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from mrwizzlebee :
Yes, yes, yes. I just ran into your diary and i've decided it is the mother of all diaries. I love it! You're self-depracating and charming and fun in all the good ways. keep it up. i have no diary but can be found on myspace. i am biscuity.
from tstough :
Eric, you've really go to update this diary! Come on now, it's bad enough that I have to slaver and pant waiting for you sister to update. It's cruel to leave me hanging like this.
from luxlust :
all right, you and your crazy ass sister are offical! Thank you for making my day less shitty, you are the walrus!
from djraindog :
yo, if you wanna grabba drink sometime while you're up here, e-mail me. you know how. if not, that's cool too, 'cause I'm one busy mother.
from rysk :
oh my god, you have got to be one of the funniest people on the planet. seriously. every entry i read, something makes me laugh. all i know is that whenever i need a good laugh, your diary is so, way helpful. tres fabuleux! so incredibly brilliant. mail or note me, or something, because i think you are extremely hilarious. in a good way. -- jay
from djraindog :
E: Since I'm a growly piano-playin' mother (I prefer mutha), I'd say my Muppet alter-ego is probably Rowlf the Dog, but if you e-mail me, I'll e-mail you back, and you can Friendsterate me and figure it out for yourself. (Yeah, I know you're on there. 'Cause I'm a crafty stealth mutha.) ;-)
from smokinkudzu :
man, i gotta say, A-FUCKIN-MEN. the bagel shop pisses me off EVER DAY. That's right. EVER. DAY. this wrinkled old whore with great big blue hair was in front of me the other day and she couldn't decide between the everything round bagel or the everything square bagel (you seen these fuckin' square pieces of shit?)... anyway, she stood there for a good five minutes debating... i sighed three times and crossed my arms. ain't that the international sign for "Hurry the fuck up" ??? let's give bad days the ol' "FYF*" and go home early. *Fuck You Finger.
from sarkasmo :
I have to disagree. The nestea snowman rocks a little bit. Not a whole lot, but I like his expression. You gotta have a little respect for a mean snowman. But yeah, everything else on the list I agree with, and HELLO, BAGEL STORY: in Cincinnati (which is "here" to me) there used to be a bagel store called Marx Bagels. It was owned by Mr. Marx, but his name wasn't Karl, but it might as well have been because he was a MEAN motherfucker. One time I went in there to eat, and he was at the counter and asked this old lady if she was enjoying her (coincidence?) tuna salad bagel, and she said yes, and he yelled, "Yeah, well you BETTER!" at a volume that made the old lady kind of flinch. I'm not saying I feel sorry for the old lady that was in front of you today; I'm just saying that at one time, there was a bagel store that woulda whipped her ass into gear and made an efficient customer out of her.
from jonathan29 :
Ummm...I'm hoping you are still alive.
from dalyrical1 :
where the hell are you?!?! *airhorn*
from mentalimages :
Okay, i just wrote the best fucking comment of my entire life to leave on your update and what the hell do i find??!! Your gold membership has gone the way of the MC Hammer. What i was TRYING to post was that the 3 minutes it took for me to read your update was a blessed relief from the other mindless minutes of my week. So thanks. And for your birthday, i'd be happy to pitch in for your gold. Let me know. But i want props for it bitch.
from creme-egg :
Hey- I found you through somewhere or other I'm not sure... Might have been some Moulin Rouge thing g-d knows, whatever *ANYWAY* I started reading and I think your great! So I'm going to add you to my buddies, hope thats okay! Lots of Love, Daphna x*x*x
from think101 :
:( i should have known better :/ lol i honestly did NOT underestimate you :) you know that AHH gotta run,.. get my AIM screen name off of my profile sometime wouldya? cya later ~James
from think101 :
goodness peter, the fact that i made your weekend despite phili definitely has been continueously making my week EVEN THOUGH my ass has been sick (not literal ass,...ass as in the collective ME) i thoroughly enjoyed the phili pictures... you best add me to your fav diaries,........ HAVE you ever seen THE HOUSE OF YES parker posey plays Jackie O who is a wack job who enjoys incest. Rent it,... better yet BUY IT!! It will make your month, if not your Life!!! Well Peter Friend,... I must leave your note page alone now,... so take care bud. Stop by my side again sometime soon. ~James
from nuclearlieut :
Hiya! I tripped upon your journal as I was sleazing through Google (ok, I was googling myself out of boredom. Hhm. That sounds vaguely sexual, non?), and I just have to say your Cher dream is hilarious and I'm sorry about your purple polo. 'Tis a shame. Anyway, salutations from Calgary! -the Lieutenant (Avery)
from think101 :
so upon staying up way to late and reading a crap load of your enteries i realize that youve got the Dr.C ........... so my plans to gay elope with you have been thwarted, but hey we still have to start that parkey posey cult or something to the likeings of it............ in the meantime catscratch i gtg... stop by leave me notes sign my gspot ya know the usual
from think101 :
I fucking love you!!!! Where have you been all my life TRULY? We need to get gay married in Hawaii or something and move to Paris and forever worship Parker Posey. So I go to school in Harrisburg. Come August my ass is traveling to meet you e and we are going to make everyone in the city jealous by our obvious superiority. Lets do it. BTW my journal sucks, it always has, please don't let that deter you from our true love. Farewell buddy! think101 "Who's on top and who's on bottom now?"
from madamepierce :
I guess I should say - the Miss Piggy thing is because I like to yell Hi-yaa a lot. Also to fly out of trucks on a motorcycle while wearing a spangly jumpsuit, and to hook up with Charles Grodin.
from madamepierce :
I hate to admit it but I think I'm more Miss Piggy than Janice. Also - how did you get blaiyze to leave you a note?
from mommylap :
You are wrong. I'm kermit
from demi-orphan :
"comments: AH! British homo's AKIMBO!" Forgive me if I sound daft, but did you just pay me a compliment or diss me in Japanese? By the way, am thrilled that you think me British (they gave birth to my favorite word: arse) but I'm Canadian and live a lovely, 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Igloo. / Later... D/O
from blaiyze :
Oh yes. And I suppose epeter2025 is not....stupid??
from blaiyze :
Ah. I see. Kristentracy.
from blaiyze : would be.........?
from weymouth66 :
We more usually use it as an adjective ('that movie was absolute pants') but I often use it as a stand-alone word after describing a bad situation, as I do in my latest entry. Hope that's made it clear!
from weymouth66 :
'Pants' is an English slang word meaning 'bad'.
from trapidi :
it is bad to smoke u know...but i am glad u like animals! : )
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for your note, Eric - I've left one for your sister that's to you as well, so take a look at her notes. Big up the Latvian Diaryland massive!! Best wishes.
from weymouth66 :

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