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from greenplastic :
if you should stay in london i will be your friend next year. and i'm pretty awesome.
from harmfull :
hey lady, you updated? holy. may i perhaps have a password?
from xparrynightx :
glad you liked paris. summer has made me immensely wistful for it. i'm so glad you find it beautiful because so many people just say it was dirty and totally overrated and it's nice to know there are others who were enchanted by it as i was (am).
from popscene :
dude! a virus killed my computer right after the blackout and i lost t's phone number! :/ goddamnit. i can't access my a@ email, can youy send to missalexis(lastname)
from evil-edna :
Friend? I'm not your friend. Actually I'm rather fussy about my friends, but anyway, let's address that rather nasty and insulting little tirade you saw fit to let loose in my guestbook. Firstly, try reading my entries before you start blasting and it would make you look less like an idiot. There's no point in going on about America to me because I'm British. You say you feel sorry for the innocent citizens of Iraq and yet you'd be quite happy to see the dictator who oppresses them remain in power. Strange. Maybe you'd like to share what exactly you've done to help the 'poor citizens of Iraq', apart from ranting off in guestbooks? Now, as for the rest. I too was a journalism student. I even managed to finish my training and worked in the newspaper business for three years. Like I said, try checking your facts before you shoot your mouth off. Personally, your standard of writing, not to mention your sloppy fact checking, wouldn't even entitle you to write up football reports so I'd either start studying harder or consider looking at another career. Finally, I don't watch CNN - where on earth did you come up with that ridiculous idea? Sorry, but until you come up with some decent comments I'm going to have to put you in the 'silly troll' bin.
from xparrynightx :
so...ummm...password? i miss my daily doses of nikki :)
from xparrynightx :
bah, locked indeed...
from toothbrush :
Well, missy! Now that you are unemployed for the month of August, you are most welcome to come down to Hammertown and visit your fellow experienced unemployed beotch, i.e. me! Well, if you want to. I'll make you dinner and stuff!
from kazaam :
why thank you!
from xparrynightx :
password? bah :P
from deadish :
oh, nikkers.
from deadish :
see, what did i tell you? just try to stop those dancing feet.
from cant-escape :
living in toronto means that you must be quite the cool gal. hop on over to my diary sometime and we can chill...
from deadish :
bwaahahaaa. pixy stix. :D
i found one of those huge ones at the dollar store the other day. and i et it. it were tasty! yum.
from jangofett :
Hey, I don't know how I got here, but I noticed you like BTTF II. Big fan of the whole trilogy right here.
from toothbrush :
pour some sugar on me

You know... I love that song. Have you heard the Emm Gryner cover version of it? It's actually really really good.

P.S. I met someone who knows someone who knows you! Ooooooooh.
from goldenlights :
it's all good nikki! say, if i do land a fancy job i'm going to buy a ymca membership thingy and you have to promise to drag me out often because i know i won't go on my own! i'll glad you got the boy, even if he isn't 100% perfect, but i don't think they exist now anyway so it's all good. gotta go shower!
from spikerebel :
Hey..I just wanted to say I think it's cool just the way you write different about everything. lata
from toothbrush :
Nikki! "i don't have a phone yet, because they ran out of phone numbers or some shit. can you believe that shit?" You kill me.

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