyards shift and had to deal with rats running over my sandals. :)
from beatnik75 :
Emo is politically correct rock from nice kids who want to be better people have a nice day. nice looking diary!
from incugirl :
I just wanted to say thanks for the review you gave my diary! I really appreciate it. Also, I'm glad you left me a note under your own username so I could see your diary; I like it!
from jeaniesmiles :
hey I was reading your profile and you like just about everything my brother does. LoL he absolutely loves fight club and weezer . . . huh. I don't really like those things though. fight club was really disturbing and weezer is alright I guess.
from velvetroses :
emogrrrl, hey! your dland diary is very cute. the colors and format are great. you sort of remind me of a friend back "home" (that sounds lame...). i used to live in MD. read my diary sometime, you'll need a password and screen name though: s/n: emogrrl p/w: velvet
from flayedone :
hi.I'm a 17 year old male who is a big loser!!! j/k. I like your diary......and your login name. OH YEAH!!! Robert
from broken-place :
hello! hope you're doing ok. Ive gone throgh the same thing as you but looks like you're gonna make it :) Just smile even if there isn't anything to smile about. take care xxx
from kelly67 :
Hey, you're from wilkes-barre. That's ace. I'm from Scranton. Woohoo! Boring NEPA cities!
from white-lies :
hey! i'm marrying thom yorke, no fair! (think he'd go for guys?) err... sorry about that. great diary. i think i shall come back. nice job! great insight and writing style... keep it up.
from emogrrrl :
Monroe Cty is in PA.
from chehedgehog :
So, Monroe county? Is that in New York State or PA? I'm not real sure on that.
from emogwen :
emo rocks. nice music selections. your pretty groovy. =) -gwen
from emodud :
Your cool. I'm stoopid. Its cool to listen to emo. And emo is life blood. Rice Crispies are the bain of my exsistance.
from joyfulgirl21 :
thanks for checking out my diary, and listing me as one of your favorites! it's nice to know someone else can relate to my ramblings. --ashley :)
from littl3w0nd3r :
Hey there! Listen... thanks for listin' me as one of your favorites. I don't have much to do but bitch these days. I find it fulfilling though. But, yeah... thanks for reading my ramblings. You should go check out my sister. I think you guys probably have a lot in common. She's listed in my profile. Thanks again. I hope everything is well with you. Feel better soon!
from invisibledon :
NO problem on the note -- I think Ive been to Wilkes- b -- I don't remember though
from joyfulgirl11 :
well, you ask on october 20th who actually reads this thing...i know how ya feel. but if it helps any, i read it.

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