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from mebunnyboy :
I like all of your layouts. How many sites do you have? I love all of your poetry links. I found you by accident. I have been going through a tough time. My ex girlfriends name is Meg. It is spelled Meggin. Weird huh? She too is a great writer of poetry. I know now that you are not who I was looking for. Anyways, I wanted to say hi. I hope everything is going good for you. I know my name sounds kinda gay but, I dig chicks.
from lilynovember :
Hi, sorry, I can't unlock my diary due to past bad experiences. I spose you can just take me off the vartanho list. sorry.
from a-nymph :
can I just ask how to do something w/ html? How do you make it so that your diary entry shows up in a box w/ a scrollbar (for example, the layout you did for iamfalling 's diary...
from sweetcat88 :
from sweetreviews :
hi. i had contacted you a while ago about still being a reviewer at sweet reviews. you have no contacted me back, so i am taking your name off the list. if you change your mind, just contact me back, and i will be glad to have you. thanks!
from concrteangel :
i hear you make custom templates...please contact me and let me know if you are still doing those, because i would LOVE one.
from intralemma :
HAR HAR HAR. Image 18: Medication is great. Take that you emo-angsty-teenage-shits.
from snow1white :
HI im snow and i got hungry so i ate a Hamburge i feel real bad now because i just ate a cow! should i throw it up? j/k its not easy trying to be a vegatarian! ugh but its lots healthier !!
from heyjuderevu :
Hey there! It's jude, my review page is up, come check it out!
from chubbychic :
from rosereviews :
Your review is up! Check it out.
from rosereviews :
Hi! This is Val from Rose Reviews, a recently opened review site. I hope you check us out, either to get a review, or to become a reviewer (which we're currently looking for.) Thanks!
from toastreview :
ok, your reviews up! enjoy!
from toastreview :
hi! ok! i'll be poking around your diary for awhile, i'll let you know when the reviews up!
from curiosity-r :
Your review is up
from jedichic :
i like the "its french" banner
from jasviews :
I'm sorry you didn't like my review for Judith, but it's what I thought of her diary. Have a swell day.
from sweetreviews :
You can join the Sweet Platinum diary ring!
from sweetreviews :
:( I just read in your guestbook that you wanted Leslie Irene to do your review. I'm really sorry, I didn't see it in the sweetreviews guestbook. I hope you're not upset! If you are, give me a virtual butt-kicking at
from banefulvenus :
love your site layout!! :)
from girlxdiary :
hey chica. got yur message on my message board, and you're awesome! i'm gonna add you to my favs, just letting u know
from snowcicle66 :
I just wanted to let you know that I like 27, 32, and 34 best. It was hard to narrow down a favorite. They are all really good. Keep up the good work.
from sistercookie :
I wanted to thank you for stopping by and saying you like my ducks. Thanks a bunch:-) I like your diary. I am also a computer geek so I can appreciate it from both a creative and a technical view. Cool.
from emptyhouse :
especially beware a woman's WRAITH!
from snowcicle66 :
Hey. I would gladly contribute to your wardrobe fundings, but I find myself in the same predicament. My hint: try checkin' out garage sales and DAV's etc...they sometimes have cute unworn clothing for really cheap! lol. Good luck! ~Abby
from snowcicle66 :
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I luv ur diary and read it quite often and I think that you're handling this situation the right way, go you! Hava great day and God Bless! Luv, ABBY
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the abused ring. also check out, a place where you can post poems, stories and experiences about abuse
from abacinate :
If you like Michael Vartan there's no way you can be bad!! I've never met anyone who's even see Fiorile!
from ravenheart :
I have replied to you in my comments here:
from tookishpip :
Honey, I know what depression is like, and I know what being abandoned is like, because I've been through it. I know I can't do much for you through a note. But I want you to know there IS hope, and there IS a purpose to your life. God isn't sitting up there, cruelly controling your life and torturing you. He's trying to tell you that He loves you, and that He's taking care of you. Or let me put it this way. Be absolutely honest with yourself: do you really want COMPLETE control over absolutely everything in your life?
from gods :
at least one of us is vegan!
from manchichi :
wohoooo first note giver! welcome to the viggo diaryring!

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