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from gumphood :
I read Jason's diary that he put up. Besides his last entry, he's a pretty cool dude
from gumphood :
How was your weekend Lizzy?
from gumphood :
I really like your diary. When are you graduating, and what do you think of mine?
from gumphood :
Ohhh. okay. Thats alot clearer now. Thank you.
from gumphood :
that notebook that you entered. Was it yours? Boyfriend Jerome. I am confused
from darkmg :
WAI!!! Samako-chan's on a note giving spree today... um anyways... *hears Kenshin mutter "baka" in the background... glares at the redhead* I'll smack you later... um, nice dream! I have those a lot, so I know how screwy they can become. I wuv your piccy of Gazimon! You make him look so cute! *huggles... pats Gazimon on the head* Nice little digimon... anyway, I'm outta things to say, so ja ne! Oh, and I owe a certain redhead a fwap... *grabs her keyblade and begins chasing Kenshin back to her profile... thingy*
from gumphood :
I liked your dream entry. I like it when you said "everything was fine and we went to the carnival" That was pretty fantastic. Hehe ~gump
from free2dream :
hahaha! your dream was quite funny actually! nice diary!!!!
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Geek Love diaryring! Thanks so much for joining! =)
from ladyashley :
I am so happy to meet someone who agrees with me about the beautiful work of VC Andrews
from christian392 :
Just wanted to say! Thought I would leave you a quote for fun, soo here goes: "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965

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