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from pappazon :
Old reader here curious if you are still updating and if so, could I have access?
from justsaycarol :
kittygrrl.... I read your diary religiously until it was locked - any chance of getting the password??
from phlox36 :
I used to love reading your diary when it was public - any chance I could have the password to your new one?
from shari115 :
I have been reading you for two years now. Any chance on receiving the new login/password?
from hellolizzie :
I used to read your diary religiously (more or less). . .but now do not have access. Is it possible to get a username and pass so I can enjoy itn on a regular basis again? How are the panties going?
from timol :
I've been reading your diary for more or less a year now and enjoy it sooo much. While surfing the net at work it often made me laugh and made my day a wee bit brighter. Unfortunately though I haven't been able to take a look for quite some time now, since I quit my job (yeah!) to travel the world. Current location: Darwin, NT, Australia. So imagine my distress when I've finally found a reasonably priced internet cafe (they charge up to 20 Aussie Dollars per hour in the outback!!!) - to catch up on all that has happenend, only to find that I need a password now. So - is there any chance I'd be allowed in again? Thanks, Timo
from kitty-vogue :
I hadn't finished reading when you locked! May I have a password and username pretty please? leave me a note at (I know it's your old diary, but I want to finish it)
from silveringrid :
i stumbled upon your diary, er, profile and would love it so very much if i could read it. sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? but, the two mere facts that you live in paris and are a real-life-but smarter-and doesn't sing moon river on the fire escape-holly golightly makes me know i shall just love love love it! in any case, my email is [email protected] or you are welcome to visit my journal, bien sur. a la prochaine!
from raven72d :
Aaawk! I come back and you're locked! I hope you'll send me the p/w...
from trishtastic :
Just thought I'd let you know... you're missed.
from miss-edith :
No I didn't! I also said sorry in your guestbook a minute ago. My dog had surgery today and I am generally overemotional and ridiculous!
from miss-edith :
Oh yeah, and since I plan to have the tweezers for my entire life and since I expect that to be at least another 65 years, I assume that they will eventually dull. Therefore there is nothing stupid about buying into that guarantee, and nothing lame about taking them up on it once you have the things. Though I enjoy your journal daily, I think that the use of the word "lame" was uncalled for and a bit rude actually. It is not like you were talking about random people who aren't reading, you were making fun of a loyal reader who offered help when you asked for it.
from ris-que :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I raise my glass of Morelino to you!
from ris-que :
I adore those moments when despite the fact that you're absolutely fuming, the linguistic fairy comes along and sits her glorious little ass on your shoulder and grants you fluency, correct grammar, and the perfect timbre and cadence to convey emotion. By the way, I'm glad you're back. Two days after I'd found your diary, you disappeared! I'll have to re-favorite you.
from raven72d :
Yes, your last date was un gros con. But beyond having the barman charge him double, you and the other girl should've found a way to take his pants and his wallet and one shoe and leave him hopping down the boulevard.
from hey4eyes :
Noctambule (late night), L'entracte (on thursday nights), Carmen's...(late,late.) Trust me. Bobbie Sue Dicks.
from patadrina :
from patadrina :
I'm fixing to go to Paris for a week starting Friday. Is there anything I should know?
from girl-aflame :
Ahh! Denmark is the best country there is! (No, I'm not Danish..but I am in love with a Dane. haha, knew there was a catch, didn't you?)
from blakdahlia :
Sorry! I hope I didn't insult you in any way. I am from Hawaii originally, but stuck in the South till I get out of college. I told you I was just guessing... in the dark, obviously. But hope France is treating you well!
from blakdahlia :
Love your diary. Only have read one entry, but I found you to be amusing! Like the story about the ag fair. You're from the States originally, right? South, from the sound of it... I think. I'm only guessing, because I am not sure, so correct me if I am ill-informed. Have fun and eat some French chocolats for me. ^_^ and drink some good wine, have some good caviar... hehe... Is it okay if I add you to my faves?
from raven72d :
I'm a believer in the space program, too.
from elizabethkay :
Your skirts sound beautiful.
from elizabethkay :
wonderful entry =)
from onebluegreen :
I suspected if God wasn't 100% German that he had German moods from time-to-time but who knew he had the time to read diaries? Hope you feel better.
from elizabethkay :
I love your diary. Your now on my fav's. =)Lots of love
from ryan8-5cut :
Hey there, stumbled across your journal because someone said it was better than mine. And it is. I love it I've added you to my faves! By the way I am not really being an arrogant asshole. I'm just kidding ryan8-5cut
from raven72d :
Hmmm... Would the mouse be better as "Herr Jingles", do you think?
from raven72d :
Roman patrician habit allowed for changes of name, and people did acquire nicknames. After all, "Julius" was Caesar's *family* name, not a first name (Gaius, in his case)... And I'm desperately afraid to fly these days-- keeping me from Vienna or Sapporo...
from raven72d :
Even if you get the money, remember: a severed head on a stick is a *great* fashion accessory!
from raven72d :
Well, I did Habsburg studies, so I prefer Charles V to Francois I, but still... Francois is an underrated figure.
from raven72d :
If you do an exorcism, then (1) make the French national health pay for it and (2) get a Greek Orthodox or Orthodox Jewish exorcism instead of standard-issue Roman Catholic-- much, more cooler and more arcane!
from odalisk :
Edith Wharton doesn't write bad novels. Also, if I recall correctly, her heroines occasionally do achieve material success, but usually at the expense of all happiness or joy in life.
from kimmikers :
Condoms+BC=the only way I'll have sex. I don't want to be paranoid about babies AND stds.
from kimmikers :
Uber sexy, nest pas? He's half Italian, but he could have fooled me into thinking he's 100% stallion. God, that was cheesy.
from raven72d :
Eventually, you know, you *will* have to learn Volapuk. If only to watch the dubbed version of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and listen to Audrey Hepburn be Holly Golightly in Volapuk...
from raven72d :
Sorry to hear about the job ending... Will you stay in Europe?
from raven72d :
I'd move to Tibet (there is a classic pizzeria in Lhasa, owned by a lovely American expat girl)...but...I'm afraid of the Yeti.
from raven72d :
I've never dressed up as Serge Gainsbourg for Halloween... though I would like to have dated Jane Birkin c. 1982... German's not hard at all. The verb placement will get to be second nature.
from raven72d :
Congrats on being famous in Croatia! Now... break into the very complex and odd arts scene in Slovenia (see NSK, Laibach, Irwin...). Now-- wearing the mask during auto-erotic sessions *does* have a certain Venetian charm... Beware the Evil Manxmen!
from raven72d :
Deutschland... Go to Germany and explore opportunities. Acquire a language, overawe the locals (a nation of people for whom "ironic" and "sardonic" are alien and frightening concepts...), and stay in Europe for a while...
from shahar :
Oh, I am happy to see you're reading my diary! Especially when I enjoy yours so much. Don't you just love Serge Gainsbourg?
from raven72d :
Well, consider what "Dick" means auf Deutsch...
from raven72d :
Actually, being bombed by mysterious aircraft in NYC would make for a great story in your memoirs... Dressing slutty can still be done with style-- think grande horizontale, think expensive demimondaine... And how can you head be too small?
from autumnal :
you - you, im keeping you around for awhile. another holly golightly, but in boston. close enough.
from raven72d : The paintings of Richard Burnet... My God, they're breathtaking... I hope you'll take a look.
from raven72d :
Remember: Volapuk is the language of the future. Look it up through Google.
from raven72d :
Huysmans is an old favorite of mine as well... At 15 or 16 I compiled a notebook of books I wanted to read, books that would make me "decadent" and guarantee my place in some jeunesse d'oree... Finding the notebook years later was...disquieting...
from raven72d :
drop me a line sometime... I'd like to hear from you...
from raven72d :
A very lovely and clever site... You're tres clever, girl... Paris-- terra (oh yes) incognita, though I lived in Vienna and Budapest and Venice for a while... I'll be following your entries-- I do enjoy your diary.
from lentini :
Hello Gentry, first of all congrats for your performance at Schmidt. Sometimes too american but very natural, first time on tv, not bad, girl, not bad. Just a quick remark: Wolf was the nickname of A. Hitler (by the way my name is Wolfgang which has nothing to do with Wolf, Hitler carried that name for different reasons - see J. Fest: Hitler: A biographie) Cologne is the best town in Germany and Kölsch the best beer. Did you go to the "Ring Bar"? So carry on with your diary, I like your writing. All the best, Lentini.
from costanzo :
sorry - mila is in the tuesday show next week, harald told that in the friday night show...
from costanzo :
no bad expectations about your trip to cologne necessary - harald is simply the best that could happen to anyone, you'll see. _________ his show is a wide spectre of everything: leno, letterman, good band (the bassman traffic's rosko gee, saxophone plays ex-king crimson's mel collins a.s.o. ...)___ theatreworks, politics, showacts, serious talk, nonsense, everything's possible :-) ____ b.t.w.: your diary is lovely moody and remembers me very much at my Berlin Time... you should visit your friend there... :-) yours, costanzo
from pemeramigirl :
hi, terribly sorry i am writing this in english as there seems to be a germam theme going on....let me give it a try ich hore musik oft weil ich es intersant finde........ well GCSE german isnt THAT important. anyway thought you might like to know you are uber (wayhay) clever. anyway that was just from reading your profile so now i am off to read you diary, mine too!
from hollowman :
from ratze :
Hallo, ich bringe hoffentlich ein wenig mehr Farbe in die Sprachwelt. Ist Deutsch farbig? Egal, habe gestern Abend bei Harald Schmidts Late Night Show die Seite hier gesehen. Finde ich toll und habe sehr gelacht über die Präsentation durch Harald Schmidt. Werde mich mal wieder mit den "auswärtigen" Sprachen beschäftigen müssen, um mehr solcher tollen Seiten verstehen zu können. So long! Jörg
from ratze :
Hallo, ich bringe hoffentlich ein wenig mehr Farbe in die Sprachwelt. Ist Deutsch farbig? Egal, habe gestern Abend bei Harald Schmidts Late Night Show die Seite hier gesehen. Finde ich toll und habe sehr gelacht über die Präsentation durch Harald Schmidt. Werde mich mal wieder mit den "auswärtigen" Sprachen beschäftigen müssen, um mehr solcher tollen Seiten verstehen zu können. So long! Jörg
from newrotic :
Well, actually this guy Harald was not kidding, your diary was featuring in a german late night show, just because you listed Huysmans as one of your favourite writers. Harald is running this show btw. Inspiration to create a diary was strong after seeing yours...danks for this.
from haraldschmid :
Cool Page shown in German Harald Schmidt Show! And please, read J.K.Huysmans! Yours, Harald!
from claytona :
Hey, love the diary. Inspiring. Don't stop for anyone thats the whole point of a diary to write whatever you want to without worrying what others say. Eat a brioche for me.
from xbrokendollx :
sooo-h i was gonna join the Effexor diary ring.. seeing as how i take it... but why the hell can cutters not join? what kind of fucked up thing is that?
from shanono :
About the Chardonnay-- I should have guessed that a certain someone would never bring me a bottle of wine by his own accord! Well, darling, thank you for the trans-atlantic thoughtfulness--you were here in spirit!
from brokenashes :
sorry to hear u're closing down. I was really getting to enjoy every of ur entry. =/ . you shouldn't let that alica girl stop you. Hell you'll probally get more attention and get more money. I just want you to know how much your diary is part of my dialy rutine. WEll, if you insist on leaving, then i want you to know that all your efforts put in the diary is greatly appreciated.
from blue-hour : the infamous Proust Questionnaire. Have you never read 'vanity fair' (the magazine)?
from blue-hour :
hay gentry. I sent you some CA$H! (not much at all though) ta ta
from brokenashes :
hey what's your link for ebay stuff? i might wanna check it out. Sorry about ur situation right now. I"m not doing too well either. You know french? maybe i could pay you to teach me french hehe. I"m taking french ap in school right now and i have no idea how i'm going to pass the ap test. =/ Great diary btw.
from ewansmoulin :
Oh dear me... thoroughly. Thouroughly. Spelling is for wimps. Terribly sorry about that. -Moi
from ewansmoulin :
Ah. Paris. Gives me that... cold and frigid feeling all over again. That... and it reminds me of just how much weight I gained over there. I must say I thouroughly enjoy your diary. Thanks for helping me bring back some memories. Do they still have Gauloises over there? -Moi
from sooner :
I'm terrified of fritters, naturally. I'll keep an eye out for them and all other forms of terrorism.
from peachpiegirl :
I'd call you brilliant...but I'm sure you've heard it before.
from sooner :
wonderful, natural, green, disturbing. It is true.
from breathless- :
Hey! Your diary rocks. Keep it up :) Love the layout too. I wish I had skills. LOL! Anyways, stop by my diary sometime and drop me a note! I'd appreciate it! Buh-bye!
from jadedsafire :
hello ^.^ Your diary is quite captivating.. and it's quite interesting. It's a lot better than most i've seen. And yes, you do use complete sentences. yayness..
from rue-madame :
Rebonjour voisine! J'ai completement oublié de te donner mon numéro au cas ou... 06 78 54 00 82
from davidde :
i can't believe you have 710 entries.

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