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from herdarlinsin :
Do you still do reviews?
from exhausted1 :
Hey. I'm not sure if you do diary-x reviews, but if you do, the link to the site is: and the passcode to any locked entires is youareallineed Thanks in advance.
from moretoknow :
I was on that there pending list under last management and would like to be again. And, if you need help getting the page worked out (with some pages not showing, older pages in the wrong format, etc) I'd be plenty willing to do that completely pro-bono. I didn't come here for a good review, I came here so you could show me what some people think. If you want the help, contact me.
from dreya :
A review would be appreciated, if and when you find the time. A link back will be appearing in the next week or so, since that's how long it takes for my "reviews" page to update. I will be there though. I promise.
from xcute-gurlx :
Review my diary PLease. its THANKX
from spiraloutxx :
If you'd have been around when it was fucking unlocked, then we wouldn't be having this fucking discussion. Dickwad.
from fucktitles :
Yes I'm still interested in a fucking review. No fucking rush though.
from for-you-only :
review would be awesome, thanks
from fuckyouviews :
If there's no link in your diary to this site, your request will be deleted without notice. Read the rules, asshole.
from fuckyouviews :
Don't overload my fucking notes with your complaints. I don't fucking care what you think about your review. I don't fucking care if you want to share your whiney assed opinion with me. If you request, it's your own problem.

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