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from f-i-n :
hugs and kisses
from soror :
Talking about grades..? My exams are gonna kill me. Be glad for that A. ;)
from ashtraygurl :
funny thing, i just had to regrettably clean up my favorites list b/c no one was updating! it turns out half of my diaryland favorites quit on me and i didn't even notice! i'm a bad buddy, i guess. anyhoo, enjoyed reading your diary.
from annivate :
i like reading that kind of stuff. do it.
from jangela :
You're probably getting a lot of new hits because "evaluate you" ( just posted an evaluation of your diary. Curiosity brings people like me over...
from evaluate-you :
Your review has been posted at Sandpaper Reviews.
from crooked-nose :
Ah, good to know. :) Thanks for reading.
from crooked-nose :
Hi! Don't worry, I'm unlocking. Just testing something out (again). Just wondering, are you a regular reader? Bye :)
from lonelylatina :
that was so cool of your cousin to do that. what song did your uncle write?
from shortireview :
Hey...your review is done. Just letting you know. Enjoy.
from annivate :
lord, i can't wait to move to houston.
from icedmilk :
Thank you, for your kind note. Best wishes to you.
from lonelylatina :
i so want the artwork on a shirt too. i've thought about printing it on those t-shirt transfer papers, lol. i'll try it one of these days.
from icedmilk :
It's Jason, I'm done with your review. Thanks for your interest. :)
from clown-review :
your review is done!
from clown-review :
Hey. This is a new review site. If you want a review, come here. Where new, so you want have to wait.
from crooked-nose :
Hi there. Well thank you for your manners, first of all ;) and sure, you can have a password if I close. It'll probably be another couple of days before I lock up, if I do, so I'll let you know. I think I'll be reading your journal, too -- I do love a diary that knows its way around the English language.
from reviewcity :
Sorry to double note. I am moving to , and I will do your review there. Sorry for any inconvenience! Jason
from exit43 :
Hello, it's Review City (Jason), I will put your review in the pending list and it should be a couple days, but I promise I'll be as quick as I can. Thank you :)
from annivate :
i wore it to the indie rock dance party last night. holy crap, it ruled. tiaras are where it's at.
from annivate :
kids (if the kid is a kid) are usually pretty honest. when i was four, i told my uncle he was too young to get married and move out. i think he was 23 or somewhere in there. i'm 22 and i can't imagine getting married anytime soon. but thats awesome if you have found a person you can co-exist with for the rest of your life.
from soror :
Don't feel bothered by those comments. Just be happy. :)
from pattymelt :
thanks for the note. i live in dallas. so maybe they are getting flyer miles or something?
from soror :
Hungarian lit suggestion: Antal SZERB (Journey by Moonlight), István ÖRKÉNY (grotesque), Mór JÓKAI (Romantic novels), Attila JÓZSEF, Mihály BABITS, János PILINSZKY, Lőrinc SZABÓ and Sándor WEÖRES (poetry), Imre MADÁCH (The Tragedy of Man). :)
from nitpick :
Hi there! You said you were chickening out and eloping, but I can completely understand. It is a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun too. Best luck with whatever you do! And I lurve Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
from soror :
Hey. :) I am an English (and Hungarian) literature student, too. And I LOVE Márquez! Too. :)
from annivate :
just thought i'd let you know i was a banner clicker. i usually like to know who clicks mine.
from godmoney :
i do NOT like ur music but i DO like ur diary. ~Vin~
from widyaz :
heya! thanks for reading my diary and being the first to drop a line. be reading yours too.
from cdghost :
enjoyed reading your entries..thank you--thecdghost
from tyana05 :
im moving to houston
from cottonblossm :
rofl...I was wondering... You're very special too :) ;)

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