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from strawberrri :
Thank you! Congratulations to you too!! You must be having a September baby then :) I felt really quite rough between weeks 6-12 (although only one bad dizzy spell and only one vomit, yay) and have been feeling MUCH better since 12 weeks. Glad you've had an easy ride with it so far. Are you finding out what you're having? We're hoping to find out at our 20 week scan xx
from strawberrri :
Essex boys: ridiculously whitened teeth, drives a souped up boy-racer car (often drag racing it up and down Southend seafront), wears large cubic zirconia earring, refers to the town of Basildon as "Bas Vegas". Essex girls as above, minus the souped up car but plus white stilleto shoes and lashings of fake tan. How are you and WHERE do you write these days? My laptop with the credentials to your blog broke :'(
from strawberrri :
Katherine, I hope you had the most wonderful wedding day on the 13th! Hope to read about it soon :) x
from strawberrri :
Thanks! I hope all your wedding prep is going very well indeed. A tip: if you're using real flower petal confetti then avoid any with LAVENDER in it. Went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and the bride couldn't get the lavender out of her hair. I'm sure it smelt lovely though!
from strawberrri :
Thank you! Not too long til yours now! :D
from strawberrri :
Wedding is five weeks on Saturday, eek :) I will pass on any helpful advice I can as yours will come round in the blink of an eye too! We don't have much more to do now - we're just finalising a playlist as we're doing our own music in the evening, and also need to make some confetti cones. Oh and paying for everything! I've had a nightmare with wedding shoes (I need 3 inch heels minimum due to the length of my dress) but I've tried some by the brand Rainbow Club (hopefully they have them in the States too!) and they are heaven on a foot, so so comfortable x
from strawberrri :
Thank you! And I've bookmarked that link :) We will hopefully be sorting out our ceremony venue this week - after initially hoping to have the most basic wedding ever I've done a volte-face and we're going for Hertford Castle, where various Royals have popped by ever since 1066...amazingly it's in our budget!
from strawberrri :
thank you so much. my condolences to your family also - it's so tragic when young lives are taken away. it makes it seem so much more important we relish the time we have; i'm glad you seem to be xx
from strawberrri :
the wheel almost looks like a heart shape! what a sorry state it was...and me too. boy did i ache the next day. thank you for your kind words :) seven years is a long, long (and scary amount of) time to have been keeping an online diary. that also means it's seven years since i was 17. OH DEAR GOD.
from strawberrri :
god, that guy that screamed at you is a fucking prick. i once had a man (not even a boy - a fully grown adult) shriek 'BOO' at me from a car while i was on my bike on the busiest road in leicester. so that was not only unpleasant but dangerous!
from strawberrri :
thank you! i just wish my love life could be this interesting more often...
from theorangenik :
wow, where do i begin? i came across your diary a few weeks ago and i was so entertained by your writing! i have no idea why either b/c i do get bored very easily when it comes to reading about other peoples' lives (especially if they are strangers...does that sound practical?) it's rare for me to actually find someone's writing worthwhile and still continue scrolling down to read. one day i was looking at other diaryland members and your screenname stood out in such a curious way that i clicked your diary and was all, "whoa.... she's kinda funny...!" (but in a good way....) i noticed that you like movies and so do i! i was a vegetarian for almost a year but then stopped recently b/c i was getting very sick from not getting enough protein in my body. two of my vege friends also started eating meat this year as well and then when i read you brought meat back on the menu i was AGAIN like, "whoa!". haha. anyway, i just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that i think you're a rad person. and now i am going to add you to my favorites. :)
from strawberrri :
"I've noticed that many of the girls pull their hair SO tightly into a ponytail..." Here in Blighty we call this the 'Croydon Facelift.' I do enjoy reading your diary :)
from bi-pet :
hey! i really like your diary. just read a few entries but i think i might have to try out some of the dishes. besides... i love granola!!

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