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from the-clan :
Yes, we miss you. Very much so.
from svenhard :
hi frankie, good news at last, the guy who does the 'arty' montage of alyson halllllligan has returned and although i'm now a starving student and can't afford to buy you one here's his details, it'll cost about eur 25 + postage - or mail [email protected], if you ask for the 'willownewunderwear' he'll know what you mean (it's at the bottom of his homepage) ciao bella sven
from savedbyfaith :
Hey, No, I haven't started the letter yet, but I'm gonna! You should, my friends thought it was a great idea, also, writing to your furture is writing to her furture dog...hehe, anyways, good luck with it!
from the-clan :
GIS: Hi frankie! *waves and smiles* NINJA: Whaddup gyrl? Just leavin' ya a note cuz... well, cuz we wanted to! It's late here, and we's gotta go. G'night. YANG: Is it even night-time where you're at? Oh well. Good night anyway. *Jack pokes a tentacle out from under the bed and waves bye to frankie*
from the-clan :
JACK: Thank you for the pat-pats on the head! Jack likes the head pat-pats... NINJA: Yeah, just be careful when patting Piojo. He bites, y'know! *Clan grins*
from dabogrl :
Oh dear. I'm sorry. Should I stop this diary, so people don't waste their time reading about my pitiful life? Well, then again... If you read more than one, then you must have liked it, right? Oh, but I guess you stopped, huh? Yes, I am a dork, if you're wondering. I like to babble. Since the, uh, incident with my dad, I haven't really been bothered about my mom. You know, most people can't seem to understand that it's a problem to me. I've read your info, and I'm grateful to you for being kind to me. (That makes sense in my mind.) So, I think I'll finish this up. My mind is shutting down. Ta!
from darkflora :
thanks for the compliment on my art!
from the-clan :
BB: Oh, you added us to your favourites list? How sweet of you! NINJA: Now why the hell would you go and do somethin' like that? POLLA: Ninja, don't be rude! NINJA: *Now* what did I say?! SVL: Well, thanks for considering us. 'Preciate it. Peace out. *Jack beams joyfully*
from celtickatt :
Hello. I found you through Jay. I was just wondering something since you're from Finland... Is the band HIM really all that big over there or does everyone just follow trends here and like them just because Bam Margera does?
from the-clan :
BB: Hi there! Thanks for writing us! We had lots of fun filling out your survey! SVL: The Kill Everyone Project comes from where you live? Kewl! NINJA: And about the knife thing, you don't gotta worry about that, dawg. You can get closer if ya want, but no petting or feeding the alien! *Jack looks downcast* YANG: Oh, but do keep your distance from Piojo. He's the one that got us into the K.E.P. in the first place. And he loves his hunting knife...
from cactustree :
because a picture of a lesbian's flat in Hackney or South London would just be far too depressing to feature in a magazine.
from cactustree :
hey, i'm so touched that you have a favorite entry by my *girl* Hothead. and you know if the new year's gyrl doesn't make the cut, there are plenty of chicks out there who are just dying to get their hands on cute little frankie!
from kstyle :
happy new year! - michael
from p-brain :
Are you reading my early ones? Why? Aren't they boring? ;)
from shorty-03 :
aaawww you sound all friendly!!! HI! lolz i had fun filling out your survey so thanx for leaving me a note...although there was no reason for you to thank me....I HAD FUN filling it out and that's all that matters....lolz holla back!!! ~2~
from fiercelingua :
Thank you for your email! :-) Try re-applying for the lesbian mafia diary ring, perhaps it didn't go through... or something? *slightly puzzled*
from no-yes-maybe :
I am glad that marriage is legal there, I didn't know that. I sure wish they were legal here!!! Maybe someday...I can wish huh!? Mass, is definitely a start!
from no-yes-maybe :
Thanks for the comments in the guestbook! You are so sweet.
from no-yes-maybe :
Thanks for linking me...I think I found you via one of the diary rings we may have in common....I am glad that I did!
from svenhard :
I found the entry refering to Lucy, I'd forgotten about that one, you'll have to use your incredible powers of deduction to work out the rest from the insubstantial, and frankly poor hints I leave littered about my entries, although the surveys I do are pretty accurate ( mostly ), stay funky fingyrl. sven ;o>
from svenhard :
cheers gyrli, nice to hear from you, I know I've not made my love for lucy open at any point, so you have clearly read my mind 'cos that little gem stays hidden away in my fantasy locker, how did you do that ? what brought you to my little diarynest, I know i've got the scandinavian link through my name and i think scands are all mental ( in a good way ) but my distribution isn't too high so I'm interested when new peeps come past me ( ooer )
from goldylockz22 :
HEY!!! WHOO HOO!!! thanks for filling out my survey. Your pajama's sound very comfortable....anyway, thanks for adding me to your favorites list. I'm glad I amuse someone...hehe...take care...

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