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from nineagedpeas :
i (heart) ani difranco's tunes.
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY right for the Gay/Lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from soul14 :
hey, i'm just passing through and i want to say that your diary, its awesome <3
from desenchantee :
There was a long period that I thought my diary was useless, too. I never felt I could say as much as I wanted to, or do it without hurting anyone (several friends know the link). If the diary doesn't do anything for you anymore, take a vacation from it; close up shop for a bit. People may be annoyed or angry, but, hey, it's your life, and you're not here to entertain anyone. All I'm saying is: do what feels right to you, and fuck everyone else. Sometimes you have to be a little selfish. Best wishes. - Desenchantee
from fires-blush :
Ryan told me you got in! Congratulations!
from gilgongo :
oh, we've all been told.
from wyldeboye :
Well everyone has the right to their own creative style, just as long as you don't start drowning your diary under sappy cliché’s and quotes from Billy Joel songs. Well I like you and your subject matter, even if you are a whore to Starbucks ;) As long as you write to express yourself, rather then literary talent or some shit like that, I don’t have a problem with style.
from wyldeboye :
Yes, you have written a barrage of pages about your depressed state of mind. People don't like to read about sad things, unless they have sado-machionistic attitudes towards emotional manipulation... Or they just care about you. Anyway, who cares? It's you diary, go nuts! I liked they bit where you were talking about satisfied cunts, for some reason that made me chuckle.
from pinkbubbles6 :
i'm not really sure if it's near there or not....i'm horrible with directions, but its next to concord, lexington, billerica ect.
from trapidi :
eeeewwww! i came 2 sign your notes...not look at nude ladies!
from fires-blush :
I lockd my diary. Email me at for the password if you want it.
from markodepollo :
Haha. I saw an ad for your diary, and I was like, "Fiercelingua! I know her!"
from pandionna :
Heya! I noticed you have Anne Rice listed as one of your favorite authors. Me too! She’s going to be in town Sunday and Monday. She’ll be at the Borders at Bailey’s X-roads on Sunday at 4, and at the Olssens on 7th NW in DC on Monday at noon. She’s signing Blood Canticle. (But just that book.)
from pandionna :
Hello! And I do mean hell-oh, as I live in the bleepin' burbs in Northern Virginia. Save me, please. If you get some hits today, that's me trampin' around your diary.
from duckreviews :
The browser I have really wouldn't explain its hate toward Geocities. Plus, I think I should have worded its fickleness differently by saying that my computer is a piece of... mumble mumble... and together, they make my life hell. Enough of that though. And about the layout thing, I really like the one you have now (mmm, Dali.), but am looking forward to what you will have later. (If that made sense. I'm a bit tired.) I bid you farewell with my abrupt departure. Good day.
from duckreviews :
Yes, I had figured as much. But the pop-up window itself is not working. This could, however, just be my browser and it's tendency to not like "Geocities". Since you took the time to explain where the link was, I think I can safely assume that the link would be there if I could look. So, I will make the proper adjustments and thank you for your time. Thank you and good bye.
from cdghost :
salvador Dali!!!! you rock
from wyldeboye :
HEELLLOOOOOO [Nice strange way to re-introduce myself]. I don't like your current set up i've been unable to work out how to leave messages for your diary entries, i so loved doing that, the time diffrence worked out well. Alas you can longer be receiving nice strange responces to your every entry. Please Amed, or i shall weep. . . Wow i think my dinner was drugged.
from shygrl21 :
sorry, fiercelingua... I read your answers to the survey after I took it... it was just the way the Q's were worded that made it seem like you assumed everyone had a faith... obviously, you didn't mean it that way, so my bad : )
from mslovejoy :
your diary review is up and running. sorry for the delay!
from paxus :
yes, i would be the culprit who has read all those entries. Your review should be up soon, i sent in the review this afternoon. keep writing!
from smoog :
Don't tell that to a passing crocodile. It'll eat you while saying "mmmm, labels."
from smoog :
Heh. I have no problem with lesbianism -- that is, the sex act. The culture that sometimes develops -- that goes into the "girlie flipside" category in my head. I don't know that I fit into the "bisexual" label, and would prefer to known as "smoogan" just because it sounds cooler than "bi", which just reminds me of a wooden plank or something -- "Hi, I'm bi." "Hi yourself, I'm fir." Or perhaps "gender non-specific". Wait, I have another one. "Mitotic." Wait, that's not right. That means I don't have sex but clone myself instead. Although that could have its charms, I must say.
from smoog :
Whoopsie. You may want to come back and read the edit I made at the end of the entry, because when I reread this morning, I added an addendum. Frankly, the trends from which lesbian stereotypes spring confuse me just as much as girlie ones do.
from gagfactor :
Hey, I saw you as a reader of Zac's diary. I haven't heard from him in forever and just wondered if you knew what happened to him. 3 emails a day - zero in one weekend seems odd. Thanks. Todd.
from everoboto :
I saw your wonderful Eddie Izzard banner and just had to click on it. I look forward to checking out your diary. \m/
from paolos :
HAHA sucker!! We had a nice little slumber party at Kristins and read (BOOK THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT UNTIL SATURDAY).. I don't want to say the name, as we could get in trouble. (Not that people couldn't figure out).. Yaeh, I went to the library to put my name on the waiting list for the book, and they said that as long as I didn't tell anybody, I could take the book out.. (Sarah: OOH, you're in kahoots with the <I>Librarian</i>... Love you, just wanted to make you jealous, Kristin's already read the whole thing (Sarah and I fell asleep, and she read to herself>) Love you..<Br>Ryan
from bleedingmoon :
check on my archives the entry "my diaryrings so far". then go to the right column. should be there. i'm still working on this layout and haven't found a new place for my rings.
from rainbow-dyke :
from papayafruit :
hello there big boss of lesbian mafia! I've been trying to join but alas it doesnt seem to work for me. I can be contacted @
from nela :
we could all usse a nekkid woman on our profiles
from utter-views :
Just wanted to let you know that we're open!
from indie-snob :
hello there! i just added reviews for two OK Go shows I saw and thought you may be interested. check it out, I have lots of other reviews here too. thanks!
from demise- :
thank you! someone had just told me that too [ my damn image host always goes out so i uploaded it to my gold account] again thanks for the note ♥
from paolos :
you don't write as frequently since you've become employed. DAMMIT, don't got to work, you don't need to be employed It's sunday, and if it's not a problem, could you call me (I may call you, one of the two) Love and MISS YOU TERRIBLY Ryan
from rosieizfun :
hey there... How could you be out of the running if I have never met you ? Thank you for the note by the way... your template is absolutely beautiful... feel free to chat with me sometime ! -Rosie
from juice02 :
I well then you probally know my ex-girl friend
from juice02 :
no, I don't but I know alot of people that go there bc I used to be friends with them. I used to go to private school, I've gone all my life, unfortunatly.I'm a junior, what are you.
from juice02 :
I bet I know you. Or at least have met you.
from juice02 :
yeah, Reston...why?
from juice02 :
Just kiss the girl,if she runs, ok, but you know she won't
from sourgirl420 :
lol thanks for clearing that up
from missmarymack :
"And will you marry me, please?" haha, yes! the more B&A/Ani fans, the merrier! and by the way, oy-some diary ring; i'm quite pleased (read as: ready to piss my pants) to be a member. keep on truckin' ~amanda
from faux-pas :
Hi there, I use internet explorer 5. generally it's pretty good, but sometimes it won't deal with code that's written specifically for pc's... if you ever want me to check your site, no prob, just leave me a note in my guestbook or email me at ~see ya
from faux-pas :
it might just be a mac thing (im a mac user), but I can't view your diary - all I get is a large green box that seems to be hiding the contents of your diary behind it :(
from paolos :
Hey Babe...I'm kind of shopping around for a new layout. I like Madonna and all..but she's not the center point of my life. Also, I forgot to mention. I won't be doing musical theatre at Idyllwild..all classical music. So don't mention anything to any of them about a love of broadway (I just want to sing) Later
from guavagrrrl :
body movin' body movin'
from lilchrissi :
Tis k :) I just got a whole new layout lmao So umm I'm sorry I wasted your time sweets...thanks for dropping by hun :D
from guavagrrrl :
you know what? i know exactly how you feel about the camera. i feel the same way. about everything. i'd smash my feet, but i need them to run and walk and stuff.
from lilchrissi :
Hey Amy- not trying to be stupid or anything...but, I'm not very good at this linking and drop down menu thing on my diary... can you help me plz?? I want to shorten my links onto one page or something... similiar to yours but with-out the copying. I hate copying people..if you can help; please reply. If not that's okay too :P I did look on the review board tips n tricks, but I just couldn't find anything **bugger** Maybe I will find something.. This is where I sigh-
from bpdgyrl82 :
It is on my archives page.
from mynameiscat :
i read your entry entitled "Scatter Me Now" and loved every word. When you said "Is there a better way to think, to live, to be then totally, completely scattered? Whole, yet Not." I knew almost exactly what you meant and I was inspired. Thank You.
from wheeldog :
Hey YOU! Thanks for inviting me to take part in your mafia. It's kinda weird that you named me mafia though. That's like, odd. But I like. odd. that is. This is a pretty cool setup ya got here. Mind if I come and crash for the weekend?
from dasauce :
Smooch! [Meant in a friendly non-intrusive-non-sexual-kinda-boy-way, of course.] Grin. Rick
from prncsreviews :
your diary has been reviewed... great job!
from samedi :
if you make that one-way trip to your dreams, let me know which bus route it's on .. i've been trying to find it for years. oh, and good luck on your backlog of homework!
from etherealrevu :
Thanks for the heads up about Daltmeir.
from psychodyke :
hmm... so if i use "ain't" in poetry, does that make me uneducated...? just curious... as i think different people use it for different reasons... and you can't classify someone as stupid, per se, because of a certain term that they choose to use for reasons you may not understand... being that you don't know them... not getting hostile... just curious... wondering if i look uneducated up on stage with 126 university hours under my belt... i would hate to have paid all of that fucking money for nothing.
from mawce :
I should have done that a long time ago, spitting on MSN. Unfortunately, I abhore phones, and thereby live online. MSN is the official monoploizing industry of online conversation, which means anyone i talk to is inevitably on it. Though I do have an account in nearly every other IM thingy around. *sighs* I'm such a geek.
from imnotblind :
Ah, so you're still a junior? Heh, well at least you're thinking about it now. This time last year, I had no idea I was going to be an art major. I was thinking medicine. And I didn't have a portfolio until last week. Talk about cutting it close, lol. :-D
from jehsika :
Hee hee! I saw your banner, it's great!
from thefunway :
You have an excellent banner. Really. You and your sister do have the same DNA; you and yeast have the same DNA. And so on.
from dasauce :
May I be an honorary member? Pretty please? A friendly smooch sent your way, Ms. Amy. Rick
from imnotblind :
Well, it wasn't just that one C...I had a D in trig last year, and maybe one other C. But by far, mostly A's and B's. So yeah, it really pissed me off. Lol. But I'm screwed anyway, because I just found out today that I have a D in calculus this six weeks. Doh!
from prostituee :
its. Its little computer ass across the room.
from prostituee :
dude, I can't get into your diary because it locks my computer up. I hate MAC's. This MAC has given me nothing but trouble. Stupid thing. I'm about to kick it's little computer ass across the room.
from paolos :
how do I get to the diary layouts you've designed? I'm glad I could amuse you Love you-- Ryan
from sunandfire :
Well, you didn't ask for names in the surveys. :P
from sunandfire :
Babe... you know me already. Does the name teenage lesbian ring a bell? ^_^
from ontheoutside :
oh bummer! i had that done for six weeks, and i was still in high school at the time! i lost 30 pounds from eating only liquids! the worst is watching your family eating all the stuff you want...but can't...and, having to wear a pair of scissors around your neck, in case you have to throw up from the meds. anyway, i'm probably making you even more nervous about that. good luck! :)
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
You have been r-e-v-i-e-w-e-d. May god have mercy on your soul.
from minstrelite :
Whether or not we're the world's only superpower may be debatable, but I don't think it's debatable that we've definitely made history in the last couple hundred years. That's my only point.
from christa02 :
i put the diaryring code as requested :) and i thourght i'd take a look at your profile while i am at have great taste in music (ok go rule!) take care and happy writing!
from lapisllong :
your layout looks awesome! i make layouts and i was very impressed and wish i could have the vision and imagination you have . . . not to mention the talent. : ) it's very beautiful.
from multiple :
i left a message in your guestbook already, but i had to come back to leave a note after taking your surveys. you're an awesome kid. something about the way you write makes me think you were a scholar in a past life, and certainly a lot older than you are. you are a breath of fresh air in this oftentimes stale and depressing world. thank you for being you.
from polarity :
followed your banner. what a breath of fresh air... more, more! i'll be back. :p
from myfamilysux :
ur diary is awesome it makes mine look lyk shit... funny topics
from sopraltodear :
Every thing looks great! You're in the diaryaholics ring. Drop me a note or something when you get the link up! Thanx
from rougesupreme :
your banner is so tyte. You are so boss.
from candid-revu :
Oooo a link ^ clickity clickity!
from paolos :
I was scanning your diary and read your entry about you and Catholicism and your Dad and such, and I had to hold back tears because I'm in public. It was so incredibly beautiful in a very sad and touching way...I hope you print and save all of this because you have a way with words that make your life one of the few interesting ones to read about... I love you!! Ryan P.S. Cliche, I know..but I laugh, I cried, it moved me...I laughed out loud upon reading it!! I miss you so don't even know...oh..Bri Rush says "hi" and she misses you..she said it kind of randomly the other day...
from angie-jolie :
Mmm, Dr. Pepper. ;)
from dasauce :
Then again we periodically (or five times in three years) do get the joys of passing a kidney stone that doesn't really resemble a stone at all but rather a phucking sea urchin--and yes, blood comes with it. And now and again, we get a catheter that is a third the girth of our, erm, deeply-shrunken-at-the-thought girth… That way they can fill us with stuff that lets them photograph the little monster(s) in our bladder to tell us something we already know. You know, you have a kidney stone in your bladder. No shit? You mean I did really feel all that pain as it headed down to the bladder. Between being tripled over and the blood, I never would have known. But yeah, dames still have it worse, and monthly.
from agentmodem :
Once again *hug* Kati does that to little bit of relating. But anyway, I'm sorry. And if I were at your school, I'd cuddle with you!
from bpdgyrl82 :
hey. i imed you earlier and i didn't know if you got my journal link before you signed off, so i am writting you here. have a great time with J. tomorrow! talk to you soon! :)
from agentmodem :
*hug* Now I do wish I was talking to you at the same time. It must be the time or something, but I swear, this year (emotion-wise) is starting to look a lot like 8th Grade for me. Just remember, I'm here to talk. I've been through a lot, including doing the same thing you did...moving here.
from agentmodem :
OO! A note from me! And I'm talking to you at the same time. But I know what you're talking about. My old math teacher basically told me that with my math choices, I'm going to go nowhere. Not in math anyway. It was weird, I was all happy and bouncy after school with Jim...then like ten minutes before he had to go to Jazz band I started thinking (which is a bad thing) and realized that I would have to go home and it was a complete and total downer. Wee to depressed in no time flat. **shrugs** That's my life.
from boom-baby :
hello. thankyou for reviewing me. i changed my diary so it would impress others. and i will start writing real entries. it's just that i love to write and i want to put up anything i can get my hands on! lol. =D but anyways... well it's better. please come see.
from haikyou :
your haiku is up :)
from no-answers :
Hey :) Thank you for the note you left me - My new diary will be up soon! Your layout is beautiful - I'm going to come back and read some more of your entries later.
from pandoraseye :
Your father is a shithead.... I boorishly maintain that fact. You, however, are not a shithead... I lovingly maintain that fact, as well. I love you.
from kissmychucks :
HAHAHA oh that's great. my bra AND my vibrator? why WOULDN'T i sue you for rape?! lmao great great.
from paolos :
At first I thought that it was you who I was feeling sympathy for being alone...but I guess part of that is my own feelings of being alone....the diary background and font blend nicely together....a little too nicely...thanks!!
from kissmychucks :
-blasts a snot rocket your way- Sorry. I couldn't help it. Honestly.
from paolos :
Ames, it's Ryan!! I like the lay out, but it's slightly confusing. I'm just goofing off, so don't expect quality if you visit me diary...which I'll figure out how to run later.
from kissmychucks :
relapse. more affectionately referred to as a slip of the blade.
from kissmychucks :
-sighs- The monitor on my computer went out last night. At the library right now. Just on my way out to see if my friends dad can sell me a used monitor for cheap. Just wanted to let you know why I left on ya. -hugs-
from kissmychucks :
-kisses your neck- Any excuse for turkey is a good excuse for me. FOOOOOOD!
from kissmychucks :
-pokes your ribs- I have nothing to write about! My life is boring as hell.
from kissmychucks :
My computer is slower than fuck so this is taking forever.
from kissmychucks :
I should really stop spamming soon.
from kissmychucks :
There is no bullet that will put me out of my misery quick enough.
from kissmychucks :
My mom added supid American Idol songs to my playlist.
from kissmychucks :
I'm listening to such crap music.
from kissmychucks :
Love shack baby love shack.
from kissmychucks :
-cough- anyway. I love my bracelets.
from kissmychucks :
...Just for a laugh.
from kissmychucks :
I also picked up an application from Bath and Body Works.
from kissmychucks :
Just for a laugh.
from kissmychucks :
Yesterday when I was at the mall I bought about 20 pink gelly bracelets.
from kissmychucks :
Oh! I forgot to tell you.
from kissmychucks :
from kissmychucks :
from kissmychucks :
from kissmychucks :
Because I'm cool like that.
from kissmychucks :
I will spam you anyway.
from kissmychucks :
Well, even if you are I don't care.
from kissmychucks :
I hope you don't mind.
from kissmychucks :
-smiles and nods- I'm in a spamming mood.
from hardcorepunk :
from kissmychucks :
Lucky me, I get to be the first person to leave you a note. So I can either pull the easy way out and leave you a short and meaningless note that you will never look back on or I can leave you a note that will actually have some kind of meaning. Like control to a cutter, like your most recent diary entry would suggest. I'll try to leave you a nice note that you might appreciate but after what little time I've known you I'm still not exactly sure what words you appreciate. Maybe you should help me out a little bit here. I always feel like it's so hard to know what you're thinking and to me, other people are just so easy to read. I'm not sure if I love or hate how different you are. Either way you've been an awesome friend to me whether just joking around or listening to be complain.

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