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from raventepes :
i like your diary, it's kool :o)
from no-yes-maybe :
Hey there, its been awhile, but I thought I might make sure you are doing ok. I hope things are well. I will be back to read more soon.
from blackprism :
verrry interesting diary. i like your style.
from homo-bible :
I just wanted to tell yah that your diary rocks, I would love if you came to check out mine!
from no-yes-maybe :
Hey sweetie, I just wanted to tell yah that everything is ok. YOu can make it through anything, I may not know yah that well, but you seem like a terrific guy and you WILL find the happiness you search for and deserve.
from no-yes-maybe :
Aw, I am sorry that you had such a crappy holiday. I hope things have gotten better for you since then.
from no-yes-maybe :
It sucks that you have been having issues in your relationship. I hope things are getting better! Oh, and sucks about the dial up I have it too now, doesn't it blow!?
from syun :
"I know I love him. I am not happy. He doesnt pay enough attention to me. I am so high maintence sometimes and I want to be loved and adored and fawned over, but he gives me nothing of the sort" It's natural that you feel that way. Espeically, if you want that attention from your Bf. And Im sorry to hear about your problem within your relationship. Did you try talking to him?
from no-yes-maybe :
I am sure that you are not weird, in fact I am pretty sure! *smiles* Take Care sweetie.
from no-yes-maybe :
Thanks for the favorite! You are cool too!
from no-yes-maybe :
You are the cutest gay may alive! Thanks for taking my survey! I really liked your diary as well.

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