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from katherine001 :
Hey I would like a review please. Thanks
from startender :
review me, please! star
from justjulie :
hello... i would like a review. i like your site's approach to the review process. any reviewer would be fine. thanks.
from leadme :
Hey could I get a review from aimeelori, please? She sounds pretty hot. Thanks!
from catspajamas :
I would also like t be reviewed, please. Tthe link is under "reviews" in the navigationn buttons on the top of my template.
from frogmom :
Could I pretty please get a review?
from rotted :
review me. thanks.
from dogbones :
Hello, there is a new web forum out called dogbones. It lists journals, blogs, designers, reviewers, and other types of journals to make it more convenient for everyone to find. If you want to find out more information then just visit the site. If you would like to join then go to dogbones and click on apply. It would be very appreciated if you would spread the world also. Thank you for you time.
from poopiebitch :
I'd love a review (I think!), the link can be found under "groovy blog people". I have a great time reading the reviews done for other people, so I thought I'd put myself at the mercy of your reviewers and see whatcha got to say! Peace out, beyotches!
from moretoknow :
Looking around for a review and when I read the general description of this page I was ecstatic. My personal review site runs on just about the same theory as I hate certain crappy diary things, none the less I'd like a review, link's on my extras links, reviews page. Thanks!
from lulu-burden :
Review my page please : ) Thanks, Lulu
from ijustmoveon :
I would like to be reviewed, please. The link is on my main page, in the nav bar on the left, under "other." Thank you.
from sole-review :
Hello, would you be interested in become sister sites (link each other) to my review site? (it just opened up, and I'm trying to circulate some traffic...) Also, I'm trying to give this review site a huge variety of reviewers. So if any reviewers at this site are interested, please contact me. ~Pink
from elanah :
I'd appreciate your input--review me? The link is on my reviews page.
from kickme-tryme :
Hello could I have a review please, thanks.
from sickriotgirl :
I'm kust looking for a review. Your linked under reviewers.
from lilmaly013 :
i would greatly appreciate it if you would review my diary, thank you. -Mallory
from honstyzbrutl :
HI! I hope you all don't mind, but I have just finished putting my review site together and I thought I would plug it here. I came through a diary ring. As the name indicates....we at honstyzbrutl are brutally honest. We think its better that way. :)
from kickme-tryme :
Hello could I get reviewed please? You are linked on the "extras" page under "reviews" (not a link, but a heading). Thank you :)
from sopranochick :
a friend of mine was reviewed by you and I want to follow in her footsteps. you are linked at the top each entry page with the link "a reviewer."
from sickriotgirl :
Hey, just looking for a diary review. Your linked in the reviewers section. Thanks a bunch.
from dadagirl :
I would like a review please. Your link is in the links section.
from selfbiased :
i would like a review. your link will be in the theatre with the others.
from long-ignored :
ummm whatever works for YOU...YOU...not me. ugh
from long-ignored :
I would really like a review...and yes, I know requests can be denied...but I'd like imaphatpig simply because retailharlot is already on my favs list and vice versa...Then again...that may make it easier because she doesn't have to go back too far...okay, nevermind...whatever works for me. Dear lord, I'm even neurotic when requesting a review. lol
from missfemme :
oh..well may i get a review? please..It could be something to dwell on even..lovely..thank you
from magic-list : get listed!
from suta :
Hiya! I would like you to make a review 'bout my page! *nodnod* That would be great! I had never any star. *pouts* Anyway Seeya!!! (Link is under etcetera at the link-page) Suta-chan.
from for-you-only :
The link is in a findable place. :) Review me please!
from aboutagirl- :
Could I pretty please get a review? My link is under "Extras" then "reviews"
from darktruth :
Thanks so much for your excellent review. Yes, I agree about the archive matter. I need to get that sorted out, but I'm horrible with HTML things like that. It took me for-ev-er just to get the layout the way it is. I'll check about it though. Thank you again, that review made my day.
from rue25 :
May I pretty please have a review? Thanks. Link is on reviews page.
from the-story-of :
hey can i get a review. thanx so much.
from innovative :
Hey, I'd like a review, please!
from shi-ou-sama :
you sound cool, review me
from jangela :
Hi, would like to request my very first review. Linked you in my favorites and also in my profile under "Diaryland Reads." Thanks!
from irishblueyes :
Hi, I'd like a review...and not to worry, I'm not a republican! on the reviews page.
from crazed4you :
thanks for the review. and although it was brutally honest, which i appreciate and consider a very good thing, it really got me thinking, so thanks for that. and just from the review, i got that you are probably older and within many of your suggestions, it was very apparent. you were correct on the seemingly ups and downs (and if you don't remember your life at 16, much of it is about guys, no matter if you are co-dependent or independent, it is just how it is at 16). im not sure what i want it to be, but you definitly got my attention, and have me thinking, so i will politely thank you for that much.
from dullstar :
Hi ... I'd like a review, please. Thanks.
from onyxkiwi :
thanks for the review! the picture is some strange variety of licorice, by the way.
from margot08 :
hey, it'd be awesome if you could review my diary. i've already linked you, so i'm just looking forward to the review! thanks again! ~margot
from artofliving :
i would love to be reviewed! please do mine!
from gigamonster :
Hi, if either of you aren't too uber busy, could you review me? For some reason, I need to be told that I suck. Thanks.
from dailywisdom :
Clicked thy banner, and felt *so* welcome when I entered. ;-) Nice-looking site, and no -- I don't want a review or to become a reviewer. Just sayin' hello! xxx ~ Jamie at DailyWisdom
from theascension :
I'd like to request a review from you. Arigatou.
from lumin-ant :
y'all seem funny. i want a review from you please. link is going to be up shortly on reviews page. thanks
from darktruth :
Your rules and scoring made me chuckle, which made me think you're not the same as those other review sites. I don't like most of them, and haven't had many reviews. I would love to be reviewed by you.
from crazed4you :
I did link you!! so now that that is settled, i am requesting a review!! Felicia
from crazed4you :
hello, i would LOVE to receive a review from you. and first and foremost i know i need to link you but i am not quite sure on how to go about it.. so you might need to help me, if at all possible??
from clarity25 :
Thank you so much for your review. I was surprised, flattered and touched when I read it. It made my day!..that was by far the nicest compliment I have ever gotten on my journal! Thank you for taking the time to read through my diary and write a review. It truly meant alot to me. All those images through out my diary are my own, or Eric's (except for one, the "life..Just Live" image on the template. That is a collage of my own photos and a German advertisement. I created it on photoshop, but I can't take entire credit for it.) Once again....Thank you!
from bloodyjuliet :
May I have a review? Link: Site>>Reviews. Thanks ^.^
from onyxkiwi :
i'd like a review please. your link back is on the extras page under reviews. thanks in advance.
from exalt :
would love a review. link back is under "links" thank you
from ashtraygurl :
Thank you for the review, and the helpful suggestions!
from theatrbee :
Thanks for the review!!! The fact that you disliked my template was ok by me. I don't even know html. i just fudged somebody else's template by changing random numbers and switching the pic. I guess i need to find a template to fudge that has better options. When i actually figure out what i'm doing, i'll rock. THANKS!
from austinliz :
Thank you so much for the awesome review! :)
from thedrink :
I would love a review please, verbal lashing is always welcome. Your link is under "Reviews". Thanks in advance.
from ashtraygurl :
Hi, I would like a review. Link is on my page. Thanks.
from austinliz :
Heya, I'd love a review. I have loonng entries that might bore you to tears, but we'll find that out together. Link can be found via links page. Thanks!
from theatrbee :
In an effort to debase myself further in life, i'd like to be reviewed. Currently, the content of my journal tends to be a bit random and whinny. I'd like to say there is an excuse for that, but actually, random and whinny is just my personality.
from clarity25 :
hey, I just came to check out your new review site. It's looking good, I liked your rules and scoring. I'm putting a link on my page. Can I be the first to be reviewed? I guess I'll request Imphatpig because she doesn't know my diary yet and I wont mind having her tear my head off:) btw I also like the name of your site, and the lay-out!

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