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from bibles :
Your last post was hilarious and I agree that some people really treat waiters and waitresses like shit to the extent that it's unbelievable!
from annanotbob :
Clicked on your banner and I love you already xx
from simplepsycho :
yeah yeah i am fuckin stupid too!!!!! lol
from simplepsycho :
are you really that fuckin stupid?
from carriesplace :
Love isn't something on a piece of paper but in our day to day lives. I just married my husband last summer not because we had to or needed to, we just did it cause we wanted to. no pomp or big thing, just a few friends and a good reason to get together and have a great time. Love is to be celebrated however we like. i wish you lots of love and happiness :).....Carrie
from purpleanarch :
Walking into your diary is like walking into a crisp smelling coffe shop, and reading your diary is like sitting in a coffee shop taking in the ambiance of the environment. Short but, a word I can't find... sweet and romantic like a coffee shop... I still can't find the word...
from fuschiashock :
svu gives me nightmares, but mariska hargitay is hot and i like elliott.
from fuschiashock :
that's interesting, because this guy was gay too. he had a boyfriend, but he raped vulnerable women - one with schizophrenia, one who had just had a baby, one in a wheelchair...
from fuschiashock :
they didn't show the trial, but he was going to be convicted, of course.
from fuschiashock :
you look like the actor who played the rapist on law and order svu tonight. interesting.
from gumphood :
from to-my-heart :
I clicked your banner and found your diary. I liked it and added it to my site.
from foxinsnow :
I just wanted to let you know that I like your diary... so much that I added you to my list of favorites!
from anginthebox :
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that your relationship with Dennis is going so well. I hope you continue to be happy.
from notthatboy :
Well, well, well......I haven't bothered to check and see who's linked to me in aaaaaaaaages, cuz I'm a pretty lazy guy. Today, at 3:30am I got the wild inkling to do so, and I'm glad I did, because I've found your diary now because of it and that will give me something to do with the next week of my life besides Days of Our Lives(yes, its that sad)and the ho'ing of course, can't forget the.....I don't construct sentences well at 3:30am.....
from abrayla :
Are you familiar w/ this Mazzy site?
from bloodsun :
hey there! this is Devian and i have a new home at diaryland...come by sometime, wontcha?
from electrowaif :
simply Divine!
from devian :
thanks for adding me...pain killers and liquor? just my kind of guy! :)

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