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from skorps :
wow! does this place still exist?
from weymouth66 :
Just to let you know that my frychip67 email account has been hacked and is now inoperative. I'm now at thebardofe15 at hotmail dot com. Hope you're well xx
from frogeye :
The Dorchester Hotel is quite out of my league. A bit too upscale for my taste. Glad to hear you had good a time. I was happy to see that your soldiers (marines)were returned safe and sound. It hurts each day when I hear of another death or injury over there. Keep in touch, it's really nice hearing from you again. Tom xoxoxo
from frogeye :
Have you decided where to go for the big THREE OOOOOH?
from frogeye :
May I suggest the Milk & Honey Bar in London. It's ratings are thru the roof. And by the way, Happy Birthday! The 27th if I remember correctly. Big hugs and kisses to you.
from frogeye :
Hey! Well, I finally did get the bonus. A few hundred short of last year�s and it came after the weekend so basically it is worthless for this Christmas. I look at it as an after thought, like the morning after pill. I almost was going to refuse it, but kept my big mouth shut. Poor Sasha is doing amazingly well. Her thyroid problem is under control with medication and her coat is as beautiful as ever. Plus she lost a lot of weight and I think she is much more comfortable. Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
from frogeye :
I am so very sorry to hear about your gran. She most certianly will be remembered in my prayers. Wish I was around when you asked for NY sights as I could have rattled off hundreds of wonderful sites: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Bronx Zoo, the Aquarium, Rockefeller Ctr, St Pat's, Greenwich Village, Broadway, Off Broadway, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, Museums, Fifth Avenue shops, Times Square, Jones Beach, the Hamptons, the Gold Coast on Long Island, FAO Schwartz, Tiffany's...the list goes on. Hope you had a good time anyway. Be well. Tom
from frogeye :
Good golly Miss Molly! A trip down memory lane. Well, you certainly brought a smile to this old codger. How is my life? Life goes on as they say, ups and downs, zigs and zags. Hopefully, in the end, it�s on the rise. I�ll throw the same question back at ya. Hope all is well. Will try to do some reading in the course of the day. Do you know I still have an NYFD cap that I never sent to you. Picked it up after 9/11. Hmmmph, memories, funny how they tickle the mind. Live from NY...Tom xo
from khazzy :
I am so sorry for what your gran is going through and for what you are feeling at the moment. I wish I could be there to hug you or just be a shoulder to cry on. I can only keep upi and your gran in my prayers and urge you to be the strong person that you've always shown to be. HUgzs and kisses always.
from weymouth66 :
Have you e-mailed me yet? If yes I'm afraid Yahoo Mail must have mixed you up with the spam, so could you please e-mail me again and put 'from fairyfish' as the subject? Thanks so much. Loadsa love, J xx
from weymouth66 :
Psst ... e-mail me at frychip67 at yahoo dot com for the url of my new home. Thanks babe xx
from weymouth66 :
Are you coming back soon babe? Miss you lots ;(
from betchy :
i soooo did that when i first got my video phone!!! just stopping by to say merry christmas!
from xylem :
grey hair is good! i think so, anyway. it's a sign of wisdom and stuff, too.
from redoyster :
You sound spiffy. IM me on AOL: wildredoyster
from makavelli :
nice lay..out.
from betchy :
how cool is your page?
from betchy :
thats weird, i have been having bizarre dreams lately too!
from betchy :
see indian meals are the best, but did you really like the cobra beer? i dont like that stuff!
from betchy :
and i am glad you share my desire for james nesbit!
from betchy :
go to see coldooze designs, there is a link to them on my page. they jazz up ordinary diaryland templates, and she just loves doing it. just give her an idea of whatcolour and font etc, or leave it to her good judgement, and dont forget to tell her i sent you over x
from betchy :
sooo know what you mean, i fall over spectacularly often. but i am generally drunk!
from parlance :
Fairyfish. Barely flinch.
from cassiopeia- :
Are you staying locked? We like to read you when you do have the time to update! Hugs and kisses, cassie
from azngurl4 :
from thecritic :
I know how you get rid of hiccups! Use garlic... oh wait that's vampires. Dammit!
from xylem :
Married - awwww! :) Good luck!
from makavelli :
from danglemyfeet :
I regret to inform you that you are going on my favorites list. This means that I will read your diary every time you update. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.
from xylem :
I'm pretty disappointed that you're not fairy or fish...although ideally, you'd be both. A fairy/fish hybrid would be a really cool thing to be.
from musegarden :
Brian Froud is the best ... :)
from musegarden :
I love your diary and I love fairies too!
from xnotlikeyoux :
Do you like fairies?
from beanie-berry :
Where are u? You're not there and I have no idea what you're doing!
from spacebabe :
Eeek - you've gone private. Hmmmmm, what on earth have YOU been up to that you don't want us to know about??? God bless us Essex Girls!!! But yeah, I would like a password if it's allowed! Hope all's well x x x
from nightdragon :
Whoa! Your diary's gone private? If so, could I have a password. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi, much appreciated. =)
from spacebabe :
I didn't know you lived there! It was my childhood haunt - used to go swimming there 4 times a week - 'hung out' around KFC etc. i remember when the Gala was a cinema.....the last film I saw there b4 it closed was Footloose and the screen was the size of my widescreen TV now!!! How exciting - you live so close....I can almost 'feel the vibes' coming from the Fishflat!
from small-fish :
you can change your profile now mistress, have finally up-dated!!!! yay me am soooo good unfortunatly its really depressing and your've heard it all before, the only bit you need to read is the end bit. See ya tonight beeeeatch
from gopgirl :
dude! i just had to make a public poo! Gaaah! It wasn't so bad though, cuz like 90% of the office was at lunch. Still used a good amount of air freshener just to be sure though. Aren't you so happy to have these insights into my life? ;)
from spacebabe :
I got shouted at - how cool is THAT???
from spacebabe :
I'm a bloody quick worker, you know! The cough's gone - hurrah - but I have no idea why. Hubby keeps trying to convince me that sperm is great for curing all-ills but I think he's just havign a laugh! Feel great - just needed to gulp more lungfuls of good old London smog!
from cosmicfish :
from hevbell :
I just read "down under" as well, its brilliant :)
from cosmicfish :
I'm the first! I'm THE GOD DAMN FIRST!! That makes me FABULOUS!! Wooooooooo! ~wavy arm dance~

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