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from h2odragon :
Grats on the new domain. I'm sure it will be great. I agree that D'Land isn't what it used to be but for me I don't think I'll be found any easier on my own domain. If I leav eit will probably be wordpress. I had my own domain it was too time consuming to set up the tools you get gratis with a journal centric spot.
from teranika :
A dating no-man's land? How much time have you got??? ;-) It's pretty safe to say that K was 'confused' for many years. A lot of commitment phobia, a lot of wishy washy stuff, a lot of just not knowing what to do with his life. But once he finally made up his mind about me, he hasn't looked back - lucky for me.
from enfinblue :
Cheers! My pleasure. I enjoy your writing. I could learn a thing or two from it. Happy New Year.
from life-my-way :
Could that ginger monstrosity look any more vile? I wouldn't even give that to MY family. Thanks for the warning--gingerbread martini, no way in hell.
from thenoodle :
You poor baby! I can't even imagine the pain you're going through. I sure hope the doctor figures it all out and makes it all better!
from miedema2002 :
Wow, you're lucky that you have such good luck on dating sites. I say this in it seems you get lots of messages from people wanting dates. I wish my experiences with internet dating were like that. Good luck in your search for "the one" :) I like your diary by the way. Keep up the good writing.
from theturtle :
Sometimes I think there are only eleven actual writers left on DL, because it seems like we all read each other. You're pretty much in what I was in from 2002-2006, so it's interesting to read the dating thing from the other side of gender.
from kointuition :
New to D-Land and am really glad that I found your diary. I can relate on all levels to your thoughts. Thanks for keeping it real.
from teranika :
okay - just had to say that I clicked to your diary from a banner (something I rarely do) because in contrast to your life, I have a cat, a husband, and I'm pregnant. And yet, I so identified with your writing. How weird is that. Happy birthday from a complete and utter stranger.
from h2odragon :
It's very difficult to stay friends with someone you care about and had some hopes for.
from awittykitty :
Even though I only went out briefly with Andy, its hard to get encouraged about dating another guy because he did the same thing to me. Other women stashed here and there. It makes you feel unimportant. And you start to think they all do that. Well, I'm here to say, I'm sure you're a wonderful person and deserve much better. Just because they're too stupid to see that, just proves they aren't worth your time. Sorry about the hurt. Just think how great it'll be when we finally find the right one....somewhere out there. Don't give up, ok?
from tailbonelust :
By the way, I live in northern Virginia.
from tailbonelust :
So what -are- the paper hats for?
from anthronut :
It's funny how women tend to have the sense that a guy is a total-fucking-flake and yet we try to see where it goes, almost as if just to prove how totaly awesome we are in fact, 100% right. BUT, well, actually. I have no idea where I'm going with this note completely. Mostly, I just think it's awesome when women can NOT be affected by a boys inability to follow through. I saw your banner. I agreed with it. :) I hope you had a good weekend.
from liquid-mojo :
You're very welcome. =)
from veralynn :
Excellent! Hope it works well for you. I LOVE mine.
from elysium1982 :
my mom and i have the same birthday too, august 29th. she loves to tell people that i am her best birthday present, corny but i still love it.
from metanephros :
Thanks for the add! I'll be sure to let the husband see your comment so he can gloat.
from petals-blue :
You're welcome. :) -cat
from smedindy :
Hey there. You know, we have a lot of the same reads AND readers. And I call my stuff essays as well. Anyway, I'll bookmark ye! Just saying howdy!
from metanephros :
I'm enjoying reading about your dating adventures, and you make me laugh out loud. I'm glad I followed some favorites' favorites to get to you... weird that we're both in the D.C. area, though I'll bet my 'burbs are grosser than your 'burbs.
from veralynn :
Yay. Glad to hear the Rockfish turned out well. Wondered about that. I like Eastport. Will have to put that one on my list. :)
from veralynn :
Was a wonderful night to be in Annap! Where'd you go?
from veralynn :
I actually liked it. Not every monologue was a win, but the ones that were were real knockouts. And the best part was that it got me thinking about some of my own stories to tell so I got writing last night. Did you see Nine Lives? Much more of an actual film.
from gofigure :
Oops! I screwed up the image. It's fixed now.
from veralynn :
heh. :) Not a contest I'd aspire to win, but at least it does make for some interesting stories. :)
from beltwaybelle :
P.S. I saw that your mouse is on the left. One of those little things that makes me feel like I'm Sherlock.
from luvabeans :
thanks for the add! on the subject of plastic surgery, have you heard of the cat woman?
from northrup :
I'm enjoying rambling through your older entries; good stuff! I'm glad I found you...
from theturtle :
Hey, do I already know you in the 3D world? I've been trying to figure it out...
from yeahimadork :
You know, during my time off I accidentally started exercising (I ended up going for these longs walks everyday), which is a very good thing, because I have struggled like hell to find the motivation to get moving. Who knew it was insanity?? Heh. I did notice that it left me feeling better than before, so I will keep up with it (attempted squirrel maulings will not deter me!). Thanks for the note. Your two cents were helpful. :)
from annanotbob :
Hi - that comment was from me, but I didn't do it right, so there's no link there, whoops xx
from krissallae :
good luck with eH. I am one of the "lucky" few who actaully found a nice "normal" guy through the service and we've been together for almost a year and a half. I definitely agree about the kilty guy, not something to post on a personal, lol. Don't give up though!
from beltwaybelle :
D-land thinks I'm a spammer now, so I'm leaving a note. Speaking of dating...there's a new site by the makers of Madtch that's being beta tested in Denver, San Diego, Seattle, and here. They sent me a free week and I tried it. It's a little bit like Eek!Harmony in that they pick five profiles a day to send to you, and you have to go through several steps before you get to e-mail for real. I didn't like it very much, but the personality test was fun.
from elysium1982 :
i agree, seven nation army is awesome. so is (in order): "we're going to be friends", and "the hardest button to button" (a little repetitive but catchy).
from annanotbob :
Apparently 'Seven Nation Army' is worth a listen, or so say the mob on the sofa behind me. I love Bjork, by the way - weird but compelling. And thank you for the description of the woman in the nightie - priceless. All the best.
from gumphood :
Hey! Only locked cause of an editing error. Open again soon!
from crowhihs :
Hello :-) I look forward to catching up on your writing from the beginning. I found you through CHICAGOJO!
from dusk-bunny :
Hi, I saw your banner and curiosity got the best of me. Wanted to let you know: I like the edge you pit on your everyday observations. Amusing and witty :)
from gumphood :
thank you for the add!
from elgan :
Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a fun day.
from breezip :
Hey, Kathy - thanks for your note--really thoughtful of you. I'm glad you got something out of the entry--it's becoming one of my favorites. --Bree
from annanotbob :
Hurrah, another mid-life writer! Old bags of the world unite - or something like that. Off to the dentist, having just read the briefest bit of your thong thing, but I'm with you. Fabulous. Have a lovely day xx
from elgan :
It occurs to me that since we are of an age and looking menopause in its beady eyes, we could compare notes. If you're interested, you can write me through my email address on my diary. I would like to have someone to talk to about symptoms, concerns, that kind of thing. I'm in a bit of vacuum here.
from minstrelite :
Wow--an actual writer, on DiaryLand even! I am too, or at least I try to be, although you'd never know it from my blog. Keep the faith.
from goingloopy :
The pictures should work now. Evidently, when you cut & paste from WordPerfect, Diaryland does not acknowledge the existence of quotation marks in picture links. Grrr.
from goingloopy :
Thanks for adding me! :)
from paper-sailor :
Thanks for remembering me after all this time. What a surprise! Yes, I'm back from the honeymoon but we haven't gotten married yet. That'll happen five days from now. It's a long story, which I'd rather tell you about privately if I could, instead of in a public forum. K & I spent the first week of May in Paris & ever since I've had a hard time getting back to reality. Also been busy with family things, new job responsibilities, and geting ready for the wedding. Originally it was going to be just the two of us, one judge, and one witness at an undisclosed location; now it's a church, a reception, and lots of people --- much better, I think. Driving to the airport on the way to Paris I swore I'd stop posting at DiaryLand, the main reason being that I don't have the time, but also because I'm dissatisfied with my writing. Whoever wrote that stuff, it's not me. Anyway, I don't have time for all the reading & other writing I want to do. But over the last few days my resolve has been weakening, and I may start posting again, but only if I can write in my normal voice --- whatever that is. Thanks for your encouragement. It was great hearing from you again & I'm glad to see you're still going strong.
from elgan :
I don't know about the rest of Canada, but they certainly do in Quebec. One of the beauties of socialized medicine is that it is cheaper to pay for women to have mammograms than to be treated for cancer, so an ounce of prevention, in this case, anyway, is definitely worth a pound of cure or more. Now isn't that civilized?
from xkitix :
I came here because I saw the word snarky in one of your banners which is a word I love. And then I read about the suffering of online dating. Let me tell you, I know all about that.
from normaltoilet :
I'm not sure what kind of books he likes really, but take a look at Lizard Music (author is D Pinkwater i think) quite funny and good for many ages. My friend reccommended it to me when he and i were about 13, but i remember reading it to my sister who at the time was nine and we were in stitches. Good Luck! NT
from yeahimadork :
Celestia's boyfriend is called Sucker because he hooked up and stayed with her. It sucks, because he's a pretty decent guy, and I think he's afraid to leave her because she's threatened to hurt herself if he does. Seriously. What would I write about without her?
from elgan :
Thank you for adding me to your favourites. Welcome aboard!
from paper-sailor :
Hi, essaywriter: Thank you for your kind words. That's interesting, your connection with Grace Griffith. I don't know anything about her but having heard her voice just one time on the car radio I knew I had to hear more, so as soon as I got home that day I ordered two of her CDs. It was hard to list favorites. I don't really think in those terms; I just like a lot of different stuff, so I included old favorites, current favorites... I see you listed My Brilliant Career & I'm wondering if you found a copy of it. I searched for it a few times in the last couple of years but have been unable to find it on video or DVD, and Netflix didn't have it last time I looked. I've been a fan of your writing & your wit since becoming a regular reader of DiaryLand several months ago. I check in all the time to see what you're up to & what's on your mind. paper-sailor
from arc-angel666 :
A Tallywhacker is an instrumment used for counting. You touch the subject such as a sack of gain which registers it to the tally and the whacking is self explanatory(actually touching the sack of gain). There is the possibility he is a highly proficient as a multitasker. Could it be he uses his appendage as a tallywhacker, thus freeing his hands for other activities? I would think he would be much sought after say as a warehouseman(UPS or FEDX). Imagine if he is indeed such a man, I would think he'd be terrified of swimming in a shark infested Sea. Then again he could be just friggin weird :-)
from arc-angel666 :
Good Morning Ms Essaywriter: After this last crash at Dland my computer is acting a bit strange here. It seems I can't pull your diary up, hopefully it a problem that will be fixed soon by Andrew and crew. Anyway I am still laughing after reading Army, fried Chicken eatin civilain Harley Guy and his rather Butch Dog. I too had a Psychic or psycho moment when the Dog in the photo spoke to me. I quote " For the Love of all things Holy tell that idiot I'm not Gay!" So, anyway I am preparing a personal Profile and would like you to take a look at it before I submit it. Being its my first attempt at anything like this I wouldn't want to mess it up heh heh heh. Oh I have something to show you, since you like cowboys I have a photo for you. Email me if you would at [email protected]
from arc-angel666 :
Good Evening Ms Essay Writer: I saw your banner and my curisoity got the best of me. Online dating? Lets take a look shall we? I am so glad I did....upon reading Army/Civilian Harley Guy's advertisment I couldn't stop laughing. Midway through I developed sever hiccups, after seeing his photo I produced a rather fine bubble which escaped via my left nostril, viewing his dog dressed as one of the Village People I nearly blew Chunks and may have bruised my ribs! Jesus Tap Dancing Christ I'm sold, I want to fill out one of those Bio's, but before I do is it required that I tell the truth? Oh what fun you must have. My goodness where are my manners? My name is Michael and I'm please to meet you. Unfortunately I have some work to finish but with your permission I shall return. I'm looking forward to jumping into your archives and having my ribs tape due to hysterical laughter...I'm a bit worried though....I haven't even met you and already you have hurt me :-) Good Night Ms Essay Writer
from rs536-2000 :
I'm sorry to hear about your mishap--hope you heal fast and easy (and stoned).
from hissandtell :
Hi - I found you through sunshine's buddy list and have been loving your diary. I was also dead impressed to see that cowboys are your weakness, too; I adored Pam Houston's book. I shall be back to read more. Love, R xxx
from lifeasme66 :
And the crazy stalking psycho that just spent the last 2.5 hours going through your archives? Oh, that was me =) **HUGS!!**
from lifeasme66 :
Oh my gosh, girl, you are hilariously funny! I was going to pop in and say thanks for adding me as a fave... then I started reading your diary, and I got hooked! Internet dating, what can I say, there really is nothing like it, is there? I'm eager to read more about your adventures, seems I'm not alone =) **HUGS!!**
from rs536-2000 :
I'm about to add you to my favorites; I enjoy your writing!. Sorry about the match traumas--I've had some of my own.
from dukkha-tanha :
I just wanted to say hi, I've been reading you for a little bit now and am adding you to my faves. I love reading about your adventures in online dating. =)
from pandionna :
Hi! Please drop me a line at pandionna2 at aol dot com. I'd like to send you the password for the private folder--guess what some of it will be about?--but I don't see an e-mail address for you here and I don't want to leave the password out in public. Muah!
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Thanks for adding my diary to your Diaryland favorites list. Why do I have a feeling your diary is going to be addictive reading?
from captvfirefly :
I was introduced to your diary via Pandionna, and now I'm hooked! I, too, have done the online dating thing (since my divorce 2 years ago). I've had an ad up on all the major dating sites, and I can identify with your experiences. :) My diary is locked, but that's only to keep out some of the old e-guys who found my diary. If you'd like to read, the username is "punkin" and the password is "kitty." I'm adding you as a favorite right now!
from pandionna :
GAH! And you're in the D.C. area, too? I wonder if we've run across some of the same numbskulls. Surely we must have. It would be interesting to compare notes.
from pandionna :
I LOVE your diary. Adding you to my faves right this instant, and telling a good friend about my good fortune in clicking on your banner ad. I'm trying e-dating too. And I mean "trying" as in what one does before a judge and jury. Ye gods! If your hit counts go up, c'est moi.
from randomlush :
Hi, I meant to leave you a note much sooner. I got your name off of Pharie's profile and enjoy your writing!
from sunnysusan12 :
Hey, I love your style, makes me laugh and laugh. I hope you keep it up and hey, come visit my diary sometime!
from johnniev :
Hello. I stumbled upon you by accident, through a pop-up ad here. Your content struck a chord, I went through the internet dating thing, and lived to tell about it! I've pretty much left it behind; no date is better than several bad ones. I used to think it was their attitude, turns out it was my attitude all along! But really, what options do we forty-soomethings have to meet folks? Thanks for your perspective!

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