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from stepfordtart :
Hello fifty2! Bored at home (recovering from surgery) and clicked on your name at random. Very much liking the sound of that guy with the crabs (oh! Oh, that sounds SO wrong!). s x
from stardumb :
i like Vic.
from al-bal :
God day! I just wanted to let you know that I love reading what you have to say and there's a lot that you say that I completely understand.
from annanotbob :
Just wanted to say hi - I clicked on your name in the list, partly to avoid starting to write, and so much of what you say resonates with me. Be kind to your self - best wishes x
from wench77 :
thanks for doing my dirty laundry survey!
from kingbuk8 :
This will sound like an odd request. But would you mind sending me an email? [email protected] or hotmail, either one. I just need someone to talk to.
from kingbuk8 :
Thank you. A voice of compassion is salve to an injured heart.
from kingbuk8 :
Self loathing and arrogance... hmmm now where have I heard that before? My last few entries are a little irrational. I'm in a pretty deep stew right now. Wallowing. I get stupid when I'm like this.
from kingbuk8 :
Hi fifty2. Your profile and diary entries struck a note with me. I don't know if I'm an artist, shit I don't know what the fuck I am. Until recently, I never wrote poetry. Then I found someone who made my heart sing and it just came pouring out. It could not and did not last. It all turned to shit. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. Just needed to tell someone.
from adam-v :
Hey, thanks for the note. I only seem to use diaryland when shit is going downhill and I just want to vent the negative stuff somewhere so I don't jump off bridges on buildings. But I can totally relate to your frustrations, it's tough not to be overwhelmed... and sadly, no compendium of mental well-being and good advice will make that any easier.
from myjune :
boys are hard to figure out. we want to look at the positive side and hope for the best but usually we end up wrong, crying in the bathroom of a noisy club. well, thats me anyway. thank you for your thoughts, it's nice to know someone is listening to my babble.
from clockworkcat :
well hello i am responding to your note! im ok, how r u? yes it was nite time for meme. wow u like bridgit jones and greenday, me to, computer is braking!

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