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from llannalee :
The reason you might not bw losing weight could be that you're building muscle ... Muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room. If you're eating better and exercising, this could explain it. I've also heard that a better way to measure your lifestyle-change-thing is to measure how your clothes are fitting or taking before-during-and-after measurements. Does that help any? ^_^ I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work! You are such a god role model!
from fatqueen :
I just stumbled in, I will be back! No April Foolin'. :)
from llannalee :
You can do it! It's fine to give in to a bit of temptation ... but you can come out of it. I have faith in you (that might help to counteract your self-doubt). You *can* do this. If you can't, then I don't think that I can even try. I'm rooting for you!!
from gonzostar :
don't dispair! all is not lost! find some foods that are both healthy AND that you like and eat that. :)
from wench77 :
Hello! I see our lovely friend hissandtell has found you! Thanks for adding me to your favorites! Dang, reading your diary several entries at at time leaves me hungry! All that food food food! I admit I have been rather dismal myself about exercise these days... I was going to do exercise at home (mostly dancing in a quite aerobic manner to fun poppy music) but I didn't have the willpower. I did get to the gym twice this week though cuz my body just felt so crinkled up I HAD to go... someone said "self-discipline" and I replied "when you need to pee, does it take self-discipline to go to the washroom?" NO!! it was the discomfort in my back from drawing that i HAD to do something about! LOL! Did you find that website from the man who lost tons of weight and did the onedaynocountingcalories?? I'll see if I can find it. That sounds best cuz you have a day to look forward to! :) Good luck! sounds like you're doing great and eating really nummy food! mmmmm!
from hissandtell :
Ha - I clicked on your banner and am finding your diary rather entertaining. In fact, I'm still chuckling over your "shortcake virgin" line. Were it that we could all be so strong and determined in ignoring the evilly seductive shortcakes' siren songs! Good luck with your weight loss - and do drink LOTS of water. Love, R xxx
from lillibra :
I love the design. Good luck on your weight loss.
from unfitgit :
Way to go! Your diary really helps me :)
from unfitgit :
Aww, thanks for your lovely message. It's nice to hear from someone who understands - especially about cravings! I will continue to read your diary and hopefully learn from your experiences too. :)
from llannalee :
You go, girl! I have faith in you. Maybe I can get motivated to get to a healthy weight, too?? ^_^
from to-my-heart :
good luck on the diet. I'm on one too. Cool site.
from miedema2002 :
Good luck to you on your goals! I know you will achieve them. xoxo
from runninginsf :
You can do it!
from nikkib253 :
I have some tips to help you. I have lost over 133 lbs in 8 months. I know how hard it is but I found a plan that actually helps instead of makes you starve and workout to death. The website is Believe me it works. This site might help you a whole lot.
from wench77 :
Hey there! I got here from your banner. I like your template. Very simple and arty. Hey, don't get down on yourself... that is the easiest way to drown yourself in food let me tell you... I can be annoying and give lots of advice like "be too busy to eat" and "make your own meals out of fresh foods, cuz it takes lots of time to get to that meal... and don't make "extra"... is that annoying? Those are the things that keep me from eating too much. I eat too much when I have lots of things to snack on that take no effort... like bags of chips. Or a loaf of bread and peanut butter. Or or or.. hehe. But it is hard to eat too much while canoeing or walking on the beach! (unless you take bags of chips with you... better to take corn on the cob and have to collect wood, make a fire, boil water, and then chew all the corn off the cob... and then you can put some butter on it and that will make it ALL worth it! it will be so good!)... I dunno. I never was big as you, but I used to eat when I was upset, and one point I turned like orange cuz I decided to snack on carrots instead of muffings... and I ate like 5 pounds a day!!! eeeek!... now I don't get so big maybe cuz i'm busy, and I think your entry from some .com thing with a list of hints is a great list. Like I always eat breakfast now... whole grain something (oatmeal, cereal, bread) with fresh fruit. Then I feel STUFFED and don't snack. yeah. I also know a woman who had hypothyroidism like you, and she was puffed up like a pillsbury though she had been slim before. Now years later, she is not overweight, not skinny, but not pillsbury. But it took several years. So hang in there. Don't get discouraged. Treat yourself like you are already beautiful and sexy... spend some time on treats like a bubble bath with a fruit smoothie, a fave book and candles... hard to get out of the tub to eat more and it feels so sexy!!! And have tiny little bits of expensive stuff (high volume low cal stuff is so easy to overbuy if it is cheap)... like French brie cheese, and a small fairtrade imported chocolate... if it is really really good, you will savour it. If it is expensive, you'll buy a little and also savour it. You'll feel happy with your food and not eat lots and not feel deprived of eating. I tell ya. It makes all the difference to have a small amazing meal you are SOOO looking forward to compared to low cal, no butter, macaroni and broccoli. Who WOULDNT go off a horrid diet? Humans need things pleasing to their senses. Am I annoying yet? I hope not to be. But I hope that your diet (and I mean your nutritional intake, not your "caloric decrease") will go better, and you will be happier with yourself and your body. mmmm. go get something small and luscious now!! And take like half an hour to let it melt SLOWLY in your mouth, someplace that makes you feel happy and at peace. yeah. Damn now I want some chocolate. (forgetting to buy food helps lose weight too! Drat, no chocolate!) tah! Good luck!
from krugerpak007 :
Baby steps, I guess. Baby steps! Good luck! xoxo Kathy
from dulligirl :
Clicked onto your banner. Good luck on the losing! I'm in the middle of preparing myself to try again to straighten myself out so I'll be checking on you.
from beckybaggins :
Glad to see you're back! I've been up and down with my eating, too. If you want/need an online buddy, just let me know!
from beckybaggins :
Dieting is very difficult, indeed! Don't feel bad about the brioche. We're all entitled to a little indulgence here and there - and that is the glory of WW. Besides, I think our bodies need to "cheat" now and again. :-)
from beckybaggins :
No, no, no. Not boring at all! You have inspired me to get back on track with WW. Thank you!
from yetty :
I think it is so great that you are going on a diet to lose weight! I wish you the best of luck! I will be reading your diary!! ;)
from beckybaggins :
Just wanted to say hello. I am also hypothyroid. Have been since age 11. Know the struggles! Also know the struggles of weight loss and have recently joined WW myself. Was pleased to find your diary. I'll be hanging around. Hope you don't mind! :-)
from hamakosan :
4/5/04: hello there.. i came across your diary and just wanted to say i admire you. I recently discovered that i have hypothyroidism myself and have been trying to get into better shape. Kudos to you! Err or maybe carrots in this case. anyhow, if you have AIM, my sn is Hamakobebe -i'd love to chat with you some time! PS- your links don't work on your main page. i had to manually type this link in to leave you a note. =) anyhow, good luck! - Hamakosan

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