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from mostlydead :
This is kind like travelling back in time. Hope all is well.
from hibiscus101 :
so crazy. so cool. buying the book cause i'll miss reading fin. :)
from zuzus-petals :
I don't even care if you're a fictional character, I think you should keep writing. I'll miss you madly!! - Zuzu
from swordfern :
You are still my favourite 15-year-old.
from freakyouout :
Bye "FIN" you will be missed!
from hibiscus101 :
that was so freakin cool! love it!
from katiedoyle :
fin!!! you are totally tagged too, if you care to be! :) how are you?! i hope you are well. congrats on the freedom your teeth are (sort of) enjoying. :) xo
from katiedoyle :
and you made even that note sound beautiful, too. :)
from katiedoyle :
excellent frigging idea on what to do with the books. you rule. :) i need to catch up on my reading, but until i get the chance, i hope you are doing well, beautiful, awesome fin. :)
from breathe-salt :
i absolutely love the way you write.
from onlymayday :
Hello yourself. I look forward to reading.
from misspinkkate :
from vintagepearl :
I love your perspective on an after-hours school. Beautiful as always my friend x)
from freakyouout :
thank you! I like your writing style. And I'm glad you didn't puke at the sight of that chewed up pen.
from joie-- :
...i like the sound of your backyard...
from boann7 :
thanks for your sweet note
from zantimisfit :
Oh, yeah, you can smell pheromones. They emminate from the places on the body where strange hair grows...
from pitter-pat :
thank you love. <3 hope you're doing well. i hate that diaryland isn't used very much anymore. i wish i could come back and keep my diary thriving but there's just so few quality people on here - you're one of the only ones left! livejournal seems to be the popular place to be :/ (i use it but i'll never like it as much as dl)
from beckers-j :
Just focus on what you do like about yourself - with regard to both your personality and your body. Let those things define you.
from beckers-j :
No! Tanning is horrible for your skin. You'll look old before your time and possibly end up with skin cancer. If you must tan, make it a Mystic. That is, fake tan! As for being skinny, I AM SO JEALOUS. ;) I've never really been skinny. Although I'm petite, I've always had a curvy figure. People picked on me for that when I was in school. It doesn't matter whether you're skinny or fat or whatever - kids will always pick on other kids. It's because they're insecure. You just have to make peace with yourself, and then it won't bother you. Seriously. Look at yourself positively.
from beckers-j :
He's either gay or he likes you. Otherwise, guys don't comment on girls' haircuts. They just don't.
from beckers-j :
He really could like you! It depends. Give me some examples of the ways in which he picks on you. ;)
from vintagepearl :
Thanks, you too! (Okay, so my reply's a little late . . .) How was your holiday, then? Happy New Years!!
from vintagepearl :
Those pictures are beautiful! You have *the* photography eye! Happy Holidays :)
from adelnye :
Have a Merry Christmas!!
from spazs :
Hi! I did reduce the pictures. I guess you were right about them. Hey, I changed my profile, too!
from adelnye :
Dear f-i-n, I would like to invite you to write a guest entry for me. The topic would be whatever you think would be appropriate for my diary. Please note that as I am not a gold member, the entry would have to be RSVP-ed to me via the email found on my page. Adelnye xxx
from lua---- :
happy really really late thanksgiving to you too. oh how i wish the days weren't flying past.
from lou-bee-doo :
thank you very much :o) I love it too....the pattern is on the inside - which is really weird - and it shows through. Topshop rocks :o)
from pondlife :
Happy turkey day to you as well! We both got snow yesterday, amazing.
from scorpi07 :
Happy Turkey Day to you too!
from adelnye :
Thank you! Happy Turkey Day to you too!
from straysparrow :
Thankyou! Same to you! S xx.
from suzza :
Happy turkey day for you :) But mine was last month! And it's always more like vegitarian-chillie-with-stuffing-and-carrots-and-corn-bread. <3
from pitter-pat :
You too!! <3
from vintagepearl :
English rocks, of course.
from janegamma :
I forgot to mention, it's very cringetastic.
from janegamma :
Yes, I strongly urge you to blow off all of your responsibilities and run out and rent Freaks and Geeks. My chum Treehugger will back me up on this. Have a good weekend!
from vintagepearl :
Nothin' wrong with poetry and coffee. Both lovely existences. Black sweaters are nice too. What is your intended major?
from katiedoyle :
well, let's hope it stays quiet. *fingers crossed* what's your favorite jd salinger? i love catcher, hate franny & zooey.
from vintagepearl :
Ah, I see. Where do you intend on living when you're older? Haha, how old are you now? *Sublimial message: MAINEEEEEEE*
from tilkingdom-- :
i love those pictures. the power plant looks so out of place.
from vintagepearl :
Cool :) Do you like it there?
from straysparrow :
Thankyou. Sparrow. xx
from boann7 :
i remember finding rumi for the first time. =)
from vintagepearl :
Beautiful! And is all this in Florida? Is that the Sunshine State? I'm oblivious. I come from the Pine Tree State. "Vacationland" so they say.
from zen-grae :
thanks for the compliments on my birds! the largest is an orange-winged amazon. the mid size is a nanday conure and the two littlest ones are green-cheek conures! i love them dearly! thanks for reading my diary! i'm going to go check yours out now!
from bathtubmary :
how can you be as young as you are and write the way you do? truly amazing. xoxo, d
from amazinfuckup :
Thank you. :)
from lua---- :
you're pretty much amazing.. art work and photography and writing an all. uh-may-zing.
from vintagepearl :
I like how you wrote that..
from boann7 :
thanks for the nice note.. i will post a picture of it when its done. =)
from hibiscus101 :
awww thanks!
from annivate :
it's sort of about ghosts. it has a pretty interesting message at the end, it just takes a while to get through.
from annivate :
you should read white noise.
from vintagepearl :
Neat. Guess where my next meal will be?
from vintagepearl :
Yes! You tagged me! I feel special and singled out! Thank youuuu :)
from stepfordtart :
Oh, I seeeeeeeee! thanks awfully. s x
from vintagepearl :
Loveeeeely drawings!! You're a wonderful artist, I must say, but I'm sure you've been told before. I'm terrible. At art. Blast.
from annivate :
I just purchased a white hoodie with polka dots and a unicorn on it. You probably can't be one, but you can sure as hell wear one.
from vintagepearl :
Absolutely gorgeous photos!! I must travel there someday.
from camera-girl :
thx for the comment :-) it warms my photographical heart ;-)
from skinnianna :
do you mind if i add you as a favorite diary? i really like the way you write. thx, even if the answer is no! ~sarah
from bornearly :
Thanks for stopping in! You're welcome any time; and I'll return the favor. :)
from stepfordtart :
coooool! Thank you soooo much! Although, the "barbie in a shoebox" has more artistic credibility, I feel! heehee! s x
from vintagepearl :
Haha, no problem. Yeah, the members on your buddylist who regularly update, you can count on them for an entry. Whenever you update next, put the whole tag thing in your entry before or after your entry. All ya need to do is copy and paste the paragraph thing and then add your buddies. Thanks! :)
from blazingstar :
Haha yeah, I need food. All the time. Beautiful underwater photos, by the way...I'm jealous.
from goflyakite19 :
Your writing reminds me of the way the sky looks during a summer's rain.
from jessilue :
i love reading what you write. it's just amazing.
from lilpeanut80 :
Alabama gas stations have souvineers such as "the bald mans hair brush" (brush w/ no bristles) "the red neck wind chime" (a bunch of empty beer cans hung from a stick). And many other useful items.
from blazingstar :
I can block him, but I've decided not to. I don't know. I'm perfectly happy ignoring him, but I refuse to avoid him outright by changing what stairway I use to leave the building and things like that. I'm just trying to pretend he doesn't exist, haha. By the way, I really like your Easter entry. What a bizarre holiday, huh?
from shoreline-- :
Thanks so much. I'm really flattered that you do since I love your work so much.
from truffaut :
thank you. i read some of your entries. i like the style of writing you have. descriptive.
from the-moo :
I don't tell you enough but I hope you know anyway - I absolutely creepyinternetlove you and I ADORE your diary!! xxx
from sheisdancing :
your diary is lovely, as are you
from coldandgray :
I love what you wrote, as always. I saw that kitty linked you from her site; you're famous!
from breaux :
Thanks. you sound interesting. i like the pics.
from coldandgray :
Thank you so much. Here are the rules: Let me know if you have any questions. I have given you posting permissions.
from coldandgray :
I really hope you will consider guest posting for my site, it could really use some of your depth.
from trancejen :
Thank you! I assume you've been smoking the crack. ;)
from lua---- :
thank you i suppose. i adore your photography. it's one of my favorite hobbies.. but my camera unfortunately is broken, so i'm happy when i get to see beautiful pictures other people take.
from coexistapart :
Thank you for stopping by my site. I see we share the same taste in template designers; she does really, really good work that Francey. I feel like I have been by your site very recently, although from your profile it is not immediately apparent who we share in common that I might have linked through. I was in Miami at Christmas and was, for the most part, completely unimpressed. I was in Vermont a couple of years ago looking at a specific, well known private arts college 45 mins. south of Burlington and I can certainly empathize your sentiment: most people *think* they would prefer FLA because of the lovely weather, but I am 100% behind you on the beauty of Vermont. Oh, and the food served at The Storm Cafe.
from annivate :
i was wondering that myself after i boarded my plane that i thought i was going to die on. hopefully it was old genesis. new just will not do.
from cdghost :
happy one hundredth entry.
from joie-- :
always excited to see what you've posted *leans to the side on tip toes to see around the overly tall person that should be standing near the back, not front row center, what about the rest of us?* (what?) ...idk..joie
from evilyoyo :
yea I agree.. writing about different animal eyes was awful. but thank god i didn't have to dissect them (like my friend did). ;)
from exitfish :
thanks! and when i looked at your last entry, it seemed like the perfect thing on a cold winter day.
from x-plicity :
Happy V-day! *heart* X
from dangerspouse :
Hey kiddo, thanks for the note at my place! I appreciate your attempt to help me toss off some un-needed ass fat via green tea. As you're the second person to suggest such an unlikely route - and since it doesn't require any more effort than straining to lift a soggy tea-bag out of a mug - I think I'll give it a try. Thanks bunches!
from x-plicity :
Thanks for the hugs and kisses!!! I love your diary. I hope you don't mind if I added you to my favorites. *hugs* X
from la-blue-eyez :
Thank you for your comment.
from pondlife :
Never as sweet as yours, but thank you.
from annivate :
that would be clever if the picture of clark gable had something to do with the picture as a whole, but alas, it does not. that just happens to be where it hangs in my bedroom. maybe next time i'll just lie, say yes, and make up some big bullshit lie.
from over-the-top :
thanks for the hug! I read the funeral entry and it hit home. You're an amazing writer. I like the letter entry too... reminds me of too many things to mention. :)
from fightn4life :
Thanks so much for the {{HUG}} I read your "funneral" entry, my heart is with you. The good memories are the ones we should keep alive in our hearts for those that pass before us. Questions brought up about how one has lived their life would be a sad goodbye for those that knew and loved them. I hope time helps heal your sorrow. Sandyz
from mylostart :
I think that, in poetry, the story can be made up from the words. So everyone gets a different idea of what it might be about. And sometimes its easier to write a few lines that could mean anything.
from thedetails :
Happy Tuesday Guestbook Signing Extravaganza! Thanks for intorducing me to tea flowers. I'm definately getting one for my daughter. We both are grateful.
from ariza : I know you?
from boann7 :
from beckers-j :
Thanks so much for the guest entry and the beautiful pictures. Very nice. And I edited the entry to include your name and a link to your diary. ;) Thanks again!
from adelnye :
Thank you for adding me on your list!! ^_^
from boann7 :
thanks for the hug
from emperorincxt :
thankyou darling, its wonderful to know im not alone
from sparkspark :
I wonder who your big-hair ghost was. I never see anything interesting like that. Were you scared? XO Violet
from beckers-j :
Hey! Thanks for agreeing to do an entry! I've added you as a guest, so when you click on "Add an entry" you'll see (at the top) that you have the option to post an entry to my diary instead of your own. Then you just do an entry like you normally would. Let me know if you have questions. Within the next week would be great, and there isn't really a theme. You can take a look at some of my other guests if you're stuck, but write about whatever you like. Thanks again! I'm looking forward to it! ;)
from beckers-j :
Would you be interested in doing a guest entry for me? Let me know, and I'll add you as a guest poster.
from mostlydead :
foolishly, I seldom check notes when I upload... I must correct this... thank you :)
from jwinokur :
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can get icons like the ones I have at Search for World of Copland. Also, I was looking at your profile and saw the music you like. You should check out my songs. Sigur Ros is a huge inspiration for me. My music site is Email me directly and I can give you a link for a free download or two!
from hibiscus101 :
*Happy Holidays*
from augustdreams :
Thank you. :) The forest always looks so peaceful and soothing to me. Makes me smile every time I see it.
from sparkspark :
Still waiting for fuzzy kitten arrival. It could be any moment, now! XO Violet
from talk- :
I've been in a bit of a "dry spell" I guess you could say...
from clipchick :
Thanks for adding me :D It IS important to take the time, I mean, heck-YOU and he didn't choose your birthdate!
from mechanistic :
Yours too is an interesting read. You seem to have a knack for photography.
from emperorincxt :
'yemkala' a song by the band 'blindside'. they are most excellent.
from adalbeorht :
she's like twenty-four and as hot as any ancient Greek teacher can be, which is to say, HOT. and yes, she really does have tattoos.
from hibiscus101 :
from adalbeorht :
thank ya kindly for the good wishes, but I don't believe there's anything wrong with mine molars... say, what's up?
from palewhite :
thank you so much for note. in norwegian the word "fin" means beautiful. maybe you knew that. i think your diary is. beautiful.
from z765323814 :
I'm still here, almost every day in fact...Sometimes it's just easier to listen to everyone else's stories rather than record my own.
from always-never :
i dont WANT to take a break..but it seems like thats how things are turning just not inspired lately. i have no new material, its quite pathetic really..hopefully i will be cured of this writers block soon ♥
from annivate :
dog down syndrome. i'm probably going to hell.
from starwhore :
i love the way you write. i hope you get your power back soon. take care xox
from hibiscus101 :
from over-the-top :
hope you're safe after the storm, and that you had a happy halloween!
from hibiscus101 :
from girl-genius :
you left me a comment on my livejournal and when i went back to yours, i found your diaryland page. i love the way you write. i hope you make out ok with the hurricane...
from starwhore :
As someone living in London it seems so wierd to think of hurricanes and such things. But these things affect alot of people even if they dont effect me, so I guess this note is just to say that I hope you dont loose everything. And reading back it seems like such a silly thing to say, but Im gonna click the done button anyway. Take Care
from o-twinkle-o :
thank you for leaving a note - always weird to know that the organized random are still stopping by to look at . .. well. me.
from pondlife :
Yeah, glass. It broke off beneath the surface. Stay safe down there-Miami, right?
from freakyouout :
why thank you... I love Miami! Nice pics.
from beckers-j :
Thanks for the sympathy re: 3-inch puddles. ;)
from pan-opticon :
Merci :) I like your crazy doll photos
from invisibledon :
from hibiscus101 :
weird my computer posted the note before i finished! i was gonna say I know I'm completely obsessed with mr.random. thats wha I'm calling my ill random button;)
from hibiscus101 :
from starwhore :
I think that we should all start playing those games again. lets turn cardboard boxes into space machines and inanimate objects our friends.
from annivate :
very rarely did i ever have dreams that weren't about going to the grocery store or driving down the road (i.e. boring and VERY uneventful, filler). if i had a dream that was actually about something it usually foresaw something (as silly as that might sound). but recently i've been having story like dreams. the one i had the other night, my friend died. which sounds really traumatic but for most of the dream i just couldn't believe that he was dead.
from zuzus-petals :
I haven't read cr stecyk, though he's mentioned in a few of the documentaries and I can't shake the feeling that he directed at least one of them.. is that possible? I'll check him out.
from turbogeek :
10-15-05 - maybe this is long overdue but why do you love my diary? :D
from nolimit :
thank you for your comment. sorry it took me so long to respond; i'm not on line that often. ox
from lunaadored :
hi hi hi to you to! are you just going around "hi-ing" everyone or what? lol :]
from sweets73 :
hi *.*
from taliana1 :
uh...hi :)
from ginger31277 :
thank you very much. i'll be sure to check your's out as well
from argolam :
I guess it's much easier to recognize autumn in Israel. A few days ago, the anchorman on the news opened with: "It's officially autumn." It made everything pretty simple.
from sensualistic :
and a belated hello back
from h2ophobic :
Thanks for your note. I read a few of your are an incredible writer! I'll definitely be back for more. Thanks again.
from katiedoyle :
do your friends call you fin? because i am in love with that nickname. it just sounds totally hip and cool. like you know stuff. :) kd
from hairplay :
It always makes me wonder what they've done with the clothes. Where they've been, who wore them, why, how. I don't like secondhand clothes much either. I always think about how they really belong to someone else.
from xsour :
from vampypoet22 :
Hey! Thanks for the note & for the hugs and chocolate kisses!! ;)
from boann7 :
thanks for the note. the picture on the banner was taken by me while i was on a hike in the mountains here in colorado. it is a beautiful place. =)
from pondlife :
Thanks for the add. Your diary and pictures are always quite profound, nice work.
from evilcat :
from straysparrow :
hi back! (ok, so its disgustingly late... but its there. sorry). Like the diary, btw. I think I want to add you... d'you mind? Sparrow. xx.
from pink-circle :
from nightdragon :
Hi, hi, hi to you too! Been meaning to contact you, finally got around to it! I'm much in demand, you know. *g* I like your writing, funny and pensive at the same time. Good stuff, I'll friend you and keep reading. That is, if you don't mind a right-of-center guy hanging around!
from coldandgray :
That is so funny. This morning I was watching the news & seeing more pics of the aftermath & that got me thinking about your pics & then I said out loud: That was a snail, not a slug!
from evermind :
thanks; good taste in music
from sylviashadow :
Thanks! I sent you a friends request on myspace--I'm ~*Pinkribbonscars*~ there. I'm not around here much at all anymore. It kind of sucks.
from acidreams :
why....thank you.
from floaty-ana :
hey!! thanx for the hugz :) hugz n kissses for you too from not so sunny uk :)
from lifeineminor :
thanks. ^^
from invaderniz :
Thank you for the virtual hugs XD Even though I don't know you. Hi! *waves* ^_^
from suta :
Why are you laughing? O.O
from chinariquena :
Um. Thank you.
from alchemicrose :
Thanks for stopping by.
from love-note :
Right back at ya, sweetheart. ♥
from girlof78 :
Well *Hugs* right back at ya Ms Fin!! 8o) Good gimmick; it's a nice way to make new friends. 8o) By the way: 12. On your intro journal: You're obsessive about counting... I AM TOO! *hehe* AND No.13 you mention all your numbers have colors; are you aware of Synesthesia? You probably have this if you can see colors in your numbers and or letters, this is just one variation of people with Synesthesia:. Check the following link to read more about it scroll towards the bottom under (Other Unique Traits None-Psychic related): And Keep in touch! Kat
from voodoovixhen :
Yay for people like you.Your photography is quite amazing so I'm pretty much going to add you.<3
from punkedupqt :
aw, well thanks so much! :) i made it myself... lol, may i ask where u came from? :) ♥+m*
from luckeme :
hi-hi-hi back at 'cha. ;)
from sailorschica :
hey... hi. lol you left me a message, who is this?
from yelayna :
Thank you for your very kind virtual hugs :o)
from foreground :
*let you know.
from foreground :
Hey. I just noticed you left me a guestbook entry about... umm... a month ago. I only noticed it tonight and felt the need to let you a) sorry it took me so long to notice and b) I very much like your blog.
from justvisiting :
Thanks for the hugs.
from jeszika330 :
from ghostofgor :
a project type stuffed animal designed for kids to fill in and close. A quick idea gift for someone having a bad day/week/month/year/life.
from xsour :
thanks, I like yours too.
from badbadzoot :
what is "f-i-n"? Is it like in those european independent films, where at the end it reads "FIN"? questions, questions...............
from always-never :
heyhey..whats good
from talk- :
from super-suzan :
Your writing is beautiful. Cheers from Ontario.
from solarlab :
i love your images. especially the mix tape shots.
from solarlab :
thank you. i've been the worst updater lately. my brain is more in the do and be mode than the document and transcribe one. thank you for reading!
from teachin-usa :
Great photos. I'm adding you!
from brucegirl :
Oh - it's not a song... Oh well, my bad ;-p i will be looking for it then. Did you see REM at the Live 8 show then? I catched them on TV :-)
from suta :
Ehm Jeanne... here is it called Le Kamikaze Jeanne... It's fin... the little green-colored-hair guardian angel of Jeanne... it's also called fin tee hee.
from candoor :
Fewer mosquitos... there must be some around, but working nights, maybe I'm not out when they are much. Besides, I hear the mosquitos at Disneyworld are required to wear Mickey Ears, which makes flying and biting more difficult (at least that's what the brochures say). How about a vacation? I love visiting the theme parks with relative strangers who give me a sense that they could be friends. If you are obscenely wealthy, you can get a hotel room and I'll beg to crash in luxury on the settee or floor something. If you are poor like me, you can have the couch or floor here (if you can put up with the clutter).
from breakthedark :
Thanks for visiting...I appreciate the compliment.
from candoor :
every time I stop by I smile after reading (so I should stop by more often, huh?)... but eeek, the mosquito entry gave me goose bumps (better than bites though)... here in Orlando they are not so bad most of the time... must invest in OFF! :)
from narcissa :
it's true, isn't it? "my name is inigo montoya..."
from stitchfish :
I don't know that I'm that BRAVE! Right now, it's just what I have to do! Onde day I'm gonna do something more fun with meself! Like... sell coconuts on the beach! Thanks for reading!
from sparkspark :
I should be afraid of land crabs, seeing as they resemble spiders, which terrify me. And yet, I'm not. I think the crabs are more bumbling and clueless, as opposed to spiders, who are sneaky and sinister. A crab would at least have the decency to not crawl in your mouth when you're asleep. (I think.)
from invisibledon :
thanks for adding me to your favorite list
from raven72d :
The crabs are...scary. It reminds me of a 1950s horror film... And I prefer mix tapes, too.
from evilcat :
hihihihi *loses count*
from suta :
O.O whoo thanks. I don't get hugs and kisses every day ^_^V Nice diary by the way. I like it. How did you fimd my di??? Fin means end right?'s also an anime-character...but I guess...that wasn't the reason you called yourself like that ^^ So how are you doing?
from muppet23 :
Thanks, fin! Appreciate the note and lo siento for not responding sooner (I've been in a sort of romantic haze these past few weeks...). =)
from protoplast :
thanks. i liked your boy in the blue raincoat entry. read more later.
from candora :
thank you from far away in time, but closer in space :)
from lostelephant :
good stuff.
from blueberry-d :
from roadiepig :
Why thank you- even though I am not updating as often as I think I should ;)...I'll be back to read more of your entries soon...
from drmz-of-him :
Hi right back =)
from eirever :
thank you...
from herskin :
This is stats01 under my new name. Thank you for your kind comments, your images are beautiful.
from iluvanarchy :
Cheers, it's just a hobby. Love the way you write your diary.
from jiltedsoul :
And to you in return.
from resonant :
yea at least i can look back on this stuff and laugh too...
from kissmyargyle :
hihihi backbackback.
from fuct-up-girl :
um, no, i'm not. the name was just inspired by mest - fuct up kid.. cause i couldn't think of a name when i made this account yonks ago. errm thanks for the note anyhow..
from gayteen14 :
thanks for the little gbook entry..maybe I'll im you sometime
from raven72d :
Absolutely. Pluto is vur' much a planet. Any attempts to demote it are all mean-spirited attacks on my favorite planet by vile and loathsome Manxmen or Esquimaux. Pluto will always be my favorite planet; Charon is my favorite moon. I wave to them both-- I don't ever want them to be lonely.
from hulabelly :
I always fancied myself more a cashew than a coconut. A fruit, in any case...

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