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from grt8f84me :
Oh, and I clicked on the done button before I could correct "believe" in my first entry. Damnit!
from grt8f84me :
Oh, you know what's worse? Is when a singer sings..."I can't beleive you hurted me.." Yeah, poor Keyshia Cole needs to remake that song... :P
from mixedup :
You worked hard for your body, you shouldn't let others make you feel bad about it. You kicked ass to get where you are, fuck them and their snide comments. :)
from bunny828 :
You are by no means ordinary. Here's hoping your funk clears soon.
from mixedup :
Happy New Year!
from barank :
happy new year! i tried to leave u a comment but it says u have it turned off. anyway . . . tell me, in the pic, which one r u? just wondering.
from lettynow :
Hey girlie.. ithought you were gone! Love Ya!
from mixedup :
I adore you for your entry on Jesus.
from bunny828 :
from mixedup :
You don't have a supergold membership, so they won't work unless you pay for a membership. I use - they're free and easy. :)
from i-never-said :
glad you are still around...i figured out who it was when i looked at those beautiful photos!...
from miame :
good to hear from you again.

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