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from heidiann :
The forces of community college have all turned against me!!!
from my-solitaire :
this design is crazy, but it made me laugh. I wanted to say hi for that ;o) and thanks lol.
from bonnylisbon :
I didn't understand what all of those old ladies were bitching about until I found your entry on lists. MY GOD! I'm not offended but Jesus fucking Chris! I have a lot of sympathy for the ladies in the pictures, if their mouths can't even fit around the massive things, which is pretty fucking surprising because their mouths tend to be so... flexible? So, catering? Can you imagine being plowed by one of those things? Ouch. Ouch. Double ouch.
from pansycline :
nah, no beard [good guess, though - sick!]. I'm just bored of having a boyfriend and I think he'd like you. You could even just distract him for a minute while I run away.
from ldybug1113 :
ewww...hehe, how do those guys walk with loads like that in their pants? i bet they're worse than me with my prego waddle. haha!
from bvror :
there are lots of female comedians (comediales?) in england. at least 1. jennifer saunders you probably heard about she does lots of stuff with you yanks like the godmother voice in shrek 2. saw morrisey live in august...never again
from coldandgray :
sorry about your orange tabby
from etc :
I would love if profiles had a space for things you hate, but these places are probably all about fostering positivity or some such. Boo to that.
from heidiann :
Actually it's a "World According to Jess." (Purchased from here: I love it even without a fancy name brand. I was thinking that if we ever met and hung out we should go to a bar and try to play darts or pool without our glasses. Possibly while completely drunk. Our goal could be to maim and/or scar innocent bystanders. Just a thought.
from gumphood :
Do you really want to get hit in the face.
from coldandgray :
haunted bookstore clerk. cool.
from understood :
you seem quite funny yourself, i laughed a considerable amount at the reading rainbow and geoff entries. the only thing i liked about reading rainbow was the song at the beginning, and your entry made me reminisce (reminiscify?) and laugh at the same time. Thanks.
from bonnylisbon :
Dance 360 comes on around midnight or one in the morning as well, I happen to watch it sometimes when I can't sleep. I'd have to say, I only watch it because of the DJ; it seems as if she purposely picks the most out of place, awkward, or embarrassing people to dance... and I happen to find that hilarious. She once picked an overweight woman wearing daisy dukes and glittery blue eyeshadow to dance the night away in her black high top velcro shoes. It was pure disco magic.
from etc :
someone's gold membership done r-u-n-n-o-u-t
from luxlust :
silly girl, crack is for pimps and ho's. Where the hell did "ho" come from? It doesen't derive from anything?!
from jinkymarvels :
hilarity majeur!
from adultcontent :
sup greatest diary ever!
from subordonnee :
just so you know, i think youre cute. i agree that the tipping of hats is a lost art. and i love how your diary's title is a bowie lyric. damn that mellow black chick! anyway, i hope some stranger's admiration will make you feel better about being raped by those mechanics. RAPED OUT OF MONEY, OF COURSE
from coldandgray :
I have to have that urine/hydration chart!
from ivegotwings :
Great diary btw. It's High larious. Whenever I'm thinking about how fucked up my life is I just read your diary and it's like BAM! Instant sunshine in your morning coffee. I have no idea what the fuck that means but don'tthinkaboutitjustkeepreading...
from becksiekate :
Woah a whole slide show for Dio!?!? can u put a link up on your site or make it accesible to the general public//me?! DIO RULES! *hes italian but hes evil1*
from coldandgray :
Yours is my new favorite, just thought you should know.
from baconboy42 :
HA. Figured you'd dig that, and glad that you actually did.
from subordonnee :
hello, i like you. i especially like the bit about the bike guy's face all over your panties. quite cute.
from meeshapeesha :
Love your diary! I added you to my favorites, I especially love the 101 things about you, made me laugh my ass off.
from mr-sparkles :
My question is, "Why prop your feet on the dash?" I mean really? Getting head in a craftmatic adjustable bed style.......
from novembre :
hi. i added you to my buddy list thing. i hope you don't mind.
from mr-sparkles :
I can build you a computer.....if a computer was really a calculator that I found under the couch..........but I'll hook it up to a hamster on a wheel running for a piece of cheese???
from ldybug1113 :
heh, ooo dirty boys and their handjobs. ughh.
from candoor :
imagery, language, ideas, wow... feel like I just got punched in the face and liked it :)
from linxlynks :
Yes, cigarette smoking bunnies are the greatest! What a perversion of everything innocent, but hey I like it.~bye bye linxlynks
from zakcula :
Well, I tried for about five minutes and then realized it's a lost cause. Porno on the net is too missleading.
from zakcula :
Oh man. Did she play "I think we're alone now"? Fuck, I think I'm actually going to go search for that photo somewhere online. Ohh, this is gross. It's like watching a video of myself picking my nose or something. Ok, I'm going.
from pornoviolent :
from pornoviolent :
from ldybug1113 :
hehe, i love you~ you're so funny. fo' schizzle.
from pornoviolent :
from kristintracy :
GIRL! Guess who just bought Saturday Night Fever (25th anniversary edition) and it has commentary from the director, girl! I am so watching this on my lame no-going-out Friday. C.O.D., girl. It's gonna be good times. I'll buy the liquor.
from haloaskew :
Thanks for the note! I shall have to find out about this Mia Tyler gal...
from lack-ing :
nevermind. don't answer that.
from lack-ing :
was that totally random? you seeing my page when i talked about your page? or do you have spies? and yes. ratboy 4 lyfe. my newest mantra. when's your birthday?
from laura-jane :
Never have I more wanted to board a plane and head into the U.S. of A. than this very evening. If I left now, I could make it by Beard Kickoff. Sadly, I am poor and won't be going. But if I was J-Lo, I'd charter a plane.
from chicknstrip :
I'm so happy that someone has something nice to say about my cartoon! Everyone else said it was too violent, I like violence...I also like your template....A LOT!
from ldybug1113 :
ooh, pretty purse...i wish we lived in the same state so that we could be thrifty together. yeah, that'd rock. ;)
from cdghost :
i love this!
from sarahsmells :
Yeah, Big Tony has a cd out. I think he might actually have more than one, which shocks me! The one I found has cover songs on it. I knew he couldn't write his own stuff, but now he's bastardizing other people's work. It's great. here's the link: I'm ashamed to say that he doesn't sound too terrible. <3

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